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masturbation and porn addicts are like normalfaggot alcoholics who critizice and look down on everyone who doesn't drink alcohol and partake in their vice because it's disgusting. Sex is disgusting and you're the crazy people for having sex and masturbating, not us.
Asexual pride


according to Aristotle, all creatures are sad after sexual intercourse


its just a necessary tool for obtaining dopamine for the fap addicts. no one is looking down on you if you're able to get your dopamine other ways. stop playing a victim and antagonizing ppl





apply cold water to the burned area


they can't stop posting porn and talking about masturbation either and they say to be wizzies


Just read your brain on porn. The first few chapters will scare the crap out of you.


>just read this book


pseudoscience for redditors


coomer can't read


Nigger, wizard is just a virgin above 30 years old, nothing more or less, stop projecting your stupid view of what a wizard supposed to be


>uhhhhhh… can't read….. too much prolactin… from… coom
>im zoning out!! soooo depressed…. downregulated androgen… have to coom


Lmao, not argument, keep posting your shitty pseudoscience shit to justify your bullshit view about fapping


>I can't reaaaaaaaad


You don't convince people about something by just telling them to go read a book. Post relevant sections or something. My job is to disregard everything you say until i see something interesting, useful, or maybe contradictory.


>doesnt know of the handjob wizard
baby time fun club is next door, please be over 18 before visiting this fine establishment


Are you actually retarded? For real? You dumb nigger there's a actual rule that say that a wizard is just a virgin dude above 30, beyond that definition is just pure projection retarded like you likes to do.


File: 1671576962526.jpg (22.8 KB, 640x360, 16:9, wiz at work.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

next stop /b/


>you can be a handjob wizard
normalfags with girlfriend can't be wizards no matter if they're virgins

handjobs are still sex you niggers


I strongly disagree with you.
Though most normalfags promote a life o hedonism, which include consuming pornography without any moral restriction, there is people like me, that sadly is addicted to this evil, but everyday try to get out of this.
Addiction to porno and masturbation is just like any other addiction like crack or cigarettes, maybe even worse.



The supposed effects of pornography are inconclusive, no one know if they have effect or not, it's a open question, stop saying that porn CNA make someone addicted and shit.


Trusting Wikipedo to be truthful and unbiased towards anything degenerate is a bad idea.


no offense but we would know if we are addicted to porn. i don't need a fucking wikipedia article to tell me this


File: 1671580161417.jpg (43.33 KB, 705x438, 235:146, I would prefer not to zize….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im a wizard but im also a hedonist and libertine. lifes too short not to jerk off, eat food, and do drugs.

I consider it a slow suicide, if i live to 100 then i must be blessed, but most likely im out of here by my 60s at least.


Gee… I wonder who could be behind this post.


>They don't know how to search for the actual studies in the resources section

Actual niggers, keep being controlled by someone else ideology or easy yet ,blame "the Jews" for being such a dumb niggers, kek, yeah, it's the "Jews" faults that you're fucked in life, it's always someone else fault, kek.


why? so mr. scientist can say the criteria for addiciton are as follow and thus you are not actually addicted. if i'm not addicted, then tell me what word to use for an activity that you have tried to stop many times but always return to. that is as rewarding as drugs. it doesn't fucking matter what it's called, it's a pain in the ass waste of time only good for dopamine but i can't stop

give me another word to say instead of addiction since you're so autistically zeroed in on that single point in this conversation


I've linked to actual sources and these low IQ faggots won't even read them. It's like talking to children


Imageboards and internet addiction are much, much worse for you than porn.


Porn addiction is an internet addiction with less implications regarding Freudian-style sublimation


Porn addicts should get purged from wizchan, they always try to argue like retards and it's obvious that they are just impulse controlled faggots who want to convince others to go down the same path instead of bettering themselves.

Wikipedia is mainly run by libtards, leftists and kikes (the same kind who write news articles on how playing videogames for 8+ hours a day is not bad for you) don't trust them as a source when it comes to these things because it's always linked to their political views and degeneracy, a lot of things have been exposed about the wikipedia faggots and they definitely don't act in your interest.


Wikipedia is a good source.


>90% of the site should be purged
lets do this


There's is no such thing as "porn addiction" you tard, you can't be addicted to a fucking video or image, FAP can't be addictive, never heard of someone being a FAP addicted.


File: 1671592492725.jpg (95.3 KB, 1084x1924, 271:481, kpa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The brain can become addicted to anything. This is proven by your addiction to writing dumb posts.


