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Im at college because of family pressure. Tried software development, failed misserable cause im a brainlet. Now Im on graphic design and animation, but I dont give a shit about it, cause most of the classes are dumb fillers of pure theory (which I hate cause im a brainlet), I just want to work with my hands, not listen to an idiot all day. I didnt went to class today because its so boring, I hoped ritalin would help but it didnt. Now what? Is it okay to be a min wage slave? should I go for it? or should I sacrifice my mental health so I can draw as a job?
And how can I deal with pressure? Help me Wizs


Im also shit at drawing, so should I just give up?


Physical labor is often not minimum wage, especially the more skilled stuff like plumbers, electricians etc. They can easily make $50 an hour if not more. If you start your own business you are even likely to end up more wealthy than your average college grad in an office job somewhere.


I >>194091
> $50 an hour
I live in Mexico and minimum is 200 a month. I have a family job in a farm, but I fucking hate the farm


Now you know why so many people immigrate to the US. I used to do landscaping for a little while and we had some illegals working with us but they still made like 12-15 an hour.


I want to live in the US, even if that means cooking burgers for a living, I bet Id be so happy


File: 1660683224834.jpg (122.76 KB, 1700x1416, 425:354, mtw4il8htbk71.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So you suck at drawing why entering it at first place you should go for college you know you are going to do at least well at it


You are not artistic


>why entering it at first place you should go for college you know you are going to do at least well at it

Why should I even live if im not good at anything? No intelligence, no talent, no social skills, nothing.


I wonder if graphic design is even still going to be a profession in 5 years. I mean they already have that AI thing that can design stuff with just a few words worth of input.


I'm sure AI will almost completely bulldoze humans from a lot of things in about a decade


AI may kill some jobs, but that is. I can't be as good as Bach, but it doesn't stop me from playing piano. Having an AI that does it better than me (or Bach) will not change anything to me. For those who do a living playing music, it will sucks for them. But then, I should not care about others anyway.


All that AI shit is trained on human made images, music, etc. it’s just a tool.



On a professional level a lot of workers will eventually lose their jobs because a huge amount of people rather buy a cheaper AI instead of paying loans to humans for actual work, if there's a cheaper option that gets the job done people will go for it. AI never gets tired and it doesn't need an hourly wage and demands way lower commission rates and so forth.

AI will be able to do a lot more in a decade and it's just another sign that we're running out of things to do in the future.


> Why should I even live if im not good at anything? No intelligence, no talent, no social skills, nothing

Same… I also have nothing positive quality about me. Just pure genetic trash


manual labor fucking sucks. fucking sucks. fucking sucks. yes i wrote it three times because it sucks that bad especially in hot weather if i could be reborn a office garch or this life of physical slave labor i choose former every tim


Mexico, huh? A farm? Do they use a weed whacker? I recently took mine to the local repair guy. He was overloaded with work, and after three days' delay he took it apart in front of my eyes, removed the carburetor, cleaned it, changed the diaphragm, and got it running. Took him about 20 minutes and charged me $250 MXN.
Motors are very simple things, really. The main reason I had to take it to repair was that I was too much of a pussy to do it myself and risk damaging it due to lack of experience.
I don't much like machines, really. I do like plants. I like plants that take care of the selves, and produce some yield. I am too fucking lazy to grow corn or beans or any of that shit. I too would hate farm job if I had to do that, but I like gardening and I have some freedom to grow nice things like plantain, prickly pears, habanero peppers, among others.
I also like animals, particularly fowl, though I don't have many. I would like to have quails, turkeys, ducks, rabbits and tilapia besides my chickuns. All or which are low maintenance and can be eaten.
If you find anything you like and could profit from that, your folks might be receptive to the idea and perhaps provide with a modest start.

The US is fucking hell, I strongly advise against that.


College is stupid you should just work at the post office and get federal benefits


It looks like college won't do anything for you as it is usually useless and you're not interested in what you're learning as well.

If you would get a job in graphics design and animation you would very likely not be doing something you want to do such as designing some shitty furniture manual or animating a presentation that only 50 people are gonna see at some meeting and you'd literally gonna spend 5+ years of your life to do things just like that. Since you don't give a shit about it already you probably will end up in a job you don't like but on the flip side you might make more money than a wageslave.

If you choose to wageslave you would make money now which is the only upside to it, instead of wasting time and money in college. Wageslaving will burn through your time however and might prevent you from learning a skill that you actually want to learn and that would make you more money.

