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Any community I visit on the internet or I'm forced to be a part of in real life ends up telling me subtly or not so subtly that I'm an unpleasant person. In the case of internet communities I get banned very soon usually because I come into some kind of conflict with others. In real life too I can't avoid confrontations and conflicts with others and I realized only relatively lately in my life that I enjoy conflicts. Even though I don't have useful skills or talents I'm an extremely competitive person. I feel the need to force my will onto others around me all the time, to "mentally rape" them so to speak.
You know that guy in movies, right? The kind that is the asshole uncle whom everyone hates and avoids and he similarly hates everyone else. Yeah, that's me.

So I've been thinking, are we wizards just people that are unpleasant to be around? I confess in a manly manner that I quite frankly hate everyone and would gladly send most people to torture chambers. If I could hurt someone's feelings during the day then it was worth waking up. I never apologize to anyone meanwhile even the meanest normals apologized to me once in a while for this and that. I feel disconnected from others and lack any sort of empathy towards normal people, I only have empathy for animals and other wizards.

It's weird because people like us tend to think of ourselves as the victims of normal society and etc. I think that's true too but lately I feel as if this thing goes both ways too. I remember bullying some of my classmates, breaking some kids' noses in fights as a kid, stealing from the school, etc. Even as a kid I was anti-social and despised both my classmates and teachers. I remember rejecting the friendly approaches of others, other kids always wanted to befriend me or know me better but I dunno, I never felt like doing stuff with them. Even as a child I was a HUGE edgelord, my heroes weren't Batman or Superman but The Joker and Darth Vader and other negative characters mostly, I always liked the villains better and could relate to them more than to the heroes who always had friends and were pretty normal and boring in comparison.


"we" is too many people.


You implying you are a completely well-functional, social person in every meaning?


I'm telling you not to project your maladies onto everyone.


I'm just like you my wizbased wizfriend. I despise all those normals and go around pulling, manipulating and playing with them everytime I can. Just the other day my sister was begging me for money (since I got wizrich thanks to manipulating some normals into buying cryptoscam) and I laugh on her face, told her that if she wanted my money she would have to take a photo dressing like Kaname from Full Metal Panic! from whom I had a cosplay bought a time ago, holding a cartel saying "my onii-chan owns me" and upload it to her social media, which she actually did! it was hilarious and all her normal friends were crying in the comments saying that I was a monster, even her boyfriend was insulting me while my sides were breaking for how much I was laughing. I'm legit so I actually give her the money after that, probably is gonna ask for more soon and will need to think in another condition to put on her.


I have hated everybody I've met in real life, and I wish them suffering, painful death, etc. I don't bother personally inflicting it on them though, and live my life as passively as possible because I don't want to use my own energy to hurt them, nor do I want to interact with them in any other way. On the net I only hate people if they deserve it, and not indiscriminately like I hate people I meet in real life. There are plenty of wizards who hate everybody indiscriminately, but not all wizards are like that.


no, you guys are just normie bullies, who sooner or later will rape a succubus and get in prison, your wizardy is temporary, because you think with your bully instead of your brain. can't relate. and hate you. had to suffer from one of such bullies, wish i could kill him.

it's true that i'm kind of toxic, but my toxicity is usually based and if proven wrong i don't start giving shit and just admit that i did mistake.


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I'm sort of the opposite. Always the polite, conflict avoidant person who just tended to keep to himself, with a handful of buddies at best, most of whom I never met outside of school. I'm 24 now. I guess the masses are like this. Outside of some very specific circumstances, they don't like those who stand out with their behaviour. Neither the aggressive troublemaker, nor the asocial man of solitude.


I'm not very much like that, I've spent a large part of my life trying my best to be a good person, the only issue here being the fact that I've been met with negativity and it overtime shaped me into becoming more and more antisocial.
I can't really say that I'm completely good per se either, though, I've been involved in petty crimes and other types of questionable behavior throughout my life so the idea that I turned into the person that I am today, in the eyes of other people who might have been better at judging who I was as a person, isn't exactly the most surprising outcome.
I have a deep desire within me to be accepted among others, this likely stems from the fact that I as a young person did not get a lot of support by anyone and was left alone for a long period of time. Nowadays, I try my best to fit in and be normal, and it seems to be working pretty well for the most part. I've always been a social butterfly, it's a part of who I am as a person, but the fact that I was neglected for so long during my formative years left a feeling in me that wants to be accepted, loved, maybe even worshipped. One of the defining traits that I have gained that could sum up my mentality would be the lack of compassion that I have towards others, I no longer try to find any type of emotional support from others, the entire idea that normal people have which is reaching out to people to me has completely died out as I see no potential for meaningful relationships that could offer anything to me.
There's a barrier around me nowadays, I am able to interact with people normally just as anyone else would, but there's a sense of distance that I keep from others despite that. Nowadays I try to analyze everyone around me, have low opinions of most, and think of people as something similar to inanimate objects that have their purpose, and the amount of interest I show in people is related to what they could offer me of value if I were to spend time with them. I don't think a lot about what is considered acceptable or anything similar, the emotions I have are mostly shallow and empty, when I interact with people for a longer period of time, I have the idea in me that I want to consume that person entirely rather than some type of healthy relationship that could have existed otherwise.


You niggas need a little love


some sort of selection process has happened to the userbase of the site. I think it's that the regular cohort grew up to become actual wizards and the few well adapted people who were tagging along didn't. Actual celibacy in the over 30's age category just doesn't select for functional people would be my guess.

There was one polack going around spreading the worst parts of that board's culture here, but we're not all like that.


nah you are just a psychopath which isn't attractive.


Im not like that but I can appreciate op being gigabased


I'm a lot like you too OP


He's not a psychopath, he just wants to feel important, which a lot of people do in varying degrees but not everyone expresses it in the same way.
I can totally see where he is coming from because I have some of the same feelings too once in a while. There used to be a point in time where I was a frail person with not a lot to give, as I've grown I've also wanted to be able to affect people's thoughts increasingly as well. This very ability to be able to persuade others is present in everyone, OP just does it in a more aggressive way which could be interpreted as being somewhat insensitive, but the main quality of wanting to be right, and above all, more capable than others, is basically the same idea.