I think there are many, many people with an addiction to being a stupid retard.


It's not just the videos, my negro. It's the dopamine stimulation and the association of the activity watching porn and pleasure in one's brain.


this board is slowly turning into /b/


Nigger, dopamine doesn't work like that, you are oversimplifying, I suggest you read a real academic about neurotransmitters and not some random ass site writing by some shady ass author with a agenda.


Blame the retard that can't stop creating shitty thread about their stupid projection about being a wizard.


please, this is not the sissy boy zero-testosterone club. go away. i can't believe i'd ever have to explain to another fellow male why i jerk off for like 4 hours a day and how it's negatively impactng my life and how i can't stop


Calling stuff you don't agree with "pseudoscience" isn't an argument either.

Why are these kinds of threads popping up more frequently?


I do not agree… But stop masturbating helps a lot to prove magic.


Also, some wizards NEED to masturbate, those who have a lot of energy. Thats just the way it is. Each person is different


The problem with pornography is that you become horny when you otherwise wouldn't have been. If you are a scrolling on and imageboard see a provocative image and soon after you are masturbating, you are not free you are controlled.


Porn addicted retards can't even decide when they want to do it and when not, they are entirely controlled by their impulses and these impulses get triggered by anything remotely suggestive.

It's pathetic how they act like they have it under control when in reality they can't say no even if they don't want to do it. Look at the excuses they make on wizchan, it's like listening to a retarded pothead or heroin addict, its the same way of arguing and the worst thing is that they most likely are aware of this deep down but they keep deluding themselves and try to delude others as well.

Yes lets do this, the site would be better off if all these faggots would kick rocks anyway, make room for wizards who choose to not be slaves of modern normie faggotry and let the coomers jerk each other off on reddit or some other normie safespace where they worship porn. All these retards who want to convince others to submit to this failed normie lifestyle and their politics should get booted fast because they are like a disease and most likely shills as well.


good strategy, keep killing the site


All the leftists and porn addicts are killing the site by derailing every thread with their shit


i only see you derailing the whole /wiz/ board. congrats for being promoted to mod, fag.



If there wasn't a dedicated thread for this we'd be having these same stupid arguments everywhere else. Probably should make one called COMMUNISM DOESN'T WORK DEBATE ME SOCIALIST KIDZ next just to siphon 'em out.


But It's not our fault that we are addicted to it. Most of porn addicts started watching it as a teenager 11-14 yo, when they were in someway innocent and had no idea how bad that habit could turn.
If you can't understand this, you probably not a wizard. It's a very common problem among us, since many have spend the childhood browsing on the internet.
Jeez, I bet you are a succubi.


You didn't get my point, I don't judge people for being mislead by the porn industry, many of us have been in the same cesspool for years because of how early we discovered it. I judge people however if they actively choose to promote pornography to others because they want others to be miserable as well.

The real problem is that some retards choose to promote it and that's the difference between someone who is just struggling with addiction and a retard who wants to pull others down into the same pit of shit.

I feel bad for a heroin addict but I don't feel bad for a heroin addict who goes around and tries to convince others to do it as well.


File: 1671663492052.png (238.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wizbook.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is really just a thinly disguised 'anti-porn' 'ban the fap thread' metaburger roundup. we have this every year

hide the fap thread and shut up already. stop browsing /b/. install an anti-nsfw browser addon to hide porn images


I remember when that hapened. Such a great board. Also ban fap threads and stop being a pedophile


Porn and masturbation are the wizard's allies. There is nothing wrong with jerking it off every day. These nofap tards are just dumb idealists who believe they can rise above basic human biology. Pathetic.


>basic biology

That is retarded. Are you saying humans evolved jerking it to porn and need some sweet digital tits to survive? You are just a druggie, unwilling to admit that he is addicted to dopamine hijacking habit.


He really is a retard, the dopamine is produced so human beings actually procreate and not because it's supposed to be abused by artificially stimulating the brain with porn but he's too retarded to understand what basic biology even means.


You are a Jewish nigger spreading normal fag propaganda


I bet you fap to ugly bastard ntr


i think it's a waste of time for myself personally, i hate how many thousands of hours i've wasted on it. but i dont care if others do it


Isn't it great not wasting hours of your life not fapping and fixating on succubi?


