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Do you have driver's license? What car do you drive? I got my driver's license 2 years ago, it was a terrible struggle to get it during a the Covid-shutdown, but it was one of the best decesions of my life. It really improved my situation and helped a lot with my depression, gave me massive freedom to be able to drive wherever/whenever I wanted to go, without my parents.

I'm a poor wagie so I could only afford an old Open Astra, but it does the trick perfectly and cheep to maintain.


I have my license, had since I was 16 I think. Parents wanted me to get it ASAP so I could drive myself to school. I don't necessarily own my own car but I usually drive a prius.

Being able to drive is great though, I pity the wizards who can't. I mean I guess it doesn't matter for the hikkis at all but for those that go outside it's indispensable.


I get really anxious when driving in new locations especially when I'm lost. Like how are you even supposed to be able to drive in high traffic? I can't make lane changes. And that's with automatic transmission I can't imagine how difficult it would be with manual


Nope, terrified of driving so I will never get my license.


Went to a dealership, was told no.

Normals claim you basically just walk in, fill paperwork, give a down payment, and then you have a car.

Bull fucking shit.


yes, thought i havent driven in a decade. i just renew it every x years online and it gets sent back to me. has my photo from high school on it lol.back in high school i had to drive myself using mom's car and the thing's engine would stall randomly on the highway which terrified me. cars driving past me is scary. scars are loud and annoying and i don't trust other people. too much information i have to pay attention to while driving. i wish i lived in a place with public transportation that would be great.


If you can get a license you're a normal.


Holy cope, Jesus.

>If you do X, then you aren't a wizard

I thought wizard are about being a virgin, not fucking driving.


You drive to your well paid job, to hang out with your friends and go to parties but are TOTALLY a wizard because technically you haven't put it in.


Well, if you haven't "put it in", so yeah you can be called a wizard, even if go to parties and have a well paid job, stop coping and projecting.


I was a shut-in for 10 years, than I started wagecucking and doing nightshifts at a warehouse for like 500 euros/month to be able to afford the licence. I bought a 1k Opel. I'm now 34 year old, and this is all I have. I'm a virgin with no friends or social life, and all my money goes into gas.

And this somehow makes me a normie royalty? Okay.


probably can't get one now, that's why i renew it online every year even though it's from a completely different state. fuck cars and driving. i'm glad i got it as a teen though, idk what i'd use as a source of ID online otherwise. so much things require an ID online now, this past year i think i've used it 3 or 4 times.


Yes you and all other ones with driving licence and jobs are normal. I don’t care if you’re 40yo virgin even. Ability to work is sign of normalcy.


Jesus H Christ, that level of projection, bitterness and coping is unreal, must be a fucking crab to have that level of hate inside, mods, take this one.


My grandmother died and now I use her car even though my Dad technically owns it. Still doesn't have 50k miles on it yet despite it being built in the 90s because I hate driving so much. The alternator just failed recently and I had to pay $800 to get it fixed. I think my dad also applied for an extension to the emissions testing and then I just never went so I have been racking up fees. He expects me to pay for everything of course because I use the car even though it's not mine.


Guys how do I fix >>194007


im not sure how any of those buzzwords apply to this situation. are you esl perhaps?



You just have to drive long enough to get used to it. It is good that you are anxious; that means you are cautious and won't be one of those dangerous drivers who change lanes without looking.


This channel just popped up in my feed. I am an experienced driver, so he is teaching me a lot of stuff I already know, but they are things that I wish I knew when I was a new driver.


Had my license since 17.
I drive a NC Miata and Evo 8.
I like cars.

You get used to it over time.
Just pay attention to the cars around you and try to keep a safe enough following distance without backing up traffic.


Apparently antidepressants slow down your reaction times makin me dangerous behind the wheel, so… fuck.


No because to get a drivers licence here i have to memorize 1000 questions and answers and i have terrible memory plus I don't want to just memorize things forcefully like ever.

I'd actually do fine on the practical part but the shitty quiz is deterring me from ever getting a license.


Now that's a BIG cope.


Cope, I take antipsychotic, olanzapine to be more precise, that supposed to make you slow and sleepy, yet I still drive and shit, you sound that you're coping.


>I take brain-melting drugs just to get through the day but it's YOU who is coping


Yes, he's coping hard, also, cope and seethe.


File: 1660943846455.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, bulma_art.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

cope this and cope that go back to crabs.is, you are not a wizard.


big cope
omega seethe
Mad for real for real
Bussin cope


Pointing copes is form coping, so keeping coping more.

Cope, seethe and dilate


Haha great posts guys


wizchan 2022



For real now, why saying that someone is coping is somehow tied to be a inc*l? Cope is not a incël word.


Cars are the biggest kyke cope
4 tranny wheels dilating at 70mph
It’s all niggers in cars
The WEF be like you can’t walk you must use electric car with tranny dicks up your ass
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schizo meds, NOW!


keep up the quality posts guys! glad to see this site becoming more and more like 4chan everyday!


Someone's taking pol memes a bit too serious


carkike cope


Por favor, we don't speak tard here


*English por favor


i would have loved driving since i love cars since im a wee lad.
but but ill never be able to have a driving licence as getting a driving licence where i live is very expensive (we are talking about 2000€), take way to long for what is it (it takes 6 to 10 years to get to the final practical test if you are unlucky) and is flatout impossible you have first to qualify to the theory test wich means having to read and memeorise about 2000 to 5000 pages of uncomprehensible and usless rules and i could not stomach more than two month of this shit and i had to give up.
And that was just the begining the rest is WAY worse.


I lolled too much


>read and memeorise about 2000 to 5000 pages of uncomprehensible and usless rules
This, I don't want to waste my energy on this stupid stuff. But the driving itself(depending on the car) seems interesting


Use a bike instead


I use public transport



Very true I used to pull over because I'd have panic attacks. I would also show up 1/2 hour or more late to appointments because I didn't know where to go, even when I had GPS. It's only in the last few years after driving for 12 that I've begun to pay attention to street names. So now I at least won't get lost in my own city, but back when I started driving it sometimes took me hours in what should have been a 20 minute car ride. I still struggle sometimes being an aggressive driver, but I'm way better and less anxious than I was even 5 years ago.


Normies will never understand how hard simple things are for some people.


File: 1661652475328.jpg (163.25 KB, 640x333, 640:333, yy9095lebaron.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Do you have driver's license?
Yes, I've had one since I was 16, I'm 30 now. Growing up I had a family friend with a farm so I was moving around vehicles/equipment since I was around 10 or 11.

>My first car was an old Opel Astra

I see we're from two different countries. Mine was a 1995 Chrysler Lebaron, pic related. It leaked just about everything from the engine but it was great to put the top down on my midnight runs to taco bell between WoW raids.


I share your struggles. While I have earned a license and would appreciate the liberty that driving a car conveys, my fine motor skills are rather poor and I find the sensory input of roads—especially crowded ones—difficult to process.


It was very hard for me at the beginning because I was quite nervous with the boulevards, I was even giving up with that but after all I got my driver's license 3 months ago. It helped me with that kind of insecurities a little bit as well.


I don't have a license wizzie, and frankly if im being honest the thought of being behind the vehicle of a car is scary. i dont believe i have the decision making or consistent aptitude to be safe on the road. i freak out if i have to make choices too fast. even crossing the road is hard for me.

luckily my twin sister (no im not a wiz succubus! we're fraternal twins) has a car and drives me the rare times when i need to go some where. lucky to have family like that. otherwise i am used to taxis and missing appointments.


>otherwise i am used to taxis and missing appointments.

Unless you need to go places very often it's not even that expensive as well if you do the math, owning a car will cost you way more than taking a cab here and there.

I also can't stand public transport, I hate waiting for a train or bus and then being in that shit with a bunch of normies. Theres also a higher chance of getting into weird or dangerous situations at bus stops and train stations, especially at night and on weekends unless you live in a rural area.


