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File: 1658590335255.jpeg (266.97 KB, 1310x900, 131:90, diogenes2.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Here we shall discuss how to severe our attachments to this world and existence. Plus asceticism techniques, how to be enlightened in various ways and how to achieve inner peace. Stoicism, epicureanism and Buddhism or eastern religion experts are welcome, generally everyone whose aim is achieving ataraxia in some way.

So I kind of got disillusioned with this whole deal a while back and started to live by Nietzsche's thoughts that happiness or peace of the mind shouldn't be the most important thing. But as I lived like this it dawned on me: I am happy this way - I am happy because I don't try to be happy as I did before. So in a paradox manner I became even more peaceful and calmer, even though I didn't have it as my goal, in fact I had the opposite in mind. Wanting to reach Nirvana or Ataraxia is a desire in itself and focusing on it too much or getting too attached to it can lead one to unhappiness just the same as any other desire or fixation or attachment. I find this very amusing and hilarious.

What works for you guys? How do you calm yourself and how do you remain happy despite all the horrible things of this existence? Any insight? Any role models? For me it is Diogenes. When you can masturbate in public without any shame and can live in a barrel then you can say you overcame this world.


File: 1658900272714.png (8.55 KB, 414x248, 207:124, 135123506019.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am currently working on a personal philosophy based on a combination of empirical/positivistic adoration of natural forces, anti conventialism and relativism in the style of Nietzsche, various aspects of platonic psychology and and cosmology, and tying it all together together with daoist conceptions of the universe (possibly extending this to buddhist and hindu meditation techniques in the future). The main principle that I try to follow in practical living is Lao Tzu's non action, or effortless action (depending on how the fuck wu wei is translated). His idea of that water is able to erode the hardest of rocks simply by following its natural inclination is my favourite metaphor in this case.

When it comes down to it I'm just not happy with any one philsophy of the past and so I have to rip parts out from various traditions and true to glue them together to form a coherent whole. It's a mess at the moment, but it's fun to try and piece together something that I can be satisfied with.

At my current stage of understanding I do not believe that it is possible to sever attachments to the world, for the natural powers and forces will buffet you with immense severity until you submit to her despotic rule, nor do I believe that cessation of desire is possible for it leads to the paradox that you laid out. The conception that I have currently of the matter is that desire is implanted in man by nature, that it is unable to be resisted but the concious mind is able to direct it into a form that will conform with nature's rule and that trying to assert your will in a manner that opposes nature will only end in misery.


File: 1658904950972.jpg (34.98 KB, 490x400, 49:40, the-penitent-st-jerome-alo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Wanting to reach Nirvana or Ataraxia is a desire in itself and focusing on it too much or getting too attached to it can lead one to unhappiness just the same as any other desire or fixation or attachment
This stems from a mistranslation; nirvana is meant to be the desire to cease all desires, meaning there will be no more desires after that.

How I maintain happiness is reading Schopenhauer, to a lot of people his philosophy seems depressing but to me is gives me a sense of relief. The will to life is a transcendental object that permeates all living beings, we are all unified by the will. We are all stuck in the wheel of samsara and our only reason to live is the propagation of our species, humans are slaves to the will. I recognize this oneness, of the world united in the suffering and tribulations we endure and this I believe suicide would inflict more suffering on those around me, it might be negligible to the wider world but to my parents or my family they would suffer. The only way to mitigate suffering is to become a passive observer in the world rather than a servant of it, this allows us to transcend the will, like the small escape from the genetic matrix we find ourselves in. When we read literature, immerse our selves in music and art we are transcending the will allowing us to experience the ethereal. Doing this allows us to live a satisfactory life.
My hope is to create a universe of my creating a work of literature.
>he conception that I have currently of the matter is that desire is implanted in man by nature, that it is unable to be resisted but the concious mind is able to direct it into a form that will conform with nature's rule and that trying to assert your will in a manner that opposes nature will only end in misery.
A man aware of his biological impulses (his will) can transcend it by using our cognition to perceive art. You yourself are doing this by not attempting to satiate the biological impulse to reproduce. I believe we should aim for self mastery and that this aim is not bound by the will to life as it does not concern itself with reproduction nor to sustain onself, but only to impend the will deriving from his own intellect onto the world which transcends the will to life - I believe this is what Nietzsche meant by the will to power. Although nonexistence is a boon, the human race should work towards a utopia free of suffering and desires.