It's a tough spot to make a decision on these things, you gotta find out for yourself how much you value your time and so forth but it's very important to try to learn a useful skill that will help you make money as well so you don't have to wageslave all your life and learning a trade is a good idea as others stated. A physical job will most likely make you more money than anything you'd learn in college (also consider that it takes these people a shitload of time to break even as well even some faggot who studies medicine for a shitload of time wont have shit compared to a guy who learned a trade and stayed on the grind in the meantime) and these jobs take way longer until they get raped by artificial intelligence, you also dont need to have a huge brain for it but you'd need to be able to do physical shit and have logical/practical thinking. If you learned a trade you could also learn advanced stuff as well to make even more money, you could start as an electrician and become a project manager later.

Time is basically your most valuable resource at this point and you shouldn't waste it.


When I was younger I tried the college path, too. First degree I tried was 'Information Technology' which I thought must have something to do with computers (already knew how to code by that point.) Big mistake: turns out it was basically just a business degree focusing on delivering information technology solutions. One of the assignments had me trying to go to a business and interview the people there. Another had me looking into businesses paper-based record systems… It was fucking bizarre and I was an external student so all the assignments were poorly-explained, incomprehensible garbage. I remember I had this assignment about human communication and it covered multiple competing theories. The kind that you would have to read and memorize an entire text book on to fully grasp. Well, that was just one assignment. I was too depressed to study and it was demotivating as fuck to often try do assignments and later get told I misunderstood the instructions that were never explained well in the first place. Online learning delivered by small universities fucking sucks, let me tell you.

AAANYWAY ON TOPIC: There's multiple paths to get into software if you're still interested. The normie path is the computer science degree. The thing is: computer science isn't software engineering. It will teach you low-level details about formal algorithms and perhaps some specialized maths for studying algorithms. Both of which you will never actually use at a software career. The skills you need to write software only come from practice. Fortunately: you don't need a degree to be a software engineer. I started my career by writing open source software. It's something I've spoken about in the past and I'd recommend it to other wizards who don't fit in at university or college. You'll have to be motivated enough to teach yourself the ropes. But there's plenty of work out there for engineers who can show they can 'ship' software. It must be high quality, well-tested, robust, secure, and useful to really impress though. Then you can present your work to a startup and get a remote job. It really is that easy.

RE the minimum wage job? The problem is time is an extremely under appreciated asset and when you invest it wisely it compounds just like any good investment. If you flip burgers you'll be squandering the precious free-time you now have that could have been put to better use by teaching yourself something with extremely high-yield value: like software engineering. You're not always going to have the time to be able to learn a complex skill like this. What poor people seem to do is force their off-spring into low paid jobs too soon. But that is really just setting you up for a life of future pain and suffering. Leaving you no room to grow. I would re-consider tbh.


What sort of open software do people even write that gets them hired? I've never actually heard people say what they've written. Does it need to be completely original? Also, I've heard that startups wotk people to the bone, and if you're a third worlder they'll work you to death and jew you by paying pennies, is this true? If so, how to avoid?


It's obviously helpful if it's related to the startup you're applying to. Like my past consulting gig was for a startup building a packet filtering solution. I had written open source networking code in the past at a low level so i knew enough to talk about that and get hired.

There's enough problems out there that you can find something new to work on. Or you can always start a project doing something similar but with your own take on it.

>startups work people to the bone

Some companies have unrealistic expectations but its not really the norm. Founders at startups tend to work –themselves– to the bone though and sometimes they can string naïve employees into doing it too. So basically a lot of startups bring foreigners from overseas. House them for free. Then make them work extremely intensely. Your whole life ends up revolving around the company and since you have no control over your space you're kind of fucked to escape it. Another trick they use is to rent lavish offices so employees never leave and work long hours. Many younger startup employees end up making the mistake of over-working for a startup and they really will take everything you have if you give it to them. You just have to set firm boundaries.


Honestly I wouldn't even tell them what country you're based in. 99.9% of the time I've signed PDF contracts. I've only once been mailed a job contract to my address to sign. It would be trivial to fake where you live and I'd recommend it because startups really do fuck over third-worlders. Put some work into your cover though.


if you want to work with your hands why don't you go to trade school? It's cheaper is like 6 months and you get paid to learn


As he's relatively young OP could enter a number of industries as a technician without any further education, as they will be more interested in his temperament and ability than anything else


What if I don't have any temperament and a mentality of a grandpa?