How is OP gigabased when he is just another wizard wasting his time posting on wizchan of all places?


I fail to remember last time I lied, tricked or mislead anyone while people who tell me I am wrong or damaged in one way or another are running psychological schemes with multiple day any given day to achieve their material goals.


*multiple people. sleep depravity is affecting my already low ability to form correct sentences negatively.


foid hands typed this post


This is a place for outsiders, outcasts and generally people who don't get along well with society. How is it unreasonable to suppose that people here aren't exactly the nicest or most well-mannered people on Earth?

How does raping succubi figure into this discussion? I would never do such a thing, even if it was legal. Simply because that would be acknowledging the power and attractiveness of females. I hate most people, including the opposite sex too. My contempt and hatred are stronger than any sort of lust I have. I can't imagine myself getting intimate with anyone. The proper way to get back at females is by bullying them mentally and socially or making them afraid of you. Make them feel like they are ugly and can't do anything right.
>had to suffer from one of such bullies, wish i could kill him.
See, you aren't that different from us. You desire revenge and feel anger too, you hate just like the way we do. Probably you would be make a great bully one day.

Psychopath is the most overused buzzword of our culture probably, right next to nihilist. Both of those words don't mean anything concrete and normals use them to attack anyone they find weird. Psychology is the system normals use to classify anyone that doesn't fit into their little definition of normal.

I've been called both of those a lot. Nihilist by my high school teachers and psycho by my classmates. Even if we accept that there is such a thing as being a psychopath I'm not fit the description because I feel empathy, anyway.

Most people feel this way too I think but they are cowards. They hate open confrontations and one-on-one conflicts so they resort to getting things through subtle manipulation. They hide behind the backs of others and can only act tough if they have the group's backing and approval. They are afraid of any sort of individual struggle and any sort of conflict with authority figures and the community itself. At least openly. I remember in school I was one of the few kids who talked back to teachers, even the usual normalfag bad boys were like scared puppies before them. I wasn't really a troublemaker yet teachers hated me more than the actual troublemakers because they couldn't play their shitty power-tripping games with me and couldn't force me to lick their asses.


>They hate open confrontations and one-on-one conflicts so they resort to getting things through subtle manipulation. They hide behind the backs of others and can only act tough if they have the group's backing and approval. They are afraid of any sort of individual struggle and any sort of conflict with authority figures and the community itself.
These people are very self-conscious and worry about how they may be perceived by the group instead of being completely honest. As much as some people might see your type of behavior as being something negative, they try and promote their own interests in different ways that are more pleasureable for a person to take in. If anything, it's those types of slimy people who aren't honest that are the worst type of people in this world. Stuff like salesmen or even politicians, smooth talking their way into getting what they want by clever use of words and the like. I appreciate your attitude because honestly if I weren't such a massive pussy myself I would have adopted it as my own. Some might say that confrontations of that sort cannot end in constructive things because things can get heated, but I don't always find that to be the case. If you feel strongly enough about a particular viewpoint, you gain the confidence necessary to try and push that concept into the mind of someone else. This very confidence does not necessarily equal being right, but there is definitely some rational thought process behind managing to find something so logical that you would risk your own reputation by forcing it onto someone else.
I would say that it's a trait of someone who is very individualistic, and for that alone I have to admire it.


File: 1670547088716.png (1.3 MB, 1200x680, 30:17, 568836363.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I've always been a pushover that is pretty peaceful when not provoked, but when I am provoked… I take it like a bitch, but I fantasize about raping and disemboweling the family and friends of whomever fucked with me. I've been like that since elementary school, no joke. I would think about raping and killing my bullies and their families. Yet, I've never committed a single act of violence, nor do I plan to. OP, you sound like an asshole.


same here. ive done the same since 3rd grade. i was abused by a teacher and it's what started it. i fantasized about an electronic table device that would rape her for eternity. i don't think i even knew what a vagina looked like at the time but i knew rape was supposedly the worst thing to happen to a succubus.
IRL whenever people are mean to me i just evacuate the area, permanently in cases like jobs and stuff. i've quit jobs because of people yeah. then i go home and my tulpas roundhouse kick them until they're a gib puddle on the floor in my imagination.


File: 1670594374346.png (221.71 KB, 1316x428, 329:107, wiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

check out what this guy posts during the midnight hours. Joke fucking site


Just ignore the fucking faggot mods, they only ever post on /b/ anyway because they know if they spread their retardation to other boards they'll get doxxed and murdered.


these fags regularly delete or derail threads on the main site and will actually stalk users if you post on meta. I'd rather burn it all down personally


This "sweet-talking" cowardly moron type we are discussing is the reason society came to be a thing ultimately. Or I should say civilization. Civilization is built on the lie that people band together because it is easier to survive this way and that we should work together while civilization didn't erase conflicts at all, only created a different sort of battleground and field of competition. Pre-civilization it was all about warriors and bravery and honor, after civilization it is all about smiling at people while waiting for an opportunity to stab them in the back and manipulating others.

Everyone has these fantasies I'm afraid, most people just don't mention them to avoid conflicts.


Again, stop projecting.


Or rather you stop idealizing yourself, normals and society generally? Maybe 99.99% of humans are just shit persons regardless of sex, race, religion, class or other factors. Ever considered it between watching two episodes of The Smurfs?

Just because normals don't discuss something openly doesn't mean they don't daydream about it too.


There's no such thing as a private language, and language structures our dreams, aspirations. If people are not sharing their dreams, their dreams will shift and shrink, until there is little left.


>There's no such thing as a private language
of course there is. i can write an obfuscated diary to record information for my future self


Do it then? You can't, you could only make a poor facsimile of the language you already have.


I don't really understand how a wizard can be very competitive, unless your conpetitiveness is a survival motivation like money. If you hate people so much why don't you just seek solitude instead of confront? I'm only competitive on the money field because i want to buy a house and live alone.

