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I dont know about you, but this is the only place where i can find like minded people. This place feels just fine.



Jokes on you, this site is slowly dying while the amount of trolls and unwanted faggots is increasing. Please don't kill yourself though.


Site is already dead. There's only half a dozen active posters and most of them are dep tier or shitheads


The great cleansing need to happen


no place should be a hugbox. The only difference between the rest of the internet and chans/chan culture (anything like 4chan) is that it is always self criticizing and no group identity can take place. and because its so shitty no one wants to be associated with it. Anywhere else if you say something dicy you will be immediately kicked out because it goes against the power structure. I've rarely seen people jerk eachother off with the exception of crabs which is why i hate them so much.


How could you possibly cleanse this site? Its the cleanest discussion website I use / know of except maybe lainchan, and I use ~20 discussion sites



20? mind sharing? if can't here i can give a fakemail or just upload a text file to something like litterbox catbox moe or takemetospace.


You must be retarded for thinking group identity doesn't exist in chans.

Post an opinion that isn't approved by the board's culture and you'll get shit on instantly.

But of course group identity isn't a thing when you're agreeing with it, that's just being based and an intellectual thinker, right?


Compared to any other online community theres way less consensus in imageboards. Yeah there are certain widely held belief but you will always find people arguing the contrary, sometimes genuinely and sometimes just to troll. Yes you will get shit on but to be fair pretty much everyone does in imageboards, the difference is if you argue people will argue back at you. In pretty much all other forms of online community you just get banned/ejected. Maybe there is somewhat of a prevailing archetype, but overall imageboards have much weaker group identity when compared to other forms social media.


It means you have to go back. It's nothing but natural immunity.


I'm not killing myself over it but I agree this is perhaps the last decent place on the internet for someone like me. 8chan was also great until it got shut down. I stopped coming here for a while and started using a forum that will not be named for some time and I greatly regret it. I was on there every day just to have something to keep me occupied but really it was a huge waste of time. Every other place on the internet that caters to "losers" seems to be full of really toxic people who want to focus all their energy on hating society especially succubi which seems like a futile effort to me.

Especially there are a lot of youngfags with a non-existent attention span on those other places, who get bored if there aren't 1000 posts a minute and have to be constantly shitposting. Whereas here I think the post rate is just right, not so slow that it's dead but still slow enough that it doesn't incentivize being on here all the time or making low-effort posts. Maybe a bit more activity especially in /hob/ rather than /dep/ would be nice but I don't fret over it.


this site died long ago. so did we. can you really call this life?


I feel like I suffer more than anyone on this website. Thus I can't relate to anyone here.


>Please don't kill yourself though.
You ARE unwanted faggot.


>it was a huge waste of time
Life itself is nothing waste of time.


well I can relate with this sentiment.


File: 1677367343556.jpg (13.39 KB, 202x200, 101:100, computer anxiety.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wouldn't miss this place that much. Most of it, you know what it is:
>"I can't stop fapping"
>"I can't stop drugs"
>"I fear normies"
>"I dread existence"
>"I do not practice any detox method but I still wish my brainz to get better"
>"Normies are pestering me and I'm too shy to backlash them"
>"I take meds even if they do nothing"
>"I am afraid of telling others I am virgin"
>Psychotic crabs often spewing their crap everywhere with mods' blessing
>Useless talks about politics and employment which deserve no attention at all
>No funny memes allowed, no greentexts
>Lore page is off
>No board for documents of interest, texts get lost
>No stories about anyone causing havoc amongst normies as they do totally deserve
>No lulz memes, no schizoposting

Seriously I think that taking my rests from this site keeps me mentally healthy


There's something very pleasant and relaxing about this place.

Does anyone remember Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings? He was the nature spirit and one of the few beings who felt no desire for the ring. He didn't want power, or control, or to push an agenda for good or evil. He just wanted to stay in the woods and live his life.


I wouldn't die for this place.
I would say however that virgin only spaces are, like the demographics they catter to, dying.

I've been on this ride since 2014, starting with 4ch/r9k/ then 8ch/r9k/ & /v9k/ then anon.cafe/r9k/ then the r/crabs & the hikkikomori IB and finally the crab forum.

All these places eventually died, except the crab forum but it's a shadow of what it was in the past.
I feel like an internet refugee, hopping from a settlement to another one.

Except this time, there is no other shelter to accomodate this dying demographics.
It's either wizchan or crabcels.

This place will eventually die to.
Future looks grim for wizards, as social medias and reddit relentlessly march on.


The ost to chris chans trial finale


it's kind of like a reddit self-help community for mental illness. They fixate on the same inane sort of things usually


>chris trans
back to kiwi faggot



I'm OP here. I've come to the realization that, i should not die, because if this site goes down, i should fight to bring a new one up.


Such is the way of satellite chans. Never know when one manages to hang on for longer than most.

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