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Has anyone here tried astral projection or similar? I've always been interested but never succeeded in it, I'm still looking for alternative methods that might work.
I've also practiced meditation and dream interpretation for a while now, I should say that while not entirely paranormal they do have a positive effect on life in general. They aren't entirely paranormal but if you practice hard enough meditation might give you some "hallucinatory" effects, while dream interpretation if taken literally (I mainly used Jung as a source and guide for my dreams) does hint to something greater and eternal inside of us.
Does anyone else here have similar experiences? Again, I'm mainly interested in AP but all is welcome.
Don't know if this is the right board for it but it is actual wizardry soo…


Just take your meds, schizo


I've been dabbling in these things on and off for years, specifically under the framework of occult/magical training (sounds cringe, I know). There's a lot of very practical books that outline the path you need to take if you want to master these 'psychic' phenomena, for lack of a better term.
Basically from what I understand and also from my personal experience having gotten close to some of these phenomena, 'mental mastery' is pretty much the most important/fundamental component to the whole ordeal; you need complete control over your mind (through concentration). Then you can begin to apply this mastery/concentration in various ways to achieve various things. One of the most fundamental things is to be able to consistently get into a specific type trance-like state (a mental silence without drowsiness, a state that is complete still and cut off from the world around you but where you're nevertheless completely lucid) from which you then can practice other things amongst them astral projection (which in itself is a fundamental skill, and a jumping off point for further 'occult' practice).
When I was younger I actually achieved some proficiency with these things, but then I fell off. Recently I have been dedicating a lot of effort to things like concentration exercises again, and hopefully at some point in the near future I'll have my mind under control enough to start dabbling in these things again, except this time I want to go the full mile.

Of course, many people will ridicule these things, but I can tell you there's something there and if you feel an inclination towards these things, the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn to concentrate, first and foremost.


Yeah sorry for not having the initiative to go and make threads like this myself, I just overthink and then wonder what people even want here.
You're going to want to work towards enlightenment, or awareness of the light body to get to this goal, which is a simple and practical goal to have in the art.
Take about 5-20min. out of your day each morning for a little meditation first, and don't be ashamed if it takes anywhere from 21-90 days to begin to "feel" the parts of your nody you're working on.
First and foremost, we might actually have to read Atomic Habits to make sure we actually know how to commit to small habits long term.
Secondly, we'll start on the crown chakra. This energy point (the physical organ being the pineal gland) functions as a sort of aethernet cable to the 3 astral planes above solid, liquid and gas. Don't be afraid to use mudras to focus your consciousness on certain points, and don't be afraid to use color so long as you understand to use bright instead of dark, but specific mantras other than "I breathe in x light into my x chakra" is in most cases idolatry (you will understand the consequences of it if you try it).
Secondly, after at least 7+7+7 days of meditation on our crown chakra, we'll move down to our ajna chara. This is the chakra associated with imagination, and can be strengthened as well by dream journaling (the physical organ of which is the pituitary gland). This functions in tandem with your aethernet cable to render the data recieved into images. This will help you be able to visualize your light body. After the usual 21 days minimum, don't be afraid to spend 3 months on this to he sure, we may move onto the root chakra to make sure you don't hold your breath too long underwater and are pulled back into your body when you need to be.
Do not visualize black energy entering, a healthy bright red will suffice.
Now that we've somewhat opened these parts of our body, abd hopefully keep them open through weekly or even daily meditation of each, we can safely move on to a simply astral projection hypnosis track. From what you've learned from the exercises above, you should understand now what is required for this hypnosis exercise to become strong enough to produce results.
Ah so horse dewormer should be illegal, but brain-rotting horse tranquilizers that only solve the symptoms short term are the best answer to having open astral eyes/ears.
Fucking schizos am I right, just stop talking about witchcraft on the /wiz/ board ya fucking non-hylics.
Franz Bardon of all people claims you only need to aim for 5 min. of total concentration in an exercise before moving onto new ones. Additionally, using spells (hypnotic triggers) is better long term than constantly opening yourself to getting your astral ass whooped. Maxine Deitrich highly suggests the use of trance for all works involving the subconscious mind, but dream journaling+repitition to get X thing down is safer.


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I used to be into sigils and chaos magik. I eventually stopped doing it because i started to have mental problems. Nowadays i just dabble in astrology.

Pluto enters Aquarius soon……sooon


I've being recommended chaos magick several times, never really got around to it, it seems like psychology stretched from the outside, any success with it? Examples?


I've tried sigil magick once and I asked for about $100 in my country's currency. I asked to have the money within 7 days. I made a sigil, fapped while looking at it to charge it and everything. A very important part of the spell is that you have to forget about it. The first 2 or 3 days nothing happened, about the 3rd or 4th day, I was watching TV in the living room and I heard a explosion coming from my room, I went to check to see what happened and smoke was coming from my PC. I took it to 3 different repair shops and they all charged me the same, about $100, the exact amount of money that I asked when I did the spell. I didn't get it at the moment and I was desperate to fix my computer so I asked my family if I could borrow some money. When my uncle finally gave me the cash, I immediately remembered the spell, it was like the universe was telling me: "there you go, bro". I felt so stupid. I never did sigil magick again after that.


This chuuni shit is something else


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>increasingly nervous normalfag realizes he surrendered an entire sphere of action to magicians


Sorry for requesting spoonfeed but id like to ask a wise wizzie for way to get into this whole stuff what to read what to do so on… it seems overwhelming to me right now but i feel like this is something i should i know at least a little bit. Im particularly interested in astrology if that helps


>what to read
the kybalion, as many others have said, its the only book you really need. if you understand the kybalion you will be able to understand every other book on the topic.


> astral projection
That is just lucid dreaming. I have a lot of them, it is not magic or wizardry, but it is very fun.


check out the hemisynch tapes on /x/. They have a good torrent and there is at least 5 hours of content

AP is lel tier but the visualization stuff is realy fun


it's different perspectives on the same phenomenon. well, you might also add that it's a different manifestation of that same phenomenon because some people still make a distinction between lucid dreaming and ap as different forms of oobe.


Kybalion first, then Arcane Teachings by Atkinson is good for basic metaphysics, which are necessary for any real practice, Initiation into Hermetics for learning how to actually do stuff. If you just want something you can do quickly with little training try any book on chaos magic or Energy Work by Robert Bruce if you want to try manipulating your biology. All these can be found for free on libgen, and some are public domain.


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Bumping this thread, as there is no worth it in life at this point unless I can become skilled in esotericism.
Tried to lucid dream/AP but no method ever worked. I'm kinda looking for new methods and shit but don't know what to do. I used to be good at meditating but lost my skill and shoul go back to it.
I would like to learn more esoteric stuff that is applicable but I lack the means.


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I recommend Neville Goddard and to avoid new age propaganda and loa stuff. Alan Chapman's Advanced Magick for Beginners is also mainly focused on practicality. The Camel Rides Again is a very condensed version.

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