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What are some of the biggest copes that goes around here?

>genetics doesn't matter

Big cope, like someone living under a rock and never heard about behaviroal genetics.


File: 1659720273491.jpeg (684.89 KB, 1170x1710, 13:19, Azula.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Some I can think of easily:
>free will doesn't exist (you just want to absolve yourself from any sort of responsibility)
>you are just a biological machine duuude (you want to live like an animal)
>if X political power took charge my life would improve and I would live like a king (no you would still be despised in every political system) and generally all politics related conspiracy theories
>thinking that nofap is good for you in any way
>idealizing certain periods of history
>idealizing a society without technology/innawoods bullshit
>roleplaying as the ultimate ascetic monk
>antinatalism (implying you care about reducing suffering for anyone except yourself)
>roleplaying as a morally superior person
>idealizing death and suicide, thinking you will just kill yourself if things get bad enough (see you tomorrow)
>philosophical pessimism (oh I'm soo blackpilled about everything and this life is like so sucks dude *goes on to enjoy life after writing to strangers on imageboards about how much he hates existence*)
>roleplaying as the intellectual (oh so I read Schopenhauer and Nietzsche I'm like super intelligent and will enlighten everyone with my superior wisdom)
>religious, mystical or occultist nonsense

Did I catch them all?


Life is one big amalgam of copes. Good thread btw.


Doesn't matter for what?
I have a sneaky suspicion you don't belong here


File: 1659722241319.gif (200.56 KB, 299x316, 299:316, thinking fox.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Been a long time since I've seen a post I agree with here.

We are just animals though, that one I disagree with. Sage cause OP is gay and using gay meme words.


Now THAT's not cope, but real truth, everything in the end just cope in one way or another, life is just a question of copes.


File: 1659724515888.jpg (13.27 KB, 225x225, 1:1, shilling against drugs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, thanks.


Now that's what I call a cope! Which other copes help you get through the week?


drinking alcohol


posting quotes eh? more like posting copes
your smug doubling down is a cope


That's the cope I fall back on often, too.
Your tendency to read everything in the worst possible light is also a cope. I was being candid.


Cope, seethe and dilate


Animals+something more. That 1% that separates us from animals is all that counts. Ordinary animals can't appreciate and don't have works of art or literature. We do have these things, the imagination and creativity raise us above other species.


We are different from other animals. Not objectively superior. Based on long-term survival we can be inferior since we are literally destroying the earth and creating existential risks. Based on enjoyment of life, most people seem to suffer more than animals. So I can easily believe we are inferior to some animals that live in harmony with the world


technology is a massive cope and it's diluting the gene pool with sick tard babies who wouldve died in two seconds in the jungle. not only are modern humans inferior to animals, but even just inferior to humans born 50, 100, 200, etc. years ago.


>is a massive cope
really man



File: 1659783166469.png (363.37 KB, 451x766, 451:766, 1643062324583.png) ImgOps iqdb

>philosophical pessimism (oh I'm soo blackpilled
Philosophical pessimism doesn't imply that you can't be happy at all. In fact being pessimistic is a way to be happy and more content in life.


it's been said here already, but I am utterly baffled that the "not touching my penis for years will cure my mental illness" meme and "eating meat for every meal will cure my mental illness" has stayed around for as long as it has.
it's like the male equivalent of having healing crystals around the house.

"you shouldn't kill yourself, because… [deaf blind retard justification; usually assuming you have family who will be hurt when they have no proof of this or maybe the family is even the problem]" is another long-time favorite I've had since I was 12. really just could never wrap my head around the fact that even the suicide hotline operators immediately begin spewing diarrhea assuming the best of your non-existent or shit family members. I wonder if the operators even have a plan B if they can't hit you with the typical family guilt trip. I bet they don't.
Hope that some stranger will continue living in what's likely squalor– inhumane and freakish conditions –really seems to give a lot of people around here a major erection. don't kill yourself bro, just keep living a non-life of suffering here on toilet world with me!! (btw none of these people will ever be your friend, they'd abandon you in under a day despite their moral masturbation. They're Probably sociopathic, need to investigate further.)


>free will doesn't exist
>you are just a biological machine
>roleplaying as a morally superior person
Those are truth or things that will reduce suffering. You couldn’t argue against anti-natalism in other thread that non-existence>suffering existence. You have no arguments against those points although they could be regarded as copes but still truth. Genetic determinism is also truth as twin studies proves it. Everything is inherited and we act according to our genes.


