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Well, I'm a NEET, again… I'm 28 years old with little employment history, what's stored for me, wizbros?
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No, I just believe the Prussian education system is cost effect, effective, and exists. If you provide a educational system that is better in every way, people would adopt


geniuses like Einstein probably would have done well with or without an education


The cost of school is far less than the cost of policing, so of anything free education is a bargain . I think Prussian schooling can accommodate disruptive pupils though, by sending them to a less comfortable, more boring section of campus. I believe they call it detention.


I don't agree with that, sometimes it seems like a genius is almost overlooked, like Ramanujan. It almost happening is good enough for me to suspect it does happen


>whatabout muh alternative?
>muh skills
>muh success
>this is just political
The ultimate alternative is homeschooling which would be feasible if our society wasn't so wage cucked, or a future invention that solves this issue and hopefully doesn't make all this 100x worse. Kids love to learn and actually will if you let them with a little bit of gentle guidance from their parents/natural teachers, I know that's a super hard concept to understand in a society that teaches the absolute opposite but at least try to pull off the empty cuckold platitudes of "success" and "skills" that are getting us increasingly nowhere in this failing society. Either way it doesn't matter because you'll learn the hard way when it fails totally and your left to pick up the pieces as most will when it fails.


there's been plenty of research done on the topic. People with higher IQ's naturally gravitate towards stimulating activities and educate themselves. There's probably a cutoff materially where this isn't true, but generally speaking public education can never satisfy the needs of smart people while catering to the mass audience. This is what I've been trying to tell you, by having a mixed IQ cohort both high and low IQ types fail to be satisfied with course content. Which is why education should be as short as feasibly possible

the real benefit of schooling is social networking. If you take that away from kids they'll have smaller social circles and more impoverished lives. Besides of which, succubi can no longer feasibly become homemakers in the dual earner environment and the type of material taught is above laymen skill range usually anyways


It shouldn't exist at all but most are fucked into this position. 🤷‍♂️

Community can exist without Prussian schooling, and far better ones than it. If it didn't humans including children being the social animals they are would go the fuck outside and form groups and communities a lot more. This is what happened with kids forever before this whole horrid thing was invented. That's how they got jobs too by finding and apprenticing with workers of the field the child was interested in. Also fyi a kid working a job is not inherently a bad thing only if the child really wants to do it and isn't compelled to do so. And of course not in some horrid sweatshop that no kid would want to work in. I am describing a healthy sustainable society and what existed before all this.


Give one example.


>before all of this
You fool, Prussian education is exactly what provided mass education. The before was a time of massive illiteracy.


What do you think happened before this system was invented? Did kids sit in their rooms all day and stare at a wall or did they follow their innate curiosity and mingle with the real world? Colonial America was surprisingly literate, just look it up. People these days almost never read in substantial amounts and are quite illiterate most of the time.


If you account for illiterate slaves, the literacy is pretty similar to our system. Black Baltimore MD schools have an average of of below 1 GPA.


yeah segregated black schools aren't good lol. I'm not talking about slaves.


if you took the average North American black- who scores above one standard deviation lower than whites on IQ testing- and let them study whatever they wanted, would literacy and numeracy rates be higher than today? Is self driven education really the most effective way to teach underperforming students?


Yeah I just think Prussia works fine, colonial school houses have past the era where they are workable. But even despite that, they are still around, and available. I heard COVID triggered shared homeschooling tutor share, and you can see how colonial education pretty much seemed to lead to similar literacy rates.

Seems like a simple experiment. Wouldn't the Montessori people have that data? Maybe not explicitly for N.A. Blacks


the answer should be obvious. If you don't put underperforming kids in total institutions that force them to learn they never will. This is why the various educational reform movements have all failed, they think it's a methodology problem on the part of teachers and not because they're dealing with poor stock students


I'd like to see the Prussian model filter more often than once a year. The disruptive, and unintelligent students must be removed to ensure the learning students are not disturbed. It's called detention.


I agree, it's just really feasible to be running 2-3 different IQ sorted cohorts per year in the current system. Not to mention you're turning education into outright BNW social sorting

if they just expelled bullies to some retards only night school it'd be a major improvement


Just expelling them has the problem of just ofoading them to the streets, requiring more policing costs. Cheaper to supervise them under threat of parental arrest, at school, even if they don't want to learn.


just put'em in a dumbed down night school where they can work a day job. The exaggerated market value of dogwood degrees is ruining job prospects for average people


>wages are increasingly so much less now that both parents have to
Bro, I get that. My question is less that and more WHY ARE YOU FUCKING HAVING KIDS?!


>Children aren't going to naturally know what to study for future success in life based on their own proclivities.
Maybe they should study whatever is interesting to them and whatever they are good at, no? Instead of being forced to study loads of subjects they don't care about. Most people realize at quite an early age where their strenghts and weaknesses lie.

I can't thank the prussian model for anything that private tutoring couldn't have given me. It only made me depressed by forcing me to study things I didn't care about or didn't have any affinity for.