File: 1662568286631.png (380.31 KB, 640x425, 128:85, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's not optional living in a rural area, I despise it though. I would rather walk anywhere and it only costs me. I drive a 2010 malibu, there's no such thing as cheap to maintain, gas, insurance, oil changes, tires, breaks, taxes, it doesn't matter what you drive you'll spend thousands annually doing it.


Nope, and I never will.
The idea of buying a car with a 100% tax set on it by the government disgusts me, and I'm worried that either I'll accidentally smash it somewhere and pay out the ass or some retard will smash into me and run off before I can make him pay for damages.


Yup one fender bender would ruin me financially in an instant


I got the license back in high school, have owned cars every now and then but it's not affordable.

I know there was an attempt to scare off "autists" from driving, telling us we can't do anything right just like everything else. I managed fine but I've learned to be paranoid about the assholes they have teaching drivers' ed.
And I'm a failure at most things, was told I'd never be able to do anything like every other autist, but driving is really easy once you get the hang of it. If you never get that crucial practice it is harder though. When parents refuse to do that, it's because they hate you and want to cripple you, tell you you're worthless. I was fortunate that my mother at least refrained from doing that, even though she did a whole lot else to abuse me and tell me I could never leave.
Basically if you can play vidya reasonably well and you don't have any physical disabilities or seizures, you can drive. Being a cautious driver is not a bad thing. You'll encounter assholes on the road every now and then, maybe even every day in some cities, but you have to focus on you and not let other peoples' shit get to you. The worst are the ones who want to ride on your tail and don't keep braking distance, the way you would be taught in any competent drivers' ed course. If you just barely get your driving hours and still feel a lack of confidence, yet get a car, consider test driving around the block or quiet neighborhoods to get a feel for it, and stay in local traffic for a while. Highway can be somewhat nervous when dealing with merges and the high speed, since you can't stop without pulling over, and if you have to do that, it can be annoying to build up speed to merge back on.

I think now you might be able to get some computer software and pedals to resemble brake/gas and a steering wheel. It's not perfect and I don't know any good driving sim software offhand, but part of drivers' ed would be a simulator where you are to mimic the actions of a driver on TV. That can prepare you for some situations you would encounter on the road.

Worst part of cars is how often they break down and the cost of repairs if you don't know anyone.

That's odd. Usually if you have the money, dealers want to sell to anyone so long as they have a license. They're not going to ask about your driving history or psych history, but maybe in some hell states they're enforcing the ban on autists being allowed to drive (or participate in society at all).


Its kinda ridiculous to read about wizards struggling to drive when I remember most of you are talking about automatic transmission.

I failed my license 4 times before I got. I have a car now and Im extremely anxious about driving. I hope to get an automatic as soon as I can afford it.


File: 1662929191465.jpeg (93.74 KB, 475x475, 1:1, gvfdgrefg4e.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

A car is necessary for jobs, going shopping, going to the barber, late night drives, vacations and other cool stuff.

I view carless people as trapped fools stuck in their general area, like some slave.


oh to be an american


>I view carless people as trapped fools stuck in their general area, like some slave.

You are absolutely right, I can only carry two bags of groceries that i have to walk all the way home with so i can only shop at one store that is not to far away and anything I can't carry I have to order online. I can't go anywhere outside of my area without having to plan it with shitty public transport and being chained to timetables or I need to go on long walks to get somewhere else. It literally feels like I'm trapped inside my apartment and town


Grew up without a car in the family at all and people are so oblivious to how easy a car makes life. Getting a car in my 20s made simple shit like taking my mother to the hospital 100x less stressful and hassle.


All of those except for late night drives are american-only.


Cars are good but what wizzies should stay away from is using their bikes on the road.

I was coming home one night from a 12 hour shift and a supermarket shop. I was tired as shit and merging onto the one way, the last thought I had before my accident was "man I'm fucking tired" and I took out a cyclist. I dragged him across the one way with my car and threw him into the gutter, blood was pouring out of his head. He was taken away in an ambulance.

I had to pay a $75 fine for reckless driving and the third party insurance premium, that was it. The third party insurance jewed him out of a payout by valuing his $4,000 custom road bike at less than a thousand dollars. I fucked him up completely and it just cost me chump change.

Car drivers can fuck you up and ruin your life, and suffer no consequences. I doubt it'd have been any different if I crippled him for life instead of seriously injuring him.


File: 1662966835376.jpg (72.48 KB, 402x400, 201:200, ford.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I bet he was an anti-car redditor


lol and where should they be, on the sidewalk? this is not legal and a pain as a pedestrian when retards ride there anyway. I like taking as much space as possible when I am walking into one of those fuckers, or feigning not to hear them when they are coming from behind and expect me to step aside.


Bikes shouldn't even be allowed on the road. You know ancient roman roads were designed so that horse-drawn cart traffic ran in the middle and the outside of the road was reserved from pedestrian traffic. It was often physically difficult for the pedestrians to accidentally end up among cart traffic due to there being raised barriers. There were also bridges for the pedestrians that went over the cart traffic so they never had to cross the roads.

The romans figured this all out 1000s of years ago because it was common sense that people would get hurt if you had slow-moving traffic among fast moving traffic. Today our road systems are a cluster-fuck just about every where you go. Cyclist neckbeards riding on inch-wide lines with ditches or mountainous drop-offs on one side and fast moving cars on the other. Then they are so incredulously surprised when something happens. All the while you have random people that may wander onto the roads at any time. Much like an unthinking, dumb fucking animal.



File: 1663032236393.jpg (59.49 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-at-best-god-can-be-v….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's really incredible how being car-less at a young age puts you are a major disadvantage to everyone who does.

Without a car, you basically can't really get a job or go anywhere. You have no freedom at all. Probably why a lot of people on here end up as NEETs because their parents never taught them how to drive or bought them a car, so they're stuck as a NEET in their parent's basement due to incompetent parents.



That may apply only to America. The rest of the world has great public transit and no crazy 1 hour away from anywhere suburbs.

Great quote by the way.


american public transit is literal dystopian unless its empty. pozzed nigs and crackheads mixed with minority elderly.


>but but ill never be able to have a driving licence as getting a driving licence where i live is very expensive (we are talking about 2000€), take way to long for what is it (it takes 6 to 10 years to get to the final practical test if you are unlucky) and is flatout impossible you have first to qualify to the theory test wich means having to read and memeorise about 2000 to 5000 pages of uncomprehensible and usless rules and i could not stomach more than two month of this shit and i had to give up.
I have exactly the same problem, sounds like we might be from the same country. I have already tried and failed the theory exam a few times.
>The rest of the world has great public transit
Having to use public transport will never be 'great', even in a rich and developed country. A distance that could be traveled in 15 minutes by car, could take an hour by train. It's also way too crowded and noisy.


UK too


Public transport is quicker in non-American cities. A train is easily more convenient than driving thrpugh traffic and trying to find parking in the middle of a busy city. Even taking a uber is quicker than driving yourself be ause you domt have to worry about parking.

Im not a fan of cars but I must admit I emjoy a good night drive. Nothing better than cruising the lonely suburban streets. The proper wizard way to do it is with the radio off.


Would get a license but it's expensive and I'm neet, so for now I'm le average public transport getter


TFW every job even if it's like 2 mile away will want you to have a car


>A train is easily more convenient than driving thrpugh traffic and trying to find parking in the middle of a busy city
I guess it depends on the distance. If you want to travel within a city itself, public transport is fine. If you have to travel a long distance, I'd defenitely prefer going by car.

In Europe, it's common for people to live in a rural area but work in a major city that's much farther away. Let's say, 40+ miles. That means sitting in a completely packed train for 2 hours every day.