If you like hands-on stuff but have neither the temperament or mentality for it, then I'd ask why do you like it?


File: 1668210456587.gif (142.9 KB, 200x200, 1:1, man_hamster_wheel_lg_nwm1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not OP

I kind of have similar life experience with the difference that I wanted to be a graphic designer and even worked for few months as one (leaflets, logotypes etc. for companies in a small office) however my family pressured me to do bachelor of engineering and I am kind of satisfied with the things I learned like the ability to write simple computer software(I had no prior experience and couldn't even write hello world)

The advice I would like to give to OP and to my younger self from the past is the fact that you don't have to like things to do things, and most of the things may be even really unpleasant - for example I don't think I can say that I like programming, however the whole process seems to be quite satisfying to me as it allows me to get something I do like (like functional software or videogame)

Also one more thing, you said you took Ritalin so I guess you also have some form of adhd, if it doesn't work for you don't worry - I have exactly the same problem, typical meds like MPH or AMPHS not only doesn't help but can sometimes make me procrastinate for a whole day on some stupid thing like wanking or watching stupid movies
Later I started taking Strattera and it worked a little bit better, however the side effects were too much to bear(retroejaculation etc.) so I also ditched these
what worked for me was ditching caffeine and taking modafinil with some kind of α7 receptor agonists like nicotine(in lozenges or patches) or something more fancy like Tropisetron or GTS-21


It's funny and fucked up at the same time how parents either push their children to do some dumb shit like college or they don't push them at all, why can't boomers just give good career security for once.


maybe because despite all their claims they had it much easier then we have it now
for example my father, after school he went on to be in military and never had to think about things like buying a house because he got one from the country(I live in post-soviet state), after less than 20 years of work he left and tried to get some job, wrote CV etc. - after trying for a year he went back to the unit he worked in to work as a civilian because he wasn't even able to land a simple job as some kind of technician on a free market
when I saw his CV I kind of understood, it was full of grammar mistakes and chaotic, no wonder nobody answered
what I mean is that they can't really give you any good advice because when they were your age the world was much simpler, they didn't really had this evolutionary pressure people my age have right now and they still are mentally in their late teens where it was enough to just go to work for 8 hours, truly work for 2 and then go home and don't learn anything new but just drink booze and watch tv for the whole day and things like a place to live and stable life would magically appear


Pretty much. I see most of my family boomers and X gen barely can write two sentences without making mistakes, they ask me for help for tech stuff, my mom doesn't know how to attach documents to an email and of course they only can speak Spanish. However, they try to give me delusional advices and shit and complain about my NEETdom.


idk what generation you are but i feel sorry for zoomers. the economy was hard even when it wasn't crashing for millennials. now it's impossible. zoomers are screwed. they're just going to be used by land lord boomers and will work low paid jobs all their life. maybe the lucky ones will inherit? idk… they are trying to get an education and a career post covid. everything is crashing. just… yikes…


>And complain about my NEETdom
Pure jealousy. Most people don't realize they would rot under the NEET life and decay within years. Most people need the carrot and the stick


Zoomer here, it’s all fucked. My mom tells me all the time how she moved at 18 and paid for an apartment and college tuition all with a job stocking shelves at a grocery store. I can’t even make enough to pay for an apartment with a laboratory technician job.


File: 1668268618272.jpg (165.79 KB, 929x1024, 929:1024, 1668063082435173.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I sometimes think about getting a job when I'm extremely bored, but after about 5 minutes of thinking of all the bad experiences I had before becoming a NEET quickly tells me I'm doing the right thing. I wouldn't even match up to a 16 yr old average normgroid these days as he would have more life experience and known if I'm lying or not when talking in person. He would catch on and figure out I'm a virgin then constantly start talking about females once he found out to see if I would get jealous. When I showed I didn't care about it he would become angry and light insults turned to hurtful passive-agressiveness in constantly implying im a loser Boomers used to make fun of me constantly and treat me like a zoomer because I asked them to text me instead of calling about every little thing. They treat texting like it's only for important meetings or to wish happy holidays.


>idk what generation you are
don't know about these, I was born in 95' so i guess millenials


>They treat texting like it's only for important meetings or to wish happy holidays.
It's funny but a few years ago I've realized the same thing after trying to socialize in new enviroment, at first I through people were emotionally borderline because they would rarely respond to my texts and even then these would be short answers while at the same time they would invite me often to go outside, call etc.


