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I am curious about the things you guys would change in your life if you could. I had a relatively shit start in life. Poverty, family drama. It left me fucked up. and even in my 20's and late teens I just felt old. I am in my 30's now and feel really old lol. I never got to go to college because I never had the time or money. I have just held down a series of low wage jobs. If I could change anything it would be to go to college and get a decent job.


Nothing much. Maybe spend less time online in my teen years and starting to value and save money more early.

Money would solve literally all my problems. If i wasn't too stupid i would be in a better situations financially.


I would change it so that I was not born at all.
If that doesn't work as a valid answer, then I guess I would change my parents so that they aren't literal subhumans. I was locked up home everyday until 11(save for school) and suffered hallucinations, had imaginary friends, constantly felt like somebody's watching me, etc. and lost all social ability because of their incompetence. Were it not for them I would have just been yet another normalfag though, so maybe it's best this way.


Not being fat as a kid. I would maybe have come out normally if it weren’t for that.


If I have to have a job I wish I at least had some goals and took some enjoyment from it. It's sad to think most of my life is devoted to what is essentially feels like a total waste of my time. If I was invested in my work I'd be so much better off both mentally and financially.


I would choose to get more enjoyment out of things.


OP if I were you I would move in back with your parents and then learn a useful skill to make more cash. Possibly an apprenticeship or something like that. IDK your situation though - might not be possible.


I wish I was born in a rich family or with really good genes

I would rather have never been born at all than live this dogshit life

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