You sound no diferent than the average normie. Pathetic motivations. I couldnt care less about "hurt" people or impress them. It's just the two sides of the same coin.


I suppose you think Tolkien's Elvish is a poor facsimile?


>a private language
>that many people have learned and speak


Dumbass, it's proof of a fucking language that a single person made up.


There were way more than one elf


There won't be even one left when I'm done though.


single progenitor doesnt make a language private


It does if he never told anyone about it.
Maybe I'm not making my point clear enough? If a language can be created by a single person, that language can also have not been shared, or even all of the physical evidence of its existence could be destroyed. In that scenario, it would absolutely qualify as private.


A languages purpose prevents it from being a language and not being shared. A dead language isn't private, it's dead, or unused. If it was language like, but it weren't used to transmit memes, or generally information it wouldn't be a language. If you constructed something that looked, and sounded like language, but it was not used, it would be a dead language, but not private, even with only one speaker.


And we can specifically note that Elvish is not a private language due to it being used to impart culture and information, despite it being "invented" for the stories. I think maybe something like a psychotic break would maybe be a good analogy for what a private language could look like: the psychobabble of a asylum ward.


If you think in your own language that you created, I find it very hard to not consider it private.
I can formulate thoughts and explore them in my head with English, and the same is possible with something made up. I may not communicate ideas with other people, but I certainly do it with myself. The utility of language is being fulfilled, privately.




I believe it to be impossible structurally, and due to it's private nature there is inherently no evidence of anyone ever doing this. I implore you to try.


There's already proof there was a private language.
Elvish was invented, and at least for a short time, no one knew it but him.


>private language that many people were able to learn
not very private


proof of a private language would immediately destroy its privateness, as well


By definition it's no longer private. We only have proof that private languages existed, not that they exist.


>totally made up symbolism thats not used to communicate is a language
sad if you actually believe this.


Why can't I communicate to my future self?


Already told you to try. You won't as it's impossible.


I'm going to assume I can't suggest Tolkien might have taken notes for himself in Elvish before anyone else knew about it?


Why are you so insistent that this very widely known language was once private?


Elvish is an example of a language made by a single person.
A single person can then decide not to share that language, but still communicate to their future self complex ideas.
Whether or not Elvish was even truly private at all (as in some other universe it could have been co-invented) is not important to my point at all.
It's just simply not impossible.


It is impossible, its only a pseudo language is its not for communication and used


It I communicate to my future self, I used it.


I see, so as a poor facsimile as the language(s) you already knew.


What makes it a poor facsimile? The fact that only I know it?


Not used to communicate.


I used the language to communicate to myself ideas I may have forgotten.


Yeah, in English, not in some private language


I hope you become capable of understanding hypotheticals soon.


I understand fine, its just not a valid argument that something could hypothetically exist, when the defining characteristic of an entity is removed


The defining characteristics being use and communication, presumably?
I feel like I've made my case, and I don't believe you've adequately refuted it. Let's just bury this here.


>believes in a private language


>If you hate people so much
Some wizards don't hate, just dislike succubi enough to remain virgin. I don't see why can't they be competitive.

>if you don't share your dreams they shrink and disappear

Lol no. Suppose you want to kill somebody. If you're clever enough you won't tell a word about it to anyone, even if it takes you years to accomplish desired. Spies of old are a good example.


spies of old had an infrastructure and support group for their operations, so clearly they shared and plotted, to prevent it from disapearing.


Hating others or being a sadist is a survival motivation too, it helps you fight against others and you can defend yourself better. It's the mentality of "better attack first before anyone takes advantage of me". If you enjoy the suffering of others then you won't hesitate to inflict suffering on others when the chance comes.

Solitude doesn't work for most people. There are 8 billion people on this planet. You can't hide forever. Better take up the gloves and deliver some punches to others before you get punched. Besides, even if I could hide away in solitude I wouldn't do it. I hate others so I want to see them suffer and want to be better than them. I want them to know my superiority and to bow down before me in one way or another.

And it is funny, you calling my motivations pathetic and normalfag when your motivation is the typical middle class normalfag mentality. Money above everything and focusing on your life only, this is how most normals think.


Is sadism enjoyable though? It seems like nihilism, or depression, it can't be, or if it is enjoyable, its burst, betwixt vast oceans of negative experiences.


Well sadism already means enjoyment of inflicting suffering on others to begin with. If you don't enjoy that you aren't a sadist.

I am a nihilist in every sense of the word. Most people would also consider me depressed simply because I refuse to entertain their favorite memes and false ideals about existence and society. What gives me the most joy in life is seeing others I hate suffer.
You can call me dysfunctional, broken, hollow but nobody can deny this life has its own benefits and advantages too. It's fun in its own way. I hate existence in general but I wouldn't trade my life for another's.


Would you elaborate on the benefits and advantages? It seems maladaptive (like me)


>Better take up the gloves and deliver some punches to others before you get punched. Besides, even if I could hide away in solitude I wouldn't do it. I hate others so I want to see them suffer and want to be better than them. I want them to know my superiority and to bow down before me in one way or another

this is wrong in a moral sense but it's even more wrong in an ego development/understanding of reality sense. you are really deluded if you think this is anything but a dead end, but obviously it won't stop you. learn the hard way i guess


For one it's like throwing a weight off your back. You carry a big stone all your life without realizing it and it is called pity. If you stop feeling pity for others and even come to enjoy the suffering of others then the world takes on a new color. It will be like a big cinema or theme park where you can peek anywhere you want and you will find entertaining things. Deathly diseases, wars, poverty, hunger, murders, tortures, emotional torture and bullying won't be negative things anymore that will drain your vitality away whenever you hear of them or witness them. But instead you will enjoy these stuff.
Plus whenever you come into any sort of conflict (which is a necessary part of existence on all levels regardless of how much of a pacifist one is) you will appreciate it and won't have a sour after-taste in your mouth if you hurt someone. Sadism is good for your mental health, actually.