>sitting in a completely packed train for 2 hours every day.
equally as repulsve as driving as car tbh, but at least it's probably cheaper and as a neet i could probably manage that for infrequent but necessary trips


>equally as repulsve as driving as car tbh
If you don't mind being around loud people for that duration, maybe. At least in a car, you're alone.


i only ever need to do real travel like once maybe twice a year, but it is ridiculously expensive to take ubers or fly. its also expensive just owning a car, insurance, maintenance, gas, payments, etc. if infrequent squished public transportation lets me travel cheaply and without a car it seems completely viable


>its also expensive just owning a car, insurance, maintenance, gas, payments, etc

This. Got my first car this year and I'm realizing what a money sink it is.

>use car

>have to buy gas
>don't use car
>battery goes flat, have to pay for roadside assistance to jumpstart it

You pay for it to literally exist.


I normally post multiple lines without redditspacing, so forgive me for being brief. I didn't want to enter this thread because it's such a silly topic.
Either spend $500-$1000 a month to "have le car", or just don't register it and use for travel. That's like $50 for a battery and $1000 for gas from one end of The States to the other.
Personally, I'm just living at my aunt and uncles' and putting that $1000 (into crypto instead of cash) for buying a Lexus and then building a home gym; my spare time I'm dedicating to LEARNING LEH CODE XDD REDDIT. Having fun is having fun, but I've already solved all the issues stemming from my late teenage DEPROOSION through discipline and self-awareness.
I'll get a license after I have a car and therefore have an incentive to do so, otherwise it's not easy to get me to "do x thing, it's the normal".


What the fuck


You do crypto. You people still fall for that crap o_o


I see a lot of hate for crypto online and reading it its never anything that shows an understanding of the problems the industry are addressing nor how the tech works. I see many people say that it's just 'technobabble' dressing up various scams. But all this really means to me is the author went into the field as an outsider, confronted terminology they didn't understand, and then dismissed it as 'technobabble.' It would be like if I randomly showed up at an astrobiology conference and started claiming it was all bullshit whenever I heard anything that wasn't directed for laymen.

There is more to the blockchain industry than meets the eye. But if you're the kind of person to make out that anyone involved is a scammer or a mark to feel superior in your ignorance then you're never going to know shit about it. You don't have to invest in any of the tech to make money from it, either. You can build something and make money from it that way. Or work for one of the companies in the industry. This is a much safer way to make money than trading.

I think if you're a smart person you would be really interested in the deeper ideas in the space. They explore a new approach for designing systems on a technological level with added security properties. They propose a way to store and create value that doesn't require humans to regulate it and which has never been done before. There are layers and layers of insane impact to the tech that insect an multiple fields. It's just absurd to think that this all came about in a little over a decade. We have technology now that the industry funded that didn't exist back then. Like innovations in zero-knowledge proofs which have profound potential for privacy, cryptography, and technology. I don't think anyone understands the full details of all these new things but you can still get a sense of what it means if you put in the effort.


I know posting only one or two sentences is going to kill me one day if I keep it up, but I don't "do crypto". I invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, and Monero instead of cash. I do this instead of putting money into savings, ie investing in fiat, because instead of losing 2.7% reliably each year, my checking account depreciates in value by over TEN FUCKING PERCENT ANNUALLY AND COUNTING. I don't have enough money or time to buy gold or silver each month, it wouldn't be worth my time to learn to sell on ebay for a fair price when it's time to transfer that value to a functioning vehicle.
50% of the coins on the e-currency machine at my job are shitcoins that everyone should even all know are shitcoins by now. Either put the time into studying what you should or shouldn't put your money into. Flinging shit at a man without even a name or face on the dark web will do little to remedy your lack of White children or success; worldly or even otherworldly.
Normies treat e-currency like gambling, and that affects my investments no differently than lottery users affect the S&P500. you still fall for that crap
check out my worldtruthvideos channel btw ngl frfr BUSSIN SEMEN, like and subscribe guys for the youtube algorithm


someone has issues


I'm anti-car. But I don't get on le reddit.


>He thinks this is the "dark web"


this isn't, but I can post from Tor


This only happens in that shithole called the US, in the rest of the world public transport is decent enough and most things aren't hundreds of KMs away.


pussy. i drive stoned as fuck all the time. stop being a little wimp


I learned how to drive F1 cards through video games
You can upload and watch YouTube videos with Tor too.


I feel sorry for wizards who can't drive. It's a real game-changer.


Driving manual is hard. I hate it but most cars are manual in my country, including the car my parents gave me. As soon as I have enough money, I'm getting an automatic vehicle.


What makes you think that? I finally got my car back on the road the other day after using nothing but public transport for the past couple years, and I'm not even in some dense urban situation.

Nice having a car again now that I do more than occasionally go to a shopping center or downtown to the government buildings, and not having to worry about sunday/holiday schedules and possibly getting stranded somewhere.


Enjoy crashing and dying faggot, oops sorry teehee.


What's the downside?


i only use my car for work or little trips to the store or to buy legal weed. the people who are crashing or usually normies driving fast and driving on highways for hours and shit. you can be perfectly safe with a car just double check all the time and like i said don't use it that much only go close places basically.


>only go close places basically
what's the point of it then?


>you can be perfectly safe with a car just double check all the time and like i said don't use it that much only go close places basically.
>im perfectly safe if i act entirely avoidant and cautious, and another retarded nigger doesn't run me off the road


It’s largely luck. I’ve driven 90 thousand miles and never had a crash. A dudes car rolled in to my parked car though. But yeah, old grandmas have low insurance because they only drive to doctors and grocery shop so a good argument in general.


I'm 25 and still don't have my license, I could go get it but I'm too scared of having to take a test with a stranger in the car judging me
I'm not even scared of the driving part, I'm just so scared of having a stranger test and judge me and I'm also scared of the written test
>but they won't remember you
nigger I know it's fucking irrational I'm mentally fucking ill do you think I want to be this way
I've been trapped on the same suburban hell street my entire life and literally can't go anywhere or do anything and it's killing me inside


At least get a passport instead. I had no idea it had become such a clusterfuck to re-establish sufficient ID until after I lost or let so much of it lapse. It's such bullshit, but it's even more bullshit if you have need it, don't have it, and can't easily get it again.


I didn't bother with much during covid because it wasn't being enforced. I got one a way longer time ago.

I usually drive a beat up old subaru because they're an inexpensive way to get driven rear wheels in the US for cheap and a lot of practicality out of it. Also they're pretty easy to work on if anything goes wrong, and they have pleasant driving dynamics when you're just trying to escape from the world an either exploring somewhere unknown or having fun hooning like a teenager out to get some groceries. I don't commute by car so I don't care if it burns more fuel than average.


I only got my license at 29 and crashed not too long after. Hilarious. Other than that I find it gives me a sense of freedom that I otherwise can't get elsewhere. I wish I could feel that when I'm not driving.


car > pc

Wizzies without cars really don't know what they're missing out on. The insane amount of freedom a car gives cannot be matched. Having a car improved my life, even the simple ability to complete all my errands in one day with minimal human contact, being able to visit obscure stores to buy hobby stuff I like, and just overall being less reliant on those around you for stuff. Nothing more liberating than a car.


why are you acting like a car cost the same as a computer? I have a computer that has lasted me like 5+ years and has cost me 1.5 months of car ownership.


I learned to drive in 2013-2015 and still have a 'full G' (don't have to take a drive test to renew it, and I can take a car on to highways). It was the most stressful skill to aqcuire in my life, lol. I sold my car in 2015 and take public transit or uber now. The only reason I even learned is because I slipped into becoming a live in nurse for my (deceased) grandparents, and had to drive them places & make grocery trips. Driving was never a "I get to be independent now" thing, so I have no weirdly romantic feelings about car ownership, or the experience of staying anxious so I don't accidental run over somebody or crash.


Most wizzies feel like they can't live without their PC, but if I had to choose between my PC and my car, I'd choose car every time.