Ironically, but a wizard holds his personalized view to himself. Not screaming and crying out loud on whatever platform it may be. The world doesn't care. It doesn't matter if asexual, gay, trans, feminist, your skin color, autistic or whatever. Im not here to offend as it's not my standpoint. I just hate people who has the need to be justified by others as a means to grow internally and boost their own self worth and ego by forcing out an opinion onto anothers. There's nothing good of echo chambers as it only conflict damage of those who take part, false information and irritation on people with another view. Politics are stupid in such way that none dare to view if the grass is really greener on the other side. They assume it worse as they already created this cloud of thoughts.

I don't care anymore, giving a fuck of others opinion is useless effort. Life get's easier once you find your own morality as Nietzsche said.

To the topic itself, i never been able to stop watching porn for a long period. And as May arrives, it’s said that something will awake inside me, i guess… to wizchan. Things have changed - as before a wizard was about virginity and the age. Now there’s so much useless fuzz about what is and what is not. It’s as kids trying to find a place to belong, and as there’s not a single ”piece” in the puzzle that is ”perfect”. This has to force it in. A true wizard doesn’t give fuck.


>a true wizard doesn't give a fuck

And that's how you make yourself look like a fag who hasn't been here for long


clearly you doesn't have the compasity to understand my point of view either, so arguing is as pouring salt water in a lake.


>life gets easier says Nietzsche
he went crazy and ruined his life I am not taking advice from the bearded faggot



why are you acting like you are the wise council or intellectual leader of wizards lol "a true wizard does X and Y" might as well just write "a true wizard shares only my opinion and only posts what i like" why not also write a whole guide on how to be a real certified wizard in your opinion so you can enlighten us more.

the most ironic part of your post is that you basically get upset about discussions and the exchange of opinions when you state your own opinion in that very same post and this clearly shows your own sense of unwarranted self importance so actually you are the one who tries to boost his ego and not the others. then you write politics are stupid but in the same post you quote nietzsche as if philosophy was any better.

just stop being a fag and partake in the discussion without acting like youre smarter than everyone else.


therr's sure a lot of non wizzies in this thread


If you look back on the legacy of what a wizard is, its "once you turn 30 and being a virgin, you gain magical powers" - and thats what i would to slim it down to. This idea has sadly starting to fade and being recreated to whatever puzzle piece that fits the crowd.

My view of what a wizard has to do with the core idéa, and if you know yourself worth, you outgrow the crowd and find your own path to walk as it's more relaxing and freeing. Thus imo - not giving a fuck. You could argue that a ultimate wizard are the hermit. But are a hermit which had sex still seen a wizard - i wouldn't know.

How can one argue with this to begin with - there's nothing of value in here to reply to. You call me a fag.


Agree with OP. Might as well go fuck a whore if you have to masturbate and watch porn every day of your life. You're a corrupted soul that consumes digital trash.


>he most ironic part of your post is that you basically get upset about discussions and the exchange of opinions when you state your own opinion in that very same post

technically this is true, there is irony here on a logic level, however his underlying claim is a valid one. wizardry is about being a virgin past 30, that's it. there are a spectrum of subjective views everyone has on what might be or might not be "wizardly", but it is unproductive to argue with and antagonize other users when we should be more supportive of one another as a community. instead of trying to stigmatize wizards who have live a different lifestyle than ourselves, we should focus on fruitful dialogue for the betterment of wizchan. cooperative discussion of differing views offers a chance for persona growth anhd improvement, whereas lobbing insults at people you disagree with is a meaningless waste of time.

in essence, op is a perfect example of wizard cancer (assuming he isn't a troll, which he probably is). he made a simplistic brainfart post trashing other members of the community without making the slightest effort to bring about a meaningful discussion, by offering his perspectives and asking for counterpoint so the community can explore what wizardry means to them each as individuals. but i will say again though, op is probably just a troll, a low level one at that, but still managed to start an argument. effective bait, but stale bate.

message to trolls- please start up troll posts with new content, this particular troll post is so old and burned out its just no fun. unless you are sort of being a troll in a nostalgic context, which is sort of an interesting thought.


>Noooo you're supposed to be a fucking mentally ill asexual

fucking NIGGER! Fapping isn't against being a wizard


No one is trolling, this thread is just a reaction to the porn addicted retards who keep shitting up every thread


well, if op had said "assholes are derailing threads with porno garbage that is off topic" i would have agreed with him; that shit is annoying. instead, his post is more of a slam on people who don't claim to be asexual, which is pretty stale bait.


