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File: 1666903428034.jpg (162.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, j1vb5stcc0p61.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any misters here have experience or knowledge of tapering off antipsychotics?

I (the legit tru wizzie) got put on them following a psychotic episode. Now that I'm off, I have kind of a lightheaded brainfog and it's clear I'm not exactly operating at baseline anymore. Pill-pusher claims it's high dopamine

Mister, Haaaaaaalllp!!!


File: 1666909227911.jpg (134.53 KB, 745x1024, 745:1024, 1666779618089625m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Intermittent fasting, colon cleansing, and gallon of water a day


lol they are not only ading more female champs lately but also black champions, they are clearly forcing their woke propaganda I'm wonder for how long xenophobic countries like kore and china will take riot's shit before replacing this game with something else


Ok, listen, after a psychotic episode, generally you brain wont work like before, it happens because your brain went haywire, it was not the antipsychotic, they are to help avoid new psychotic episode that futher damages your brain, best option is to talk to your psychiatrist about you medication and mental health status, good luck.


I don't think it's woke, coomerbait characters sell more skins. Practically all modern champions are either waifubait or edgelord self-inserts. Whenever they try anything else like Velkoz or Aurelian Sol it ends up flopping.


every single male champion's splash since 2016 is homoerotic art, one might argue that male champs are more sexuaized than fenales, unironically.


Sounds like an over-active prefrontal cortex.


there's evidence suggesting antipsychotics shrink brain volume.

My episode stopped and I'm just trying to recover the best I can right now. Of course if I do experience an repeat I have the pills and psych doc to go back to. This is for optimal recovery after on the assumption this was some kind of one-off


you're completely fucked, that's permanent

you could re-adapt though, and feel better and be stronger, but it probably takes more effort than you would ever consider
you would have to isolate yourself and focus on coherent thoughts and physical training without distractions - like go to a cabin by yourself or camping for an entire year or more.

yeah you're fucked, they deleted your brain


File: 1666928363724.png (16.92 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Fe3pQnvaYAkek61.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Calls himself a Truwiz and then explains how he was tricked in to taking "be normal pills" by some rich doctorfag, in the same sentence.

Don't listen to people who themselves are on antipsychotics. They are chemically programmed to lie on behalf of "the beast". Listen to me instead, a friend.

Get healthy blood by eating whole foods and doing some serious working out. This is the first step to any mental recovery. Exercise is itself an antidote to psychosis and other mental illness. A brain that wants to heal will only be able to if there's enough strain on your muscles and bones to put your entire body in to a perpetual healing status. Testosterone is a miracle worker on repairing cognitivity. Avoid stimulants though. If there's some bad wiring in your brain, stimulants will encourage hyperactivity there before all.

You don't need to be hardened so avoid supplementary or self-made cortisol. Keep your mind clear from stresses, even things that seem innocent like a challenging video game. Distract yourself from any depressing thoughts you may have for now and immediately go to do something energizing and physically stimulating if you feel your mind going to shadowy places. Challenge yourself by learning something new, encouraging your brain to grow and witnessing it doing so in the progress you're making in the hobby.

And take it easy. Be in nature. Be among flowing water and within shining sunlight. Nature okaa-san is nice and she wants the best for you, so she will heal you, so long as you go to her.


It's incredibly irresponsible of you to give medical advice here like you know anything about what you're talking about. Doctors are trained to do this. They have the clinical evidence and the schooling to interpret it. You do not.

Lots of horribly misinformed bullshit in this post; (1) Testosterone's role as a nootropic is not well-understood. You certainly don't understand how it works; (2) Sweepingly wrong generalizations about stimulants complete with bro-science to back it up: "… encourage hyperactivity there before all"? Have you spoken to the patient at all and diagnosed them? What contraindication do stimulants have here? Are you aware that stimulants are the first-line of treatment used for hyperactivity in ADHD?

>You don't need to be hardened so avoid supplementary or self-made cortisol.

(3) What the fuck are you talking about. Stop talking bullshit. Supplements have nothing to do with cortisol. (4) "Distract yourself from any depressing thoughts " Gee, that's great advice man. I can't believe no one thought of that before. I can tell you're really an expert here and are qualified to give medical advice like telling people to stop taking their meds that might have life-altering consequences. People should definitely listen to you.

"And take it easy. Be in nature. Be among flowing water and within shining sunlight. Nature okaa-san is nice and she wants the best for you, so she will heal you, so long as you go to her."

Yep, next time you get a serious infection go into nature and meditate away the bacteria attacking your cells instead of taking antibiotics. You're dangerously incompetent and if anything I think you should be on anti-psychotics. Don't mislead people here again with this kind of hippie bullshit.


been seeing a few of these posts lately, they wants him /fit/ for the upcoming rebellion against da jooz lol.
work out bro
video games bad bro
manual labor bro
and then
the great outdoors bro


Yeah, docs know all the thing. You have to obey them no matter what. Take their pills, and shut up. Be a good guy


Could it be that you won't have any other episode, and you wont need a antipsychotic, still better to talk to your doctor about it.


