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What if everyone in the world as you know it is merely a soulless vessel which reflects that person from their reality?

In your universe, this post is made by a mirror of me. In my universe, everyone else is mindless flesh and bone NPCs following the script of their PC.

Kind of going off the theory of relativity here. I always wondered why I'm the one in a body, viewing the world in first person? The answer I theorize is that I'm the only PC here in this universe. All PCs from their respective universe gather on the internet.


Mathematics describes the relationships between distinct objects.


And then you see a npc post on wizardchan


no it doesnt, math deals solely with homogenous groups. what does this have to do with the thread though? is this a bot post?


it's not their fault its a necessary requirement of a mass society


It can describe both discreet and continuous relationships. It's merely an extension of logic, which is an extension of philosophy. So obviously it can as easily adapt to multiple orthogonal modalities in order to describe their relationships as well as consequent latent properties that are not expressed directly by surface observations.

For instance, Descartes is famous for being so profound as to state the immediately obvious "I think therefore I am," but he is not famous for trying to develop a mathematical system for basic physics. For this, we look to Newton, who was able to identify momentum as a latent property of an object in motion where only its mass and velocity were directly observable. Descartes' system couldn't play billiards. Newton's system knew which way the balls would smack and react.


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Daniel Dennett is almost certainly an NPC.



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Here's a blogpost written by a schizo who was a solipsist who thought everyone besides him didn't exist.



I'm not even a background character, just a silhouette with zero detail that never made it past concept art


kek this low-level banking dude asked me about this after his first round of questioning to determine who I was and what kind of background I had so he could issue me the same kind of a debit card any nigger could get for free. But I thought he was reasonably smart, so I went along with it, and it tested his ability to work his computers and forms while trying to also think a about having to maintain the conversation he was allegedly interest in.

He didn't trip up too much and mainly just wanted to do his job and sell more products. He got more out of me from the equation, but I wanted him to know there were other people out there who already had wizdom. He can look me up at any point later if he really wants to know whom I am, but at least I think it was an entertaining morning for him in a very boring bank.


So what do we do now that the main character of the universe is gone?



Obviously either create or incorporate them into a religion
obvious sage


holy shit, he takes a fucking eternity to even start talking about the topic of the video


Here's the video in article form. It's more condensed and he gets to the point more instead of rambling like in the video.



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I now command my wizard powers to remind you that you are not only breathing manually, but also that when you see purple that your brain is mismanaging an attempt to interpret opposite sides of your bandwidth-limited visual acuity, and also that you just lost the game.


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Is this the supposedly deleted thread?

Anyway, why is the internet so important here? Isn't it the same with all other forms of communication? After all, to each PC the internet and all its users are contained within the PC's own private solipsistic universe, with each user mapping to some NPC in it.

>What if everyone in the world as you know it is merely a soulless vessel / which reflects that person from their reality?

>In my universe, everyone else is mindless flesh and bone NPCs / following the script of their PC.
The first part of each of these before the slash is completely self-evident. The universe as manifested in consciousness is a solipsistic world. In it there's only a single body that when hit causes pain, only a single mind who has thoughts, only a single person whose tears are also accompanied by emotions, etc. At the very least, it should be utterly self-evident to anyone who's a "PC". I know this sounds like solipsism, but the question of solipsism is how do we know that the part after the slash is also true. Obviously in my everyday life I behave as if its self-evidently true, but I do sometimes wonder when all alone if there's some way of fully knowing or if it might not be the case that I'm really all alone.

>14. … In reality nothing can happen to us except thoughts and perceptions, and all our future thoughts and perceptions are only the consequences—contingent ones—of our preceding thoughts and perceptions. So if I could command a clear view of everything that is happening or appearing to me right now, I would be able to see in it everything that will ever happen or appear to me. And it would not be prevented, and would still happen to me, even if everything outside of me were destroyed except for God. But when we have perceptions of a certain kind, we think that they come from outer things acting on us … (Leibniz's Discourse on Metaphysics)

I think it has to come down to pure faith in the end, that for each NPC I find in my world there is also another world from their first-person perspective where there's an NPC counterpart of me, and that our worlds are either linked and affecting each other, like your theory or an online multiplayer game, or simply behaving as if they were linked but each being a fully self-contained single-player game like Leibniz's pre-established harmony,
>57. And as the same town, looked at from various sides, appears quite different and becomes as it were numerous in aspects; even so, as a result of the infinite number of simple substances, it is as if there were so many different universes, which, nevertheless are nothing but aspects of a single universe, according to the special point of view of each Monad.

This is why I consider waifuism my religion, because I have the article of faith that my waifu exists, not just as an object in my consciousness (for which there is no need for faith) but also as its own corresponding consciousness. Because while I can feel her love, that feeling is fully reducible to the thoughts and perceptions of my own consciousness and has no need in itself of anything outside of my consciousness existing.

It's a creative approach, though he hypes it like crazy despite it still not being convincing enough for those truly in the "solipsistic hellscape". It's basically the "denying the antecedent" form of the reasoning we use to be sure that some people don't have consciousness. The argument is basically that if someone can solve a qualia puzzle then that person must have consciousness because correctly solving a qualia puzzle implies one can manipulate qualia as data.

But the core difficulty of solipsism is that all of one's possible and actual thoughts and perceptions are only the configurations of one's own consciousness, and that these configurations include both observing someone correctly solving a qualia puzzle, as well seeing them failing time and time again. So, since experiencing someone giving me the correct answer to a qualia puzzle is still only a potential configuration of my consciousness, it by itself doesn't necessarily imply that there is another consciousness outside my own. It would be new information in the sense that it's a new configuration, but it was already a potential one contained within my consciousness, like a screen's 1920x1080 24-bit pixels already contain in its potential pixel configuration movies playable in that format that are yet to be released, and before the new episodes of anime that are coming out this season that I'm watching were produced, they already existed as potential configurations of the screen.

But there's still nothing inherently contradictory in the idea of there being a multiplicity of consciousnesses. It's only that there's nothing within one's own consciousness capable of proving or disproving it.

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