After I got my wisdom teeth removed I've been without masturbating for several weeks, whereas before I was cranking it every single day. I can't say I've noticed much, but I can say I've grown acutely disgusted by some of the shit I used to look at.
If I was not aided by medication, I doubt I would have stopped any time soon. It's very easy to say "just stop, bro", but in practice compounding mental illness/weakness (not viewing weakness in a negative way, just realistic) can feel insurmountable. I've failed at everything I've ever done, so why would self-improvement be any different? I attribute this brief clarity to hydrocodone, ironically, but I'll likely sink beneath the water again soon. I suppose if you have a desire for longevity you should certainly stop, but devoid of that even brain shrinkage doesn't make me apprehensive.


I’ve just slowed down as each time I fap it’s less pleasurable than the last. Porn is not only boring now but gross, and I can’t even get off to sweet loving stuff let alone gross hardcore stuff anymore.

This is has been happening with everything for me. Pot, video games, porn all have been deadened on me.


I've attributed most of my anhedonia simply to an untreated attention disorder. If I had the same ability to focus like most people, I'd be able to derive value out of experiences with little immediate dopamine rewards. It's difficult to feel accomplished in your day if you can hardly conjure the will to commit to particularly long tasks, and I don't mean productive in whatever way is considered valuable to "normal" people. I can hardly play videogames for longer than a couple hours, so even successful full playthroughs may be outside my reach. Not to say I'm bitter about it. I recognize now that masturbation was likely just another symptom; like it was just another shiny object that captured my attention for a brief time. I don't know if it's accurate to say that it's just a casual observation since it's so deeply personal, but I feel so little about it that it might as well be.


Before arguing against OP, please take the kindness of researching about "relationship of cuck fetishes and porn". You might understand better.

You better start warp wanings, these symptoms will not go away. We are all kind of under the same disease here around. You better started long ago and no-fap is amongst them. You will kill yourselves, else.


The ascetic larping is starting to get old, kids. You are just a bunch of miserable crabs who ended up hating anything that has to do with sexuality because you feel shame for not getting laid. You can't enjoy porn because "wahh how dare some guy fuck a succubus I find attractive"! You get obsessed with the packs of muscles, height, cock length, jawline or attractiveness of the male porn actor because you are failed normals. This aggressive anti-porn and anti-masturbation crusade is done by people who have extremely weak nerves, are full of resentment/envy/bitterness and who want to ruin other people's fun because they can't enjoy masturbation and porn anymore. You are the ones who want to drag others down into your mud of resentment and pointless complexes. Grow some balls, eunuchs. I am a wizard and I will never stop watching porn and you will have to deal with this.

Humans didn't evolve using laptops, electricity, medicine or internet either yet we use those things now. Or don't you? The hysteria against porno is even more ridiculous when you don't have any problem with masturbation in itself. It's a tool to help you enjoy masturbation better, nothing more/less, anything else is just projection on your part.

Who says you need to procreate? People have sexual drive but it is up to them how they satisfy themselves. You can go the normo path or you can just take it easy and enjoy porn+masturbation. There is no goal to the human sex drive. Your brain doesn't care whether you masturbate to porn or impregnate some succ.

Oh and porn is artificial stimulation? Then what about when you failed normals go outside and start to crave females around you? That's completely all right, according to you. Same for procreation for some mysterious reason, according to you "wizards" that is cool but masturbation and porn are evil? Yeah, right.

I've just finished blowing a load to some bbc gangbang porn. It was great, honestly. Interracial porn with black man+white females always make me cum extraordinary amounts. But hey, if you let your inferiority complex get in the way of your enjoyment then that's your issue.

I consider it obligatory. It's like taking a shower, brushing my teeth or eating. 15 minutes a day isn't that much time.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Just noticed that the first 3 threads on /wiz/ have all turned into arguments with that one porn addicted shill lololol


>Ascetic larping bla blah blah
I have already experienced normie shaming tactics with detail enough to know this guy does belong away from here.

Wizards are weak. Were any of you to enjoy any pr0n just be sure you do not end up cumming, lest you just drive yourselves into a quick, painful aging process, which is already promising pain due to the life conditions of the wiz lifestyle (no sun, no sport, no healthy emotions, no drive, restlessness, mental fatigue, etc…)


> I've just finished blowing a load to some bbc gangbang porn

wizchan 2022


Finally the faggot slipped up and got the boot, I thought this would never happen after weeks of this retards bullshit. Guess he had a meltdown after everyone started to tell him to fuck off.