The good thing is that now that car ownership is decreasing among the younger generation it is not as abnormal anymore not to have a license, and society will have to come to terms with the fact that we have fucked up by being too car-dependant, shitty urban planning and so on. I know there is little chance of things meaningfully improving but at least the default response will not merely be "just drive dude" as a universal fix to many issues related to transportation, housing, job-seeking and so on. I know some will lament this state of affairs but as a pedestrian peon, I could not care less for all the anti-car laws and sentiment, I welcome them.


Public transport is normie-tier. Cars are the ultimate wizard companion tool.

>a free room that nobody but you has the keys to

>less reliant on other to access shit like food
>your wider neighbourhood and world opens up to you
>can get anything you want right NOW, no need to wait for deliveries or for someone to take you someone, or for the damn bus to arrive
>can go places without interacting with normies
>a place to hide things

Most of all, you have the ability to instantly leave any scenario you're uncomfortable with. It's hard to describe what this does for you mentally, just knowing you can fuck off at any given point and go far away. Sure, you can walk or take public transport, but it doesn't give you the same feeling of independence or freedom. Without a car, the world feels way too big.


You should go get a job as a car advertiser, faggot.
Cars are great but they're fucking expensive, and need constant attention like some annoying little succubus. 99% of people who aren't American would have to go out of their way to get any chances to use it.
>teh world opens
Stop using this meme shit. Which fucking wizard would care about "the world opening" or "being able to go anywhere" when the vast majority suffer from critical communication problems or are extremely averse to it?
>the ability to instantly leave any scenario you're uncomfortable with
This just doesn't make any sense. I'm uncomfortable going out to work, so can I instantly leave it with my cool car? No! I can't, because I need to fucking work to not die. The same goes for the vast, vast majority of situations where I'm uncomfortable. Even if a car allows me to just fuck right off(how would not having one even prevent me from this?) I can't do so because there's something important to do that's tying me there. Otherwise I wouldn't even be in the outside world, condemning myself to dealing with annoying normalfags.
Again, having a car IS a good thing, but for most wizards it's just way too big an expense both financially and in terms of time spent on maintenance etc for it to be worth it. Plenty of wizards are NEET's with no money too. Also, half of the arguments for having your own car are instantly invalid if you're not an American. I'm not reliant on my public transport or my parents to get access to food, I literally walk 30 seconds to get to a shop. I could throw shit at the glass of a supermarket every single day from the comfort of my house if I just had a cat or dog.


File: 1665233779128.jpg (111.99 KB, 800x669, 800:669, 1665239907028778.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>the last good car was designed in the 1930s
>increasingly incoherent manufacturing process orientated around autocad, robotic arms, and huge die-casts
>EVs are already a lost opportunity as the amount of software, electronics, and non-serviceable parts has increased despite EVs having fewer components
We are in the worst timeline


>when the vast majority suffer from critical communication problems or are extremely averse to it?
As someone with anxiety, the car is literally the most antisocial way of getting around. Nothing - not walking, public transport, uber - compares to getting in your car. A car allows you to visit locations and not have to communicate or even be seen to do it. That's fucking useful. It's more anonymous than walking.

>This just doesn't make any sense. I'm uncomfortable going out to work, so can I instantly leave it with my cool car?

Well I work from home so sorry about that. I was thinking more along the lines of family shit, etc. If you don't like it, just leave.

>Even if a car allows me to just fuck right off(how would not having one even prevent me from this?)

Getting in your car and leaving is way more feasible and immediate than "sheeit, now I gotta walk/wait for bus/get uber". You definitely do feel that freedom and ability to fuck off once you have a car.

>I literally walk 30 seconds to get to a shop. I could throw shit at the glass of a supermarket every single day from the comfort of my house if I just had a cat or dog

being restricted to where your feet can take you does something to your brain. It narrows your scope of the world. Your world becomes this tiny circle. Fuck that.


File: 1665256173969.jpg (76.61 KB, 1024x758, 512:379, 1665207919470392m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Doordash and grocery delivery make having a car useless. By the time I get out of bed, put on clothes and wash my face I could have placed an order. The time spent driving there and backwards could be spent doing literally anything I want instead of sitting in traffic or getting cut off on the highway by speeding chads looking to die. The $3 it costs me to tip is worth saving 40min-1hour everytime.


File: 1665256965177.jpg (190.31 KB, 1080x1033, 1080:1033, 20220321_141819.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Doordash and grocery delivery make having a car very useful. By the time I get out of bed, put on clothes and wash my ass I could have an order to pick up. The time spent driving there and backwards is paid even if I just end up sitting in traffic or getting cut off on the highway by 9-5 wagies wishing to die. The $3 I receive in tips per 20 minute delivery makes me earn more than a full time job everytime.


My car decided to not start today. Not sure what to do now. I think the battery is dead, but I don't know shit about cars. I live alone, my family has abandoned me, and I obviously don't have any friends to jumpstart my car so I'm really stressing out. Anyone have experience with this? I don't even know what I'm going to do about groceries and I need to figure out how I'm going to get to work on Monday now.


You can pick up a battery charger from the automotive section of any department store. It's one of the anythings a driver should own. Premium models have a "jump" feature, but if not you just leave it hooked up to the red (positive) and black (negative) terminals on your car battery for 2 hours or so and try to start it. In the cold season it's not uncommon for people to keep float chargers on their batteries just to heighten starting potential. Once it starts, it will charge its own battery automatically while running. Keep booster cables in your trunk in case the battery loses charge while you're on your shift. If it does, it might be time to replace it. You can get battery booster boxes but they're expensive, or you could keep a fully charged spare car, motorcycle, or lawn tractor battery in your trunk to boost from as a safety net. Any running vehicle can boost another, look up how on YouTube it's as easy as plugging an extension cord in. Nobody, especially your coworkers, will get angry if you ask for a jump. All they need to do is park in front of you for a few seconds while you tap in and start up.

If it doesn't start even with a fully charged battery (it's turning over well), then it's either a fuel delivery issue or bad spark plugs. Spark plugs can be had for like $10/cylinder but many cars are too compact to get at them without some sort of disassembly or gymnastics. If you're in a temperate environment and can expect a snowy season ahead, consider something like AAA or CAA. They offer on-call roadside assistance such as boosting, refueling, tire pressure / repair, lockouts etc.

If the battery drains frequently while parked, it could be something crossing on to ground or even something stupid like a USB stick plugged in to your radio sapping power. You'll need to take it in to a shop for diagnostics, from there they will isolate and fix the power leak. Could take minutes.


Your battery is dead. Just call roadside assistance to jumpstart your car, then leave it idle for half an hour so your battery can recharge.

And like the other wizzie said, it's worth investing in a battery charger, especially if you find your battery goes flat after a couple of days of not using your vehicle.

It's happened to me before, wizzie. No biggie. You just need a jumpstart. Oh, and make sure you aren't leaving shit on in your car by mistake (lights, air con etc). When my battery went flat it was because I left the inside light on by mistake.


>Without a car, the world feels way too big.
>being restricted to where your feet can take you does something to your brain. It narrows your scope of the world. Your world becomes this tiny circle.
hmm well ok. It's funny because you make it sound more appealing that you intended to. The second quote is bizarre. It's almost like you equate not owning a car with having a debilitating physical or mental infirmity, not just in the context of daily life in this day and age (which is a fair analogy unfortunately) but on a nearly fundamental basis. Fast, motorized modes of transportation are a blimp in the history of mankind.


You niggas still arguing about fucking driving and cars?


It's just failed normgroids trying to force something 100% normal as wizardly just because they do it themselves.


File: 1665358630549.jpg (98.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

2004 f150 v6 Truck is what i drive right now. I've been driving it for a couple of weeks now since the last pick up we had since 2014 went out and that was a 04 Toyota Tundra v8. It died and the timing belt went of it aswell. Its a basic nice truck thats gets me to work and home and basic traveling. Im not a auto enthusiast or anything in particular i just like basic trucks. Got in for 3,700. My grandparents paid for it though and covered it which was nice.



