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its not just the internet

when i go out at night to buy a tea or something from the store everyone around is deathly silent and unthinking, old bright stores and landmarks imply a past happiness that's no longer there

theres an abandoned pool in my city that has its logo from the 2000s still and its become nothing but a dark hideout for homeless and junkies

every store or market is occupied by machine-like pajeets, man-like succubi and people with genuinely no personality and even the washed up old white people who used to be the progenitors of western pop culture (like metallica, jackass, harry potter, lotr, austin powers etc) are all drugged out or not living in my city anymore


Welcome to the world of depopulation.
They've been lying pretty heavily to hide what has been going on. It's worse than anyone is admitting, because all of the people who have relevance want to keep the death going. That's the civic religion these days - sacrifice the weak.
I suspect there's probably 10-20M fewer people in the US than the official population numbers claim. A lot of that will be old people who aren't cleared from the system, and overcounting because the census is not reliable and census officials are given every reason to inflate the numbers. They have no way to count the illegal immigrants, who are included in the official population figures based on estimates. Obama and Trump were purging the immigrants and very likely they're just dead, and they don't want accountability. They gotta keep them coming to refresh the labor force, after all.


>Welcome to the world of depopulation.
I wish this were true but no, dumbasses will keep multiplying like rabbits no matter how miserable it all is, clogging up the roads with their fatass suvs and trucks. Buying all the stupid shit so that stupid shit continues to dominate the market place. This world is for the retarded


it really is a retard's world and I can't wait to die


dont wait then? i never understood this view like waiting is noble. kys if you are just waiting


it's not about appearing noble. it's hard to overcome the self-preservation instinct.
>inb4 no it dont lololol
and nobody alive can make this claim since they are… *drumroll* still alive. and no, one still choosing to be here because one still enjoys life doesnt reflect a capacity to empathize with those who have defeated self-preservation.


at least experiment with drugs and alcohol is youre gonna take life for granted


not >>197618 but been there and done that. no amount of psychedelics nor religious practice has given me even an ounce of belief in higher purpose, and eventually the drugs just stop being fun.


i meant hard drugs like cocaine, meth and heroin.


snorted lot of coke, havent tried other two and probably wont


smoking crack is more wizardly than sniffing coke


if im ordering online anyway, i would rather get the better stuff. as for snortables, ketamine was better.


retarded schizo thread with no basis in reality


crack is gay. it's like yehaw for about 5 minutes and then you're back for more. $60 later and not only is it not fun anymore but you feel like shit the rest of the day.

they designed it for niggers, not wizards.


i think thats a common misconception but you can enjoy the other parts of free based cocaine. for one, if you just "give in" and repeatedly redose, its a much different experience from getting super blasted and just lasting it out for an a couple hours. the first 15 minutes rushing is the adrenaline based stress response, but the actual high of cocaine is more


idk why i framed it as giving in, i mean if you try to stretch it out vs smoking it quick and heavy


I think your perception is based on a mix of isolation and nostalgia. The world is going to shit however you got that right and people are like robots as well.


instead of tea right now im drinking chicken stock its really comfy


It just feels like we've been going down since the 2000s and part of 2010s. Life feels like watching Mad Max, with each part turning into an even more lonely, depressive and arid wasteland. Are we doomed


This theory doesn't make any sense. The internet used to be much more fragmented, but over the years pretty much all the internet is concentrated in more or less the same 20 websites… And today more people have access to the internet.

You probably watched some retarded youtuber talking about this dumb theory just to farm views… Pretty much zoomer content. If you're over 20 and grew up watching the ascencion of the internet you know this is the most obvious hoax ever.


I sometimes wonder about digging a mine somewhere away from the sight of the world and trying there. Like totally minecrafty hobo


And how are you gonna dig a mine, do you have any experience or are you just gonna hit rock with a pickaxe?


Digging is easier than reinforcing tunnels


But at some point you're gonna have to reinforce it otherwise it's gonna collapse


I hope anon dies in his cave tbh


I wouldn't celebrate Jackass, shit like that is what got us here, it's designed to turn you into a low-ambition cretin because the souls of gentiles aren't worth elevating. Here's a classic song from the same golden period of western pop culture where two jewish brothers smear family and education while talking you into identifying as a loser.


>da joos


They also tell you exactly what they think of your intelligence by quoting a dick joke from a Rob Schneider movie for the bridge.


drugs are for gays


I used to enjoy jackass as a kid because it was so antisocial and retarded but now I see how it was just another piece of "counter culture" faggotry as in "Were gonna fuck anything that has a hole and do drugs because we are such rebels and revolutionaries" type retardation which really lead us to the pre-cuberpunk reality we're in now and the people who are still riding that train are the pink hair progressive types who wanna abolish all normalcy because it really just boils down to that. It's just an extension of the 60s hippie bullshit and sexual revolution degeneracy that ruins every society it touches.


jackass is cringey and retarded i didn't watch a second of the new one because its completely played out and only for money. "get some low iq dumbass to hurt himself haha so funny"


I guess the only appeal it had back in the days was the dynamics of the crew itself and not even their stunts and they managed to ruin that completely with the most recent movies. I also don't understand why they brought all these internet faggots into it and succubi as well.



I think it depends of your environment, as third world citizen I could say my town is very lively, the problem is that I'm an introvert fuck who can't connect with anybody.


> "Social websites require a little bit of magic to work"
> Huffman circa 2012

"magic" == bots. He was talking about how they've botted their platform since the beginning. It's an open secret. Always has been. The internet is largely manufactured. The most of us real humans are but a fraction of the activity.

That platform is 18 years old. Two decades. There's fuckers on here not even that old yet. We've been living in a post reality so long that kids have been born and grown up in it knowing no other way.

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