>transcend it by using our cognition to perceive art.
19th century philosophers often speak in such lofty terms about art but I have yet to come across any art that I find worthy of admiration. It is far too concerned with the particular situation of humanity in their immediate phenomenal experience. I pick up a work of Shakespeare for instance and all I am presented with is a procession of apes jumping to and fro under the sway of passions such as love and greed - I cannot seriously be interested in such a spectacle when I have the majesty of the entire universe presenting itself to me through the natural sciences, and some even say that there is a realm beyond this spectacular presentation! No, I can not allow myself to get too distracted by the silly apes prancing and strutting about. I am interested in the artistic presentation of ideas but everything that has been called "art" up to the current period I feel has been tremendously underwhelming.


I only need to limit my access to imageboards in general to improve my mood, if anything makes you lose hope then it's seeing how quick people turn into assholes when they can get away with it


File: 1658915846194.gif (692.79 KB, 768x256, 3:1, vP0p4Ek.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Anime, movies, video games and music are works of art if you like those things then you like art basically. I like this image, its comfy and its nice to look at that, its just that. A lot of philosophers obfuscate their works, its why I like schoppy his work is easy to understand


File: 1658920455230.png (203.91 KB, 300x474, 50:79, f938045d3eff95439c44ebfd40….png) ImgOps iqdb

So you say that I am being enlightened one anime at a time? Excellent! I should really read Schopenhauer one of these days.


File: 1658922648679.jpg (296.44 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, Emaciated_Siddhartha_Fasti….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What works for you guys?

Kumbhaka pranayama while sitting in padmasana and fasting. Holding my breath for a while eventually causes my muscles relax to conserve energy. Padmasana forces me to sit upright so I can't fall over even though I feel like passing out. This combined with other techniques forces my dopamine to very high levels where nothing else really compares. The practice keeps me in a drunken yet hyper aware state. It makes me feel non-partial to everything as if I've recently survived a life threatening situation over and over. Unfortunately I can't practice all day long because it leads to chronic hypoxemia.


File: 1658938094398.jpg (176.99 KB, 1400x1835, 280:367, socrates.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm similar to you very much, with all the building up your own personal philosophy and stealing things from all over the place and mixing them together because you don't find any of them to be satisfying. I know this all too well.

For myself, I try to build something anti-nietzschean or at least something as a response to Nietzsche and his impact on our culture. My main inspirations are Plato, the stoics, christianity, buddhism and communism. Despite being the biggest egoist and individualist before now I'm all for altruism and co-operation between humans. I was never an egoist, I was pretty much a stoic all along but I thought I was an egoist, what a joke.

Now I know what I'm made for. To give our hedonistic, materialistic, egoistic and nihilistic culture some hope and meaning again. That there is more to life than just following your ego or chasing base pleasures. I guess anti-nietzschean isn't the correct term, it would be more like anti-nihilism, anti-pessimism and anti-existentialism. To accomplish this task I run to the great sages, holy men and philosophers of humanity to give me strength and knowledge. Let's turn back everything since Kant and begin again from the basics like platonic philosophy and classic theology.


File: 1658974988810.jpg (48.42 KB, 440x656, 55:82, 440px-A_Theory_of_Justice_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>something as a response to Nietzsche and his impact on our culture
I think that he hasn't had enough influence on our culture. The fact that fools like Rawls still dare to peddle their Kantian superstition without any fear illustrates just how deluded our culture still is. Forget jews, the biggest menace to civilization is Kantians and I will not be able to even begin to appreciate modern culture until their lies are silenced in the gas chambers.