Thank you for your words and advice. Luckily this morning my car managed to start and I got it over to an AutoZone where the guy tested he battery confirmed it was bad and got me a new one. Thankfully it was a lot easier and quicker than I expected, though I think I overpaid. I'm going to look into a battery charger but I at least have cables now so that gives me some peace of mind.


apparently batteries go bad fast. mine was 5 years old, i dont even drive my car much so i figured negligence was the issue, but it was determined that the battery fucked out and the corrosion also destroyed it. really hate these annoying things called cars.


The guy at the DMV passed me after I failed to parallel park, told her I was too scared to merge on the highway, and fucked up backing into a parking space and basically said well at least you did it all safely and at your age you need your license anyways. There’s a good chance they go easy on you just because of your age because that’s really the only reason I have my license besides the fact that I went the speed limit on the roads the whole exam


I Do. I could use My Moms car often but I dont really need it. I like biking more. Can feel The wind, get far away enough and stop anywhere you Want.


>Probably why a lot of people on here end up as NEETs because their parents never taught them how to drive or bought them a car
This is how my NEETdom started. No car means no job unless you live in one of the few US cities that have decent public transportation.


I just have too much anxiety to go through with it
I don't know how to make myself do it I'm just so scared of being judged by other people
My dad forced me into renewing my ID recently, why do I need a passport?


>Other than that I find it gives me a sense of freedom that I otherwise can't get elsewhere.
>The insane amount of freedom a car gives cannot be matched.
With a car you have to worry about having enough money to pay for insurance, gas, repairs, etc.
You can repeat the test as often as needed though. It took me 3 tries to pass, and the third time she didn't bother testing reverse and parallel parking (my biggest weaknesses) because they were running low on time lol. It's not like a job interview where you only get one chance and are nearly guaranteed to fail. Just drive calmy and safely below speed limit at all times (but not too slow), keep your mouth shut at all times other than saying "Roger", "Affirmative" and "Copy that" to his or her commands or responding to small talk questions, maintain a poker face at all times other than giving a brief fake smile when greeting your driving examiner, give a fake answer if asked "So what do you do" like "web developer" because they discriminate against unemployed people, always exaggerate your shoulder checks and do it consistently so the examiner notices, and stay calm and don't sperg out at the end when he/she briefs you telling you why you failed. Again, it's absolutely nothing like a job interview where you're interrogated like crazy and treated like a concentration camp prisoner, you've got nothing to lose.


>keep your mouth shut at all times other than saying "Roger", "Affirmative" and "Copy that"
>maintain a poker face at all times other than giving a brief fake smile
You absolute autist.


File: 1666260615778.gif (4 MB, 470x264, 235:132, Roombacat.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>it took me three times
kek but year parallel parking is something your should practice a lot until you can get it right without a care. A lot of people don't know that you have to steer in the opposite direction to shove the rear end where you want it to go when you're in reverse, even new truck drivers.


He's not wrong though. Just focus on your driving. For a wizzie to focus on driving and the social game at the same time is likely too cognitively tasking.

Hey wizzies, have nobody else to share this with but I fixed my car by myself. Wouldn't start this morning so I walked to the store and bought a battery charger. Charged it for a half hour and it started :)


Most likely your battery is on its last legs, your alternator is shitting out (if one side of the rectifier dies then you won't notice for a while) or perhaps its just that your contacts like on the battery terminals are all corroded and fucked.

But gj. Even if you have your wizard powers already, it's still good to develop other skills.


Grinding an afternoon learning to parallel park sounds dreadful, honestly, and I drive almost every day.


File: 1666294106434.jpg (107.07 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, Renault Clio II ph2_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I live in a suburbs and public transportation sucks here so getting license was a necessity.

I have always been into cars but never had enough money to spend it on something I would really like so I drive this 20yo piece of junk car. At least it's cheap on gas and takes me everywhere whenever I want.


File: 1666303690385.jpg (67.8 KB, 800x496, 50:31, 8b1d4b53411de0e65971fff3b8….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I drive this 20yo piece of junk car. At least it's cheap on gas
The technical term is `eco shitbox'


did you just have an image of anime succubi standing next to that specific car on hand?


I have a car but I don't like driving it unless I need to because it's a visible reminder of me making global warming worse by putting my own selfish desires first. It also makes me nervous to drive because you could die more easily than in most situations. I think if I had an electric car it would be different. I would feel free to drive places I want to go even if they're far away. I want an electric car but then I'd have to work at least a year to afford one and that's not a tenable proposition. Perhaps if I take it slow and look for money earning loop holes that don't require a job I could do it in a few years.


File: 1666309040834.png (820.68 KB, 619x744, 619:744, hbfghn4r.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

>it's a visible reminder of me making global warming worse by putting my own selfish desires first


You look pretty cool. I bet your hair flies about in the wind the rare times you drive. Holding yourself to such a high standard is hard - but good luck!


Hey faggot, where do you think the electricity powering this hypothetical electric car comes from?


I don't really see why global warming would be a bad thing.


pretty idiotic thing to say


> I don't like driving it unless I need to because it's a visible reminder of me making global warming worse by putting my own selfish desires first

Just fuck off the reddit, you don’t belong to this place.

Why do you give a shit about “global warming” ?. It do not matters any of the adult virgins.


No, seriously. Why would it be bad? It's probably gonna have pretty minor effects anyway, but if it can wipe out as much life as possible that'd be kino.


first direct tangible consequence: it's hotter and i hate it


go back to 4chan you stupid death cultist.



thats some really cucked thinking to not like driving because of the emissions or whatever, i never cared about that at all. i do agree about the danger of driving where you could literally die and its a high chance.


Even if global warming is real, you can't do anything about it by restricting yourself. The way the world is set up you're only gonna fuck yourself over with that mindset because you decrease your own quality of life with no actual result at all.


Unless you're born rich or have bux your quality of life will always be shit no matter what. A car won't change anything besides introduce extra hassle.


What about a pair of pants? If you weren't born rich, will having a pair of pants ever change anything?



Idiots like you are why we are in this mess. I don't care though, I'm still not going to act irrationally just because it's normal to do so. You fucking normalcattle disgust me.


I know i'm part of the reason we're in this mess. I literally want to be. That's the point.


>Idiots like you are why we are in this mess
Lol, you think you aren't at fault? We've all been contributing since our birth. Every meal you've eaten, ever kilowatt hour of electricity you use, every piece of clothing and tech gadget have all been doing it. Hell, the carbon foot print of your car that you don't even drive is probably bigger than all the emission it has ever made from gasoline.

Get some perspective faggot, if you wanna help then saving gas is never gonna do something. Sell your car, buy a bike, volunteer at a beach clean up. But you won't, because it's easier to not drive (because you have nowhere to go) than actively help.


I'm not saying I'm not contributing to global warming, I'm just saying that it's in my best interests to actively try to reduce my contribution to global warming because the globe warming will be bad for my future self for many number of reasons that aren't hard to figure out. You only look at the people you see not doing anything and conclude well that's normal so I guess I should do that too, but I think about the weirdos like me that are out there and think about how much good we can do if we all collectively do the same thing. If there are a million weirdos the minor actions I take all add up significantly. We need to all try our best to make this problem not be so bad because that's just logical. You normalfags immediately try to peer pressure me into being more normal despite the idiocy of it all as if it is your life's goal. You sicken me.


Go suck some nigger cock, faggot.

Literally no one cares about global warming. Even if they did, only like 1% of people would take an active initiative.

Go to a nigger ghetto and convince them that global warming is bad 'n sheeeeit.


I don't care if you drive, I'm saying your holier than thou attitude is completely unjustified. You aren't helping at all.


statistical polling suggests most people care so you're stupid and wrong. What a surprise.


No, but I am helping you fucking faggot, that's the point. You should try to do something to help. That's called helping. What about this is hard for you to understand. Why are you being such a faggot?