> honestly. Interracial porn with black man+white females always make me cum extraordinary amounts
very wizardly nama3 did you do it riding your black dildo too?



Are you actually mentally ill? A suggest that you get institutionalized ASAP, you can't seen stop talking about this "nama3" person, you see everywhere, I think you're a paranoid schizoprenic.


i masturbate once a day and im more wizardly than anybody here. cope on THAT, small fry. you're done!


what rule did he break?


mods love to watch bbc porn and pedo porn as their posts on /b/ and discord shows


He should have been banned weeks ago


mods make'em up as they go along. I would guess he didn't break any


Threatening the mods with BBC and jewish iq


Sorry, but my family has a history of prostate cancer and I can't risk it. Gotta get that nut flowing.


now that I think about it he probably wasn't banned at all since they delete rulebreaking posts. Got me at first anyways


You don't need to be a chronic masturbator for that, your body takes care of that since the testicles regulate it, mainly when you sleep and a bit of precum leaks.

That prostate cancer stuff has been proven wrong but I guess people need excuses for a lack of willpower.


Yeah, I figured it was just


Oh, well it's a different shade.


Not at all, the post didn't have the banned message before I reported him lolol


File: 1672009115906.png (1.9 KB, 295x295, 1:1, ishy.png) ImgOps iqdb

>guy slams group for looking down on him with a post that looks down on them
>meanwhile there is no proof said proof actually cares about his habits at all


Even if you think that you can't deny that porn is addictive as it's already been scientifically proven. I'm an adherent of nofap and it isn't about rising above your biology, it is just a rehab challenge for coomers where they drop their porn and masturbation habits cold turkey in an attempt to rewire their horny ass porn addicted brains back to normality.

But it wasn't until the 'redpill' and self improvement culture went mainstream that some idiots started creating a cult around it, claiming a bunch of overblown and bullshit benefits that come mainly from the semen retention myth. People who have actually done nofap and are more down to earth know what I'm talking about.


if it's harmful why even ejaculate ever


>back to normality
And what is normality?
My biggest problem with nofap is that I've done it several times and the only "advantage" I got out from it was wet dreams, random boners and being horny and distracted all the time. Either way, I know it is bullshit because 99% of "nofappers" can only nofap for a couple of months at best and then they jerk it off.

Nofap has always been for normals who had easy access to sex, not for people like us.

I got a 3 day ban for Christmas. Now I'm back.


>But it wasn't until the 'redpill' and self improvement culture went mainstream that some idiots started creating a cult around it, claiming a bunch of overblown and bullshit benefits that come mainly from the semen retention myth. People who have actually done nofap and are more down to earth know what I'm talking about.
exactly. there's a lot of woo woo stuff in these places that is frankly embarassing to read, with the most extreme nutcases taking bullshit from 'occult' literature at face value
if you need these delusions and a community of like minded larpers to kick the habit you might as well relapse lmao


if you can't even abstain from porn and masturbation, are you even a wizard? Normals are obsessed with sexual gratification.


>if you don't have sex, are you still a virgin


I have been masturbating since I was about 5 years old, and have been doing it daily since I was 6-7. I never stopped, when I was 14-15 I got to know pornography, and I only watched quiet things, before I did it with succubi on TV, and mainly with my imagination.
Now I am 20 years old, and I really want to quit, because one handjob is not enough, and I have to have at least two, apart from the fact that it doesn't last long.

I really don't know how I was able to masturbate for so long, and at such an early age, in fact, since the first years of masturbating I already wanted to stop, but it was very difficult. But I think that with a bit of will I really think I can stop doing it, last year I could go two months without doing it, and this year I hope I'll do better.


you're not a wizard if you have a mind of a crab or normalfag who thinks daily of sex and watches porn and masturbates daily. Go hire a prostitute or get a gf and stop coming to this site.


Sex and masturbation don't have much to do with it, sex without love is not sex, it's just a handjob with another person, sex has to do with love, with having children, and with being related to the other person. I can jerk off 5 times a day, but if you don't seek or don't want that intimate love relationship with a succubus or with a man if you're a homosexual degenerate, nothing happens, and you'll continue to be more of a virgin than olive oil.


Puritanism is unwizardly and normalfag thing.


I never had sex, and I will surely die a virgin, but it is true, sex without love is not sex, it is sex for losers, and for succubi who are used as just a sack of semen.
True sex involves reproduction, family, and love. It's difficult to achieve this regardless of the person, but hey, you can always donate sperm, have 999 children, and still be a virgin.