Another advantage of this life comes from the fact that being strict on others can often lead to outcomes you desire. People need to be put into their places regularly otherwise they will not know when to stop.
Also, not liking anyone and not feeling attached to anyone makes you feel stronger. It's fun when you go through life with everyone as your enemy. Struggles can give you adrenaline rush. I know I get them every time I come into conflicts with others or hurt others in some way. And let's not forget that you can boost your ego nicely too through sadism. You won't think of yourself as a good for nothing loser who can't do anything right but you will pat yourself on the back every time you achieve a small "victory".

The "hard way" has been that I always got special treatment or extra privileges thanks to my violent nature. I remember I could skip most classes in high school without any concrete trouble because the teachers didn't want to get into a confrontation with me. I could get away with things others couldn't.
In every day life I always get ahead of everyone whether I'm in a hospital or office because nobody wants to mess with the problematic type I belong to so they just give way and do what I want.

Life favors those who know how to take things for themselves, not those who are afraid to even step on the toes of others by accident. Those who can't even defend themselves get used by everyone around them and rightly so. If you are weak and lack the will to stand up for yourself then you deserve to be a slave.


I have seen so many guys with this mentality come unstuck. Usually because one sadist runs into another. Either they both kill each other or at least one of them ends up in an amusing corpse position and the other gets jailed for life. This is why there aren't actually many violent sadists out in public. They cannot keep their masks on forever. Eventually a sadist will either snap or fall foul of an encounter which forces them to reveal their true nature in front of witnesses.


Cute how you think all the "bad guys" end up in jail eventually. If only the world was as simple as you think it is…As things stand, only retarded people go to jail. Most of them aren't even genuine sadists or amoral or cruel people, just idiots who can't control their emotions or don't think about the consequences. Knowing when to use physical violence, when to use threats, when to use persuasion, etc considerably makes life easy.

And I have bad news about you on your other point as well. Sadists or psychopaths don't get into conflicts with each other that much. People can sense on a primal level who is dangerous/will fight back and who won't. It's the little sissy types like you who get picked on by everyone because we see how defenseless you are and how we can get away with everything with you people.

So I'm afraid your theory about a just world where "evil" gets punished always or destroys itself naturally is just a cope.


larping as psycho


larping as a "good, decent, moral, mentally healthy" person is even more cringe if you do it here of all places, on a site for people who never got along well with others to begin with


its not that or this, but clearly that is a psycho path larp, you can be useless and lazy without being a psuedo-evil faggot


"Toxic person" is just eugenicist talk. You're probably far less toxic than the people who advance that idea, who make a point of imposing pure Social Darwinism on every decision they make and like to force others to comply with their imperatives. Really, step back and ask yourself what harm you have actually done in your whole life, and why this happens. It might take a while to sort that out, but it is usually the people with social status and proof that are in a position to act with deliberate malice. Every fault I'm guilty of entailed someone else attacking me and then my family being punished on account of me basically being attacked by a third party, who reaped all of the benefit. Society is engineered specifically so the predatory can force us to fight each other over bullshit, make their predation a right and our submission to it an obligation. They've run this scheme for a long time and they escalated it to make it total and inescapable, with science telling them exactly how they can manipulate us while securing themselves and making their predation absolute.


>pseudo evil
Evil is subjective.
If you are useless and lazy aren't you also someone who would be classified as "evil" by moralists? "Good" usually means useful in morality.

I can only relay my own experiences and what they taught me. I don't think of myself as toxic but I'm certainly against social rules, customs and the ethics of the majority. I'm a trouble-maker in some sense. We can argue what is rotten, people like me who refuse to be brainwashed by society or society itself. Of course from my pov society is evil but from the pov of normals I'm the evil one. Everyone thinks of himself as the good guy on some level.

I kind of agree with social darwinism and eugenics though that struggle is an inherent part of humanity and that there are many people who need to be weeded out. Most "social darwinists" and supporters of eugenics are just wild capitalists basically who want to be able to increase their wealth without restrictions. I'm not a capitalist because I view it as something that isn't competitive enough or something that is competitive in a way I dislike. Capitalism always rests on laws and private property. I would prefer a barbarian world where individual and separate cases of violence is the only deciding factor of who is right and wrong and not money, ranks or laws.


The position of Social Darwinism is that struggle is absolute and defines humanity at its core. It's cargo cult pseudoscience that has insinuated itself for far too long. That's all eugenics is, and the outcome of eugenics is that it selects for the worst pieces of human shit imaginable, whose only talent is destroying other people. If you wanted to actually improve the human stock through selective breeding, you would not use a program like Galton's eugenics. It has been ruinous towards that end, and any improvement in humanity has been entirely in spite of those screaming retards. The actually smart people have enough sense to know that Galton was a jackass who knew nothing about anything, a specimen of the worst traits of the British Empire who managed to coup it and run it into the ground every time they get their way. The whole thing is just a Satanic cult, and now they don't even pretend they're anything but that.

My view is that struggle is fucking stupid and the point of life is that we resolve it, one way or another. There is no avoiding it - that much is true. To go out of your way to orient your whole society around it, forsaking anything else, is only useful because it destroys everything it touches, and the trick for the eugenicist is that they themselves know it's a bunch of malarkey. Ideology is for the slaves. The eugenicist makes the little people play that game and teaches them by brute force and unlimited violence that they must accept the eugenic creed, while the true elite of society are pulled aside and told of actual political theory and science. In this way, they can secure themselves while the rest of us are forced to kill each other for their amusement, and the elite - whomever it may be - can develop methods to control and cajole people from afar at no risk to them. It's why the Satanic grin and their ugly smirks and hoodwinks are the stock and trade of the movement. They've made us say blatant lies and falsehoods under threat of unlimited torture, and there's nothing we can do about it because rebellion has been made unthinkable.


You have no idea what you are talking about. You haven't met me, you have no idea who I am and you know nothing about my history. But from the total bullshit you are writing on here, I can immediately tell that you have a utterly shit life with very little personal power or agency.

Hence your need to boast loudly and role-play as a "badass but intelligent sadistic psychopath who is mean to people IRL to get my own way… but I get away with it MWUHAHAHAHAA!".

