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Whenever I roam the streets I feel some tickling idunnowhat inside me that keeps telling me that I have something clogged in my head I am not living up to. But I do not know if this is real or just a residual filth from that part of me I have been furiously rejecting due to it's resemblance to the cattle world.

Last time I was amongst normies I felt it constantly, but I also was able to see how much fictional, forced and cucked their constant social feedback was from one to another and I got closer to think that this part was just a stagnant somatism from times ago, where I could not find a proper way to dispel certain types of anxiety that kept me stressed




god being part of a hivemind and doing your part without a conscious thought would be pure bliss


it's your instincts reminding you of traditional ideals for life

you should listen to these feelings and feed them with your thoughts

the only way out is total war against the cattle, everything else leads to eternal damnation - without a firm rejection of the jewish way of life you will be assimilated. death is not an escape either, everything you have in common, such as genetics, with other people will continue to live and be tortured, you will still live through collective consciousness.

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