>it's like the male equivalent of having healing crystals around the house.
there are posters around here who are into this woo woo shit


When you can point to other species creating anime or writing books then maybe I'll consider your points. Until then, I will maintain that humans are superior to animals. The suffering part is true and it is a side effect of our higher intelligence. However, I wouldn't want it any other way. Better eat from the tree of knowledge than to remain ignorant and happy in some beast-like state. About survival, that really matters for animals the most, another thing that makes us different from animals is the fact that we can go beyond our biological narratives. Survival at all cost shouldn't be the meaning of existence, rather to develop a more cultured and refined species.

Survival isn't the absolute goal of life, again only if you are some animal. If you want to live in the jungle you are free to do so, also stop using technology if you think it is just a cope.

I meant exactly that. Some people here really get an orgasm whenever they can "blackpill" anyone about the "true" nature of existence. Pessimism can be used as a cope, it offers people a narrow view of life and existence. Conveniently calling anything fun in life a "cope" or "escapism", pessimists like to roleplay as the suffering tragic hero way too much. They get erections every time they see something horrible happening in the world because they can point to it and scream to others "look, told ya life is shit!"

I give plenty of arguments against you people time and time again, you just refuse to even consider my points.
1. Reducing suffering shouldn't be the main goal of existence.
2. Even if reducing suffering is your goal, reducing suffering only means anything if there are people in existence who can appreciate how there is less suffering.

You can't say anything against either of these points.
>Genetic determinism is also truth as twin studies proves it. Everything is inherited and we act according to our genes.
If that were the case then there would be no social mobility at all. If a violent criminal had a child his child would be a violent criminal too most likely but evidently it is just bullshit. You aren't determined for anything, you do what you want to do, I know it is comfy to feel like everything is outside of your control but you are deluding yourself.

So encouraging others to kill themselves (while the person who gives the advice is still alive) seems completely consistent and logical to you? Most people on this site gladly throw around shit like "godspeed wizzah" whenever the topic of suicide comes up. Don't you find this behavior to be suspicious? It makes me sick how many here hide behind the mask of humanity and compassion while encouraging others to kill themselves or dreaming about a world where humans don't exist at all (so they can be at peace finally that no one suffers). See >>193701 for example. He wants to project his misery onto everyone collectively. He says life is evil because his life sucks and he can't stand to see all those poor homeless people and starving children on the news. Yet if you asked him what he is doing to lessen suffering he couldn't give you any answer. Pretentious hypocrite.


You're an annoying solipsist and have never said anything of value. You whine that you have to repeat yourself all the time because your points aren't convincing.


I don't really give two shits what you or others delude yourselves with, what you use for coping. I argue with you people to see whether you can offer me any good insight or not to improve my philosophy and personal views. And I like to debate with people in general.

You are so butthurt over the fact that someone disagrees with you, it really tells a lot about you. Instead of coming up with actual answers to my problems with your philosophy you resort to personal attacks. Good. I take it as a compliment and as you acknowledging your defeat.


best reply to that fag i've ever seen lol. has there ever been a "quote every post in the thread" guy in the history of image boards with something worth reading? it's like a universal standard that they are braindead narcissists who can talk a lot while saying very little. literal spam


Not everyone is some low-energy guy like you who has trouble writing out a couple of sentences. I see my fame is spreading even though we are anonymous. I guess my style is just wicked cool and my theories are spot on. I plan on writing a textfile book, detailing all the wisdom I have.


You didnt prove any of your points, you just insulted those that don’t agree with you


I'm not butthurt, but repeating the same retarded shit ad nauseam doesn't eventually make you right. I also didn't feel like giving you a constructive reply because yours was so braindead. It was some autistic "hurr just go live in the jungle" bullshit, like you are a chat bot that latches onto keywords without grappling with the context being established.
I imagine you're the samefag who always claims people obviously love life so long as they don't follow through with suicide and that "suicide is super epical EZ mode, duder!" Why would I go live in the jungle, fucktard? I made it very clear that I think modern humans are not fit to live in the jungle (save for any remote tribes) without technological crutches. You can't deny that bad genetics are being mitigated by technology and allowed to thrive. Even something as rudimentary as poor eyesight would be a huge liability to survival without corrective tools. Well, hey, survival isn't important so you should totally just kill yourself bro. Embody your dumb fuck opinions like you expect of everyone else.
It's really funny how you question the motivations of anyone showing solidarity with someone who says they want to die. They know their own situation better than I do. I'm not going to pry, I'm not going to affirm how great life is unlike you, but I'm also not going to ask them to livestream it and grab a pair of pom-poms and a bag of popcorn and actively coerce them to kill themselves. You're stuck up your own ass, faggot, and that's also why you project your own ass damage onto others who don't really give a shit to keep shooting down your same old failed arguments. Cope, dweeb.


