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Indeed the classical wiz attitude of being whiny has allowed the very same normals which cause his problems to keep picking on us all due to our lack of awareness about how much urgently we need to kick back both outside and here through imageboards by using more cunning ways than the usual ones.

That is why you always be complaining and being harassed, because you do not even think about studying your enemy, thus hitting them back and being whiny is just the start of such weakness.

Solve the problem or get chased by It. It's up to you


That's cool, but you know what I can't recover? The time I spent reading your SHITE thread.


Also I think we should indeed invade the entire imageboard collective with this purpose


it used to be fun now every board is filled with racists and toxic masculinity I really hate what happened to the place I haven’t been on there since 2021


/b/ is just reddit porn threads now. it used to be funny.
/lit/ is more or less the same as last i checked in 2015.
/diy/ also hasnt changed much.

that's all the boards i used to visit, nothing else was interesting. /a/ was always annoying, /v/ was always annoying.


>sensitive to racism
>toxic masculinity
Can't this be used against them in any manner? Ok, then. Relax if so you need it. u_u


>every board is filled with racists
As always. The most famous 4chan event was "Pool's closed due to AIDS".
>and toxic masculinity
"Tits or GTFO" reminds you of something, too?


>/lit/ is more or less the same as last i checked in 2015.
It's dead now. So much there are a lot of threads there complaining about the dead of /lit/ and how no one reads anymore there.


i don't give a fuck about 4chan and haven't since 2013.
the only thing that would make 4chan a modicum of usable again would be to make it inaccessible to phones–which, from the look of your syntax, would ban you, too.
i have no attachment to that normalfag fed den, nor its unironic /lgbt/ board where people blog about their sex addictions and narcissism that controls their entire lives;
nor the /fit/ board where people think eating a steak cures schizophrenic and alters your skeleton;
nor the "redpill" which teaches simultaneously that everyone in the world is so retarded that they kiss the jew's ass, but that at the same time, they'll all join hands together one day and kill the jew and normalfags totally aren't retarded at all and you should totally become a normalfag yourself. its entire political dogma needs the normalfag to be recruited to function, but espouses that they're too retarded to be recruited. it's an embarrassing contradiction on top of contradictions.
it's mental illness in all the worst and most disgusting ways possible. but these topics are all discussed by 14 year old phoneposters so it's all pretty harmless and goes nowhere. i just want nothing to do with it.


yeah, more or less the same last i checked. no one read shit, it was just memes and infinite jest, recommendation threads, charts and occasionally ancient greek philosophy posting which was the best


Reddit has 100s of millions of visitors.
4chan has 10s of millions of visitors.
Wizchan has a few hundred visitors and 80% of them are basically 4chan normals obsessed with the same shit.


I didn’t visit 4chan since 2017 and I have no intention to return to that shithole. That place is just for normals and failed normals not for genetic mutants like me. I’m 29 and if this board dies I will completely abandone imageboards all together I’m just too old for this shit.


OP here. I see now the point
>just checked what r9k actually was where all those failed normans were constantly crying about tfw no gf and showing off when they succeded with succubi it's so damn pathetic


Am I the only one here who has never been a 4chan regular? Sure I've browsed there sporadically and posted a few threads across the years, but I spent all my time in krautchan when it was still a thing.


the mask comes off, I knew you all were 4chomos


wen normies invade, smart play is abandon ship and move to some new underground place. mostly seems to be discord now


ah yes the infamous underground place known as discord



That's where all the true wizards hang out.

We have a wizardly voice chat group every Friday if you want to join.


I hate the two party system


I hate the Antichrist
I hate the Antichrist
I hate the Antichrist
I hate the Antichrist
I hate the Antichrist
I hate the Antichrist
I hate the Antichrist
I hate the Antichrist
I hate the Antichrist


This has always been the truth since the days of Usenet. Though the underground's gotten much smaller as more and more people flood the Internet.

The advent of smartphones was the beginning of the end for the current cycle. In the days when you literally had to scan and upload a photograph of yourself in order for anyone to see your face, and the maximum number of people who would was probably in the single or very low double digits, and said people were other socially maladjusted nerds like you, what incentive would narcissists get from posting constantly on the internet? Everyone was judged based off how they posted, not just on chans but on BBCode boards, IRC, everywhere online as far as the metaphorical eye could see.

There's no returning to those times, not really. Everyone who's been online two decades or more has realized this and has dropped off the Internet to attempt to live a subsistence existence of at least pretending to be well-adjusted enough not to get fired, has dropped off the Internet while remaining withdrawn from reality and become a true hermit, or just kind of lurks boards here and there and posts about once every couple years then drops back into the true anonymity of silence.


>or just kind of lurks boards here and there and posts about once every couple years then drops back into the true anonymity of silence.
is that what you're going to do? drop back into the anonymity of silence.


Is unrecoverable at this point. its just another place for normals now. Just stay on wizchan and other alt chans


>People complain about the quality of anonymous imageboards
>Meanwhile there's me here using them as a dairy/toilet and low effort shitposting every day

I know we're mostly loser NEETs here, but imagine actually caring about the quality of a forum with no barrier to entry.


Losing one's attachment to online socialization is the final step. Just a tower deep in the forgotten mountains is enough for the older wizard.


yes we were unprepared for the vicious attack of succubi, a wizard instinctively knows what he has to do: gather his friends and embark on a race against time to save their home so wizzos put on your robes and help me fend off the succubi before they suck the tower and most of its inhabitants mana dry


Let’s try recovering wizchan from the normals first


Impossible to salvage in that regard, the only way would be to burn it to the ground and start afresh. Unfortunately the main offshoot board was kill long ago.

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