You don't have to be asexual to be a magician.


>sex without love is not sex

it is here on wizchan, you fucking tard brain.


Normals also breathe air and wear clothes, you might want to give up those too my larping wiz.

And you ascetic freaks are the most obsessed with sexual gratification actually. Normals have sex, crabs pay whores, wizards like me just masturbate daily but you guys feel the need to discuss this topic in every single thread, all the time. So who is hung up on the whole stuff exactly? I'll give you a clue: it's you ascetic freaks who start a fight with wizards who masturbate every single time. It's not the other way around. It's not us who whine about nofappers, it's you and your friends whining about porn-watching wizards. Take a clue already you moron.

It's true.


>depper tries to rationalize mental illness as a positive lifestyle choice, yet again


You're right, no good and honest wizard will ever defend porn, pedophilia, or degeneracy of any kind.


Well, all being a wizard is supposed to encompass is being a virgin after 30 and beyond. Obviously, there are multiple things that can cause this despite the gay rules on this website. I do share the sentiment against the things you mentioned, however. I half-assume that you're being facetious. Oh well.


>And what is normality?
Not having a porn addiction.

I agree with you though, I am not looking forward to quit fapping for stupidly long periods of time. Only legit monks and people who're in a relationship manage to abstain from masturbation for months on end. Like yeah no shit, why'd someone who's married even watch porn or masturbate? Unlike them we can't get laid so we need an outlet.
And by the way only retards care about "muh daycount" anyways, it gives away an illusory feeling of progress and achievement without having to do much beyond not touching your dick and resisting urges so it appeals to faggot redditors and teenagers.

For real.


>Only legit monks and people who're in a relationship manage to abstain from masturbation for months on end.
I doubt that. Why is it so hard to believe that there are men who neither have sex nor masturbate? Like yeah they're a minority but it's not limited to "legit monks", and it's not a physiological need but a learnt behaviour.


>Not having a porn addiction.
Says who? There is no normality. You do what you enjoy. Others do other things they enjoy.

>it gives away an illusory feeling of progress and achievement without having to do much beyond not touching your dick and resisting urges so it appeals to faggot redditors and teenagers.

That could be said about nofap generally, no? It's not different from other forms of asceticism. It's supposed to make you feel good for not doing things that make you feel good. Uh, something like that anyway. I'm generally skeptical about asceticism. It devolves into shitty dickmeasuring and whatnot in the end. "I didn't fap for a week, I'm better than you!" "No, I didn't jerk off for a month, I'm better!" But we could talk about any kind of asceticism like I said. These are supposed to give losers something to brag about in front of others.

It's an actual need and those people who can "learn" not to fap ever are low T asexuals. I don't deny these people exist but the whole retarded thing about willpower mattering more than biology leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth. All of this idealistic shit can be traced back to previous ascetic and religious movements. NoFappers are no different from religious fanatics who honestly believe that Jesus didn't eat anything for weeks in the wilderness. I mean come on, we don't live in the dark ages anymore. Everyone who is honest realizes that biological needs are a thing. It doesn't matter what you want to do you will eat, drink, sleep and yes masturbate or have sex if you are a normal. The mind isn't some omnipotent force like idealists want to believe it is, everything is bound by necessity and by natural laws.


>only low T individuals don't cum
>only monks don't cum
Which is it? There are FAR more low T males than monks? Low T is quickly reaching majority for certain demographics, if it wasn't already majority. Those groups keep getting younger in the past 50 years. Who knows, we may all be Low-T cum-less males in a few decades if the microplastics keep turning the kids gay


>watching porn everyday and masturbating is normal
Kill yourself antiwizard.


> NoFappers are no different from religious fanatics who honestly believe that Jesus didn't eat anything for weeks in the wilderness

You talk about biology but know nothing about it.


Monks are either already asexual/lowt to begin with or they just masturbate in secret or invite whores. I don't know why people suppose that by making a vow people suddenly stop getting any urges of this kind. That's not how it works.

>There are FAR more low T males than monks? Low T is quickly reaching majority for certain demographics, if it wasn't already majority. Those groups keep getting younger in the past 50 years.

Yes, these low t males are called nofappers nowadays or asexual.

Not only normal but essential to living a mentally healthy life. Nofap has what benefits exactly? You'll get more boners and wet dreams? Such skills.

I know enough to be suspicious about the tales of humanity's famous ascetics and the myths around them. I don't believe Jesus never jerked off or never had sex either. I don't believe he went around a month without any food in the wilderness. I don't believe he got resurrected either.