I'm interested in understanding what you mean by nihilism. I'm an avid reader of Nietzsche but I still don't understand what it really is when he talks about it. The way he describes it is as the fading of christian morality and the psychological distress that it causes but I see no reason to cling to failed traditions. The type of person that clings to the idea that there transcendent being that watches over their every move is not only contradicted by the sciences but also is unaware of the conceptions from other religions. Perhaps it is true when the hindus say that atman (the self) is brahman (god)? Perhaps the buddhists are correct in saying there is no atman and no brahman? Perhaps we should take a more abstract view of the matter and consider all to be subject to the will of Tien (Heaven)? These are religions that have lasted for thousands of years and have no need for an transcendent, external being to guide them. The whole issue of nihilism seems to me to be entirely foolish and only subscribed to by people who desperatly wish that they could be christian theologians without being laughed at.


> The way he describes it is as the fading of christian morality and the psychological distress
Nietzsche isn't really identifying with the mad-man in the parable. Christianity is a source and product of nihilism for Nietzsche. Anti-life, the symptom of sick mens values, etc. The aftermath of Christian values themselves killing God isn't the nihilism.


There's some truth to that philosophy, but be careful not to take it too far. Not every desire can be overcome and you risk causing yourself a lot of pain because of a wrong perception of reality.


Nah, he had an extremely great influence on western culture, I mean Nietzsche. Starting with egoism, moral relativism (this is what I mean by nihilism, the destruction of objective moral values), materialism and the whole pagan life-affirming stuff. No offense to anyone who likes Nietzsche here, but to me it seems like he pretty much wrote down the normalfag philosophy of all ages. Ironic, he had the Superman in mind but he perfectly described the average retarded normalfag alpha male as his ideal.

When reading him, you have to understand he kind of called everyone he disagreed with a nihilist. Nihilism has multiple meanings, depending on the context. It can mean no objective moral values or it can refer to there being no ultimate purpose to why things happen. It can also refer to denial of the possibility of knowing anything. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nihilism

I would encourage everyone to just label nihilism or nihilist as another buzzword that is used to offend everyone who thinks differently from you. When philosophers usually tackle the issue of "nihilism" they usually mean the attitude of being tired of existence, succumbing to apathy and losing all kinds of hopes for the future, both individually and in the greater picture.

A "correct" or "realistic" perception of the world often just means being defeatist and succumbing to your animal desires. I would like to believe men can, through training and effort, reach and live their ideals, even if they are seen as impossible by most people.


Nietzsche is too childish, and all his philosophy was written from an idealistic perspective since he was an isolated academic, happens way too often with philosophers.
Read Cioran and Schopenhauer and after the initial kick of everything being fucking horrible, keep reading, and realize that when everything is a joke there's nothing to do but to laugh and make everyone uncomfortable in the meantime. Even an apocryphal gospel that obviously is heretical to anyone considered Christian has a nice quote that can be applied to any uncomfortable worldview realization that works in your favor.

Thomas:(2)- Jesus said, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will
become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over
the All."


His way of living kind of ruins his whole point and philosophy to me. Even if I look aside from this, Schopenhauer is already a sign of decay to me. I prefer the classic philosophers over him.

>Nietzsche is too childish, and all his philosophy was written from an idealistic perspective since he was an isolated academic, happens way too often with philosophers.

I see what you mean with him emphasizing living a dangerous life and all when he lived a pretty ordinary everyday intellectual life. Aside from this, his Übermensch ideal is just the polar opposite of me. In general I hold the exact opposite opinions on most things compared to him.


>his way of life ruins his whole point
So be recluse who engages in arts and philisophy somehow contradicts his pihlisophy?


He wasn't a recluse at all, he was an extremely social person. He had multiple lovers too. He also enjoyed the high society life, meaning he was a hedonist basically. So much for asceticism and denial of the will.


Are you kidding me? He was well known for being grumpy and hard to deal with. And he barely had any relationships most of them the result of succubi noticing that he was quite famous and wealthy. He also got brutally rejected by some 17 year old succubus.


No, I'm serious. He didn't live what he preached at all. How is it asceticism when you seduce succubi as some pua and when you live the high society life with all its pleasures and comforts? He was just roleplaying.

"Denying the will to life is the solution everything" says the guy who eats delicious meals, goes to theaters and parties and has multiple lovers. lol Who can take him seriously?


