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Do you think that being ironic about everything is a sign that someone is insecure?

Perhaps they are trying to avoid the possibility that their ideas/jokes/statements may not be liked but it doesn't matter because they were "just being ironic"

It seems like there has been a huge decline in sincerity. Should people be more sincere?


Sincerity is dead and the internet killed it.




It's a sign of being incapable of using anything else other than irony. You'll see this mostly in zoomers, we started up the custom of being ironic, then it slowly snowpiled and when the zoomers got on the internet at age 5 or whatever they immediately got sucked in, reveled in it, and eventually became incapable of doing anything but being sarcastic and snarky at all times.


David foster Wallace spoke of how daytime tv couldn’t escape the crux of irony decades ago
And we haven’t made any changes only got worse


I heard this shit all the time from you people but I've never seen this. Am I too autistic for not recognizing irony when I see it? What are some examples of these ironies anyway?


No the opposite is actually happening. Everyone thinks that zoomers are being ironic when they aren't. That is why sincerity is dead, since boomers think everything is just ironic now.


Infinite Jest is a must-read of the modern day


hey fag, fuck off. if youre a zoomer, go to a restaurant and leave youre number. no consequences right? keep going until you find the butter eater succubus who gives you your menu and food, and then just do it. do it. do it zoomiel.


We started it, then the zoomers discovered our internet. I'm not saying I'm a zoomer you illiterate fucking nigger.

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