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It's a waste of time and money, it doesn't solve or help me with anything, it's a nice buzz, but too short lived.
I never had any "insight" I didn't already know before hand.
It doesn't really help with work or study, the nights I drink to get drunk end up with me listening to music, watching a movie and sleeping it off, the occasions I did work on something were very rare and I would probably have done better if I had just napped before or drunk a cup of coffee.
There are a couple of drinks that I like, but from now on I'm not getting drunk anymore, at least for me it's pretty stupid and useless.


it's the price that annoys me. not worth it. and i'm too lazy to do a diy brew. can't believe there isn't a cheap pill or something you can take to get a similar effect yet


Cider is cheap and easy to make, tastes good to boot. I personally just don't find alcohol all that enjoyable, but I'll drink if offered. Weed is my drug of choice, but that is still expensive and probably not very good for me.


I like getting very drunk because you stop caring about things.


Cider has too much sugar content, you wake up the next morning with the shits and it does a number on your gut. There's a reason no heavy alcoholics drink that shit, regardless of its price.

RTDs seem to be the most damaging, every person I know that drank boxes of Bourbon and Cola pre-mixes regularly after the age of 24 ended up with fucked guts.

I think 5-6 standard drinks of alcohol is great as a once a week treat.


Switch your vice from grog to stimulants (even caffeine is based) and read comfy books. Books are an amazing companion. They speak directly to your wiz heart = SMITTEN! Plus they can teach you actual spells (we conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells.) A WIZARD can learn LITERAL fucking ALCHEMY from books! Learn how to make GOO or [redacted by wiz spies]


File: 1662330582936.png (221.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Depends where you live I guess. Homeless people here drink 8% cider all the time because you can buy litres of the stuff for cheap. Cider doesn't really have a bad reputation, people drink many pints of it a night at the pub.


Try eating a big meal in the morning, then fast. The next morning get drunk. It's very nice. I used to do that every 2 months when I was 21, riding the bus out to eat at a buffet on a day of the morning it was discounted. I went into my garage to be alone, listen to music and dance. I don't get as drunk now because I pretty much have full benefit of alcohol, only occasionally need to recharge, and I recharge a bit by drinking beer/wine occasionally. I went 2021 without getting drunk at all just cause I didn't feel like it. I can tell weeks in advance when I will want to get drunk.

There's a finnish super yeast that turns water + sugar into liquor in 24 hours. Needs to be heated, probably a reptile tank heater would work, perhaps with a cardboard box to trap heat in. Just order the yeast and heater online, maybe a glass vessel if you need one. You would perhaps be better served getting a vessel at a secondhand store, my secondhand store. Maybe use a plastic milk jug if you don't care about a little plastic occasionally*. Thinking about it, I think I'll look into this more and maybe do it and try fasted drinking again.

*Milk jugs are mostly high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is one of the best plastics. Not sure about how much the heat would effect it. I brewed wine in one once, was fine.


>You would perhaps be better served getting a vessel at a secondhand store, ~~my secondhand store.~~

I was going to say second hand stores in my area are too expensive nowadays, I mostly only buy things that are 50-75% off at one of them. Perhaps you may as well buy things new.


Be careful when brewing, if you don't know what you're doing and how to test it you could go blind easily. Sometimes it's not worth the risk for saving a couple of bucks.


File: 1662421571497.jpg (9.98 KB, 189x293, 189:293, 5186T3Q7HJL._SY291_BO1,204….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone have a copy of the book "Drink as Much as You Want and Live Longer: The Intelligent Person's Guide to Healthy Drinking"

I'd probably get into drinking once I can reliably make my own supply of cheap alcohol and am in semi retirement/neetdom with no work related responsibilities. Right now it's just a waste of money.

The dangerous byproducts of at home alcohol producing are easily removed as the boiling point of methanol is lower than alcohol. And in some places it's not just a couple of bucks but getting it at less than 1/100th the cost than at a store. All it takes is sugar, proper yeast and warm clean water combined with properly cleaned fermentation vessel and some easily made or acquired equipment.


I'm on my second day sober after 7 years straight of drinking beer. I stopped liquor two years ago because it made me just not care about life. I'm doing ok. You're right, it's not worth it.


Here wine is a bit cheaper and the hard out alcoholics drink that. Spirits would be the cheapest but they get taxed too much fr fr.

I don't know, drinking is already bad and if you're going to be doing it, you may as well look after yourself. Stay away from the cider, stay away from the sugar drinks. Like 50% of a hangover comes from the sugar content and the resulting dehydration.

People underestimate how much soda they're taking in with those premixes. Like a 12 pack of Cody's is the equivalent of like 2.0 liters of coke.