File: 1659542658724.jpg (120.47 KB, 728x590, 364:295, 345y.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Racial collectivism is the opiate for the vacuous masses. For men who cannot impart their own will upon the world they instead are overwhelmed by the masses and are subservient to authority. The vast majority of people are too weak be their own authoritative figure in life thus they look towards God, Governments or whatever perceived higher power. It is why the dumb nationalists feels a semblance of pride in his countries accomplishment even though he himself has never accomplished anything great. It allows him to finally feel a sense of pride and power albeit in a shallow and easy way.

In intelligent species such as humans we instinctively are aware of the futility of our own existence and the suffering that plagues us thus our goal in life is to impose our own will on the world as rational creatures rather then be subservient to the our biological imperative. When Sisyphus persisted through his torture as an act of rebellion, it was with the hope that one day his torment shall end. This allowed him to impose his own will onto the world, to never stop resisting no matter how futile it may be as there is a glimmer of hope that might have awaited him.

Human nature is the same we persist through our temporal existences due to the higher level of cognition we developed, with the hope of one day transcending our own mortality or imposing our will onto the world. We are stuck in the confines of our genetic matrix and wish to escape no matter how difficult it may be, thus we impose our will onto the world in some way or another. Human existence is a never ending struggle to overcome the meaninglessness, suffering and torment that plagues us. The happiness in life is overcoming the confines of our prison, and thus we constantly chase it hoping one day we will be gods.


Just as a kind of heads up, being the guy who recommended Schopenhauer and Cioran…almost no philosopher actually is coherent with what they preach. The only exceptions I know about are some Stoics, mostly Seneca, and…probably Cioran, Diogenes, and Kierkegaard, but he still was a major simp for Regine Olsen even after his decision to pursue Yahweh instead.

Nietzsche's ubermensch implied him contracting some syphilis after fucking a prostitute. The existentialists posited that life was absurd and meaningless while getting laid and having public fame. With a few exceptions most Hegelians had public fame and were a bunch of intellectuals for the sake of it.
Medieval philosophers mostly sucked up to the Church for their absolutely shitty arguments and were born wealthy, the true wizards were just burned at the stake, some being unknown, like the early Christian heretics.

If you consider Ayn Rand (Alissa Rosenbaum?) a philosopher, after having a huge hard-on for laissez-faire capitalism obviously developed a huge cult of personality for herself and leeched of the state like she would have, somehow, from her "native" Soviet Russia.

It seems most philosophers that followed through were batshit depressives, either mystical or not, that simply stopped giving a shit about the world by making one of their own, despising it to the point of apathy, or analyzing it to tolerate it.


That was an interesting read, thanks.

Bakunin could also be included among the more honest philosophers, well he was more into political ideologies but whatever. He fought in revolutions and was a fugitive or prisoner too. Another who wasn't a philosopher but an intellectual rather is Byron. An actual philosopher would be Socrates who died for what he believed in.

But yeah overall the statistics aren't good, most intellectuals and philosophers were just acting.
>It seems most philosophers that followed through were batshit depressives, either mystical or not, that simply stopped giving a shit about the world by making one of their own, despising it to the point of apathy, or analyzing it to tolerate it.
Very wizardly.


>The existentialists posited that life was absurd and meaningless while getting laid and having public fame.
How is that hypocrisy or a contradiction? If anything, that sounds consistent. If life is absurd and meaningless, why not enjoy it a little while you have the chance to? Acknowledging absurdity and meaninglessness doesn't necessarily imply being withdrawn and reclusive. This is possibly a tacit false conflation with the Existentialist's view of absurdity and meaninglessness to the views of futility of Schopenhauer. (which does typically posit a life of reflection as opposed to fame, hedonism, etc.)


More importantly, why does it even matter if a philosopher "lives what they preach" at all? The words should just be taken on their own devices. The personal lives of the people who wrote these things should be separated from the arguments and thought itself. You could try to invalidate any work on this basis, "oh well actually the author did this in his own life despite writing this here." I don't care, we're not talking about them because of their personal lives, everyone has one, we're talking about them because of their works themselves, which again, are to be taken on their own devices.

Perhaps the intended point here is "because they didn't live what they espouse, we should question what they espouse because if even the biggest proponents of this approach to life don't follow it, is the lifestyle really as valid and worthwhile as they say?" There's truth to this argument, and validity to the skepticism in particular, but the fact that many people do commit to contemplative, withdrawn, or minimal lifestyles (that is to say not seeking any fame or attention, completely detached from the world in this sense) gives less credence to that approach.