You can choose to be a child who falls for every shit he's told or you can speculate based on rationality, logic and common sense. I'm not that trusting of people as you are anymore to just accept that some guy didn't eat anything for weeks, even though he was alone and no one was checking on him.


typical coombrain thinks mind rotting habits like porn are healthy.
Wizchan 2023
Go have sex since you're so obsessed with watching porn and masturbating. You're as rotten as the rest.


If I was interested in sex then I'd pay a whore. Can your brain not comprehend how someone can enjoy porn/masturbation while not wanting to have sex? It's not that difficult.
>You're as rotten as the rest.
No sir, I'm much more rotten. I masturbate to tranny porn, gangbang porn, orgies, granny porn, BDSM porn, lesbianism, interracial porn (with the male being black of course), cuckold stuff, 2D anime loli and boys, incest porn, rape porn, etc. I could go on all day.

I'm living a nice life full of pleasures. Thank God for pornography.


>I've just finished blowing a load to some bbc gangbang porn. It was great, honestly. Interracial porn with black man+white females always make me cum extraordinary amounts. But hey, if you let your inferiority complex get in the way of your enjoyment then that's your issue.

yankee tier post. Besides, if you are going to masturbate, do it with succubi, or with lesbians, masturbating while watching a man have sex with a succubus is extremely homosexual.


I hate morality police whether it be the self flagellating social justice warrior or the right wing evangelical. I see myself as a libertine, a hedonist, an egoist. Morality policing is just another form of control. you no fap people are worse than christians, you are sex negative without the actual Philosophy to back it up.


File: 1673153334397.png (1.4 MB, 993x1405, 993:1405, hellish coomer.png) ImgOps iqdb

>No sir, I'm much more rotten. I masturbate to tranny porn, gangbang porn, orgies, granny porn, BDSM porn, lesbianism, interracial porn (with the male being black of course), cuckold stuff, 2D anime loli and boys, incest porn, rape porn, etc. I could go on all day.

You're the final boss of coomers.


i like the one fap per day method. fap at around like midnight. watch anime for an hour or so. try to go to sleep but usually end up reading stuff. then actual sleep.


Sleep is very important for health, and doing a big juicy cum is known to have a sleep-inducing effect. Pumping out one thick, gooey rope of cum per day before sleep seems ideal to me. Without porn because i dont like the after-images being pushed into my mind by sites owned invariably by jews, and screens before sleep have a negative effect


i got aphantasia so i dont really think about porn when im done jerking off or trying to sleep. but yeah big fap before sleep. optionally take some melatonin sometime during watching anime. excellent sleep


Before bed is better cause when I don't I wake up with a huge boner and fap in the morning which is just inconvenient.


>masturbating while watching a man have sex with a succubus is extremely homosexual.
Or you know what's even more homosexual? Not watching porn videos which have men in them because you are so gay in secret that you can't focus on the succubi but on the men only.

It's only internet tough guy talk when people say how can you masturbate to succubi getting fucked by other men? Simple, I focus on the succs always in porn videos and not on the men, unlike many people it seems.
Lesbianism or succs masturbating on videos isn't as hot as watching men and succubi have sex. My main fetish now is gangbangs, with one succubus preferably and lots of guys. There's nothing that turns me on more than this.

I support this view myself.
Leftists are bitter feminists who don't want males to have any sexual pleasure except for fucking ugly and fat succubi. Rightoids are obsessed with making children and living a "decent" family life. On this point too, mainstream left and right are at agreement, like with many things. They don't want solitary types like us to get easy access to pleasure. They are anti-porn and pro-white knightism but for different reasons.

I also eat my cum from time to time. I don't know, is it weird? This way I don't waste my mana as it gets back into my body.


"Leftism" is Liberalism. Liberalism = Liberation of the body. This means freedom to do as you wish with your image, movement, and time as a human. This means being as pleasured as you want, wherever and whenever. This mean being free to look at Transnigger Gapefur on the subway. The most left-leaning governments in the world have already deemed pornography as a human right and made it illegal to persecute someone for watching it at work or in public.

You have no idea what you're talking about and have only pretended to take a middle-ground stance so you can add as many people to your hate list when defending your right to eat your own cum. The reality is that everyone on the left is behind you, inside you even. You must be one rude ugly sack of smells if you're unable to get laid even with how sex-craved and open-minded you are. You are a perfect little normalfag goblin



The idea of mana is dumb, but not worse than eating your own cum. Where does mana not leave the body, do you drink your piss, eat your shit, tears and sweat?


not that you should eat your cum, but other than tears all those things are waste products. Cum is a "vital fluid" cause of the whole baby making thing.



