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Any of my fellow wizards ever been to jail? I've been charged with 2 DWIs in the last two months, no prior criminal history. I will probably be given a sentence of a few weeks or months in county jail unless the judge shows some leniency and sentences me to rehab instead. I have been to jail but not for more than a day at a time. What's an extended stay like? I will be a sheep amongst wolves, I am not violent or confrontational, and this jail is one of the most violent in the whole country. The predominant demographic in here seems to be Hispanic. I am Hispanic as well and speak fluent Spanish, so maybe I can make some buddies in there for protection.


take a free lawyer consultation, seriously look at your options. best take the rehab program than jail, I sincerely hope you don't have to do any jail time wizzie, fight it bro.
do NOT
play any sort of betting or "friendly" game
take free advice
take anything from anyone even coffee or cigs
do any dick peeking
participate in push up contests
let anyone spot you
shower naked because that lets crabs know you are a newfag (wear boxers) and don't turn your back
sit on another man's bunk

look up a movie called basta on youtube and that first timers documentary, you need a new vice my dude.


>literal criminals

Wizardchan 2022


>>literal criminals
>drugfeel thread always active
I was just dumb enough to be caught. Criminal wizzies aren't uncommon


imagine being this scared of breaking the law and calling yourself a wizard
you're not a wizard you're a slavish coward


I always held wizards at an state superior to that of normals, implying higher consciousness and literacy, but now i realize that being a wizard is just a state, and some are even worse than normals


Superiority or higher states are often criminalized because such people threaten power, but these people are usually handled extrajudicially either by armed agents or by being committed, as putting them in prison means they will just organize other prisoners. Petty criminality, e.g. theft, is no threat and is therefore subject to imprisonment. The exceptions to this are political cases where the individual is sentenced to hundreds of years (comically) as a deterrent. Historically there are also instances where the remains of political opponents were exhumed and retried for crimes, being sentenced to death (posthumous execution) despite having already died


Smarten up and fly straight.


>dick peeking


Been twice, 5/10. Food was better than my usual diet of stolen beef jerky and tap water, you get to sit in bed and read all day, the other inmates don't really bother you if you don't bother them, and some of them are legit nice people.

It was fun at times. We had this game where we would do "tyson squats" and then try to run. Usually we would do it to the new arrivals, because it was funny to see them fall on their faces because their legs didn't work.

A word of advice, cops are not your friends. The best attitude around them in our out of jail is to be as secretive as possible. Don't be insulting towards them, but don't be nice either. Just treat them like you would treat a captor.

First time I went it was for being inebriated in public. All I remember was waking up on the sidewalk with my hands cuffed behind my back. I apparently rode a bike into traffic. Was hit with consuming alcohol as a minor and as soon as I got out of jail I just left the state. I'm not sure what happened because I've talked with cops, had my name run once after being stranded on the highway with a borked truck and nobody ever brought it up. The cop running my name just drove me to the gas station and that was it.


>literal bandits roams this Chan

Wizchan 2022


>better than normies
are you retard? by what metric?
I would estimate the average wizard is worth 0.2 normies


And that is a good thing


I'd rather criminals come to this place than the ones whining about lacking intimacy


>Bandits, rapist, and all type of criminal are better to some random incël kid

Nigger atitude right there.


ah yes the classic crab prison demographic scoping out for newbies in the showers


You're straying too far here, he just got DWIs


Does location not matter? I would imagine a jail near a big city, like NY or LA, would be awful but if you live in Alaska or anywhere near the middle of no where it would be a better situation.


Criminals are more interesting than crabs


>Play any sort of "friendly" game.

No matter what, don't do tyson squats. That game completely destroys your ability to run.




>he drives a car while drunk

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