I think what he rather meant is that these people cared a great deal about existence despite that fact that their writings were "dark" and hopeless. Camus for example said stuff like the best thing to do in life is to sleep but the best overall is to never be born while living a playboy intellectual life. These stuff that existentialists used to say might have been justified if they were spoken by people who lived actually shit lives but coming from people who never had actual troubles in life at all, I don't know it just sounds suspicious.

We shouldn't separate the ideology from its founder, they are closely related after all. I think for many centuries the two used to be inspected separately but that is wrong. Ideas don't exist outside of people's heads. Schopenhauer is the father of his philosophy, of course people are naturally curious whether he could live his ideal or even tried to do so. I don't detect any sign of even an attempt on his part. That said, I remember he once wrote that technically his philosophy can't be lived at all, so I guess that can excuse his behavior.

I don't see much value in philosophies that can't be lived. They are just nice words and sentences but that is all. They are like fairy tales at the end of the day.


People who had shit lives weren't educated or articulate enough to say it with the verve of an intellectual whose primary activities consisted of reading (exposure to a wide-range of novel ideas) and contemplation (time enough to come to the logical conclusion that existence is a net negative).


I understand that. But my problem is with people saying how shit life is when their life was on easy-mode basically.


I dream of a world where everyone who has not read Kant is banned from discussing Schopenhauer on the internet…

How beautiful…


I read Kant but don’t remember a thing, and as such, I will post about Schopenhauer without mentioning noumenon because I can’t really remember what it is. I am your dream and I’m terrible


To understand metaphysics you just need basic knowledge of Kant. That's really it, his philisophy is for the common man, it's not some overly academic crap.


File: 1662365212922.jpg (36.25 KB, 800x448, 25:14, albert-camus-quotes-video-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For me its the absurdity and meaninglessness of life that makes me feel better.

I also learned from Schopenhauer that happiness can never be attained, it is a fleeting feeling that comes and goes. So there is no point in pursuing it.


Philosophy that can be put in words can't reflect the truth, it is shit.



happiness is the carrot that nature puts in front of you so you keep going in the same way that pain is the stick.

If you were to "attain" happiness you'll stop trying your best, you'll stop competing with other organisms to spread your genes, the only purpose of the whole "nature" game, removing yourself and your ability to "attain" happiness from the gene pool. So, in other words, evolution doesn't select fro "attaining happiness" it selects for keeping pursuing it as hard as you can all your life.

Now, the obvious conclusion after you understand that is that we need to change the game. Nobody gives a fuck about nature's game, because she doesn't give a fuck about us, she is a cruel heartless cunt that has killed 95% of all species that have ever lived.

Humanity needs to use technology to change that nature. In the mean time, we use philosophy and drugs as a crutch to try to emulate the same results.



Schopenhauer wrote self help books. He is the Deprak Chopra or the Jordan Peterson of his time.

You don't need to read Kant or anything else to read about "cleaning your room" to fight depression in the same way that you don't need to read nothing else to learn that "life is a struggle between pain and boredom", the main point behind "The Wisdom of Life" by Schopenhauer.


My dream is not of better readers of Schopenhauer but merely the artificial restriction of who is allowed to speak about philosophy. Simply put: gatekeeping. Those who are do not commit fully to the systematic study of the history of critical/post-critical philosophy and its antecedents pollute the internet with their half-baked ramblings.

Those who are incapable (by nature or circumstance) to accomplish the above but still desire to become able to articulate their life, 'generate meaning'–whatever–should spend their time on poetry instead–a field in which (while still typically requiring intensive study and practice) a sort of uncultivated imagination can produce still striking insights (however rare).

Let the fools of the world produce a great bank of images for a better age, the raw matter of the smith…

"You must change your life, etc. etc." -Rilke


Put otherwise: the recognition of one's 'inner hollowness' is not the proper end state for wizard-types–the sorrow at realizing there is no eternal spring which could be struck open and suckled from…

If there are shells and nothing else, there are shells–what else would there be?

