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As long as I can remember all I always wanted is to rest, give me a fucking break I'm 32 years old, yes. if I do it, it will likely shatter my mom, and be a blow to siblings, but why should I care? I know that seems heartless to ask and stupid, because I do care, but my point is, why should I bare all of this weight? Jesus fucking Christ, all I want when I go to sleep is to not wake up, yes I've done therapy, took medication and what not, it's not wrong, I'm not sick, I just don't see what the big deal of life is, everything is a distraction, an illusion to deviate you from the truth, you, me, and everyone else is a byproduct of exposure and environment. I'm not a lonely, angst teenager, I just don't want it, it's fine, there is people that likes life, I don't. I just don't see the point, and no, this is not about being a wiz, if anything, in many regards being a wiz, saved me of a lot of unnecessary headache.


if you've got any money saved up maybe you should move away from your family and cut off contact with them, maybe you will enjoy life more that way because you won't have to suffer the stress that is caused by worry of your actions affecting a bunch of individuals that have been forced upon you by life
if you disconnect yourself from them you also won't find it as difficult to not think about their feelings on your suicide, if that's the avenue you choose


what is your templeos-like project before you die

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