On a fucking internet messageboard. For 30+ year old virgins.


The word "toxic" seems to be an obsession. A buzzword.

Nothing OP said touches on the defined meaning of toxic, toxicity, what have you.

Go listen to System of a Down.


Some mod needs to ban this anti-eugenics schizo. He just shits on every thread with his ramblings and nonsense , I’m even thinking he may be some troll.


faggot detected


File: 1671026926879.gif (907.93 KB, 498x429, 166:143, yuki.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>while the true elite of society are pulled aside and told of actual political theory and science.
What is the actual political theory and science?


It's much as it has been. Politics is an ever-changing game and everyone has their own angle, but the kind of "politics" that the plebs are told is politics has nothing to do with anything real or any actual struggle taking place. It isn't just a matter of teaching the right theoretical ideas, or exposing people to political writing of the past and present. Basic truths of what it means to be human are flagrantly violated. That's why abominable stupidities like "the rulers are your friend" or "the king is purely symbolic and symbols are the true power" are given to the idiots, while the actually smart people understand this has always been about people and the machines they can use to control other people. It is much the same with science - there is the actual science, which is occulted by a number of different means, and then there is the myth of "The Science" which makes grandiose and blatantly false claims about basic things. The point of the blatant lying isn't to convince people rationally, but to lock them out and wear them out, by making people argue against obviously false positions held by the established order. It's why you have "ethics" which involve solely screwing people over, and nothing at all works except the core political functions that are designed to kill and torture people. Those functions even only operate at the skill necessary for those who rule to perpetuate the system. The rulers found their best security doesn't come from improving themselves, but poisoning the rest of us in every way they can. Since they have a chokehold on us from birth and make a point of putting things in our bodies by mandate, it's very easy for them to accelerate death and make people go insane. When social pressure wasn't enough, they resorted to mass drugging, and lo and behold, we have SSRIs everywhere which were known to make people more volatile. If you think about the mechanism of SSRIs for five minutes, you would know the only way these drugs would be used is to provoke people to act rashly, so they would be accelerated on the death cycle or locked in a subordinated position and in debt slavery for "medical" expenses. I know from experience, but because I'm "tainted", nothing I say matters. We have communicated with each other and put two and two together over the past couple of decades. The forced drugging is just one of the ways they destroy us, and it starts from an early age, with the insinuations of some school expert who is there to weed out those who don't belong in the world to come, who were selected to suffer and die. There is no surviving that in the long term, and they know it and they laugh at us when we try to live. We live in a Nazified world.


Holy based af


I'm trying really hard to reach a conclusion that could be considered somewhat productive by reading your post, but the only thing I have been able to gather so far is that you think that things simply don't work or if they do that they are working injustly. I'm going to try and give a reply based on trying to sum up your post without dissecting it entirely and replying to specific quotes, but I also want you to know that this is not because I didn't read your entire post, but rather because it takes more mental effort to take individual points and reply to them specifically.
I want to go out of my way here, and say that; I think you have a very negative view of the entire world around you and because of the misfortunes you have lived in your life, you have a natural tendency to identifying yourself as a victim. Society as a whole does not have any interest in negative decisions that harm those within it. It does not make any sense when you say that there is even as much as a remote desire to end the lives of other people. You have to realize that the very way things work is by considering the main resources that exist in the world, to be the people and what they can offer to everyone. Why would people want to kill others who have the potential to give back? Who would even benefit from this theoretical killing-off of people? I get that you might consider these boundaries that exist in the world to be somewhat cold and calculating, you could definitely call them inhumane at times, the idea that your entire life worth is based on things like the ability to think logically and immerse yourself in certain areas of knowledge where you'd basically be using your brain's ability to be rational at all times and the success you are able to achieve coming from those very functions. But I really don't think that everything is that bad. I would say that some of these negative ideas you relate to how the world works, while not being completely false, could simply be attributed to the fact that people suffering under them might only just do so because things aren't exactly perfect for everyone. I think that, to make an accurate argument about how stuff works, you would have to look at the bigger picture instead of cases where things aren't very good. Are there people out there who are happy with the way things are? I would say that yes, there definitely are. Are they many? I would again say that yes, they are in fact many. Stuff isn't perfect, if you're able to form a system where the average person feels fulfilled and happy, then it would be a fair thing to say that it works in many cases. Politics as a whole is all about maximizing the ability of productivity through different systems, and they for the most part use a person who belongs to a class of people that could be called a working class as an example. Some people's inability to identify, their issues, are usually not represented because most of those people belong to a small group that in many cases would not be able to give back the amount of time and/or money that could have theoretically been used to improve their situations. People are an investment, you give certain people opportunities, but they're based on how much a single person has the ability to achieve something meaningful, and there is an expectation that eventually they will give back in some way.
I don't know, wizzie, I think that you might be stuck on a thought pattern that could be said to be that of one who identifies himself as a victim in life, your post reeks of someone who has lost the ability to identify himself with people who are part of society, and from this inability, paired up with a negative outlook on life, there's just a sense of someone who's given up on the entire world and found solace in the idea that everything is just really bad all of the time. Killing off people? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.


It is really just one guy posting poorly formed (left wing) opinions and denying reality most of the time. Derails every thread with the most idiotic level of semantics


>you don't know anything about me
>but I can tell you are…
Again with the double-standards.

Struggle is inherent to life. I don't care what you call it, you can call it darwinism or other things but there is no life without conflict and struggle. Everything else is just wishful thinking.

There is nothing wrong with eugenics, you just have to come up with a pattern that is anti-normalfag to create more wizards and wizardly individuals. I disagree with the genetic patterns most social darwinists want to see in their imagined worlds. We don't need more hard-working drones and capitalist slaves. We need more individuals.


> Struggle is inherent to life.
Hmm, then why don’t remora fish struggle against whales? Why don’t fungi struggle against trees? Why doesn’t your mitochondria struggle against your cells? Or why don’t lichen struggle against their symbioses?


But, are you really so… or is it just a bunch of degenerates who smells from you something that hurts their snowflaky stance?

