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Do you have friends or are you all alone? of course beside your family. What happened? Be honest, you're anonymous here.


I don't have any friends. Last time I had real life friends was probably middle school, after that I just drifted away because everyone became a normalfag as you'd expect and I didn't have anything in common with them. I didn't want to go out drinking and fucking around with them and doing all the other stupid normalfag rituals people start doing in high school.

Now my social contact is only with people online, forums and imageboards. A couple times tried making online "friends", if you can call it that. Online friendship is cheap, easy and temporary. You can hit it off with someone, but then they ghost you the next day. Other times, you don't feel like talking and they're just a burden. It's incredibly rare to find someone that will stick with you and not immediately move on with their life if you're not online for one day or you don't care to install the latest flavor of the week game they want to play. Also everyone is looking for some special friend that's a soul mate and shares all their hobbies - hurr durr my friend has to watch ANIME and only use FREE OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE and X, Y and Z. You don't react to their favorite loli anime and they just move on to some other faggot.

So yeah, now I'm just alone and I enjoy it that way. Other people are not worth it.


No, I don't have friends. After starting high school I began to isolate myself from others because I saw how different I was from everyone else. Normals have their existential crisis during mid 40s or later on in their lives, well I had mine in high school. I realized how horrible life and existence was actually when you sat down and thought about it.

If I wanted to I could have had friends in high school. But honestly I despised or simply hated everyone in that place. I never went to prom night, didn't go to the class trip in the last year, didn't allow my picture to be taken for the class picture (so if someone judges by that thing it's like I never even went to the class, like I didn't exist), I didn't attend graduation day either. Obviously I only talked with my classmates when I was in school and had no connection with them outside it. I openly told some succubi classmates in my final year that frankly I disliked all of them. I rejected multiple invitations to birthday parties and such. And it's not like I was the teachers' pet either. I hated them too and got in trouble quite a few times with my behavior or thanks to the fact that I almost always refused to write on exam papers out of laziness or because I skipped class.
I don't have online friends either. I only browse this chan and that's it. I spend my time reading or watching things.

Feels fine. I chose this life to tell the truth. Life is always horrible to some extent but being around others and listening to their stupid ramblings is another layer of hell I gladly refuse to engage in.


Ghosted and been ghosted. Too old and weird now to make any meaningful connections now. Just how it goes i guess.


File: 1664601980478.jpg (56.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1650246249208 (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Be honest, you're anonymous here.
Honestly that comes off like the most sketchy honeypot sounding sentence I have seen in a long time. Technically rule 3 has nothing to do with "forbidding" wizards from having friends but it does try to stop people from posting directly about it. This threads survival is going to heavily depend on how much effort wizzies are willing to put into dancing around the rules and wizcrabs + crab apprentices.

I grew up in a big city into a tight knit christian community my parents were founding members of (not a cult) it involved a church & homeschool group which I was a part of until two grades before highschool. I also was in boyscouts from the moment I was old enough to join cubscouts until I was too old to even be a junior leader anymore. I was also dragged around the country (america) for bloodline related happenings (weddings, funerals, holidays, just cuz etc)

I bothered to explain a rough outline of my prepubescence & adolescence to try and reveal why/how I have a handful of lifelong friends who I met during the activities above which I had no impactful say in setting up or especially executing. I rarely reach out to them anymore and in fact have been ghosting all but 2 of them to an almost rude extent since finally moving into a one bedroom apartment a year ago. I genuinely feel a lot of love for my friends/family but that love starts to diminish with time and is overshadowed by feelings of the void growing in place of my social capacity. Which thankfully isn't much of an issue with my next topic, youtube.

This is truly the greatest time to be alive for not just everyone but especially introverts. The kind of surrogate friendship provided by youtube personalities is a remarkable shift that dwarfs its once competitors television, radio and perhaps even the written/printed word in its ability to provide the type of "authentic" & "genuine" feeling the internet seems to want above all else. No one can rightfully deny its not at least a somewhat interesting time to be here on Earth.

In summary my past adventures, the tens of thousands of hours online playing games and the comparatively large amount of early socialization/validation I was provided with due to no specific actions of my own growing up (compared with many iv spoken with who have close to none) has all culminated in me being well suited to solidarity here in my very late 20s. Despite being a virgin I don't really feel like I have missed out on, or been cheated of, anything that society, "god" or especially the opposite gender has to offer.

