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Wizards are not neurotypical, I'm starting to realize that wizard are not neurotypical, or I'm wrong? Need some insight on that question.


You'd be wise to explain, at least what you believe, to be the description of Neuroypical. I wouldn't put it past wizards to pass up the opportunity to learn what "neurotypical", "neuroatypical", and "neurodivergent" means. The phrases have become another label worn by those seeking attention, tumblr users and the like.

I think wizards, who have been able to evaluate something so trivial as reproduction and companionship and decided it to be not in their interest, are simply conscious guys with their own personalities. Not "neurodivergent" or "Schizotypal", but just normal guys who've made decisions in life that have alienated them from the general population. It's not right to assign any kind of label or condition to guys who make decisions for themselves.


I think the point is: Many of those conscious choices are, in contrast to normans (aka:neurotypical), choices that show at least sign that the person maybe not that typical, their personalities are by far at odds with the conventional established by society, and maybe, those choices are signs that the person just work mentally in a different wavelength.


what a revelation. whoda thunk it? anyway its good not to be "normal" in this sick world. everyone is sick in the head. extremely sick, a lot more than you think. if anything people like us and the hermits are closer to the true normal humans because we often deny the sick world and see it for what it is


Iv met both kinds of wizard I even have a folder of aspie quiz charts. At this point I assume the only reason a neurotypical would become a wiz would be due to being handed an unfortunate hand genetically in terms of bodily symmetry/functionality or some large scale trauma warping their character.


I know what neurodivergent means. I am such a person. Honestly its kind of a nice turn. It's about saying that some peoples brains are different from what is usual but such differences don't necessarily mean that they're broken. E.g. autists can be highly successful in the right professions because they're very focused, perfectionist, and obsessive. They are not on a normie wave length but still do okay. There's all levels of functioning, though.


so many threads on the catalog are single sentence retarded questions. I guess this site really is dying.


The young Nietzsche wrote something along the lines of "O gods give me insanity so that I can have faith in myself". Insanity and mental instability or simply being weird or odd are the requirements for living an interesting life.

I came to realize that basically 99% people I come into contact with think of me as an autist, schizo or simply crazy person. That's fine with me. Being insane just means that you are alone in the world, you have a unique perception of the world and things others can't share or don't want to accept.

I was always interested in weird or insane people. To refer back to Nietzsche people always go on about "oh poor guy going insane like that" but I always thought he was at his best/most awesome when he went full crazy. Greatness depends upon being weird and unusual, even being mad.

From our perspective it is the normals who are mad and don't make sense. Let them believe whatever they want with their 50 IQ and cattle morals.

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