>No, but I am helping you fucking faggot,
No you aren't. You are literally doing nothing. You only stopped contributing (even though you really didn't stop, you're still here using electricity). I'm saying go be proactive before you get on your high horse. You haven't done shit.


I think you must have some sort of mental illness like BPD. What is happening here is me mentioning that I am doing my best to reduce my carbon footprint has set you off because you feel badly about your own inaction and you are projecting your own failures onto me. You have black and white thinking where you must either be a saint who literally just lives off twigs and berries or you must just be like "everyone else" and just "not care" because otherwise, you're just fake and pretending. This is just mental illness. IDK what else to say.

As for myself I actually go to unusually extreme lengths not to contribute to global warming. I only drive my car when I absolutely need to. I stopped going to the library or going for hikes or any of the other stuff. I stopped buying new stuff pretty much completely because I know every new thing I buy is going to make things worse. I take short lukewarm showers to save electricity for christs sake. You have to ask yourself, why are you attacking me because I'm not perfect and I use a computer and I want an electric car (which are categorically much much better than ICE cars for global warming) to go places sometimes?


I used to volunteer with local conservationist before I became full blown weird recluse.
Planted trees. Maintain greenspaces. Fish stocking. Clean up shit. Do fundraisers so rich cunts can get their tax writeoff. It was nice.
At the least it's upkeeping the local town with comfy green space for walking and stuff.
I can see how demoralizing it'd be to be stuck in the urban concrete hole. Or in towns where nobody gives a shit because everybody else doesn't give a shit.


>What is happening here is me mentioning that I am doing my best to reduce my carbon footprint

It literally doesn't fucking matter because Africa has more children in 1 year that is equivalent to Germany's entire population.

Not to mention China is the sole producer of carbon emissions at like 80%.

Retarded nigger. Suck nigger dick in a nigger ghetto.


>The driving test these days is super difficult in most US states.
My driving test was comically easy.


I have a drivers license, motorcycle license and I’m a bus driver by profession.


File: 1666560217497.png (125.54 KB, 528x357, 176:119, zampfe.png) ImgOps iqdb

I can't drive. I'm 30. I've tried numerous times but driving is a huge phobia for me. I'm not normally a scared person. I've sky dived, rode fast roller coasters, had giant needles stuck in my body for biopsies. None of that stuff scared me that much but for some reason getting in the driver seat of a car is just too much.

I really envy normal people who can do normal shit just effortlessly. It's like I was intentionally crippled by god so I can never fit in society or be respected. Just one more aspect of the hell that is earth


>It's like I was intentionally crippled by god so I can never fit in society or be respected

That's actually a bless, believe me. Society is hell, boring and mediocre; you can live an unique and interesting life in this way. I hate cars, driving tests and all that mess and am proud of it.


>I've sky dived, rode fast roller coasters
wizchan 2022


What's wrong with those? Seem like fun. I want to go sky diving.


Without a car you are effectively crippled in America. I can't go anywhere or have any sort of freedom at all. No car = subhuman. It's a necessity.

What does sky diving or roller coasters have to do with being a wizard? I did that shit by myself.


> I’m a bus driver by profession.
Sounds like fucking hell.


You’re the one normalfag as you care about irrelevent “global warming” you brainwashed liberal faggot. Why would you give a shit about climate or environment when you will never have children? Go back to reddit.


Climate change is coming quicker than you think and it will collapse modern society.


i sure fucking hope so


Got a drivers license 5 years ago when I was 27. Never drove since my test till now… And I'm scared shitless to drive now even if I ever get the money for a car



I know 3 normal people in my family who are scared of driving. 2 of them have a license and don't drive because of it, and one does because has to take kids to school otherwise wouldn't do it.

Driving is hard, to many assholes around. Take it easy and start driving in very low traffic to conquer the phobia. You can do things like drive 4-5 AM on empty streets or Sunday mornings, really early in quiet parts of town.


I really enjoy driving a lot, but I know what you mean. My car was off the road for a few years until about a month ago and it was terrifying to be blasting down the highway, jockeying lanes through traffic, roads my memory had gotten fuzzy about, and high speed twists and turns. But within an hour it felt normal again.

Same thing happened a few times when I went through long periods of only doing occasional short local trips and then had to go back to fast aggressive driving through bad weather or whatever. It can be white knuckles while you relearn, but you never really forgot and it doesn't last that long to feel familiar again.


File: 1666713511991.gif (1.62 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 4ef2be04b05a485.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw left lane is 10 mph under speed limit and right lane is going 30 mph over


Yeah I'll be honest wiz when I have to go anywhere further than an hour away I am doing 90 in the left lane because I do not want to spend another hour and a half on the road if I can avoid it.


>Do you have driver's license
>What car do you drive
2006 corolla
Owned that shit for the past decade, went from $0 to $1,000,000. I'll never sell it.
Now that I have the money, I don't work. I just chill and use substances and am on the lookout for scooping up property in the event the Fed keeps raising rates. If they drop rates, the Fed will probably end up pumping my Bitcoin bags.


how is that even remotely related to this thread, did you post this to brag


My state has a new law requiring you to change lanes if you encounter a vehicle on the shoulder. I can't believe they went into the trouble of signing this bullshit into law. Just another way for the police to sign more tickets.


It's a ton and a half of metal that you're in command of. In my country you are "breaking the law" if you drive too slowly, meaning you are forced to drive at, by definition, deadly speeds. One mistake from someone else might mean life-changing injuries to you, and one mistake from you might mean you end up in prison. Meanwhile, taxes, depreciation, repairs, insurance all run rampant on your bank balance. Plus the anti-lottery of litigation if you fuck up particularly badly or get scammed.

I'm not saying cars are a shit invention, for they speak well enough on their own.


I don't hate cars. I think they have a role to play. It's just them being absurdly overemphasized. Even if I could somehow get over my fear of driving, I do not have the money to pay for gas or a car. My family has no interest in teaching me how to drive either. So the whole task seems insurmountable and frankly, pointless.


Warrant of Fitness and Registration here is such a poor tax. I'm jealous of how third worlders can just drive absolute shitboxes and polish them forever. While for us if there's even the slightest thing wrong with our cars it's oops, off the road forever, sorry, save up another $2,000 for another shitbox that will likely fail in a year or two.


yeah im jealous of third worlders having the opportunity to buy pieces of shit that would belong in a trash heap over here, im also jealous of the air quality in their metropolises, their driving licences being liberally handed out to anyone willing to bribe some official, their marvelous infrastructure, their road safety and so on
really wish i could drive in lagos or new delhi, what a wonderful experience that must be


He wasn't talking about those negative points you listed, he was talking about the positives that he listed. You changed the subject from 'ease of upkeep' to 'comparative desirability between nations'.

Seems like you just want an argument!


I have a licence but driving is terrifying and stressful. Life was miserable when i was in a country that is built for cars. I moved to europe where people can walk and ride bikes, unbelievably lifechanging.

A lot of the stuff people are arguing about in this thread depends entirely on your country, so the communication is probably failing to a high level. With good city design and infrastructure you dont need it. However, in places like USA you're rarely going to have livable quality of life without a car


Driving test in a few hours. Should have done this a long long time ago, can't wait to be able to drive anywhere I want whenever.


Best of luck



grats on ur cheev


Any other wizzies literally cannot drive anywhere without GPS, even in their own town.


I can't even use public transport because I have no idea where anywhere is


GPS is a crutch just don't use it and your mind will become a better GPS. It's like how people will play GTA a ton but don't actually know where things are because they focus on the little map. I have 0 use for a GPS. My mind considers multiple routes to places and I have a feel for how long they will take and how fun the drive will be. I can go from my house to the main roads on autopilot.


I started driving nearly a decade before smartphone maps.

I use to get lost all the fucking time. If I got a new job I would have to take time out of my day on the weekend to drive there so I know the route or I'd be late for work. Avoiding traffic was also a luck thing. Yeah, there was the news but that was only useful for extreme backups that had you sitting in traffic for hours. The world was so shit without GPS and I don't want to go back.