Let legions of wizards pour forth across all lands, with Dickinson and Whitman in their satchels!


Huh nice, I used to be really into the idea of wu wei.

Very cool wizzie. I like the idea of cooperation and a non-individualist society. Reminds me a bit of new sincerity stuff.


American philosphy is even more ridiculous because it's expected that at the end of the text, there is some sort of a realization, a visage, a deja-vu moment that leads to the person finally earning more money.

Even the people who attend these workshops are often impoverished and only want to find some hidden piece of wisdom that would unlock them access to money.
A "mindset" that would magically make them rich or at least wealthy.

Every fucking thing boils down to money. Even those mega-churches that advertise they will 'heal your soul' are all about vacuuming up every single penny of your disposable income and getting permanent donors.

American society is so disgusting and money-centric I wonder how there aren't more mass shootings than there already are now (and it has more than 97% of the mass shootings globally already despite being 5% of the world population).

Misanthropy and apathy should be *much* more common than it is now given how disgusting US society is.
It's appalling and amazing how many people simply accept the system.


Money is quite the lubricant toward having heaven on earth :~)


i inherited high 6 figures and im still a miserable wizard, my only joy in life is getting to eat whatever food i want to without caring about how much it costs
and not having to worry about replacing my pc parts or fixing my house since i can hire others to do that


when you're poor you imagine everything that could possibly make you happy if only you had enough money. 'if i just had the money i could move out.' 'if i just had the money i wouldnt have to work so long.' 'if i just had enough i could buy a house…' but then you make enough and still feel empty. you realize theres basically nothing you can buy that makes you any better off. your needs wax and wane, and can never be satisfied. wants are a bottomless pit. life keeps on going on but you never reach a place where there's no discomfort. maybe that's all life is.

>this post brought to you by the wizchan institute of sport. helping wizards reach sporting excellence since 1776


Miserable is different from constant mental pain and suffering. Poverty and being in a family of poverty is constant stress and pain, getting money to escape that is better. I’m still suicidal and depressed but life is much better having neetbux and not being true poor, also not working shit draining jobs getting fired or quitting. Different levels of suffering


the only solace is in death, when you realize that you no longer need anything. no more striving, no more challenges, only rest, peace, and maybe even some love. jesus preached a message that we could achieve this state on earth, that you would not even have to go to work for money and he would feed you, but who knows if thats true.


File: 1662470559336.jpg (110.62 KB, 828x520, 207:130, 1662118746462158.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>that you would not even have to go to work for money and he would feed you
>God ever doing anything nice without causing unbearable pain as a "side effect"
yeah lmao


What are you talking about you schizo? This has nothing to do with what I said. I did not even mention money or America once.

A warehouse/other min. wage worker in America with no family or social responsibilities could easily find the time to systematically study philosophy if they were committed to doing so. In fact I did just that for two years after high school. Every text, along with all the necessary secondary are freely available online.

Of course I agree that money worship and insane social inequity are bad–who among us doesn't–but don't ever respond to my posts with this pathetic whinging again.


i think Buddhism would be a very pragmatic philosophy for most of us here. in psychology there are actually many ideas that more or less align directly with Buddhist practices. For instance: I could have saved myself a lot of suffering by being less materialistic and selfish. A lot of my problems have been self-inflicted tbh… well, many of them. mental illness and childhood abuse definitely werent my fault lel…


Look at this richfag humblebragging to us destitute peasants. The fact is that 99% of problems could be solved by buying a cheap house and living in solitude, not having to work or interact with the masses.


File: 1665012611252.jpg (547.26 KB, 1852x1227, 1852:1227, 1455656750580.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Getting a fat inheritance is like flying a helicopter to the top of mount everest compared to hiking up it . One act causes your brain to release a lot more reward chemicals than the other. By no means does money automatically make you a happy person, in fact it can quite often backfire if the person in question with lots of money is an idiot like Notch or countless other examples of people wasting money they didn't earn like lottery winners.

