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Why are people so cruel?
I tried to make friends with people IRL, we have similar interests, converse a bit, then one day it's like they just decide they don't like me and ignore the last message I sent. And block me out of their existence.

I feel like when people get to know me a bit more, they eventually find out I was trying to form a connection from a place of having none, and they reject me on that matter. Like, if someone has no connections it's the reddest of red flags for normies, it's a sign that someone is meant to be alone because he's a horrible person. In the eyes of a normie, popularity is a simple and 100% accurate metric for determining how good and likeable someone is.

In life it's like from the earliest points of childhood, when children begin to socialise with people outside the nest of their families, networks of nodes (people) begin to form, smaller networks forming parts of ever larger networks, growing to the network of humanity as a whole. But it seems some people just can't and don't keep up with this, they can't form even a single connection due to not being on the right wavelength or whatever, and they never form part of even the smallest network. So they fall through the cracks, and become the loser loners of society. As time goes on, they grow from seeming a bit odd as kids and teenagers, to seeming like a weirdo as an adult.

And if, as an adult, they grow a stronger desire to have any kind of connection with someone (and so they should, because humans are social creatures, unfortunately for these loners), they might try to act on it and start to speak to people, but through years of outcast-ness and isolation they have become very different from most everyone they try and form connections with, and so even though they might share similar interests and talk in a similar manner with similar words, a developed normie - a person truly part of the network of connections - will begin to sense a difference in this person, a difference thought of as dreadfully negative, will prior into their lives a bit and, after finding enough suggestive evidence that this person isn't part of any friend groups, will detect them as being a threat to all that is good, not even a person but more like a parasite and virus, and cut them off mercilessly and cruelly.

It's brutal. So it seems like social status compounds, positively or negatively - as you make friends (connections) successfully, your skill and success in forming them grows faster and faster. But if you don't, and lose what little you have made (if any), your ability to form connections will diminish to the point where it becomes quite literally impossible to make any. You become the modern untouchable, acceptable for performing low-responsibility low-status jobs, but not to join in any of the social pleasures of life. You are a weirdo and a creep, acceptable only behind doors, behind a screen, doing your best to contribute financially to the parties of all normies with friends. But don't try and make any yourself, because if they knew from the beginning that you didn't already have any friends, they'd cut you off immediately and ruthlessly from the get-go, determining you offer nothing to them.


Normies usually see no connections as a red flag for FAILED normies, you know the psycho bpd types, they are usually alone because they are unsufferable rather than not actually having any friends.


Agreed. Once it's apparent you have no Facebook and your only connection on your linked in profile is you're brother you are automatically suspect and not worth further interaction. There remain the few that don't care though.

To suceed in a profession this way you have to be very good at something hard that no one understands, make friends with one or two powerful people in the organization, and try to build a reputation that doesn't necessitate networks for advancement.

I am this way at work in a role outside a civil service based system. I have been screwed out of title advancement and other office perks like parking since there is no fair merit based seniority system. You need to do things like threaten to leave and be proactive/ fight- but it's still possible to succeed. I was able to get a corner office this way- but I'm tired of having to fight for everything the connection people don't need to.


None of the things you have written fits me. I’m a true schizoid that never wanted friends and I did ghosted and avoided dozens of men and succubi. Despite them trying to interact and get close to me. You sound like a failed normal . I suggest you to fuck off to r9k or wherever you come from.


>Why are people so cruel?
It's not cruelty. Nobody is obligated to be your friend. Consider how you'd feel if the situations were reversed and some idiot you disliked felt entitled to your time and attention. You'd probably ghost him pretty quickly, and you would be within your rights.

Friendships are transactional, although subtle and informal about the transaction. You need to have or do something that others value, something that makes it worthwhile for them to keep interacting with you beyond the minimum.