Now, that said, living without GPS did kinda make driving more fun. I used to go out and drive for fun because it was like a little reward to unlock new routes in your brain. Now I don't even leave the house unless I have somewhere to be. What is the point of exploring irl when you can just open up google maps and explore the world there?


File: 1668225621927.png (465.63 KB, 834x958, 417:479, ducks-2022-11-11.png) ImgOps iqdb

Having lots of fun driving. Driving on the highway in heavy rains, listening to music such as The Pillows. The last couple days I've driven to a place overlooking the city. Kinda scary cause the roads going up are quite narrow and go both directions. There are vagrants sleeping in trucks at the top. Today while I was there I ran uphill to the peak and it got my heart going. Pic is ducks I drew at a pond today.


those are very nice drawings anon <3


living the wizzie life. good for you anon


File: 1669691318519.gif (168.8 KB, 390x290, 39:29, 1361774427775.gif) ImgOps iqdb

congrats wiz.


File: 1669840451926.png (115.68 KB, 1024x513, 1024:513, semi-truck-blind-spots-102….png) ImgOps iqdb

I am doing tight and meticulous budgeting to be able to drive more December. After paying for everything I need, driving is almost entirely what I want to do with the remainder. Might even take a road trip, though I certainly won't have much money to spend wherever it is that I go. Might go hiking or camping somewhere. I'll be driving about 600-750 miles over the month.


You should become a truck driver


That pic is redonkulous. Semis have trailerside and wideside mirrors. That lefthand blindspot is particulatly odd. And Eurotrucks don't have the front blindspot!!



I wish this blindspot shit would die already. Cars don't have no blindspots, people just don't adjust their mirrors properly. Also just move your fucking head and look over your shoulder and viola, blindspots are gone.

Trucks do have blind spots, but there are nowhere near as extreme as they are in that video. That left blind spot is laughably ridiculous. If you are in a car and can see the driver then he can see you.

There is a small blind spot on the right of the truck but it is nowhere near as big as that image makes it out to be. Back blind spot is obvious and the front blind spot is accurate with American semis.


My father forced me to get my license when I was 16 I'm still not a normal so don't call me that


>I am doing tight and meticulous budgeting to be able to drive more

Same. Only thing that I enjoy nowadays is driving. But maintinging a car is a lot of money for a NEET in the 2nd world country.

But this is the only luxury I will not give up.


Semi drivers are based. They'll go out of their way to let you overtake them and they dont abuse their horn like normal drivers who honk at everything. If a semi driver honks at you, nigga you're avout to die they're not pissed about you cutting them off, they-re scared they're gonna literally flatten you.


Some wizards are forced to get a license
Some wizards are forced to get an advanced academic degree
Some wizards are forced to get a highly competitive white collar job
Some wizards are forced to go to parties
Some wizards are forced to FUCK

Deal with it!!!



I was forced to suck.


File: 1670561889333.png (1.02 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20221208-204746.png) ImgOps iqdb

Drove out on a rainy winter day, normans stay in. Nearly empty parking lot at the park I draw birds at. The ducks in the photo made a strange sound pecking into mud.
Also went to a library. First time going in a parking garage (it was free at that hour).


I commute via a variety of devices with 1-2 wheel(s). About ready to move somewhere that isn't designed for cars so I don't end up in the hospital after trying to cross the street again.


File: 1670598450667.jpg (164.82 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, c4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I got mine when I was 17 needed it to wageslave using my mothers minivan, it wasn't until I moved out of the city that I actually started to enjoy driving. I really enjoy going out after midnight and driving aimlessly just to listen to music and smoke. used to drive a retired crown Victoria police interceptor but got rear ended on one of those nights by a drunk driver. Now I drive an 1988 corvette. Its pretty much the only thing I own. I will kill myself in it one day.


salute to boomers who drive without it. I literally cannot go anywhere without gps.


you should record your comfy walks, i want to hear the sounds ducks make pecking into the mud.


>I will kill myself in it one day.
Make sure to write in ur will that ur going to donate it to me cuz that's one sweet ride brotha!


File: 1671945037925.png (1.69 KB, 26x27, 26:27, hydroplaning.png) ImgOps iqdb

Drove in heavier rain than ever tonight. On the freeway my wipers almost weren't fast enough. Very cool sights I've never seen before, such as the green highway signs reflected so clearly on the surface of the wet road. At one point someone on the other side of the freeway splashed a ton of water onto my windshield. Nice to have practice staying in the middle lane with limited visibility. I enjoy the experience.

Budgeting went well. I decided to drive a fair bit every day instead of going on a long trip. I need to leave my house for solitude. I'll have $10 and a nearly empty tank by the time I get my next autismbux payment, which incidentally has been raised by $60 next month - gonna start saving for tires, maintenance, etc. with it.
I went on a little trip to another town on a whim a few nights ago, drove down country roads. If I knew how to find good spots to park and sleep I'd have stayed out there over night. I'll probably go on a trip in January and do that.


My car's broken down atm, I'm saving a good $50 US a week by not driving. $30 of that on petrol, $10 of that on the bullshit shops (liquor, food from gas station, etc) I go to when I'm just cruising about. Then there's the warrants and shit. I'm NEETing so that amount of money is a big deal.

I'm seriously thinking about getting a job within walking distance and just selling my car, saving some money, and getting a non piece of shit one that's not at risk of failing the Warrant of Fitness every six months.


Sometimes I think it would be nice to live somewhere that I could just walk everywhere I need to go, but then I remember I would have to live constantly surrounded by people. Probably still worth it as long as I can find somewhere without loud neighbors. Not having to drive seems very comfy. Imagine how much you could cut down on your expenses. The only problem is that you would need to pay for a place to stay which would require working regularly which would require you to get up early and spend extra time commuting unless you are very lucky and can find somewhere literally right next to you.

There's also the problem of places you don't have to go to regularly, but do have to go to sometimes. Can you find a dentist, doctor, lawyer, hardware store, etc within walking distance? What about if you need to go to some extended family event like a funeral? It will just make those things more of a pain in the ass.


Honestly if it's a once every three months sort of black swan like a funeral, you can always organize family to swing by and give you a ride in exchange for ten dollars if they're heading the same way. And if that fails you can spend the $20 on a taxi. A taxi once every two to three months is better than a car.


>you can always organize family to swing by and give you a ride in exchange for ten dollar
paying a relative to give you a ride??? i understand spontaneously gifting them something like a bottle of wine out of consideration but if they are the one asking for cash they can fuck right off.


I know that some things you could just get a taxi or ride the bus, but it forces more human interaction than I'd prefer. I hope robo taxis get good soon.


That's at worst. I'm sick of posting shit online and getting the "b-b-buh I don't have relatives that will give me a ride for free". It happens more on places like reddit than here but it pisses me off. You have to tailor whatever you write online around the saddest exception to the rule in life.

Yes, I just buy a relative a coffee or something as a thank you but I don't give money unless it's well out of my way.


I've decided for a change of pace I'm going to try out driving slow, trying to lessen the need of breaks, trying to maximize mileage. There's a charm in it. Feels like I'm crawling just like on the drivers test where I was only going 5mph over the speed limit.


>maximize mileage
>going slow

That's not how transmissions works wiz. Going faster in higher gear spends less fuel.


Yeah I read a bit more about getting better mileage and drove home a bit differently, normal speed (70+) but I slowly accelerated to it instead of putting pedal all the way down like I normally enjoy.


Parallel parked for the first time today (it's not on the test in my state). I've watched other people back in/back out and gradually built up the sense of how to do the maneuver.


I had to practice that so many times to get my license, then I never did it again. I would just rather walk a little farther. I'm never gonna live someplace (like a massive city) where it would be handy.


I remember practicing to drive and parallel park in GTA.