When you start automatically throwing verbal insults around I can only assume you are in fact very jelly.

pic unrelated except for the helicopter


Oh look, it's a picture of me marching towards a whining richfag so I can put him out of his misery and appropriate his wealth to buy a French Chateau and put sharks in the moat and have the drawbridge permanetly raised. I don't need a helicopter to fly to the top of mount everest, what I need is the equipment to make an alchemy labratory and automatic sentry turrets to mow down any normals that wander too close.


you should donate your money to an anti tranny organization


I think of the quote of Camus talking about during Nausea "it was the best time of my life, I was so happy" (paraphrase).


Anyone who says money do not brings happiness must be killed and their money must be distributed to the poor.


What's all this about climbing Fuji, you fucking retard? Nobody is climbing shit here, I have to work 60+ every week, going through an endless amount of things I utterly resent, just to stay alive, while you don't have to do jack shit, that's all there is.
Money doesn't make people happy all by itself but it gets rid of all the nightmarish bullshit that one normally has to deal with in life. You spend everyday being a depressed sack of shit in bed, I do the same but after clocking in my daily 12 hours of pure agony at work.


Sounds like an accurate representation of how much it sucks to be alive and all the bullshit you have to put up with.

Happy? Well first you have to entertain the idea that suffering is fun and that you'll have to suffer most of the time no matter what you do. And then if you did it right then you provided for a little bit of whatever you think makes you happy. Stop complaining.


Speaking not just of trips, Camus, or nausea, but after I drank an entire bottle of robitussin, approximately 45 minutes later I had an expected but unexpectedly violent puking incident. And then in between violent spasms of puking I thought upchuck was a pretty funny idea, and then I thought about how I could feel every spasmodic contraction from the stomach on up in order to propel and blast puke successfully aimed in to the toilet bowl despite my faint, lingering grasp on what reality might be, or if I really existed in it.

This was before I had read any Camus, but indeed I'm not sure if I'd ever been happier than to learn how to to enjoy nausea instead of being afraid of it.


I like dxm and I would prefer to read the story about the arab who shoots a man because the sun is in his eyes


Probably happens five times an average day, just like the call to prayer.


>Camus talking about during Nausea
dont you mean sartre? same trash anyway


Here is my latest enlightenment: so basically I reached the conclusion Nietzsche was right about almost everything. There is no soul, no God of any kind, no divine plan, no free will. Eternal recurrence is a necessary thing that comes with materialism itself.

You have to create heaven for yourself while you are alive. This gives me a new perspective. Previously I've been looking forward to death because I believed it would give me a chance to experience a better stage of existence like 2D heaven or something. But now I know that you experience "heaven" while you are alive in flesh and blood, here and now: by watching anime, listening to music, playing games, etc. you can create an inner world for yourself, an inner heaven here and now. And truly if you can experience heaven even for a few minutes in this life then there is no need for a heaven in the religious or spiritualist sense.


I had read philosophy of life and shit since I was a teen. All the thinking didn't do much for me although it helped when I had to argue with normies. I wanted to know something about zen, so I read a book by Alan Watts. I picked up this point concentration meditation thing and tried it.

Suddenly I could remove my nightmares and irrational fears just by thinking of the point inside my mind. Several weeks of meditation lead to the sudden stopping of all thoughts. I was still there, although my mind was empty. Next I lost all the things which chained me to life, whether those things were positive or negative. The most odd thing was that my senses became sharper and more detailed and it was like I could actually see depth clearly first time in my life. I think this meditation reset my mind in some way.


>Alan Watts
new age pseudo-spiritual babble, you're better off not reading anything at all than subject yourself to such trash
if you're genuinely interested why not look into primary sources and serious intellectual commentary instead of this "seen on tv" best seller guru shit?




is that the british guy that just rambles about vaguely buddhist concepts and sometimes nothing at all?


Just mentioned that I found about this meditation technique from his book. It wasn't an endorsement of Watts. I'd say your reaction is such that you're far off from any true "enlightenment"


File: 1665417547484.webm (6.74 MB, 640x356, 160:89, alan watts back in the bo….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Watts seems like a pretty cool guy, I don;t understand why that guy reacted so extremely.