In my case it's the other way around, normies try to make friends with me when I clearly give all the signals for them to leave me the fuck alone. I can't stand them, I don't belong to the herd and they try to shame me for not wanting to belong. Fuck them. I'd be the happiest person in the world if I was rich enough to never have to interact with the normalcattle ever again.


internet friendships are all transactional and transient. I haven't had a genuine e-fren ever and I've met countless people. Nature of the beast, join a real community and get a hobby


>wanting to make friends
what happened to this place? why is it so filled with failed normies


t. failed normalfaggot


t. successful normalfaggot


t. crab in a bucket failednormal faggot mad to see others wizards want wizfriends
crabs don't belong here you faggot, me and my wizfriends love each other


Move to a new town, thats usually a good excuse to be friendless, also the thing about being the loner guys is that while you are a teen/early adult people view that as the quietguy, beta male if you're the harmless type, alpha male if you're the cool introverted type(unless you are disgusting looking or have a abrasive/autistic personality then you are the tard everybody hates), its not hard to train yourself to fake sociality at those ages and to go along with the flow if you really want to, it just so happen that most losers at that age think they're the only ones rights and regret their behavior it years later, past the point of change, if you're older its just weird to be a 38yr old that does nothing and have no social interactions, at that point most people have it figured out and the only social interactions you can realistically have are with other losers, crazy failed normies ,junkies, people that want you for your money, and people under the legal drinking age if you buy them stuff. There is also the rare case of jumping in on a completely new cultural movement/sport where age and skill does not matter because its something completely new to everybody, those are increasingly more rare as time goes forward.


You are overthinking this. People want to spend time with those who are similar to them. "Similar interests" don't cut it on their own, they have to see in you themselves reflected. People who think along the same lines naturally end up forming friendships with each other, people who think differently naturally end up drifting apart or becoming enemies. You are just seeking company where you don't belong, in the wrong places most likely.

But still, society likes those persons who are successful and rewards those who already have plenty usually. Employers like workers who are experienced and so they are reluctant to employ fresh, young workers. Females like experienced men too, they are attracted to males who had plenty of succubi or who already have a gf/wife. People like beautiful, young, rich, healthy celebrities and are ready to help them whenever the need arises but are reluctant to help a stinking homeless guy who is ugly and poor. That's just the way it works.

People are cruel because they just assume you will easily find someone else to hang out with because of projection. Normal people don't have these issues you have.

I was both on the receiving and giving end of this. I ignored people who wanted to befriend me and in turn I was ignored by others many times. Still, it wasn't good of me to just ignore others.
This "nobody owes anyone anything" saying is used by normals to justify themselves only. Not to mention how hypocrite this logic is…Normals said this to me lots of times and I always asked back "so if I don't owe you anything then can I beat you up and burn down your house? after all, I'm not obligated to like you or be your friend." Of course their logic stopped right there and they just became mute when I took their logic to its conclusion.

It's a shitty thing to turn your back on people who want to talk with you or want to know you better, assuming they don't have bad intentions of course. Even if they are annoying, they deserve basic politeness and courtesy and some attention, like every human being. You don't have to always be there for them but being a jerk who just refuses to "lower himself to them" isn't the way to go either.


>Normals said this to me lots of times and I always asked back "so if I don't owe you anything then can I beat you up and burn down your house? after all, I'm not obligated to like you or be your friend." Of course their logic stopped right there and they just became mute when I took their logic to its conclusion.
They were probably stunned by how stupid you are. Not owing someone does NOT give you the right to commit serious crimes like beating people up burning buildings down. You're lucky they didn't report you to the police for the implicit threat.


>You're lucky they didn't report you to the police for the implicit threat
youre lucky that the rules around here prevent wizards from making advances on fragile little princesses such as yourself…


So let's see if I get you right: you are an individualist "nobody owes anyone anything" preacher when it is about you having to do something for others but when it is about others they suddenly need to really respect you and the things you value. You are quite the hypocrite but that's to be expected since most people are like that. Individualist whenever you need to justify your cruel and wicked behavior but a moralist goody two shoes whenever you feel threatened. You are such a joke.

Either you think nobody owes anyone anything so basically everyone is free to do as he pleases or that people owe things to each other like kindness, compassion, tolerance, etc.
So! Why should a failed normal who wants to be your friend respect your privacy, private property or your well-being when you don't respect his right for a friend?
>They aren't the same!
How are these rights different? Because the state and the laws happen to enforce one of those rights? Do you always agree with everything the authorities say or do? No? Then you can't come up with legalism and say one thing is moral because it is legal and that because something is illegal it is immoral.


people already have enough friends, why would they need another one ?
it's like they have eaten billion of oranges, why would they swallow another one ?

that's life. you don't like it ? you'll get used to it newfriend.


cops don't exist to protect people, you obviously don't have much experience with them


Police are hired to protect good people from bad people and inform them of the law. If you weren't protected, it probably means you are or at least seen a bad person. Consider lazer tattoo removal!


lol. Try calling in an assault from one the protected classes and see how that goes for you. Or threats, or anything really. Thinking the courts dispense justice is the kind of thing people who never interact with LE think


the 1.000.000th post


Police are hired to keep people in check and to defend their own employers, the state and the ruling classes above all. They aren't different from your average thugs, only on a surface level.


offtopic, but i enjoy that pic op. thanks


I agree with the state that assault and arson should be illegal crimes while social rejection is legal, it's the best arrangement for harmony and cohesion. Most people would agree with the state on this one. You disagree but are a psychopath, the laws are designed to stop people like you murdering the rest of society. All I can suggest is live with it.