Ultimately the world is run through social connections, humanity no matter what at the end of the day is a social species which heavily relies on one another to accomplish anything here in the material world. Only very recently did people totally dependant on society/the system start believing they were independent while shopping at walmart, driving their car and living in a suburb.

This post got way out of hand, my wizbad.


Being an introvert has nothing to do with deluding yourself that celebrities are a replace for real friends. Take these delusions on personal level only.


Personally can't stand the rise of parasocial content and people trying to sell themselves instead of making anything actually interesting. I've gotten into a few of them but i always inevitably find it and the cult of people it attracts depressing. A lot of stuff on the net just feels like gay, high school clique shit now.


>I don't have online friends either. I only browse this chan and that's it

It's amazing how difficult it is for me to make friends online with like-minded individuals. Every time I try I just fuck it up somehow.


I have a very old friend, but he's much more sociable than me and I feel like he keeps talking to me out of pity. It's a shame, but I'm bad at communicating with people offline.


Never had friends past 1 or 2 people in primary school but we only rarely met outside of school. I could just never really relate to others and connect.


the trend of not having friends goes with the terrotory it seems. i was always different as well and after high school slowly lost all my friends.


File: 1664649781799.jpg (82.59 KB, 1080x648, 5:3, FB_IMG_1660849940203.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

not really. ive always had a couple friends i mess around with on video games since school but i always kept my distance. once the computer is off they effectively dont exist. meeting school friends offline has always been a foreign concept.


Don't have any friends anymore, had quite a few fleeting friendships in the past but they always eventually followed a similar pattern where the other person would brag at me incessantly and basically use me to try and gratify their own ego. Just ended up giving up on it all, but it would be nice to have some friendships just for the sake of variety, the main issue is that most people become pretty unbearable after a while. I'm okay with having no friends at the moment but I just feel in 10 years time it might become pretty hard


I’m pretty normalfag by wizchan standards so I have a few friends, but after high school I haven’t made any new friends and the old ones just grow further apart from you both physically and mentally.


i think the closest thing i had to a friend was a guy i knew on a mmo who would text me about his relationship problems. all our guild mates (which became real life "friends" for him because he moved to their city; they only hung out with him a couple times lol) were dickheads so i just let him vent since he was a good player and never really pissed me off otherwise. i dont know if that constitutes friendship, but i also havent talked to him in quite a few years now.


File: 1664673397465.png (1.77 MB, 1280x1656, 160:207, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I had friends I talked to until 3 or so years ago I guess.

I've known them since I was 13 and it's been 18 years. I only saw them once or twice a year for the later years I knew them. Honestly if I contacted them they'd probably hang out with me - but I don't have much to say. I had a number of loose friends during teens I was just never close to them or hung out much, but probably more than some wizzers who had nothing. Online friends. I now probably have the first online friend since I was 15 that I regularly talk to.


I just fucking hate everyone around me, and I think it shouldn't be like that


i communicate online daily with my brother. one of his friends is also my digital acquaintance, maybe like once a month communication. then i have some other online people ive cooperated with that i havent communicated with in over a year but at various points in the past used to be daily. you just kinda run out of stuff to talk about with some people. and there isnt much interest in talking to people to begin with. if i want to get that feeling of playing games with ppl, i just watch streamers do it instead, much less effort. i only play singleplayer games now because multiplayer and competitive stuff is on average a dissatisfying experience, needing to defeat other people to feel good is just bad. so because of that there isnt a big need to communicate with people or have friends, because outside of videogames there is not much of a reason to interact with ppl


By no means am I endorsing literal vampiric interactions revolving around cult of personality livestream donation driven madness. Specifically what I was referring to is "fly on the wall" type setups where its between two to four people having a slightly pre-planned discussion that is thankfully slightly edited to maintain an optimized speed/flow for my benefit and enjoyment.


throughout my life I had maybe 1 or 2 'friends', as in people that would talk to me at school and nothing else. Now I have some online friends and I think I'm closer to them than anyone I ever knew in real life.


0 friends online and irl. I can't even get 1 person to talk to me online. Every time I find out these "friendless loners" (that post here as well) are in a bunch of group chats, voice chats etc while larping as le friendless wizard. Fuck you all. People will remain trash regardless if you're a wizard or not. One guy one here typed up a thousand word post describing how lonely he is and to add him on discord. After a minute of talking to him he sounds just like an average discord teen and says he has 5-6 friends he voice chats with weekly.

