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Given you have money and the kid isn't an infant and/or you still have a living parent with you would you adopt a kid if you had the ability to do so? Late stage wizardry on your own sounds terrifying. Do you think a wizard can be a good single dad for some orphan for at least a few years till he returns to solitude?




i got kid brothers and they can be a pain in the ass. i feel bad for kids in the foster care system, but i dont think i could ever handle that level of commitment. a couple pets is about all i can handle i think. it would be nice to try leading them away from a future of normalfaghood, if that is even a possibility. also i thought they were very reluctant to let single men adopt anyway.


No. I absolutely do not want to have a kid, or have anything to do with one.


Only for normgroid, you are not a wizard.
Life in general is way more terrifying than late stage wizardry.


No. It would be one thing if it was a kid that basically fell from the sky, but it’s always the kid of some drug addict or similar fuckup whose genes you are now helping spread. The odds of them turning out fucked between bad genetics, getting abandoned, and what can be safely assumed to be my garbage parenting skills are 110%. It would be a miracle if they didn’t turn out to be a serial killer.
Maybe if they were a legitimate orphan of functional parents instead of abandoned, and I had way more money and free time.
>Late stage wizardry on your own sounds terrifying
You wind up alone whether you have kids or not or a wife or not. Every nursing home is filled with parents.


I've thought about this, the only circumstance I would raise an adopted child in, is if I had a really good friend and he and his wife got Batman-ed in a dark alley with the kid as a sole survivor. Or maybe if I had siblings with kids, if they died I would probably take care of my niece/nephew.
But I don't have any friends, let alone really good ones, and I don't plan on fostering that type of relationship and I don't have siblings so this is purely hypothetical.


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Absolutely not. I can’t even take care of myself let another child.


No, but my sister is basically making me raise my niece.


same kinda


I can't take care of my own basic needs right now. Though, if I solved that problem, I think I would be a better parent than most normalfags. Definitely better than my own parents. If someday I'm stable enough to manage something extra outside my own sphere, I wouldn't mind having a kind of apprentice to whom I could pass on my skills in art, and the companionship and safety net would definitely be helpful as I get old.


only if shes cute


Yep, i'm in the same boat. I didn't fucking ask for this but i also genuinally feel for the kid. Shit sucks.


comfy wiz dads. give them the love they will never find otherwise. good lads.

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