I was thrown overboard when I was 3, marked for failure. I've never known life as anything other than humiliation. From day one I was evil incarnate and everything bad was associated me. It's the Satanic cycle, and they know exactly what they're doing, why it must never stop, and why I can never be allowed to have happiness and especially not be seen as happy by others. I've learned that if I find any happiness in this world, I had better keep it to myself, because other people just take it away. That said, I made contingencies for if I'm tortured or confined, basically leaving a part of myself in what I've come to know as the afterlife. This existence is only temporary and none of the games they play really do matter in the end. They think they're so clever and winning but all they did was turn this world into a dumpster fire.

Maybe I could go out and meet people. I tried that in the past. The problem of course is that the Satanic cycle still persists, and it's not something that is internal to me or something that will be overcome. The entire point of starting the cycle, marking down children as defectives and beginning the ritual humiliations, is to ensure that it never, ever stops, and this is mandated under eugenics. There were people who would tell me what's done to me is fucked, who tried to at least not cause further harm, but increasingly they're pressed to attack me lest they too be marked as weak and not getting with the program. I always knew they would pick society over me - why wouldn't they - but I didn't get just how committed the true believers were until recently, and that this really is the end state of humanity. I didn't get how the promises made weren't just blatant lies but the exact opposite of what this world always was, and what the movers of history were aspiring to. There never was anything for the damned of the Earth, except themselves struggling against humanity and being told that the human project was their only salvation - if only they could be human, it would all be good! They didn't get that humanity as a project was the enemy, and humanity is just a boot stamping on our faces forever. When they're done with us, they move on to the next target, and will cannibalize each other regularly. They could have been something else, perhaps, but at every critical juncture humanity has chosen this over a different world, to the point where anything but this is nearly indescribable. What is happening now has been under the surface for a long, long time, and its time has finally come. There wasn't much stopping it, except an understanding that the world to come was so obviously horrific and stupid that it really didn't have to go like this. Ultimately, people chose their base pleasures and hedonism over becoming what they would have needed to be to end the cycle, for themselves and eventually for most of humanity. They reduced life to nothing more than a pressure to attack, attack, attack, and that will be its final fate. All life dies screaming forever.


I think the error here is that you have it in your head there's a world where society works as it is "supposed to", some ideal conditions for all mankind, and it never was that. They do not owe you anything because they don't see you as a valid person worth respecting, and the only thing they respect is violence and fear. They don't have any regard for some basic goodness - that doesn't exist in their world view. It really doesn't. You can't make the assumption that they think like you and I.

The simple truth of the matter is that if they could, they'll kill you or torture you and not think for a second that there is anything morally or ethically wrong with this. That is the distinction between the valid and invalid, members of society and those who are alien to it. It was long ago explicitly acknowledged that slaves were not really human, or only human in certain ways while they were animals in others. This was definitely the attitude with American slavery, and that persisted up to today in the managerial culture. Everything about managerialism is about calculated humiliations and denigrations that become automatic to the manager. If the manager ever lets up on these humiliations, he or she is not doing their task as it has been set out for them. Their task is to destroy the alien, which is to say, the worker who is never allowed to promote to management. That is what humans value. They do not value productivity or things we would consider materially useful. They value control over others more than anything else, and view what is useful as that which enables their domination of the subordinated and gives them the thrill of victory. So, they probably look at your statement as impotent whining, knowing that they will kill you and that you made it clear that you would do the same in their position. Your rationale is justified, while they do not think about what they do beyond a cursory level because they don't have to. Normal humans engage in rank hypocrisy about the society they live in, revel in it and brag about their deceptiveness. The naive have no choice but to see the truth, and be told over and over again that they are banished from the truth, while the demonic of humanity reign and lord over their "secret information" which is just an injoke among them. Of course they would kill you. That's what empires and states do - kill people and make them suffer. They wouldn't be what they are if they served any other purpose. Humans being product of state society would follow suit, with all of the hypocrisies inherent in such a society. Anarchism is a denial of this basic reality, almost always promoted as a way to infantilize the weak so they are fearful of the owners of society.