So far haven't found true friendless loners like me, so reminder here everyone is larper and not to believe anyone.


Lol most of them aren't even virgins btw.


Never had friends even in grade school. They always try to be my friend but I just don't make deep connections like other people do. I guess I have schizophrenia or something.


For what it's worth I "only" have a guy on irc I've been friends with for a few years with but never voicechatted or faceposted or anything with, and a group of 4 other people that happened to post on a 4chan general at the same time as me way back 8 years ago. We have only ever talked to eachother via 4chan and the supersekrit site we made together 5 years ago where nobody can even tell who is posting.


My oldest friend from primary school tried to contact me at the start of the pandemic after not having spoken to each other for a decade. Made me really pissed off and ashamed so i just didn't reply. I'm sure his reaction to me not replying was something like "hmm, what an asshole" and hasn't thought about it since. Still pops into m head every now and then. Just let me decompose in peace.


You can't be a wiz if you ain't got puffy eyes and dark circles


Who doesn't have them these days? I'm pretty sure they're common phenomenon even among normalfags now.


Nope. Never had a single friend. Ever.

Not in school, not in college, not during work.

I got bullied in every institution too.


No it is not.


Are you gonna get super strong? It's easy and common to use steroids, perhaps almost as popular as weed. You could mog all of those who bullied you.


I regret posting that image here
Now retarded zoomers from r9k repost it everywhere
Now this makes me depressed
Never share knowledge with the undeserving


File: 1666003543778.png (185.54 KB, 1787x484, 1787:484, relatable_wizzie.png) ImgOps iqdb

Are you pic related? I screencapped this a while back because I really related to the post. Though unlike you I'm still in the rat race.
Every so often I will reread this post because it really resonates with how I felt during certain stages of my life. Posts like this are what I look for, but unfortunately rarely find here on wizchan.
If it is you, I want you to know that you make a fellow wizzie feel a little less alone.


File: 1666017366663.jpg (57.61 KB, 720x588, 60:49, 1655797870707.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this is the case for me too. i genuinely have no friends or anyone to talk to all day, i dont know how to make friends or interact with people. whenever i meet "lonely" people they have 100s of friends on steam or discord.


Internet friends are not real friends. These people are probably dwellers in the typical wavelength and so resonate with the randos they encounter on various multplayer games, adding them as soon-forgotten friends. These people are "agreeable"


this is the first post ive related to in a while here.
i commission art of my waifu and previously, i would post it to image galleries.
a few years in, i looked around me and realized what a terrible mistake i had made.
some fat disgusting retard could see it, repost it to an artist discord server, and cause a chain reaction of dozens of vore and blueberrification drawings of my waifu. and it'd be all my fault.

i keep them very private now.


nobody uses steam chat. it's a dead platform and lags like hell, too, which stops any attempt from using it anyway. it's a nearly 20 year old platform and most people don't bother deleting their friends.
i guarantee you a majority of those steam friends haven't been spoken to in 6 years+. they were probably added to play 1 game 1 time and then forgotten, or to perform a Steam trade that requires you to be in the person's friendslist, or they were just randomly added after a multiplayer match and never saw each other again.
basically, these large friendslists on Steam aren't indicative of anything because it's an old dead and dried up platform with a non-functioning chat feature, and trades/achievement hunting/cheesing the game can require people to be added to friends.

as for Discord, friendslist aren't public there and you aren't psychic, so you have no idea how many friends people there have or not. everyone i know on Discord is very lonely and complains about all of their servers being dead.

but whatever, you sound like you made your mind up. you're hallucinating internet weirdos have friends.


File: 1666040364922.jpg (395.65 KB, 773x1000, 773:1000, grant.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, that was me. Feels weird that someone would actually screencap things I write.

>Posts like this are what I look for, but unfortunately rarely find here on wizchan.

Probably because what I represent is more in the warlock territory. Not many warlocks here these days, most people are semi-normals or want-to-be-normals or simply just depressed wizards.

Amoral, egoistic, will-to-power wizards became a rare species for some reason. Take care of yourself, warlock.


I'm glad I found you. I've heard it mentioned a number of times now, and it keeps ringing true: the Internet really is a small place.

