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The Paralysis Argument
ABSTRACT: Given plausible assumptions about the long-run impact of our everyday actions, we show
that standard non-consequentialist constraints on doing harm entail that we should try to do as little as
possible in our lives. We call this the Paralysis Argument. After laying out the argument, we consider
and respond to a number of objections. We then suggest what we believe is the most promising
response: to accept, in practice, a highly demanding morality of beneficence with a long-term focus


imagine you’re deciding whether to redeem a coupon for a free movie. If you go, you’ll need to drive to the cinema. By
ffecting traffic throughout the city, you’ll have slightly impacted the schedules of thousands or tens of thousands of people. The average life is about 30,000 days, and over the course of a life the average person will have about two children. So — if you’ve impacted at least 7,500 days — then, statistically speaking, you’ve probably influenced the exact timing of a conception event. That different child will now impact all sorts of things as they go about their life, including future conception events. And then those new people will impact further future conceptions events, and so on. Thanks to these ripple effects, after 100 or maybe 200 years, basically everybody alive will be a different person because you went to the movies



You're just invoking the butterfly effect to excuse any action or inaction you find convenient.

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