And in case someone wants to say "no, Anon, you are hecking valid!!!11"… normal people do not talk to other valids with this kind of dismissal. They do not. Not everyone has given me the "others don't owe you anything" line, and it is not automatic or a given of nature. I suffer the obligations of membership in society and put up with their bullshit every single day, and have had to tolerate the intolerable and suffer things for no good reason whatsoever, purely because they refuse to get over themselves. Not me, them. If they don't want me to act with appropriate retaliation for the unforgivable, then they do owe me the most basic courtesy, or at least have enough sense to leave me be. When normal people aren't trying to antagonize me or put me down to demonstrate their social rank superiority, they don't use the "shut up and accept total Social Darwinism" line, because they know the implications of saying things like that. They don't resort to the lies and the demonic grinning, either. Normal people, despite my low opinion of humanity, suffer enough in this world and typically don't want to cause needless suffering. It makes no sense for them to attack me for nothing more than a cheap thrill, unless they are encouraged by socially valued incentives that either reward this behavior or obligate them to participate in it. I go out of my way to avoid conflict, despite having every reason to attack these people and especially the most guilty parties who have done so purely because it amused them. It's not because I regard their humanity or rights or anything about them, but because I have no interest in their stupid cycle and the things they value. I gain nothing, and it's not like me attacking violently will be praised or win me social proof. That is never going to happen, and if there is anything they hate, it's the idea that the damned of the earth would ever strike back at them. That's one of the few things that will motivate their danger impulse, because they know damn well what they did to steal the world from us. It's the organizing principle behind society as we know it - attack the weak as a way of life, which is the true foundation for state society's existence. It is only after the fact that they justify this blatant aggression as "defensive", while actual defensive measures are punished and forbidden under normal circumstances. If people actually defended themselves or the state actually defended its people, the state would be out of a job very shortly and wouldn't be able to justify its bloated bureaucracy, its military, and its invasion of private life.


And why should we have harmony or cohesion at all? But even if you posit these things as your goals then social rejection isn't compatible with your goals. Social rejection creates people who end up hating society. If you want a strong society that sticks together then it is logical that social rejection should be seen as something negative.
You or what most people or the state thinks isn't objective truth and doesn't hold objective value. It just so happens that you are a (failed) normal who agrees with the herd.
>You disagree but are a psychopath, the laws are designed to stop people like you murdering the rest of society. All I can suggest is live with it.
Nah, you will have to do better than resorting to buzzwords and memes like calling your debate partner psychopath. You could certainly view the laws that way but people with broader perspectives can see that laws were designed most of all to preserve the status quo and to defend the interests of the ruling classes. Assault and arson are fine as long as the state does it via law enforcement otherwise it is bad. So childish, not to mention that you seem to imply that states don't murder their citizens, good one there.
All I can suggest is live with the truth that not everyone is pea brained coward like you.


You've admitted to threatening violence against people who wouldn't be your friend. You need to take a step back and examine yourself because only a psychopath with a serious ego problem does crazy shit like that.


Lol have you looked at humanity? We're not starting wars and laughing as poor people suffer and die, then gloating at how easy it is to make the little people do anything. They don't just threaten violence but make good on those threats, and they brag about lying, that morals and ethics are a joke and the law only applies to poor people. By now it's their stated philosophy because this is a Satanic, fascist country now.

You can question the wisdom of weak people threatening things impotently, but you can't turn this into a moral fault of the weak or imply that the weak are the aggressors. This isn't about initiating "random" violence, but about some guy daring to talk back at people who made it clear they would act on a violent threat with impunity and the only thing saving him is that he is already beaten down and defeated.
It is a sign of your violent intent that you are that quick to shame someone for so much as suggesting he would be offended by another person. The mere idea that someone would even say the idea that they would remove themselves from the situation is offensive to you, and interpreted as a violent attack, while your government tortures and rapes people for amusement and this is the action of upstanding, meritorious heroes.
Given the amount of violence inherent in this society, you don't have any right to claim "violence is bad because it is mean", if that is your moral argument.