>Not many warlocks here these days, most people are semi-normals or want-to-be-normals or simply just depressed wizards.

I hope this is not disappointing to you, but I can't in earnest describe myself as a warlock. Of the options you provided I see myself the most as a depressed wizard. I believe being a warlock is an earned title and not one that can be self-ascribed. I'm physically unable to be a warlock as I'm still participating in society and trying (and arguably failing) to be functional.

From your post I concluded that the turning point in your life was your suicide attempt when you were 20. Interestingly enough, a couple months after reading your post I too had a turning point in my life. I didn't go as far as attempting suicide, but I did have my first legitimate mental breakdown. Partly inspired by your post, I was intending on shutting out of society. I wanted to drop out of university and mooch off my parents. As it turned out, my wish wasn't granted. I think this exact point might be where our paths irrevocably split. I was even the same age as you when I had the breakdown. I'm 21 now.
I will say, though, I'm really struggling again and I fear I might be facing another mental breakdown. I might yet join you in your lifestyle, but it really seems unrealistic in my case. It feels like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I'd like to explain, also, that my attraction to your post wasn't simply due to its theme, but also its uncanniness. I related to almost every single point you brought up in your post. I can't drive (although by some miracle I managed to obtain a driver's license), I can't make my own meals or do basic chores (my parents do it all for me). Life is forcing me to slowly learn certain other behaviors, but I assure you it's not without great stress.
I too was the only one who didn't have my picture taken at the end of high school, didn't attend prom or go to any school trips, thought myself intellectually and philosophically superior to all my classmates, hated and fantasized about murdering them, was praised by my teachers for being smart (particularly for my essays, which were offered to be published but I declined every time), thought of myself as highly self-aware, was frustrated because succubi weren't attracted to me (I still have cripplingly low self-esteem), ditched class every chance I had… The only real difference is that my academic performance was good, though this was because:
a) I went to a trashy high school that was piss easy, and
b) Being from a third world country, I was instilled with the idea that I *have* to do well in school otherwise I would literally starve.

The last paragraph of your post I kind of diverge with, though. For the periods of my life where I was able to isolate myself (all of high school plus covid era uni), I did feel the allure of malicious thoughts towards life and society. Living in your own world really makes you detach from acceptable norms, unsurprisingly. I don't generally feel that way anymore, partly because reality is keeping my brain in check, and partly because it's a truly terrifying way to view the world. I've been confronted with some scary scenarios, and I tend to turn into a scared child when faced with those. Going to prison, for example, is a terrifying prospect to me. So is going to hell. I still regularly have edgy, hateful thoughts, but those make me feel cognitive dissonance. I hope for your sake that you're not fooling yourself with your hatred. I believe people in general, especially us pampered types aren't capable of being truly evil (think cartel videos and genuine psychopaths).

Anyways, I wish you good luck in your life. You're living what up until my breakdown was a life I fantasized about. The breakdown was a turning point in that it made me effectively abandon the fantasy due to how unattainable it revealed itself to be. You're a bolder man than me for securing yourself such an existence. May it last for years to come.


File: 1666109668948.jpg (35.68 KB, 501x456, 167:152, 1656416696317.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

why were you so defensive by what i wrote? i didn't come up with this info out of no where, all the "lonely" people i spoke to always have full friends lists, how do i know? because i ask them and because whenever i want to chat or play games with these "lonely" people they are with their other friends. i suspect you are one of the people i explained.


I am just not capable of socializing properly. I speak few words most of the time and when I am forced to do it for longer I get nervous.
I believe it is related with strong feelings of shame.
And I hate myself to the core desu


I added someone from here and he was interested if I had any friends. I said no and asked him the same. He said he has 5-6 wizards he talks with daily on discord and they are good friends.

These are the kind of people that browse here, very different than what they wrote about themselves initially. They just want to add you to their wizcord chat to make fun of you for being a virgin and friendless.


The audacity! How dare they come here to try and talk with other wizards, what are THEY stupid or something?!?!

This site only has one rule and its never post anything ever even on other platforms and always make fun of people who are virgins and friendless.


To be a NEET hermit is something that depends on your family. If your family likes you then they will allow you to be a leech on them basically. If they don't or if they want you to work at all cost then you can't be a NEET.