>the real benefit of schooling is social networking. If you take that away from kids they'll have smaller social circles and more impoverished lives.
Not everyone is the same shitty npc drone, you know? Being forced to be around others all the time was extremely annoying for me. Again, let kids decide if they want to be around others their age or not or who they want to spend their time with.


The Prussian model is private tutoring for poor people. Get rich to get private tutors for your kids.


so cut down the courseload tremendously to be basic reading writing and arithmatic. The average person is overqualified for the average job by the time they have a grade 10 education; release'em there. Let postsecondary institutions get the odd STEM grad up to speed. The solution is less education overall, not the constant lengthening of it


No, it's just mass education. That is why it is so horrible.

I hope you are aware that your ideas are anti-prussian. Prussianism in education was always about making students learn the most things imaginable.


Where is there mass education that isn't shitty then. Probably the fourth time I've asked for an example. Worst than communists.


Are there even any good private tutors left at all? It feels like all of them are all just clueless retards larping as "experts" to get easy money.


I haven't had to procure any tutors as I don't have any kids.


> the real benefit of schooling is social networking. If you take that away from kids they'll have smaller social circles and more impoverished lives.
kill yourself, outsider


I have been sporadicly browsing wizardchan since about 2012.


Just because you visit a board doesn't mean you're part of it.


>brainless poltards automatically defending everything germanic or related to traditions
Yare yare daze.

Mass education is usually bad, that's my whole point. But more individualist models work better and produce better results. It's the prussian system's fault most people can't even read, write properly or prove somehow that they supposedly finished high school at all. There is nothing wrong with uneducated people but then let's not waste each other's time. School isn't supposed to be kindergarten or free baby sitter service but a place of education.

I don't know what is considered even good about some collectivistic system like the prussian model. It tries to shove down the throats of students as many knowledge as possible (without taking into consideration individual differences and preferences) and then people act surprised when their children are complete retards even after finishing high school who refuse to touch any kind of book. Anyone who isn't some brainless npc will hate this system and will hate studying and anything associated with it.

During the time I have been NEETing I educated myself much more thanks to the internet than what I've learned for 12 years in mass education.



> School isn't supposed to be kindergarten or free baby sitter service but a place of education.

Here's where we are cross talking each other. Yes, its actually more important to the parents, and adults in the room that poor kids are observed, and disciplined, over that they are educated.

I'm not denying individualist tutoring being effective, I'm saying it's expensive, and orthogonal to the political reasons for institutional school anyway. Daycare for the workers.

A Prussian school that actually more clearly delineated these needs, daycare, and education would be more effective educator and supervisor.


> Anyone who isn't some brainless npc will hate this system and will hate studying and anything associated with it.

This is clearly your crux, in my non expert opinion. You have some issue with your experience of school and go from there to making gander claims.


If you want to observe kids then send them to training camps or prisons or give them jobs asap. Schools were created for the purpose of teaching people stuff. Besides, I just laugh at the presumption that all kids would be problem kids if they didn't have to go to school. If anything schools fuck kids up much more mentally than if they were just left alone with their family and people they knew. Take someone and lock them up with other 30 people for 8 hours a day and make them "learn" stuff they hate. And people seriously wonder why there is so much school-related violence…

>Daycare for the workers.

Kids only need supervision until what, they are 7 or 8?

Well maybe because I am a wizard and I really hated most people I had to be around. They were dumb and annoying, the teachers were idiots who only wanted respect and their students to take the same view as them on everything.

Public education is its own circle of hell. Kids would be better off without it in most cases too I would even say that.


If you let 7+ year olds roam free it would destroy and upend modern society


Polfags seriously believe this, just a daily reminder.


Users on 4chan's /pol/ board would never believe this. This tidbit of info is irrelevant to the thread, but I just really love /pol/ and thought perhaps it would be funny to think about how they might agree or disagree with your post. A fun thought experiment, just an entertaining little bit of assertive thinking. Thank you for reading.


File: 1669282629172.jpg (160.12 KB, 1440x1388, 360:347, ee7dq80gtp271.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Kids only need supervision until what, they are 7 or 8?
I have a relative with a kid in middle school, and they installed some tracking app on their phone to know where they are at all times. Some parents apparently even make them wear watches that serve the same purpose. It boggles my mind that this is being normalized now, they are going to make them as terrified as they are of pretty much everything. Some of their fears have truth to them but their solutions only make them worse, like they are never left outside in the streets on their own because of cars, so they have to drive them everywhere, even when the destination is clearly within walking or biking distance, since you wouldn't want the poor little things to risk getting tired, wet, dirty or run over by… some fellow helicopter parent in a suv dropping her progeny to a designated "kid area" (school, park, soccer game, swimming pool or whatever)
I won't even go into "stranger danger" stuff, parents believe there are perverts right around every corner…

I was a sheltered kid so I know how damaging it is. You can't do this to children and be outraged that a generation turns out wrong, or can't do anything on their own.