Your description of the boomers schedule is spot on. I know a whole lot of boomers who only work, come home, watch tv and drink beer, when they are not working they go on vacations which is the only thing that seems to give them some sort of meaning in life. They really dont do anyhting else for their whole life and all they can talk about is work which is especially annoying when they constantly keep asking you shit like "Where do you work now?".

They most likely listen to the same CD for decades as well and they are always repetitive as fuck, its like they just stopped developing at some point and they cant even grasp what the hell is going on in todays world.

The worst thing is how arrogant most of them are despite growing up in the easiest times of human history, they never faced all the troubles we have to face now and yet they act like they are wise and better than everyone else.


I've heard this warning before. If you can do what you love as a job you will never work a day in your life. In reality, the pressure of work will make you hate doing what you love, then you have no outlet for your frustrations. The whole advice of doing what you love is also dangerously stupid as the more people who find it "fun" means stiffer job competition and higher standards, and lower pay, like being into sports or a musician.
trade school is nice but be careful. Your best bet is the cheapest community college program you can find. And instead of student debt you are largely going to be spending out the ass for tools and equipment. And people will want to rush you around unsafe equipment.
I agree about manual labor. I heard of someone who enjoyed moving and lifting packages for good pay, but now his back and shoulders are so fucked up he's on pain meds and pays out the ass for surgery.
I wouldn't put money on it. Automation is a post-capitalist fantasy. Its great until the minute you have to tweak the process or maintain it, then it can devolve into a fucking nightmare. Aside from shit data mining and robo calling I have a very pessimistic view of the abilities of AI in the future.
>The US is fucking hell, I strongly advise against that.
There's a reason why my dad says its better to be a drug dealer than work for minimum wage. Your infrastructure is shit but at least you can realistically afford it.

The last thing I would add to OP is that I get the attraction of minimum wage. Its like any job that's not minimum wage expects you to be passionate about it and spend every waking moment preparing for it. While a minimum wage job largely allows you to turn off your brain after work. But just as other people noted here, as long as inflation is not tied to minimum wage you are going to be barely breaking even for the rest of your life. Get ready to eat rice and ketchup for lunch every day.


The pasture is greener in the other side
Yeah we know. Every body is different, we don't really know


Career counsel me? I want to:
a. Make lots of money
b. Make at least a fair amount ASAP (lets say by middle of january I want to start making $4k a month)

Gotta monetize my mind. I have few skills currently but I can learn really fast.

For a. I'm thinking I could probably become a petroleum engineer. That or I could go my own way and make some sort of software to make a business around. I have various ideas. I could probably make really good accounting software (having learned a bit about accounting planning to start businesses)

For b. I'm thinking I could probably learn webdev really fast. I've been studying databases and have taken to it well.


if you can say fuck the environment, petroleum engineer is quite lucrative and likely tolerant of awkward wizards. You may spend lots of time at sea though with rednecks in environmentally hazards conditions, but as long as you have a good game console I think any life at sea should be tolerable.


> my dad says its better to be a drug dealer than work for minimum wage.
in a 90s Econ Chicago study about drug dealing gangs, a lot of the lowest level guys made less than minimum wage.


I've decided I'm going to be a wiz entrepreneur and start my own oil company. I think I'll be perfectly capable of everything on my own after hitting the books, don't need to make fortunes for anyone else (except investors I'll need) and only make 100k's a year.


It's pretty obvious from a lot of the answers on here that most you guys don't have any real life experience and giving advice to OP out of ur ass or what you've read on the internet. Like this guy >>197979 suggesting you to work for a startup. Startups are extremely competitive… this normalfag guy I know who's not even mentally ill or anything, has been fired out of 3 startups he was working for.

Also stop shilling the trades meme as well, 98% of the trades won't get you a job, It's only the really complicated trades like electricians, HVAC that get hired, others have a difficulty finding a job without moving to bumfuck nowhere.

I suggest to you OP to do whatever you feel like is least stressful, that pays OK amount of money.


>real life experience
Got me laughing somehow.


I agree i started my post with a little anomosity cuz i was pissed at the time but what exactly did i say wrong lol


>98% of the trades won't get you a job
maybe it depends on the country you live on? here in east europe HVAC isn't really the best job choice, but there is a lot of professions who are well paid considering low effort you need to get the school done
not only electricians but also everything connected to building houses like hydraulics, builder etc., car mechanic, window cleaner in high buildings, workers operating heavy machines like crane and truck drivers

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