Though from what you say you don't want to be a hermit, I take it. But considering that you found me relatable and felt sympathy for me I think you will get where I am in time too. You can't deny your nature or what you were meant to be. I feel like you are still searching for your path. You want to be an individual and want to belong to society too, is that right? But you will have to decide sooner or later, you either care about other people, the community and in turn their values or you care about yourself and what you think is right.

You write of "hell" and "evil" and I guess you like me got indoctrinated into believing lots of shit. My family is christian and it took me some time to get rid of all the dogmas. I had to purge myself from the all the delusions others planted in me. From an early age on society tries to tell us what is acceptable and what is not. But that's just brainwashing ultimately. To face your own self, to realize who you are you have to destroy all these baseless assumptions and values society brainwashed you with. These are unnecessary burdens you carry with yourself.

> I hope for your sake that you're not fooling yourself with your hatred. I believe people in general, especially us pampered types aren't capable of being truly evil (think cartel videos and genuine psychopaths).

Good and evil are relative. "Evil" is usually just something that is a danger to the survival of someone or something that is a problem for someone who wants to enjoy his life. Always ask yourself "good for whom? and evil in the eyes of whom?" For the mouse the cat must be evil. For the cat dogs represent immorality. People call evil what is a danger to them and their lifestyle.

I don't think of myself as a good or evil person. It's more reasonable to think along lines of certain values and virtues instead of clinging to unclear and childish definitions. Some people called me a great, noble, good person while others called me a psychopath. This is subjective, what is good or bad to someone.
If you mean by "evil" cruel then I have to disagree. Cruelty is a necessary part of existence and staying alive. You can't exist without causing suffering to other people and life-forms. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or he is trying to manipulate you.
I know for sure that I find most people to be extremely weak emotionally and mentally, even the so called psychopaths, criminals and tyrants who caused so much pain and misery to humanity. Most people are just too soft.

I don't read much philosophy anymore but I recommend reading Stirner and Nietzsche as they can explain it better than me. Have a good day.


Not really.

No true friends, just face value retards that are normal fags with GF's that I speak to about 1 hour or less per week. Generally less.

Online? A few, but if I disappeared nobody would remember or miss me. Maybe one online person.

Sort of just want to kill myself.


I've gone mad because I haven't spoken to another human being for 12 years. I think everyone needs some socialization whether it's on voice chat or IRL. I'm not sure though, I could be projecting. Maybe some people can remain mentally healthy while not talking to other humans for decades on end.

I would like to hear from other wizards whether they are capable of avoiding all human interaction for years


I'm completely by myself and I think it's taking a toll on my mental health to an extent but also the type of people that tried to socialize with me have been very messed up failed normie types who got me in shitty situations so I think it's better to be alone because it saves me from trouble. Deep down I have the feeling that my situation could be fixed but at the same time I don't even know where to find people irl that would get along with me. I had 2 online friends but these interactions just died at some point because depression kept draining my energy.

I went from thinking loudly to talking to myself, I'm not schizophrenic or anything like that but I long for verbal conversations and that's why I almost uncontrollably do this when I'm at home. I tried talking to people on discord and omegle but it's really not a substitute for it because it's all based on memes, games and trolling, people go on these things for fun and not to actually socialize because they have friends for that irl, I was able to have some weird autistic conversations on discord during global lockdown when everyone was on there but other than that it's not worth it.

I think this is caused by overthinking and shame as well which blocks the ability of small talking, I also realized that I'm so detached from everything that I often don't know what people are talking about, I always assume that people have unique interests or personalities and later I realize that they are just into anything that's trending when I stumble upon certain videos and tiktoks on youtube which makes me think that there might be not a lot to miss out on in the first place.


I think it's a form of mental stimulation that you need to keep the gears oiled and working. There are other ways to get mental stimulation like playing games or watching movies but it doesn't scratch that same itch. Humans need both forms of mental stimulation. Going too long without that mental stimulation causes the brain to decay.


you should read the underground man


who would want to befriend somebody who sounds like he's handicapped when he speaks due to the fact he rarely moves his mouth to communicate. all this social isolation since childhood made me semi-retarded when it comes to the human connection. i'm not attractive either, so no halo effect. i don't have it in me to initiate the first move, even with online users, as there's rarely, if ever, a good reason for me to do so. when i look back at grade school and not-so-recent online friends, there probably wasn't ever a deep enough connection, i think some of them even befriended me out of pity, or just wanted someone to talk to when their actual main friends weren't available. i guess i have avoidant personality disorder? just like some anons in here, i've ghosted and been ghosted, people move on with or without you. in the other hand, i've been able to get lost in my hobbies tho, so there's always something interesting to do/consume.