I like this "mentally rape" state from you pretty much. This how outcasts mostly discover their deeper selves against the normie world. It can be dangerous, but indeed so pleasant and even profitable in so many ways…

>If I could hurt them then it was worth waking up

As long as you only mean it in terms of the mind, I don't see you should ever worry much about this. I shared this phase long ago, until it just became natural, without sadism… even if it is still doing pretty much the same, you see.

If a normie apologizes for something that you do not actually resent, feel neither shy to tell him so. THIS HELPS YOU THROUGH THIS WORLD IN UNSEEN WAYS. About empathy, well… just figure out that many personalities you just experience out there are mostly a façade, it is not lack of empathy that you might have, but rather something inside you knows that the world out there is full of masks, for saying so.

>It's weird because people like us tend to think of ourselves as the victims of normal society and etc. I think that's true too but lately I feel as if this thing goes both ways too. I remember bullying some of my classmates, breaking some kids' noses in fights as a kid, stealing from the school, etc. Even as a kid I was anti-social and despised both my classmates and teachers. I remember rejecting the friendly approaches of others, other kids always wanted to befriend me or know me better but I dunno, I never felt like doing stuff with them. Even as a child I was a HUGE edgelord, my heroes weren't Batman or Superman but The Joker and Darth Vader and other negative characters mostly, I always liked the villains better and could relate to them more than to the heroes who always had friends and were pretty normal and boring in comparison.

This is we where we may split now. If you are a bully, then you are normalfag.


Because the very own misery and limitations of every living stance are the first fight we are defeated into, you neurotypical.


Not everything fights against everything, but everything has its own natural enemy in life. Obviously a lion usually doesn't fight a polar bear for logical reasons. But the lion has its own enemies and the polar bear also.

No being exists in peace in the universe. Either it has to fight its own species or other species to survive. I honestly don't know how anyone can draw other conclusions from the world when they observe it.

The animal world and nature aside, why don't humans ever live in peace? Every preaching about peaceful coexistence, love, harmony are just delusions on the part of humanity who need something to cope with reality.

>If you are a bully, then you are normalfag.
Bullying is a virtue if you practice it on females, normals and crabs.


>if you practice it on females, normals and crabs
Yet I have only seen it being done on people who have a hard time making friends, be it nerds(the original kind) or weird kid no one wanted to talk to.


That's because most people are normals. They tend to gang up on people like us with no friends. But if they are alone that's another story. 1-on-1 bullying normals is the most fun thing you could do, especially if your target is a female, child or old person.


Since most people are normal and bullying hurts us all, you are okay with Wizards being bullied as collateral damage?


I'm pleasant as long as you don't bring up roasties. Then I redpill you.


No you aren't.


Everyone has to take care of himself. I'm not all right with wizards getting bullied, I'd much rather see wizards bullying normals but shit happens.

Normals will bully you either way so you should bully back whenever you can.


Wizbro, I think you have this false understanding that I'm morally incensed at the idea of politics and think it should be abolished because it's mean. That's childish thinking, a childishness that is encouraged for political reasons.

If you think about what society actually is, you know it is not a kind place or a world that works as some ideal we held in our head. This was worked out by the ancients, and there are multiple examples in the civilized countries of the world. It was an understanding that pre-civilized peoples had about their societies, that civilized societies formalized and expounded on. The idea that politics was about giving people nice things is the fiction, and it is one that wormed its way into civilization gradually, always promulgated by the most dishonest. Read the serious political treatises and they are always clear that politics is a nasty game, and there is no nice way to answer the questions politics resolves. You can either accept that is what it is and try to move on, or deny autistically the reality of the situation. I can tell you from experience that the latter works exactly 0% of the time.

Have I had an unfortunate life? Of course I have, but I knew even at the worst points of childhood and adolescence that it could be worse. It can always be worse, and that's the threat held above us no matter how bad the situation is. The goal is to get us to look down on someone else and project all the hatred onto some suffering group that "deserves it", thus perpetuating the cycle. At some point I stopped thinking about how bad I had it relative to some other bastard because that did not change the objective situation for anyone. It doesn't benefit me to see other people suffer. I wouldn't be interested in attacking my social betters if those betters were not given over to a wholly toxic ideology that revels in destroying people. Actually worthwhile social superiors and a lot of normal people are not like the venal fucks that have been promoted in certain institutions. One of the ways those people abuse us is to tell us that the venal supplicating assholes are the "silent majority" and all those people who have struggled to keep this world somewhat livable are irrelevant. It's a race to the bottom and it's driven by a particular ethos which asserts itself because of a grand conspiracy where we're not allowed to call this what it is, or even defend ourselves against it in silence. When we take measures to defend ourselves or remove ourselves from the beast, they're quick to abrogate all of their promises of freedom to remind us the cycle of abuse must continue. If it is not against me, it's against someone else, so long as the thought form remains and certain interests remain on top. That is sadly the way of the world, I've learned. It is not eternal, because it is a problem particular to humans, and never has it been an absolute. Even now, there are places to hide from this and live some sort of life, and there would have to be. If nature really were what these people claim it to be, the world would be a much worse place, and we wouldn't be able to form any knowledge that it is an abomination.

Anyway, you're infected with some of the most pernicious ideology. You have to realize this idea that the world conforms to perpetual goodness in economic ideology - that any social system was designed to be your friend - is a childish fantasy, and it is one given to you by people who want to enslave you and laugh at you every time you utter that belief. I'm guessing that there is some sincerity, that you actually believe the words you're writing, but all of the things I have seen, many a matter of open knowledge at this point, tell the nature of these institutions to be the exact opposite of what they are purported to be. The idea that neoliberal institutions were a service is a very new one. Before the 1970s, there was still the mentality that state functions were there for the state more than you as a customer or individual subject. State-organized schools and hospitals served "society" in some sense. The neoliberals came in with "there is no such thing as society" and corrupted the most basic understanding of what the institutions are. If they were services, they were very bad ones, and that was the point - to cannibalize anything that would make public society possible, to enclose the public entirely and rule us through an oligarchy that need not regard any law except its will. Hence the Satanic ethos where the extent of will is the entirety of the law, which is just stupid if you think about it for five minutes.