the word cope


youre definitely not memorable for owning people or whatever. you're memorable because you're assumedly the only one of the christcope failed normalfag missionaries who quotes every post in the thread with the same pedantic non-message every time.
there are many normalfag missionaries worshiping the psychiatric industry and work ethic here, the only separation is they dont reach character limit when they spew diarrhea about how normalfags are cool.


I am ready to engage in debates with anyone to elaborate my points. I'm doing this right now.

Repeating the "same shit ad nauseam" doesn't make me right but it works for you…why, again? You can't argue with any of my points, if you could you would have given me a satisfying reply already. Alas, you resort to namecalling and such. Your worldview is extremely shallow and incoherent, probably suits your personality very much. You are butthurt, don't deny it. You are probably used to people agreeing with you all the time. If you can't even defend your own philosophy then what are you even good for?

I indeed call out people on this site who are coping with the suicide card. It is laughable. People who truly want to die don't announce it on imageboards to others, they just do it. Most people here who say how much they desire death are just attentionwhores, not different from succubi posting how sad or depressed they are on social media. If you are alive you obviously don't suffer so much as you would like everyone to think. Go on telling yourself the mantra that you will just kill yourself once your parents die (oldest cope on this site).

>Why would I go live in the jungle, fucktard?

To live according to your principles for once in your life, maybe? If you think technology is so harmful then stop using it, man. No one forces you to use it.
Your obsession with genetics is typical plebeian mentality. Genetics is something like a boogeyman for you people, I swear. You can always resort to just saying it is genetics, dude, I had no part in it at all! Those damn genes, everything is their fault, you poor baby can't do a single thing in this life. Another braindead cope for braindead people.
>Well, hey, survival isn't important so you should totally just kill yourself bro. Embody your dumb fuck opinions like you expect of everyone else.
I didn't say that survival isn't important at all, what I said is that it isn't the most important thing. Huge difference. I live according to my "dumb fuck opinions", you should try it once in a while too instead of roleplaying on imageboards.

Yes, I question the motives of people like that, I mean people who encourage others to kill themselves. Same goes for antinatalists and people who campaign for abortion and euthanasia despite the fact they exist and live. At best they are just ignorant hypocrites, at worst they are downright malicious persons.

>christcope failed normalfag
I'm not one, though. Continue to categorize everyone who disagrees with you under the same labels. Nice black and white mentality you have.
>the psychiatric industry and work ethic
I'm probably one of the biggest enemies of those things on this site.

In my eyes, pessimist and "suicidal" wizzies are the failed normals. They can't come to terms with their lives and can't appreciate how superior the wizard life is. A true wizard needs to embrace existence and continue to live on. If you kill yourself or end up as a depressed wreck of a human being then you basically acknowledge that normalfags were right all along. Ergo you are only a failed normal. Saying Yes to life is the only solution.


he wants a debate lol, people don't want dialogue anymore. it's all debates and arguments, one day they're larping as shapiro and the next day they're jordan peterson but changing a few words here and there. enjoy your reply I guess and good luck with your endless debates journey


No point in debating with him because he can't even read what he's replying to properly. Once again, he replies to his own strawmen and comes off as a bot. He's either a bona fide dumbass or he is conscious of how he responds and is just a contrarian faggot who likes replying in bad faith for the sake of it. Same old retarded arguments, misinterpretations, assumptions and projections as always.
Remember, genetics don't real. Aww shucks, a chickenheaded baby born without a brain could've just rose to chad apex predator or ultra-1337 stoic monk master like >>193740 who totally isn't emptily posturing (as apparently everyone here besides him is, as he writes the same essay over and over again every day and every thread) had he only practiced some self-discipline or another vague self-help/improvement cope. Genetics don't matter at all and life totally hasn't been one long, bloody eugenic experiment because I say so!


>Aww shucks, a chickenheaded baby born without a brain could've just rose to chad apex predator
>Genetics don't matter at all
clearly not what he said.
>he replies to his own strawmen and comes off as a bot
well now that youre on his level you have no choice but to engage him.