So where do you guys drive to when you're not working?


it's been 2+ years i ddint drive. Im scared of driving


the beach mostly. Also stores but that's kinda obvious.


I live close to the beach but I've never been there alone. Do you like to swim or do you just walk around and people-watch?


I don't swim that often cause the water is pretty cold most of the time where I am. The weather is pretty good though so it's nice to walk/bike along. I also go there to eat and smoke alone, and I recently picked up metal detecting so I go there to do that too.

Never understood people watching.


File: 1674555662306.jpeg (68.34 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 0F554247-0520-4EB1-A4A1-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

i can drive sometimes i street race, but i do not have a license.If you want a good cheap car that is reliable in usa without having to do any technical work on it i would suggest old toyota's or Honda's. Im sure your region has most selling cars of their own. As long as they are not 8cylinders.


I crash my car!



Are you okay?


>sometimes i street race
Wizchan '23


File: 1674769559367.jpg (26.47 KB, 620x465, 4:3, FiqUSzZWAAMO21_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I own a nice car but I do not have a license to drive. I'm like Spongebob if he owned a nice boat-car. The sandwitch from the film doesn't count, that belongs to the Krusty Krab.

Pic related. It's where I'd drive my nice car if I had my license to drive.


File: 1674774898973.png (1.02 MB, 1437x933, 479:311, rgagaegae.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is how I see wizchan users


Why do I need a car for?
Where will I go?



Is the concept of driving aimlessly on a highway while listening to music to relax impossible to imagine for you, or something? I get the attitude but there are obvious reasons it's nice to be able to drive, even if you have no destination.


Getting some solitude is the best thing about driving.


I asked myself the same about bicycles when I was young. Now I don't have one of those basic skills almost everybody else has, even though I rarely would need a bike for anything anyway.

You never know what you might find if you try. I have a complete obsession with complex machines full of tradeoffs and nutty technology, which is what a car is. I never knew I wanted to start taking cars apart and tinkering with them until I inherited one. Driving a reasonably fun car has become one of the small rays of sunlight in my otherwise gray world, and apprently people think I'm slightly talented at the sport of it. Useful skills all around regardless.

Might not be your thing, but you never know where you might find something valuable.


I failed my written test the first, time, then passed it with only one wrong the second time. I failed my road test the first time, but I have my second road test tomorrow!
I don't know how to ride a bike either, and I've never had to


So what are you going to do with yourself? I set about learning how to walk on ice as a way to learn focus, balance, control, and reflexes. Anybody can walk. Anybody can buy a ticket or sit in a chair or whatever else it is you do. But I strongly recommend finding some purpose for what you have to do anyway and turning it to your advantage.


File: 1675894315016.jpg (1.26 MB, 1485x2159, 1485:2159, phone.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm having my third driving test tomorrow. If I fail I may get fired from my temp job…


Carpooling not an option? I carpooled to my first job that wasn't in walking distance for a while, but it was local enough that I could rotate around options like sometimes walking to somebody else's house who worked there in near where I lived, or some days one of my parents could drop me off somewhere on their way to work. Similarly for getting back home, or sometimes just dropped off at the high school and walking back from there.

That was the summer I finally got a loicense. Glad it was only a short drive. A short, scenic commute can be pleasantly meditative; horrible long bumper to bumper ones suck sweaty ballsack. Wouldn't do that again unless I had to.

Alternatively: what about a small scooter? In the US at least you don't need a loicense to drive a small on on the roads.


commute wasn't the issue. They require a driver's license for long term contracts, anyways it doesn't matter I actually passed the test so I'll be fine


Groovy. For others in a similar situation, states in the US typically (probably universally, but I cba to look it up) offer government photo IDs that aren't driver's licenses, and if you don't have a DL it might be worth checking if that would be sufficient.


>drove home a bit differently, normal speed (70+) but I slowly accelerated to it instead of putting pedal all the way down
Isn't that what you're supposed to do? I don't even pay attention to the speedometer I just accelerate at a comfortable pace with the speed of traffic. I don't see the point of flooring it when you have traffic lights and congestion. Speeding doesn't really get you anywhere quicker anyway, unless you're driving for days on end. And the time difference is still practically nothing.


It can make a difference within a day. It's anywhere usually from 7 to 10 hours to drive to my parents' place for the holidays or whatever, depending on traffic, accidents, picking up somebody else along the way or other errands, etc. But in recent years they've raised more and more of the main interstate I use from 55 to 65 and from 65 to 70 and even 75. Add that up over maybe a few hundred miles total (if that) and that can shave a nice little bit off the total travel time.

Of course if you only ever drive in rush hour traffic or something then yeah goig faster often has a cruel way of not getting you there any faster.


I have a 2009 Subaru Forester. Perfect sized car for my use. Enough room for cargo but nimble enough to get around easily. Powerful too. I was quite surprised when I got behind the wheel and put my foot down.


hope you crash and die


Wizchan 2023


Lesbian car. Twingo, Miata or generic jap shitbox is what you're allowed to drive.


I'm not sure what you mean, but, to update, I failed my 2nd road test horribley. Going to drive and practice at a new DMV, then re-take it.


The test isn't even hard though.
How did you fail?
Blew through all the stop signs and didn't use your signal?


The pizza is aggressive.


I have a car and a motorcycle license. I hate driving cars, they're stifling cages with no freedom, you are perpetually stuck in traffic.
Motorcycles are pure joy on the other hand. Acceleration, speed, feeling of wind on your body, off-roading and fighting the machine and ground.
I suggest to anybody who hates driving that they try a motorcycle, it is a completely different experience.


after trying the motorcycle you can try the mobility scooter or the cedar box if you are lucky


cyborg or death.. win or win


You're only perpetually stuck in traffic if you drive in to traffic and never drive out of it. lol try being smarter next time.


File: 1676540330104.jpg (344.28 KB, 1100x732, 275:183, 15.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nope. But I tried few years ago. I did 5 or 6 try before give up. Anxious is just a wall. Theoretical part of exams not problem for me, because there is some hard script which don't change many years. But practical part of exam with my awkward personality and very toxic people around (far eastern Europe, you know) became a real overpower task.


File: 1678294105487.jpg (2.02 MB, 4160x1920, 13:6, hike0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Haven't been driving much for months to save money (I have about $600 in autismbux saved now just being a bit of a miser). Today I woke up at 4 am and felt like driving, so I let loose and drove over 100 miles. First I had to wipe the snow off of my car. I live on one end of the city, I went to the other end. Then I went on a highway. At times it was rain or foggy. Some bendy roads. My phone lost connection so I had to listen to the radio/drive in silence. Decided I'd rather be driving around the city so I turned around. I got over halfway to the coast, maybe I should have gone there. Outside of town I parked and got fresh air while looking at the moon. When I got back to the city I drove around places I haven't been, then started driving on hill roads. Then I went hiking on a trail at dawn. Got breathing hard getting to the top, got my heart going running up the peak.

>I don't see the point of flooring it
It's fun! Especially getting onto freeways.


that's an interesting design for a bench, it's like a lean-to almost


>asking for cash
I had to pay my parents to take me just 5 miles up the road or anytime I wanted to go out of the house that was further than a small walk back in 2008. Now I get the treatment that I'm a piece of shit because I don't ever leave the house. But they expect me as a NEET with no money to pay them and then get huffy if I even attempt to ask for some chores to do around the house for some spending money. Bitches about me getting a job but I'd have to commute at least an hour away for a decent job in my area. Which they'd expect $20+ a day for that. I hate people and I hate vehicles. I can't drive and last time I did I ended up in a ditch because I have no depth perception. Made too wide of a turn and damaged my mom's vehicle. My dad wouldn't even make an attempt after that. Just would cuss me out calling me a worthless shit due to not being able to drive like him automatically. Saying, "back in my day we wanted to drive and did as kids no questions asked and just knew how to do it". I fucking hate boomers.

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