If life is struggling, it is struggling over something tangible. It does not struggle "just because". Retarded thinking like that is what gets you endless internal fighting until life exhausts itself. Life is living before it can conceive of struggle. Bacteria are not "struggling" in any sort of willful sense. It is simply proceeding through its lifecycle. Life is stubbornly insistent on remaining as it is, because it has to in order to continue existing as a living thing, but even the basic life processes involve a struggle over something. If it struggles inside itself, all it will do is exhaust energy. That's the point of the philosophy of struggle everywhere - to exhaust and weaken subjugated populations and tell them the world is suffering just because. It's done with religion and it is done with philosophy in a more thorough method, where it is violently imposed on humanity because the struggle is directed by the state and those who seek to claim it.

Ask the Nazis how well struggle for struggle's sake goes - they burn their country into the ground and lose to the first enemy that wasn't basically inviting them in, then run to the British and Americans and start shitting up another country. The Nazis are shameless parasites and they do the same thing anywhere they can. It's a disease. It's not a particularly German disease, because the philosophy of eternal struggle is everywhere. The Nazis are part of the global eugenics movement, and the epicenter of eugenics is in Britain. It's worse there and in America than it ever was in Nazi Germany, and so much of the Nazi story is just projection of things the Anglos did or intend to do in the long term. The actual nature of the Nazis' political violence was not reducible to "kill these people because they are of a different race essence"; the races the Nazis were targeting were deemed political enemies for some reason. In this way, the Nazis are better than the purest eugenic creed followers, who dream of the day the poor are brainwashed into getting on cattle cars and exterminating themselves. The Nazis at the top were full of these people, but they could only push so far in 12 years and had to at least pretend they would fight a war. Most of the hardcore Nazi stuff is funded by Americans who were interested in eugenics everywhere, and saw Germany as a testing ground for things they wanted the world to be in a century. That's where we are now. Nazism has been fully rehabilitated and mystified, and the people who lived through that time were warning us that it would be back very soon.


I was raised by hippies, I became a Buddhist when I was young, and generally I’m a nice person who wishes the best for everyone. People still treat me pretty poorly and nobody is really interested in helping me. I will say a lot of you guys are very abusive and angry, but that’s the internet these days.


How can you not get worn down by reading constant douchey abusive posts everywhere online, is it something buddhism taught you?


I'm angry online because there is no way to be nice about this topic. If we want to talk about video games or history or things where we can speak of something good, I can be friendly to a fault, almost too nice and too willing to concede.

I don't comport with spiritual hypocrisy, i.e. most human established religions and most atheists, so that explains the hostility. I see religious people and all I see is "lie, lie, lie", because there is a fundamental disconnect. Unfortunately, this thinking plagues the vast majority of humanity, and there isn't much in the way of spiritual thought that can reconcile this problem. It must be understood that humans lie for the sake of lying, even when it is clearly damaging and their lives are destroyed by it. Modern society turned the lie into a grand science which must perpetuate itself, but at some point the only thing to do is look over the lies and disconnect from the source of the lies, which is people.

The religions of the world got it wrong. The world, the material existence, is basically good, and really the only thing that is good. All the virtue within people came from the world, parasitically extracted. After the fact, the political claim is that it was personal virtue which created the good, and the rest of the world is sinful. It's so ridiculously self-serving, and the world is certainly not uncritically good or inherently just. One of the greater political lies is to claim the world has a collective moral essence, when the world is just the world. Most of the world is dead and completely neutral, and life in the world largely seeks to perpetuate itself as it has. The world is changing, but life is stubborn and insists on recreating the past. Just about every political spiritual idea we have claims the opposite of what our basic sense would tell us, and violently imposes that - but the violent imposition is itself something that came out of the world. It is useful to recognize that the sum total of human conceit is vanishingly small. Humans are barely able to string together sentences let alone build useful theories of what the world is scientifically, and while human accomplishments shouldn't be dismissed entirely, humans really aren't much, and the institutions humans have built are all laughable. The only institutions that are moderately effective are the ones designed to hurt people, because those can perpetuate themselves and cannibalize anything productive, herding the rest of us like livestock. That's the aristocratic mentality, and the holders of institutions see no reason to change it no matter how many times their institutions fail. Even their core institutions of command and control fail spectacularly and burn through wealth because the members do not trust each other and have no reason to, and the obvious mechanisms that would facilitate trust between people are continually abrogated because "me wantee" rules the day.


>religions of the world got it wrong

so you're saying you need to be an asshole because every belief that you don't hold needs to be corrected by you, because everybody else got it wrong. This post actually explains the need for edgelording pretty well.


I have to be an asshole when these people start their insinuations about what I am, always baseless and deliberately so. If someone wants to believe Jesus Christ is their Savior, that's their problem. They're fooling themselves and if they actually read the Bible they'd figure out the religion wasn't for most of them.