Haven't had a drink since May. Gave myself the shakes drinking Tanqueray. Don't even have the desire to drink anymore, it's literal poison


File: 1662466904913.png (451.22 KB, 406x486, 203:243, vodk.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Ice is dangerous shit


I looked at that book for you and it's not an in depth book. it's more of a bunch of generic stuff thrown together. Take vitamins for your liver, eat healthy food, consume antioxidants, cycle ddrinking heavy sometimes with drinking less. I'll upload if I get a version I can.


Drinking in general isn’t worth it. There was a time when I thought it helped me socially, but really it just made me less self-conscious (but still socially disabled) and the “friends” I made basically kept me around to make fun of me.
The idea of it as some kind of helpful social lubricant is just a useful myth for manipulative people that want someone’s defenses down.
It mostly just makes you depressed.


> the “friends” I made basically kept me around to make fun of me.
Thats why i love to be alone than being a clown with fucking assholes who make fun of you and i am addicted to caffeine it makes you alert but nervous at same time.


I also used to get drunk because I thought it will help me with my social retardation and it just screwed up my self-awareness to the point where I made a total ass out of myself both irl and online. It really just makes you vulnerable to people who want to make fun of you or exploit you otherwise.


That's not true at all. You're spreading prohibition era propaganda.


Yep. The only long-term effect is that now I get really uncomfortable with and usually turn off any media depicting a “messy/embarrassing drunk” archetype because it reminds me of that time.


Alcohol kinda sucks because it doesn't actually make you feel that good.
The "come up" aka the few minutes when ur BAC rises is when u actually feel some euphoria.
After that it's just numb/depressed state for me and for most others.
And don't get me started on the hangovers… now those suck ass especially after ur mid 20s.
I don't even think it's addictive as I've gone weeks and months without a craving.


Alcohol is addictive but it takes way longer to get addicted than people think. Most people can drink every night for couple weeks or eve. longer without getting addicted. If you drink from morning until evening it's a different story and it will fuck you up quite fast. I saw a lot of actual alcoholics an it's really bad since it's a physical addiction that will drive you crazy without rehab so once you're in it you're done.

I used to drink a lot but I really don't like the feeling afterwards, I hate being dehydrated and how it weakens the body. I can now drink one beer and feel tipsy which can be relaxing here and there but I never go over that again.


File: 1663072477848.jpeg (102.85 KB, 1000x664, 125:83, as_photo-1533062615860-a2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Both schizos.
Go fuck yourselves.


Is this why the English are dumb?


I've been thinking of cutting down drinking a lot as especially drinking beer and darker spirits makes me quite hungover and sick, usually gin and vodka is fine for me. I may make the decision to start and transition more to stimulants and start vaping and drinking more emerge


I no longer read replies shorter than 3 sentences, people like this are lower than low.
I simply know how to keep alcohol out of my sight and therefore out of my mind, and only keep things you're supposed to drink a glass of so I can just down a shot. This is only for the purpose of the health benefits, and because I want people to think I'm a cultured guy.
Vodka and cognac are good, but some bourbons and wine are lower alc% and therefore easier to simply keep in another house/room to only take as medicine.
Obviously you can't control all substances depending on the person and their addictions. Getting drunk EVER will just turn you all into hypofrontal single-sentence posting tards.
Caffeine+sleep deprivation+power meditation is my drug of choice. I'm less human twice over and I still have sanity and power.
Beer on the other hand is extremely high on the glycemic index, not to mention estrogenic. Drinking for even a buzz dulls the ever-sharpening edge that I am, and drinking to please the crowd only makes you subconsciously and ever incrementally become the yeastern worms I so despise. Chances are, it's perfect for you though. Go bottom up, losers.


Yeah, i don't drink anymore to save money. If money wasnt a problem i would drink all the time. Luckily i can quit as easily, i love alcohol but im not very attached to it. Just another thing to pass the time and avoid boredom.


I quite like making alcohol but I've never enjoyed the feeling.


Am I the only one here that enjoys being drunk? Feels good man. Just can't stand the hangovers, especially as I get older, and it's expensive. I'm a happy drunk, especially if I got a Tramadol or something to give it a bump and/or take the edge off the hangover next day. I'm gonna get drunk tonight and forget my myriad worries for just a bit. I should probably stop.


>enjoys being drunk
really thought that was true for everyone. why else would one drink?


update: i just demolished a 12 pack and now I feel bad and I'm still a virgin. you were all correct.


>I feel bad and I'm still a virgin

oh no :(


Why not drink to numb the pain?

>he doesn't take benadryls


If you get a hangover, it's because you weren't drinking enough water.
I'm 29 and still don't get hangovers simply because I drink one or two glasses of water with each drink.

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