A debate isn't a dialogue? I think you are wrong. I see it otherwise, nowadays people retreat to their own little hugboxes and echochambers and refuse to argue with others. This has disastrous effects, one of them being that oversensitive retards like this guy >>193746 are more and more common. I don't change my views unless I seriously reconsider them because of some good argument I receive from others.
Debates are the most important element in developing your own philosophy and opinions. Without contrast you will fall into cold, dead, stiff dogmatism like that other guy, again for example.

>he can't even read
Nice buzzwords there. Hide behind them so you can be spared from an actual debate because you know it deep down you would lose it yet again. If you don't join the race you can't lose, am I right?

I see genetics really gives you an erection. Let me guess, another blackpill failed normal who is obsessed with his looks and how he "can't" get sex? I said that genetics isn't an excuse for everything and what I meant is that it's not that powerful at all. Individual choices and efforts matter more. You are twisting the meaning of my words as usual. You just want something you can point to when it comes to justifying your own misery. "It's in my genes, can't do a thing about it!4" Stop pretending to be so helpless. You don't need to believe in God to understand what religious people mean when they say God helps those who help themselves. People like you and others here who deny free will or/and posit genetics as the ultimate decider of everything in the universe just look for excuses so that you can feel sorry for yourself even more.
>chad apex predator
>ultra-1337 stoic monk master
Even as jokes these fail, I never said or implied I was either of those. Both are pretty far from me though I understand why you'd mistake me for a stoic. I don't follow any "official" branch of philosophy, like I said I'm creating my very own system.
>life totally hasn't been one long, bloody eugenic experiment
So what is your view on eugenics? Previously you said you were all for suicidal wizzies killing themselves and now you portray eugenics as something negative. Decide already. You can't limp in both directions. Btw, what I quoted from you is obviously a big oversimplification on your part. If what you say is true then we wouldn't have hospitals, social services, welfare systems etc even nowadays.


Thanks for another essay that I'm not going to read. Continue thinking words have some effect on reality. You deserve your delusions because you're an unapologetically arrogant retard. Won't matter what dumb shit passed through your empty head and out your sausage fingers in the end. Cope.


making cope threads and talking about cope is, in my opinion, one of the BIGGEST copes possible!


this thread is for lalalala can't hear you smug smirks only ala tucker carlson, go go! debate and debunk each other!


>A debate isn't a dialogue?
yes unless it isn't
>I think you are wrong.
wrong thinking
>I see it otherwise
I see counterwise
>nowadays people retreat
cool they are safe there
>to their own little hugboxes
like in war of the worlds?
echo echo echo…
>and refuse to
agree to?
>argue with
>has disastrous effects
I can has?
>one of them
two of them?
>being that oversensitive
to be around senses
>retards like
edgy r word
>this guy
that guy? you sure?
>are more and more
twice huh
>I don't change
stinky boi
>my views
what do your elf eyes see?
marge she's dead :(
>I seriously reconsider
you are so serious
>them because of some good argument
no, argument bad
>I receive from others.
woah you can pitch, we don't judge
>Debates are the most important element
where is the periodic table?
>in developing your own
my precious…
>philosophy and opinions.
new age, I dig it
>Without contrast
calibrate it
>you will fall into cold
I'll buy a scarf
noo RIP
hehehe I see what you did there
>dogmatism like that
yeah like that
>other guy, again for example.
that guy? let him be


On behalf of perpetually retarded solipsist, I must say that you are an incorrect not smart person!!! Believe my magic NOW!


Now THAT'S a cope.


File: 1659972881057.jpg (66.15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1539999858791.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

dude, you are completely wasting your time on these people. there are people who view any kind of disagreement with their world views as a personal attack on themselves as people. as such they tend to react with emotional outburst rather than dialogue. this is a commonplace weakness. another is intransigence. most people view their personal opinions and subjective world views as the objective truth while at the same time strongly believing that they don't do this. revising your opinions, especially long/deeply held ones requires a person to be humble, flexible, and to some degree courageous. it's very hard to unbend your pride enough to admit someone else's arguments are more sound than your own when you are arguing about something you are highly invested in. and it can be frightening, frankly, when you contemplate that something you have believed in for a long time might not be true. i actively strive to be open to change, but i still struggle with it. i think pretty much everyone does.

another point to bring up is what happens when you contradict the politics of a community. that's an easy way to get posts dismissed out of hand.