It's strange. When I was growing up, I was acclimated to the older generation saying, "This younger generation has it too easy." Now, I've been hearing the older generation saying, "I'd hate to be young nowadays."/"Things look bad for the younger generation."

If I spend any more time in this thread, I'm going to end up like Cicero signing off with "nolite procreare" on everything as opposed to "delenda est Catharginem" at this rate.


Phone can be turned off, watch left anywhere else, parents shut with a snap. But I agree that the situation is slightly out of control. What they are doing is insane.


>Phone can be turned off, watch left anywhere else
Young kids will not do this. Teenagers might but it's still fucked up on principle, and if parents are neurotic and smothering enough to keep you on what is basically a tight leash, it can be expected from them to lose their shit over such a rebellious act and create pointless conflicts. It is morally wrong and ultimately detrimental on every possible level. The analogy with prison inmates would be adequate here.


>Phone can be turned off, watch left anywhere else
And then you get the everloving shit beaten out of you, or at least get browbeaten by your retarded parents for months straight over it.
>parents shut with a snap.
This can work for some, but not all. I feel like the vast majority of parents these days are literal human garbage doing every drug, endulging in everything disgusting and acting like a nigger all around too, unlike the past where they were mostly middle class whites who'd cry if you don't shake their hand daily or whatever, and the former is really a whole lot more likely to abuse you. Don't forget that parents have a physical advantage, an advantage in terms of life experience, an advantage in terms of trustworthiness(nobody would trust a child claiming to be getting beaten if two or three adults are there to say that it's just the child's delusion), and an advantage in that they can easily pull the child's heart strings. I'm willing to bet my entire fortune of 5 dollars that children are statistically the most likely to suffer from stockholm syndrome.


Burn your home and dissolve into the sunset. I see no saner solution to this problem.


>I feel like the vast majority of parents these days are literal human garbage doing every drug, endulging in everything disgusting and acting like a nigger all around too, unlike the past where they were mostly middle class whites who'd cry if you don't shake their hand daily or whatever, and the former is really a whole lot more likely to abuse you.
It's the other way around. Those white middle class decent folks who care about morality and making their kids into upstanding citizens are more likely to abuse their children. They are control freaks who think they own their children and can shape them into whatever they want them to be. And when the child expresses his or her unique thoughts then they get beaten or receive passive-aggressive guilt tripping. Or if the authority person in charge of their kid (teacher) says the kid is "problematic" then that is another reason to torture the child and to inflict punishment upon him because what will our precious society and neighbors say if our son is a weirdo???

It's the result of middle class culture becoming mainstream. Most parents don't know when to stop, they are either too strict or don't care about their kids, there is no proper middle ground. Most people are retards so it shouldn't be surprising they raise fucked up kids.

My brother is the same overprotective dad you described. He and his wife obsess over every single shit, it's like their kids live in some military camp and they are surprised why the older one (4 years old succubus) needs a child psychologist and why she has anger problems. Maybe because you dumb fucks created a stricter daily routine for her than prisoners have? I would like to ask them. Then come weekend they dump her at the parents of his wife and go to massages or to whatever middle class shit is trending currently. Middle class people are cancer.


>parents obsessively tracking their kids

Unless they're Asian and are willing to do this their entire lives it isn't going to work. People will naturally gravitate to environments suited to their genes in the long term. Caplan did a whole book on this, "selfish reasons to have more kids"


the capability is only for middle class people to become comfortable with intense surveillance. its functionally useless for anything besides generating anxiety.


it is pretty surreal. Go anywhere significant and there's cameras or people who will pull out cell phones and film you. Post anything and it's archived somewhere. Say something unpopular in the digital public square and you get shadowbanned, shilled, downvoted, algo hidden, or even doxxed. It's a totally different operating environment than even 10 years ago. The cyberpunk future wasn't even a cool dystopia, it's just a big gerbil cage


remember the filming people in public guy
its been like 10+ years now


Interesting that this post mirrors my experience quite a bit.
I'm really uncomfortable about the fear of unknown and get really anxious about new experiences. I don't like to test myself and don't like to start something new or see the results of my work in fear that they will be uncomfortable in some way. I ghost people, I've become a shut in neet. I'm ashamed of going outside and someone recognizing me. I'm almost 25 and I have some moments of clarity where I fear I'm on a road to annihilation; but they go away when I'm zombie like state as I waste away my life in the internet fapping or some other useless shit. I never had a job, sometimes I apply to jobs but then I'm too scared to open my email because I think it would be discomforting. I wonder if my brain is always in self preservation mode or something like the part of brain responsible for fear is on overdrive. I don't think I'm autistic and I can feel other's emotions really well - too well in fact I have to consider myself as oversensitive. I will try this "plan ahead" thing you talk about but I'm really scared. I've tried to fix myself for over 4 years and it always falls apart either I get really depressed or I shut-down emotionally and waste another year. Wish me luck.

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