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I know i know sounds like schizo topic but for real don't u get feelings of being alienated and people like fucking robots, cogs in a monster machine and you ask yourself is everything real?


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I once dreamt I was a butterfly


This world indeed feels like a mental torture chamber very often just made to fuck with us mentally, if I was full blown schizo I would be convinced that this is all a sadistic simulation or a movie set.

I think these thoughts come to our mind because we are not part of the normie world socially and rather observers of this circus, normies really are like robots to me because they are able to partake in all this in such an automatic machine like way that I never could because I'm so disconnected from all this and socially retarded while overthinking constantly.

Without the internet and places like this I'd be convinced that this is a truman show type situation to make fun of me and sometimes im worried that I will develop psychosis at some point because of all this.


That's literally what capitalism is designed to do, make you feel like an animal who exists purely for utility of the manager, stripped away from the thing you wanted to do before the market decided you were going to be a wageslave or whatever you became.


and tell me, who is this grand architect of capitalism?



That feeling stoppee once I started taking SSRIs


weird in my case it caused them, stop promoting shitty meds faggot


>u instead of you
Normgroids are disgusting vermin no different than rats, roaches or locusts


>sadistic simulation
It is.


is schizo an outsider meme now?


Might as well be


Pulling back from your ego (self) is a great thing, because it lets you gain so much more self-awareness and build your character the way you see fit. Ego death however -true ego death- is the dissolution of your prefrontal lobe until you begin drooling and need to be fed through a tube. Many things such as droogs, pain without proper respite, and porn (which is drug) all help to melt your melty brain to achieve this enlightened acidic state.
If you're questioning the nature of reality, yes everything is composed of dense imagination, which isn't "real" but is still real in the sense that imagination is in a way real (in the dimension of thought).
You may read or listen to The Astral Plane and it's Scenery for specifics, but humbly accepting you're wrong about something and have room to grow is the singular best thing you can do for intellectual growth as a person.
SSRIs led me to in such a calm way, begin to plan vividly in my head where and when I would dispatch my gay coworker and the homeless blacks roaming my commute to work. Do you think that would have ended well? They can't make me take my meds, and I've never touched an anti-psychotic in my life (unless NAC is a secret anti-psychotic, which I've discarded).


In terms of the machine you're referring to, one of the reasons everyone feels like a normie cog is because of a false system of morality introduced through colleges and media explained in Michael J Minnicino's New Dark Age.
The other reason is because you're socially inept, and incapable of understanding people of even your own race who don't think in extremely similar ways.
Yes, people are less human, but you're also just autistic.
Look into the article I mentioned and Mouthy Buddha's Jewish question for just a smidge on the origins of this machine, and into MBTI+How to Win Friends & Influence People(how to be interested in other people)+48 Laws of Power(how to be interesting to other people)+zeolite to cure your vaccine-tism.


File: 1663277217448.png (3.27 MB, 2292x1621, 2292:1621, schizoid type.png) ImgOps iqdb

So what if it sounds schizo? This entire site spins around schizo matters!

As it is schizo to perceive others as npcs. Do not limit yourself, think surrealistic as you can.


It is more what you have in your mental body than any other thing else.


>taking Jewish brain controlling substances


Is schizoid personality disorder something you have for life? Because I was diagnosed when I was younger but I don't feel like I meet the criteria now. I even have a good relationship with my parents.


Uh, I just realized I may fit that characterization. I realize the pic is altered, but I meet most of the criteria in the last panel. Only I am not wholly indifferent to praise/criticism. So maybe I'm not a "schizoid." Well, regardless, the characterization as a "personality disorder" makes it sound like it was an abnormality or something bad in any case. Which is distasteful. Meh.

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