Fucking schizo talking bullshit, don't listen to this schizo, OP.


why are you so fucking retarded?


Another female nurse couldn't help but to make herself known when she encounters real, honest medical advice that contrasts her $700 community college textbook.



ad hominem


yawn, brainlets who can't confront points directly. many such cases. protip: you have to put work into problem solving to be good at it. you're clearly not good at it.


File: 1667000019093.jpg (111.2 KB, 572x549, 572:549, 64066cdb55d9778e1832764a13….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

FYI I just went to leddit and a licensed psychiatrist said if I'm off meds and not having symptoms I'm fine

Brief psychotic disorder is a thing. Shiddy misses should die easy



File: 1667045701227.jpg (221.01 KB, 1920x902, 960:451, Base_rate_fallacy_with_vac….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Some interesting information there. It's a very bias presentation though. For example: let's say that there's only a small portion of people out of millions who have an adverse reaction. The article would list out all of those reactions. I would say that over-all it's like confirmation bias but actually much worse because he's misrepresenting information to make infrequent occurrences seem like they're common.

There's also a line in there that is total crack pot where he talks about observing ant-like movements in a patients 'bio-energy field' and acknowledges he can't bring it up with colleagues because its outside of accepted medicine (i.e. crackpot.) Kind of funny that all of this was linked in with vaccines and politics, too. These people also do the same shit with statistics. There's a special name for this. It's called the base rate fallacy.


>Not pushing harmful jew pills must be a schizoid


>ranting out your opinions is making "points"
kill yourself


all medication did for me was cause me debilitating migraines. fuck off.


The post he linked was about the dark site of anti-depressants. Try actually reading something instead of just the title. Lmao. Low IQ.

So you think that anything can be dismissed instantly by saying that it's just a subjective opinion. If all truth is relative then your opinion that all truth is relative can be safely dismissed by me saying it's bullshit. Sorry man baby, but relativism is logically inconsistent. If there's a problem with my points then surely you should be able to point them out instead of trying to make a retarded meta-argument about the inconsistencies of truth.

Embarrassingly low iq. It's like watching a slug squirming as it tries to do basic logic.


>The Jew are the culprit of my life been so shit

Schizo, the Jew don't give single fuck about your schizo ass, conspiracytards think they're smart.


File: 1667086400269.jpg (56.43 KB, 800x497, 800:497, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Imagine browsing wizchan post 2020 and being offended over this


That's correct. Jews are not smart, and their conspiracytardation about things like being persecuted are absurd.


Are you niggers so dumb to think that Jew are a monolithic group? Jesus Fucking Christ, do you think that European are a monolithic group too? Fucking low IQ retards that think the world is some fantasy conspiracy bullshit.


>hurr! hurr hurr! jews cant be nepotistic cos… cos not literally all of dem r worknig together!!1 chuds btfo111
lol, lmao even


>No no no no the Jews can't be despotic! The black, white, asian and other ethnicities can be despotic but not the Jews! Because because because ah Humm THE CANT OK!

Fucking dumb nigger.


Get off the computer dindu, you're clearly too dumb to use it.



Not argument, storm front chud.


you sound delirious. the point was that you dont need quite literally every single jew "in on it" for group strategy to work. you dont need literally every single executive in a given industry to be jewish for them to have virtual monopolies. the only people who think that's the argument to be made are naive kids and kanye west. anyone who thinks that's the only way it's being framed are cattle.


So what's the point if jew have some kind of in-group interests? From my point of view is kind of rational actor would do, to grab the power and stay in power to survive, jews have high IQ and money, so pretty sure they would grab position of power, like every rational actor would do, it's not a conspiracy or anything, just what a group high money and power would do, that's rational action, what is funny it's all this storm front chud here crying all day about "muh jews" like the jew give a single fuck about some random schizo, or if jew have somekind of special interest to control some random schizo on the street, to me sound like someone has a huge ego and is mentally ill, like a literal schizo.


i guess people dont like feeling powerless and without any avenues to change their status. if i got into power, i would either deport or murder all nonwhites as insurance that whites dont lose power in their nations again. i also wouldnt give a shit about economic expansion and oppressing other nations if it meant that it benefited whites alone. i dont like jews because i dont identify as one and they dont treat me as one of their own, but i understand how the game is played. i only criticize them on the principle that i consider them an enemy.
i was just criticizing this naive idea that jews do not extensively organize along cultural and ethnic lines, not that it is wrong for them to. jews themselves love to play dumb about it so it's annoying to see useful idiots fall for it too, many of them being whites.


>i also wouldnt give a shit about economic expansion and oppressing other nations
Holy shit, you forgot the Russia Ukraine war already? The world won't leave you alone, wars are a constant in human history


the US has done it on a far larger scale and nobody does anything


Uhm yeah that's the point, the us has been busy doing its "economic expansion and oppressing other nations" to stay on top of the game


i dont know why you think that point needs to be made, then, as if i have said something to the contrary. what i said was that i would do the same, too, but i only criticize it now because i think it is being done for the benefit of people that i dislike.