File: 1667810454246.jpg (104.07 KB, 728x450, 364:225, 1667617303597167.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>they are just into anything that's trending when I stumble upon certain videos and tiktoks on youtube which makes me think that there might be not a lot to miss out on in the first place.

This has been my experience as well. Most people only have a surface level knowledge of things, and they want to participate fully while spending as little time as possible on getting to know the subject matter.
It doesn't help the only other people I find who've spend thousands of hours on their interests are all stuck up elitists who are afraid to praise great or popular works and revel in enjoying mediocrity.


i can relate


I had a friend, but I got fed up with him treating me like a random retard, not talking properly, just sharing ocassional meme or news and thats it. I've known him for 15 years but the other night I got drunk and told him some shit he didn't want to hear, in particular, how his job he was extremely proud of is nothing but scamming boomers and pushing them some useless plant based drugs at x10 of their real worth. He was infuriated that I criticised him, told me that he would never do that to me drunk or not and told me to fuck off. Of course he wouldn't have done it, he barely wrote or called anyway. Now I am fully friendless.


I used to be on both ends in similiar situations, I got accused of only sharing links and stuff once by a "friend" even though we mindlessly hung out enough irl daily so these gay messages didn't have a meaning to me and I also knew a guy who wouldn't even answer on messages or questions after reading them like I'm some kind of faggot but then he acted like I would be on-demand to give him attention when he messaged me or wanted to hang out. Both "friendships" ended in a similiar fashion as yours with weird accusations and salty behavior.

Either way these types of interactions are a clear sign that the friendship was just cope so there is not a lot of value to be lost. Friendships work organic or they don't work at all, can't force it and the way yours ended is proof of this. It's better to move on from these situations because they drain your energy and after these people are out of your life it doesn't even matter anymore.


It is pointless to maintain this false friendship, as you said, it is either friendship or not. However, is it even possible to find a friend when you are an adult? I think it requires a specific scenario where you are forced to interact with people and it can't be done on its own. Then again, i've spent 4 years in the university and didn't manage to find a single one despite trying. Guess some people were never meant to have those things in life.


I have trouble keeping friends because of my terrible temper. It's not an every day thing. But randomly I'll just get into a mood where I can't control myself and I end up exploding and either removing my friends or they block me.


Finding friends seems to get harder with age, on the internet it's pointless since most people you find seem to be quite a couple years younger and only interested in things such as gaming and irl youre limited to the few people you'd find at your work, school or hobby and those are usually people you wouldn't get along with anyway and if you didn't manage to socialize in the first few days there then you will never be able to catch up again since it would be weird as hell if you suddenly try to socialize after days or weeks.

There's also this phenomenon of other lonely people who are just fucked up in the head as others stated already and you wouldn't wanna have them around you as well so going to a bar or whatever would also be a bad idea.

After all I think I'm just not cut out to have friends in that sense and sometimes I think I have a rather naive idea of what friendship actually is, it's most likely not more than a superficial thing with a lot of bullshit I'm not interested in unless I want some weird faggot stalking me or whatever. I think actual loyal friendships are extremely rare and most people just claim to have "best friends" and stuff like that to cope.


No, I lost them when I quitted school 4 years ago to enter NEETdom. I'm good at making friends when I'm involved in an activity, but when I leave it, I gradually lose interest in talking to them again, so I lose all friends.


No friends at all now. I had a small friend group as a teen, but we just drifted apart and I became a shut-in. Tried to make online friends over the years and it just didn't work out. I find it hard to talk to people now, anyway.


Man that sounds so sad wiz, just putting yourself on the forever alone shelf - there really is some spot more deserving of you.
Man this picture is always so gut wrenching. Yes that sounds nice and serene but it is loneliness. Why is my freedom loneliness wizbros.. I even much prefer the neural stimulation of social interaction to porn or whatever, it's just impossible.


i find myself in the same situation and can't seem to stop or fix it


File: 1668382125698.jpg (60.36 KB, 720x448, 45:28, 547568346232.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>that sounds so sad wiz
Not that anon, but why is it sad? You can have fun on your own, and travel on your own. Friends are a pain in the ass. If they think you're a pushover, they'll constantly ask you for money/favors, but if you want to have an outing or hang out with them, they'll tell you they're busy. You can't trust other people with your secrets, you can't be yourself around them.


