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File: 1670861012984.png (456 KB, 720x888, 30:37, Screenshot_20221025-170732….png) ImgOps iqdb


I was forced to dance for some niggers
they laughed at me and filmed me
I think they posted me on tiktok
I can't find the vid
I don't use that chink Spyware anyways
Idk what to do


Why didn't you shoot them?


had no gun, so relatable.
kill them next time


No gunz


True story:
>be approached by blacks at the sevie from all sides
>The distractor starts talking: ayooo wachuu doo fo work homie??
>I'm a martial arts instructor
>blacks suddenly all come in front and start acting normal


you guys remember the /k/ommando who went out to a BLM protest at night and shot a black and got charged for it despite being within his rights?



can you tell us how that happened?


I was forced to dance for some white boys who bullied me in elementary school because I'm the black autist kid. I never hurt anyone, I just want to be left alone but white people find a way to bully or harass me. White normals are quite the worst people.


White normies are evil the nigger ones are worse


both races can be equally evil.
same snake, different skins.

but since you associate the white color to pureness, i guess this brain bias would apply to the race too.


read the color of crime by Jared Taylor


Nah niggers le bad


as believable as the ai-generated /r/AmItheAsshole stories


If you weren't held at gunpoint then you weren't forced to


you could plausibly AI automate the entire site at this point


maybe he felt forced to since he wasn't held at gunpoint


nigga made me a robot
i fucking hate niggers


forced you to dance?
How? At gunpoint?


That sounds hilarious ngl


nah it just 5 vs 1


guard dat bussy, playa


>I was forced to dance for some niggers


this sounds like a porn


That sucks, man, but I have sweet potato fries.


The dishonor of committing suicide instead of making the guilty ones pay with misery


This is why I avoid Niggers at all costs.


I hate niggers too, next time go out fighting.


File: 1674022786252.png (69.95 KB, 238x116, 119:58, 4575678456.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Necrobumping to say the same happened to me OP. In high school, some asshole spic put me on the spot for his dumbass youtube channel, and needless to say I made an ass out of myself since I wasn't naturally funny, and under pressure with no script. It was horrible, I was stumbling and red-faced embarrassed. He later uploaded it online as some sort of cringe comedy, and the whole school saw it and laughed their nigger asses off. Shortly after that I dropped out.


are you gay anon?


I'll never have sex so what does it matter?


wizards belly dancing


bro it hasn't even been a month, what site do you think you're on? lmao


dont lmaopost ever again, faggot


Why would you comply to this?



This is why you always carry a knife.


Took him three days, so pathetically weak.


>reply 60 days later no problem
>reply three days later, BIG problem


They can’t handle your rizz don’t worry


OP you should refine your breakdance skills, find the niggers, and challenge them in front of their homies and fly succubi. If you win, you become Mr. Black People, and they will carry you on their shoulders and treat you like a sultan.


never thought i'd see the day when wizards become nigger's pets


File: 1679876515803.png (17.67 MB, 2073x4800, 691:1600, sakaki casual clothes.png) ImgOps iqdb

For example I was walking home from school years ago and two aspiring thug niggers were loitering outside of a drug store, and the taller of them grabbed his crotch, smirked and said some shit to me but I just stared at him and kept walking. Maybe you've had trauma in the past where non-compliance gave you violence or it's something you were born with but it should be clear now to have a spine, you won't get in trouble for it and the weaker you look the easier prey you will be.
These too.


and you look like that image?, maybe thats why those thugs mocked you


I'm not that beautiful. Also does OP mean literally forced to or peer-pressured into dancing.


File: 1679927932104.jpg (54.15 KB, 460x432, 115:108, dance party.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I was forced to dance for some niggers


Realize that anyone who laughs at someone being bullied by a pack of niggers is literally subhuman and you might as well be worrying about what a chimp might think of you if you care about their reaction. Any real human being would empathize with you in this situation. Overall, becoming immune to what people think of you is very freeing and worth the mental effort of reprogramming yourself. If you don't care, they can't hurt you. Dissociate from your body and view the whole thing as a spectator.


>Realize that anyone who laughs at someone being bullied by a pack of niggers is literally subhuman

This is kinda what I thought when I read some of the replies itt. How is it even funny when someone gets humiliated and threatened by a bunch of ghetto retards like that. This reminds me of this other white autistic guy who got abused on social media by some other ghetto worldstar type retards some time ago. Seeing bullying videos in general makes my blood boil like crazy.


This new Gen is something else entirely, man. I say this as someone who was basically raised by the net, actively looking for gore at around 11 years old.Less and less empathy I'm noticing as time goes by.


Lucky nigger animal got off easy, there's millins of white human kids beaten by your animal nigger brethren. But your privileged nigger brain probably can't comprehend what that's like.



People really got even more shallow and sadistic somehow, so many things are just mean spirited now including sexual stuff and the selective empathy of most people is always interesting.


>actively looking for gore at around 11 years old.Less and less empathy I'm noticing as time goes by.
We were a stepping stone and symptom of the gradual process of dehumanization and amorality that has become standard in social interactions. Looking at gore and being morbidly curious about it hurts no one but it is still abnormal behavior that signals that something went wrong to how people have become to behave.

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