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I am a seeker coming out of wizard psychosis in a quest to turn the saturn moon matrix off and along my path I have fucked myself up with a kundalini awakening and my spine is electrified and I have triple layered lucid paralysis dreams and a bunch of other shit trying to kill me


I was really interested in chakras and "third eye opening" while psychotic. Also experienced thought broadcasting, which is extremely common. In reality I was misinterpreting whatever chemical reaction was going on in my brain

take magnesium
take fish oil
take zinc
take NAC
take advil
take green tea extract
take niacin nonflush ONLY if you were eating a shitty diet because you can overdose on that shit.

All of those supplements have been studied and found to help with psychosis. stop browsing /x/ and all that other retarded stuff, too



people are apparently taking up to 3000mg a day with doc supervision, which is insane. Keto diet might also work.

For the record I am not schizo and have almost fully recovered after what is termed a brief psychotic episode


Currently on the keto diet. Also thanks for the other insights you have provided


i dont get this thread but the one time i tried taking niacin a decade ago my whole body itched and felt weird. tried it again in a few weeks, same thing. fuvk that shit


10 mg of Zyprexa(olanzapine) take it at night


that's normal. You're talking about the flush variety, which I actually meant to recommend but instead said nonflush out of habit.

after 36 weeks the brains of people taking olanzapine have 7% less volume



Much obliged



is Saturn yours to defeat.

i think no.

all we can do is transcend above and beyond

if we can


what in the fuck have you guys been packing your pipes with?




Mine was just intense stress.

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