I hate extreme subjectivist views which deny that there is such a thing as external reality, or claim it is mediated. The world is the only real thing. The people are in many ways spiritual fictions - there is no "me", because I can be changed just like any other matter in the universe is affected by the forces of the world. I have to live with that every single day because I don't get a society telling me I'm totally awesome and in charge. Quite the opposite, I have to spend a lot of energy dealing with bullshit from other people that serves no purpose and obviously didn't work if the goal was to shut me up or kill me. It's all so stupid and most people, having a similar problem, don't start this shit, knowing the consequences. It's always certain people who decide they can gain advantage, and act instinctively. The only thing they actually get out of it is a thumbs up from other assholes. It's not like my further suffering produces one more material thing or saves them resources by making me live off less. If they didn't encourage the level of bullshit thrown at me and anyone else they want to get rid of, not only would they spend less energy as a society on hurting other people but morale would unquestionably improve once people have the thing they wanted. People have always been incentivized more by defending something they have than by threats or promises that they'll be paid some day in the future or in the afterlife. That's the problem with theories of communism. You could just say from the outset "people get their fucking plot of land and a stable income", and incentivize people to build more with rewards. The rewards did not have to be particularly big, just enough to convince someone that pro-social behavior is better for everyone. This obviously simple solution would be supplanted by the idea of having the state inject itself into private life, as if people had to be cajoled to think and were animated by thought leaders. In practice, communist countries knew this was stupid and counterproductive, and so they didn't do it, but the intellectual theorists kept trying to back to that well even when it was clear that this model for society didn't work. The actually competent administrators in the USSR were trying to make it work (and it should be clear that basically after Stalin the upper rungs were done with actually pursuing communism, and Stalin was always a pragmatist, so basically they were selling the fantasy that communism was just around the corner while doing basically what the United States would do in their position). But, there was a greater intellectual failure in that the theories of Marxism were axiomatically guaranteed to never resolve the thing people thought they would get out of it. It certainly didn't work for the workers (who it was never intended for), but it didn't work for this idea that a scientific elite could plan society, and said elite saw everyone else as antagonistic and the party's machinery saw the scientists as antagonists. It should be clear that the scientists always despised the workers, in a way that the capitalists never could. In the US, this hatred became the sole ruling idea, and that's where we are today.


I believe that the vast majority of human suffering and hatred is spawned from the belief shaped into fact that we are all alone.

Even people closest to you are quite far away from our true consciousness, as I have always seen the material body as a bottleneck. We are more affected by petty changes in brain chemistry and survival-based reactions. This hollow marionette is far more "in control" than I am, and if you observe reality in any length, you will find that animals of all walks of life "leak" a more noble being. The problem is we will only ever be the marionette to each other, as we cannot read minds. All we can do is judge people's outward actions and words, because if they've deemed it acceptable to commit hateful actions once, they will do it again. This is not to say I believe in a soul, only that life is a particularly cruel punishment, for which there was no crime.

Throughout human history this is fact. Civilizations rise precisely for the pursuit of a better method of living, and every one has been crushed. There is no end to the ouroboros. Only new scales to be eaten.


It's the exact opposite. Hell is other people, that is true. While we don't need to be alone to be happy, the problem we face is that society is far too interconnected. Too many people can talk to each other and begin whisper campaigns, and the world is enclosed under the control of a clique that decides what we are going to be and who is going to suffer today. The only thing that stopped this before is that the reach of society was limited, and there was enough dead space that it was possible to hide. The cult of life insists on taking over everything, then telling us that the cult's illusory world is "the world" and what we actually live in is a figment of our imaginations.

What we see now is not business as usual or a cyclical revolution. This really is it. Too much has built up, and the beast has gone on for too long without being stopped. There was little hope that it would have been anything different, and there were quite a few people committed to the task of making humanity into this. The only thing that can change would be some spiritual or philosophical development that has no sign of existing in any large mass. There is no way for something new to spread that would end the "End of History". All conception that it can be anything other than eugenics has been made unmentionable as a serious proposition, no matter how absurd the eugenic position becomes.

The endgame of the republic is fascism - the state subsuming everything and all individuals, then paradoxically elevating individualism to its ruling ethos while claiming this is for the "greater good" and collective effort. It does this by replacing society in any real sense with an idea of society that is entirely alien to us, which presents society and the world as the property of the state and utterly opposed to us. It then tells us we are alone, because this state cannot brook any connection we would have had with each other outside of the state's decision. The state decides all directions of social development, inserts itself into every trend, and tells us what to think. What we're getting is not reducible to "fascism" but in principle that is the end state. As it takes hold, and this has already started, it will no longer be possible to think of anything except screaming torture and the thrill of victory over the damned. All life dies screaming, forever.


>The only thing that stopped this before is that the reach of society was limited, and there was enough dead space that it was possible to hide.
my dude thinks the world was more merciful in the past, how cute


Today's "mercy" is no mercy. The poor and downtrodden have always been spat upon, always have been and always will be. The enclosure of society, the effects of privatization, are something that was not previously possible. Today the NSA can monitor everything and micromanage people if it was set up to do so, which is happening at the top levels. Merely the capability to do that changes what a state can do. It used to be that the broad masses had to be managed, short of declaring an outright war against your own people which would not have turned out favorably for the state. The balance of power has shifted so much that mass politics is done as a force, and the people are in any mass formation beaten back horrifically even for mundane things. The only thing that is problematic is the countryside. Cities are completely locked down and controlled, and there are more and more loyal fanatics willing to kill off the bottom third of the population for nothing more than a cheap thrill. Those are the stakes today.

Besides, what it has been for the past three decades has entailed death and destruction, and especially degradation. They poison the water and now force drug children on a massive scale, knowing it would cause brain damage. That's what the entire psychiatry and legal gauntlet most of us went through as kids was - they were destroying us and laughing as we had no choice but to accept it. That's the "mercy" you get - you're allowed to scurry because you were a lab rat the whole time, and now they're accelerating the kill rate. Hence, COVID.

People like you believe the bureaucratic state is eternal and natural because you are habituated to it and don't know anything else. You're natural slaves, really, and you don't want to know history or anything real. You'd rather have the fantasy of a just world like mommy and daddy told you, and you seek ideology to tell you it's true.


>the endgame of the republic is fascism
>cyclical revolution
>muh fukuyam
>it must be eugenics!
peak pseud


The really unpleasant people always keep a low profile because they need to hide their true selves and their activities from society. Many have no interest in even interacting with living human beings.
Like this murderer and necrophiliac who kept his activities hidden for more than a decade:




i didnt bother to read you essay i skimmed and saw something about darth vader or batman and some shi. No if you are projecting yourself here its you its generally safe to day everyone here is completely different probably neets and partially crabs by choice so a lecni. Im well a over functioning human with an overridden brain i just don't like interacting with humans since they are icky to me. But generally i can.


your* my b my keyboard is glitching.


Though, I mean, if he's pointing to the fact that you're here and you feel included in this group, that might be the only commonality required to satisfy this as a true statement. Just saying.

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