What kind of thread is this?
>Ctrl+F for "Osho"
>Ctrl+F for "Krishnamurti" (U.G.)
>Ctrl+F for "McKenna"

I'm not sure if "enlightenment" exists or not, and even if it does, the typical conception of it is probably greatly different from what it really is. Moreover, it ironically becomes an obstacle in the way of obtaining inner peace because 'spiritual people' replace worldly desires with the desire for enlightenment, for achieving an overwhelming and permanent happiness when there is none, much in the same way that the human mind consistently strives towards a goal under the belief that it will find lasting or permanent fulfillment from it when the opposite is the case, and the mind goes on continually deluding itself in this way.
From what I've read, I would guess that "enlightenment" would be a lack of a sense of self. Humans are culturally brainwashed from birth to form a sense of self that causes them great anguish because they begin to associate property, external goals, their name and constructed identity, etc., with their "self," whereas a non-human animal or baby does not go through the friction of this delusional and all-pervasive process. This is the reason why if "you" were "enlightened," there would be no "you" (in the conventional self sense) to be in that state because the very state is the casting off of it.
>Nobody is climbing shit here
I guess I don't 'climb', but I hike up mountains occasionally. It's far from impossible if you live in a country with them and can find a few days to do so (if they're far away).
This might have been true centuries or millennia ago, but there is no way that it is true today for the average employee working as a golem for some big business. Either one wageslaves in some insufferable job, or one has enough money to avoid doing so and can engage in high-minded and recreational activities. Familial money allows comfortable misery over uncomfortable misery. It's far from happiness, but it's much better than the alternative.


oh no (dont care)


Ah finally someone mentions ug krishnamurti. In addition to the transcribed interviews with him (which you can find freely online, with the best foreword I've ever seen in a book), if his ideas interest you, you should read "biology of enlightenment" which is the single best book I've seen containing interviews with UG Krishnamurti before he started to troll much harder, where he covers pretty much every topic about mysticism/religion/occult you can think of.

I like his quote that a thief and murderer has better chance of ending up in the so-called "natural state" than the people who meditate each day, simply because the former has already broken from society.


Here's the quotes

“UG: The ‘I’, the self, the ego, or whatever you want to call it, has a tremendous momentum gathered over millions of years and it wouldn’t go so easily. Hundreds and thousands of people have been practising asceticism, meditation, yoga and what not, yet they are not free of the self. That is not the way. At best there may be a loosening process but these methods and techniques cannot liquidate the self. Somebody was asking me if he could have a new bed partner every night and still pursue this path. You can have a new bed partner every night and still this is possible. That doesn’t mean I want to encourage him in what he wants to do or that I am teaching immorality. All that I am saying is that a thief, a robber, a murderer has as much a chance as anybody else—this is possible for everybody. You don’t have to be anything special, follow any method or system or any teacher for this to happen.”

(Note that he himself doesn't know how he landed into this state)

"The mind is put together by these experiences. What is there inside is nothing but the bundle of all these experiences and you want to add more and more to it. That’ll not destroy the thought structure, only strengthen it. And what I am saying is that to understand this structure is not to destroy it but to put it in its proper place.
Unfortunately, that structure has taken possession of you and is controlling your whole way of life. It is the life of thought, of the mind, not life. You are the movement of life and you have no way of knowing that movement. The thought structure, which is a dead thing, cannot look at a living thing. Any experience is a dead experience. No experience is new; all your experiences are in terms of the old experiences."


Also it's my personal hypothesis that NEETs may have a greater chance of ending up in this state because they're already estranged from society (and the collective thought structure), and have an environment that's conducive to not needing to engage the ego. That is to say the modern world almost necessarily requires to engage the ego if you want to survive (wageslave), but neets have crossed that hurdle.


They do. And the only reason normies despise them is because they aren't rich.

Rich neets, which is essentially what all trust fund kids and inheritors, are, instead get the complete opposite treatment, i.e. sucking up by normies.

Engaging normies as cattle and robots that act on a certain set of rules is more sensible than engaging them as rational thinking humans.


That seems not much better than being a drug addict. It's like those hefty body building like yeah you're doing something, but is it good FOR you, or does it just make you FEEL good?
Maybe I'm just a bit too buddhist leaning with the middle path and all that, but what you seem to be doing is a sort of hedonistic asceticism which sounds like an oxymoron. But I still respect your practice, just don't go full retard wizbro.

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