>antinatalism (implying you care about reducing suffering for anyone except yourself)

>idealizing death and suicide, thinking you will just kill yourself if things get bad enough (see you tomorrow)
>philosophical pessimism (oh I'm soo blackpilled about everything and this life is like so sucks dude *goes on to enjoy life after writing to strangers on imageboards about how much he hates existence*)

there are wizards like myself who will chuckle over this, but many will be pretty irritated. and to a degree, its understandable. these are the kind of things normal fags constantly argue against (usually out of an abject mix of stupidity and cowardice) so its understandable why many wizards can't take a step back and laugh about it considering the context in which they (we) usually have to deal with this in the outside world. on this level i sympathize with them. on the other hand, a lot of people might be unwilling to consider the fact that these might legitimately be copes because they lean on them so much, which i think is cowardly.

anyway, you have to be careful how your choose to talk to these people. either you shouldn't do it, or if you do, you have to significantly modulate your conversational/logical framework.>>193748



some wizzies simply don't care about politics or infighting, it shouldn't frighten you this much


>Continue thinking words have some effect on reality.
Apparently they do have effects on reality since they are making your anus hurt so much. Haha. With this post you confirmed my suspicions about you either being an actual simpleton or just trolling.

I see someone gave you a philosophy book and this is the result. You don't give monkeys intellectual stuff, otherwise they will use definitions like you use "solipsist" completely out of place and context.

The interesting question is why these particular copes are so common around here, namely suicide, pessimism and antinatalism. I suspect they are still after-effects of the original wizardchan in-cel v9k culture. Because these things heavily imply you aren't satisfied with the wiz life.

This place has potential to develop into something like ancient Greece was, a culture where very different opinions clashed with each other, a place where free spirits come for inspiration. Instead I sadly see that some dogmatic wizards want to build a "church" where only their image of wizard is accepted and others are branded as heretics. I would rather have a wizchan where everyone has genuine and original thoughts than some hugbox where everyone parrots the same thing again and again. Maybe it's just me.


They aren't "buzzwords" when they perfectly describe how you're acting, you drooling dipshit. All that stuff about "oh I just want a good debate to challenge my views!" should go without saying, but you're a stubborn narcissist and think saying it covers your ass well enough. You fancy yourself Mr. Intellectual Inquiry and yet you can't even start with something basic like not misrepresenting others' words and making baseless assumptions about their lives and motivations. You are incredibly disingenuous or have a very poor grasp on English. Take your pick. Honestly, why not both?
Yes, genetics are more important than "creating meaning" out of life through hobbyism or whatever vague drivel you're peddling. Your short, miserable, pathetic life is a blink compared to billions of years of life devouring itself. You're wrong whether or not you loaded a "most" in there. Cope.


epic cope


>This place has potential to develop into something like ancient Greece
No one who unironically types this should be calling anyone else pretentious lol. Well, this place got the pederasty bit down pat.


>u mad
>mass replies, on site without captcha
What do you forgot here again, tourist?


>Your short, miserable, pathetic life is a blink compared to billions of years of life devouring itself.
Babby first nihilism tier.


Redditors pseudointelectuals like you has no tight to call others simplentons.


What's incorrect about it?


And still no answer to any one of my questions regarding your philosophy. Shame. Just more baseless insults and belly ache over the fact that someone dared to question your sacred dogmas. This is very entertaining, keep making a fool out of yourself. I won't insult you anymore, excuse me if I did, I always try to protect and stand up for genuine retards like you in real life because I pity your kind.

>You fancy yourself Mr. Intellectual

I don't. I just hate it when people use words they don't even know the meaning of.

>Yes, genetics are more important than "creating meaning" out of life through hobbyism or whatever vague drivel you're peddling.

What you mean is people should get upset over things they can't change instead of focusing on the aspects of existence that is in their control? I'm sure you saw many genetically inferior people to you who were happier and more content with life than you were. Hm, why is that?

>Your short, miserable, pathetic life is a blink compared to billions of years of life devouring itself.

You can stop projecting now, there-there. "Short" - compared to what? There were many people in history who didn't even get to live as long as I will live. Or compared to the universe? Yeah no shit, we aren't immortal? Are you some teenager who thought about death for the first time? "Miserable and pathetic" - I enjoy life pretty much, thank you for your concern. I advise you to try the same too instead of trying to inject others with your bitterness, resentment and anger.

You are implying that wizards can't be intellectuals or free thinkers? Why do I feel failed norm vibes again?

The hivemind has arrived to defend its herd values. In this case it is pessimism, antinatalism and the idealization of suicide. You don't have to try so hard to fit in, wizkids.


It's called being human. People need something to cope or else everyone would rope themselves.

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