I used to have a like minded friend. He joined the army and we lost contact. Now I am all alone. Once again.


File: 1669104390105.gif (646.66 KB, 204x171, 68:57, 70fa7e4e48c6c8f2726.gif) ImgOps iqdb

No friends and no family other than my mom. I have 3 siblings but they don't acknowledge my existance. But I don't come from a close family.


He ended contact, you mean


i used to have friends when i was real young but as i get older it started to get really hard to find friends. puberty fucked my brain in a bad way.


go to a ham radio meet. thats where wizards do


I have an online friend with whom I have been exchanging emails for years. We have a lot of things in common and we often show each other our projects (he likes to write and I like to draw). Funnily enough, we're both wizards, but he is a little older than me.
By the way, he has recently developed tinnitus and he's still having trouble dealing with that. To be honest, I really feel sorry for him.


I talked to one person since 2017 almost every day. On the other side of the world, text chat only, i never heard his voice. Now he recently killed himself. Feels worse than when family members die


same but since 2018, I miss him so much it's unreal. I read our old chatlogs sometimes and I tear up everytime


Imagine wanting to have friends, losers~ No but seriously, finding true friends are impossible as my standards are higher than the average of what a friend is. None of the people i meet are worth keeping around as it's a lot of efforts to have friends. Unlike others here, I have very good social skills and meet a lot of new people at work. (getting intimate with females are different and scary tho…)

I will most likely stay and enjoy my own solitude until i die alone as it's freeing and relaxing. Free from others emotions, thoughts and idéas. People in the end are just trouble and can't to seem to find their own inner balance. All i want is a peaceful life were i can focus on whats important. Yet, if life only was so simple as black and white. I can see the grey, the wanting of more and the loneliness of not finding a place to belong. But as i turn 30 next year, i guess my time has come heh.


I have 2 friends from high school. of which one is highly dysfunctional like me, and other is working some shit job. they live in different cities. I talk to them on the phone sometimes. conversations I have with them are pointless and dull. they are meaningless exchanges. they only happen because I have no one else to talk to and in return they have no one else that is willing to listen to their non-daily life related ideas.

my relationship with them is awkward, maybe they are not even my friends, just acquaintances. I went for a stay over with one of them and it was awkward, because he lives with his parents and his parents wouldn't even let us spend time together outside, his father took us everywhere. I guess they are not seeing him as a grown up and they probably never will.


I was 'unschooled' since third grade. Basically my parents were junkies who never did anything with me. I work at UPS now and interact with no one. Ive worked and focused my energy full time for 6 years and basically set the pace for the building I work at (it's a dump, a big dump, but a dump nonetheless). The warehouse is convinced I'm some sort of schizo wizard and have tried to fire me, but they've learned the hard way they can't afford that. Coworkers have nightmares about me. When bad shit happens they attribute it to me and my black sorcery. It is so fucking dope but I have to maintain complete disregard of all people to keep the juju strong. I get attention from every single female I cross but I never reciprocate it. It could be a lesbian couple and I still don't give a fuck. It's a terribly dark and superstitious place which is perfect for a wizard.

I swear when I was in my teens this loneliness made me want to die. Now I find it very empowering, like an exploration of my deepest self. Idk.


> I went for a stay over with one of them and it was awkward, because he lives with his parents and his parents wouldn't even let us spend time together outside, his father took us everywhere. I guess they are not seeing him as a grown up and they probably never will.

How old is he?


Its a relief and a load of to remove our mask and act true to ourselves. Good job, wizzie


>the other person would brag at me incessantly and basically use me to try and gratify their own ego
This often happens when you constantly whine to that person, is this the case? I'm not saying it is, just a question.


takes off your vr goggles
in reality you and I are the janitor from I'm thinking of ending things


/b/ is my only interaction with others besides my breeders who wage slave all day. last time someone introduced themselves (was buying food) forgot you are suppose to say your name too, right? for a moment there I was expecting the oblivion dialogue options to pop up but my program stopped responding


No friends or family. I live in an abyss of loneliness and mediocrity. Please let me die.

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