Anyway I (not the other guy you're responding to) stand by what I said earlier. Decent people don't engage in this moral shrieking game. It's always the predatory minority who have always been given over to it and seek opportunity, because this is how you advance in this society. Decent people are trying to survive in this fallen hellhole and don't have a desire to needlessly antagonize people for asking a question. With normal people who need to dismiss me just to get me out of the way, their stance is very different and almost never aggressive or smug. Someone making the smug response is either knowing that they lie and enjoy seeing someone suffer, or is a coward who thinks this is how he appears tough. It's all so ridiculous and farcical, and normal people actually hate people like that. They really do. Eventually, the predatory opportunists get got, or they die and their "wins" were futile. I just don't care to live for such things, which means the predatory hate me even more for disregarding their "ethics" which is nothing of the sort.


You are the one who needs to take a step back and examine whether the values he was raised to believe in are actually valid or just a bunch of idealist lies fed to him by others to hold him back.

People call everyone a psychopath who is more of an individualist than others. The whole purpose of mental health industry is to create people who can only wageslave and breed without posing any danger to anyone, even to their enemies.


>Why are people so cruel?
Because allow them to by chasing them, by wishing them, by not reliquinshing them for good as they do well deserve. Desire is crushing you and you still bite its bait like neurotypical… it is not a wizardly value at all to despise loneliness, if you do carefully think about our core motto against females.

> In the eyes of a normie, popularity is a simple and 100% accurate metric for determining how good and likeable someone is.

Let this be, therefore, a simple and 100% accurate metric for determining how superficial and delusional they are.
You wish to be like them, rejecting your own inner values due to this anguish, thankless anguish that consumes you, while also miscaring a more important thing in the process: who really deserves to be befriended?

As a youngster, I wished and feared the world until I decided the world should the one in fear and desire for me. They will play games to deceive you, as soon as you enter within this stance for good and this is where you start to learn our good olde wizzie arts.

Oh, man. Why are we still moaning about rubbish like this? We are not using this site the way it deserves…


File: 1671149206693.jpg (114.64 KB, 557x691, 557:691, cropped-3-demonology-18th-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's a loosh farmer in this thread. Looks like pic related, you can always ID a demon because they can't hide their feet


It is not our role to determine how much anyone needs to be sinked into societies against their wish, I'd say.
There's no point on hating anyone lest you be a crybaby who still wants to be accepted, which is by they way an shameful tenet for any experienced wizard.

>All I can suggest is live with the truth that not everyone is pea brained coward like you
Notice the typical aggresive arguing style of the hypocrite normalcattle here. Who do you speak for now? Seeking for allies or just trolling around. And he even dares to use a shame tactic against a wizard! Ha!
But we all should already know, only a piece of cattle lives cucked enough to fall for shit like this… which is the point on bringing it here?

>You can question the wisdom of weak people threatening things impotently, but you can't turn this into a moral fault of the weak or imply that the weak are the aggressors
I solemnly declare this to be of utter importance about how crucial is to know how dangerous the weak cattle can ever be, specially while getting theirselves through within the process.

>It is a sign of your violent intent that you are that quick to shame someone for so much as suggesting he would be offended by another person.
He must have said this shit only to try to trigger us, it's hard to think that a normie could ever be this stupid.

>The mere idea that someone would even say the idea that they would remove themselves from the situation is offensive to you, and interpreted as a violent attack, while your government tortures and rapes people for amusement and this is the action of upstanding, meritorious heroes.

The good thing my lazy ways of thinking is that I do not pay attention to misconstructed quotes which actually mean not much. So good riddance to whatever this line be saying.

>predatory minority

Contradiction. What a slip!

Hello again, moddess.


>There's no point on hating anyone lest you be a crybaby who still wants to be accepted, which is by they way an shameful tenet for any experienced wizard.
You can hate people for other reasons than just wanting to be accepted by them.


Yes. But it is more of a rational thing than emotional.


The sooner you all become this way the pretty much better for your souls


For me, there was no boat to begin with. My social skills are so astoundingly poor that I can't even have a conversation with my parents.


This is truly disgusting, when did plebs discover this place ?


This has been a question I thought about for myself nearly 30 I don’t know what boat I’d be missing? A relationship with a roastie who will control the relationship to virtue signal I am a good cuck wagie. Maybe I will be a wagie for myself then just look after family in old age then it will be over one day

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