>So what's the point if jew have some kind of in-group interests? From my point of view is kind of rational actor would do, to grab the power and stay in power to survive, jews have high IQ and money, so pretty sure they would grab position of power, like every rational actor would do, it's not a conspiracy or anything, just what a group high money and power would do
I agree with you. It only becomes an issue when they use that power to, say, direct the foreign policy of their host nations through organizations like AIPAC to the detriment of everyone else


Like I said, it's a rational action, chinese minority are like the jew in the south east asia, they are minority with huge control over their economies, they do it because there smart, hard working and ambition, and the result they are like the jew in the east in some countries, again, like any rational actor would do: take over the place and run in accord with the group interest.


It's no less rational for the families of the soldiers sent to the middle east, or those who had relatives die from oxycontin, to ask why the priorities and demands of a tiny minority should overrule their lives

We also see irrational outcomes as a result of this distorting influence on affairs, such as the unnatural antagonism between the west and iran which isn't in the rational interest of either party involved


It never entirely goes away. If you're on them long enough, it's going to have a permanent effect. Plus, old age will wear down the brain regardless. Once you stop development after adolescence, the slow decline towards senility begins. Going through a breakdown will fuck with you forever. It's why they don't want anyone who has ever been through that in a position of authority.

That said, you can taper off antipsychotics and recover some of your function. Note that I'm not recommending everyone should do this or has to. Taking the chemical lobotomy isn't necessarily the worst thing, and may be preferable to withdrawal if your life really is that bad. I was on a low dose of antipsychotics for 6 years and recently went off, and after the first two weeks I felt great and could finally think about the things I had been suppressing, that led to me going on the things in the first place. It was painful and I was working through shit during those 6 years, not that anyone will give me any credit for it. It was dealing with the shit and finding a solution that made it possible. (I will say though, my life has never been good, and there wasn't a time I wasn't breaking down and crying. It was only after 20 that my life stopped sucking so much that I could finally do things like a somewhat normal person, at a huge disadvantage against everyone else.)

Best advice I can give is that it's not that you're evil or "forever permanently insane". Something in your brain or your life experience means you function differently. It doesn't have to be this death sentence where you can't do anything, but the society we live in forces us to be nothing, because they want to kill us off as soon as possible. Them going out of their way to make us suffer is a large contributor to the misery. For all of my problems, they really can't say I've done something so horrible except exist and make them feel upset. Fuck them. I've been trying to hold on and live what life I can, and try to help those who I can (which they say I cannot do, because they're the only ones who are permitted to show noblisse oblige and peons must be greedy and venal in all cases). Certainly those people aren't going to help anyone. The "helper" professions aren't there to help us or anyone. They're there to destroy, because that's the moral philosophy they follow.

I can't guarantee learning about philosophy and politics will help you - most people go crazier and get caught up in cult-like thinking. It worked for me, because I was deprived of that learning when I grew up, with every adult lying to my face and laughing at me so they could defend what they stole.


The thing is, that many of us have our brains bogged with somatic resulsts of inadequate schizo dynamics and this hidden forms of accumulated stress turns out into somethings that needs to be cleansed materially.

Know the warp wanings, what wizards need to know to get rid of their miserable mental and bodily health: https://endchan.org/pdfs/res/326.html


antipsychotics like risperdal shrink the brain on the long term.

if you have taken some for one week or so, there won't be brain damage. but if you have been on them for 5 years, your brain did take a solid hit.


antipsychotics don't help, they are neurotoxic snake oil.
I have unreal hatred for disgusting faggots like you.


Nuspeak for heresy or demonic possesion.
Shut the fuck up, no one asked you, faggot.


Literal nigger or whitetrash.


I can only speak for anti depressants withdrawal I went cold turkey from a max dosage of sertraline

I’d say diet and exercise with sun light is gonna help the most forcing yourself to get into nature and the sun

I’d imagine with anti psychotics it takes allot longer to get out your system


It is terribly irresponsible from you to cuck us into normie medicine knowing how much full of business and manipulation it is.

What a shill, just another normie shilling normomedicine.

And some lines after, the psycho using "schizo" as an insult.


>Imagine browsing wizchan post 2020
What else could I browsing? 4chad? 8glow?


sup faggots. Since this thread is still getting traction I'll just give you the update. I'm doing fine, probably had this experienced because antipsychotics themselves cause upregulation of striatal d2 causing supersensitivity if you abruptly go off them. The med student/nursefag can get btfo and should stop reading cherrypicked studies made to sell pills that give people brain damage. The sensation in my head I was talking about? My mesolimbic system, went away the moment I started downregulating dopamine and now a non-issue.

Worth reading:
>William J. Walsh - Nutrient Power Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain
>Harold D. Foster - What Really Causes Schizophrenia
get on libgen. The entire disease can be controlled using nutritional and dietary interventions. Psychiatry is a sham profession fuck these faggots they were treating schizos in the soviet union by making them fast for extended periods to normalize hormones and then treating food disorders. Easy modo

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