>"Leftism" is Liberalism
You fail at the very first sentence already. I could write essays to you about this topic but I'll try to keep it short. No, the entire "left" isn't behind me considering many feminists and other leftists want to ban pornography and want media to stop featuring any good looking, attractive, sexy female characters, be it video games or whatever else. They call it "exploitation" of wymen, same for why they want to ban prostitution too. If you think what we call the "left" nowadays supports freedom in the proper sense then you are delusional. Oh yes, they like freedom, for themselves but not for anyone else basically. Freedom of speech applies to them only, freedom to own your body is interpreted in their way and usually only means the right for abortion or to operate yourself into a tranny.

If our world was so sexually positive and free as you said it is then there would be no metoo shilling and all that craziness in it. There would be no crusades against cp and loli. There would be no purges against satyrs and other people who live out their sexuality through socially unacceptable ways.

>only pretended to take a middle-ground stance

I don't take any middle-grounds, I already said that I reject both of these movements, considering they are all different versions and wild variations of christian values at their core. The whole left vs right mainstream narrative is deception as it is about communists (secular christians) vs traditional christians.

>You must be one rude ugly sack of smells if you're unable to get laid even with how sex-craved and open-minded you are.

See >>200785

Semen is your mana. It's your life force. Don't waste it, recycle it and get stronger both mentally and physically. Since I started eating my cum I've been much healthier, I almost never get sick, I feel more alive, I have more energy and endurance.
>drink your piss, tears, sweat
Did that a couple of times too.


I literally ate my cum my entire life, not because I think it has magic powers but because I'm lazy, it doesnt do shit, there is no benefit to eating your cum other than it's an easy way to clean up after fapping


bro use a fucking cleanex you animal.


most based cum eater in this thread thanks for stopping by


File: 1673397208496.gif (940.7 KB, 250x219, 250:219, 40224ab09d8a87e43e0bb89fd4….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>haven't read this thread in a while
>return to find multiple people admitting to eating their own cum
>some even think it has health benefits, like some self-produced health supplement
I needed that laugh today. Thanks, wizzies.


The human digestive system metabolizes semen as a phytoestrogen. Only the testes can break it down back in to testosterone. You are taking HRT when you eat cum. Not that you really do, you just find it funny to troll imageboards with your faggoty lies.


There's nothing wrong with swallowing your own cum its convenient and a tasty snack. Its also environmentally healthy since you don't waste tissues.


>I also eat my cum from time to time. I don't know, is it weird?
its not weird only if you drink it straight from your dick. if youre jacking off onto your hand then licking it up then thats weird.

>Since I started eating my cum I've been much healthier
this. i havent let a single drop of semen exit my system in months and i feel great.


>full century 2023
>not knowing the benefits of eating your own semen


You have to be open minded, like with everything, for it to work. I do it with rituals, praying to Shiva, Typhon, Pazuzu, Loki, Lucifer and Set.
"I offer thee my seeds, O holy ones, grant me thy endless wisdom and strength O Fathers Of Light!" There is a big statue of the Virgin Mary in my house and sometimes when I masturbate I move it into my room, I like it when it watches me. Then when I'm finished I sometimes offer it some of my cum while drawing pentagrams around it and blasting Electric Wizard songs at full volume.

I got legit magic power from eating my own cum. I can predict things, I can see into the past, I can be at two places at the same time, can send illness on people I hate, etc.

I'm serious, though. Maybe you are skeptical about my powers I got in return for my masturbation magicks, that's all right. But to doubt the fact that some people eat their cum…you are way too much of an npc.

It reminds me of the white of the egg. I mean the taste.


coomers getting so mad at the implications of this thread they're now pretending to be chris chan tier health practitioners


>I like it when it watches me
iktf, i like jerking off while the moon watches me. makes me think paganism has something to it after all.


I'm not trolling, I've been eating my cum since 13-14 years old, I don't even think about it when I do it, I don't find it gross or sexual or anything, it's just an easy way to clean up without getting out of bed, I'm actually surprised that so many people find it weird, I think it's more weird to be disgusted by your own body


so many people butthurt over OP being a real volcel.
if you love porn and degeneracy you're no different than normalfags you say you hate

Thank you OP for being honest and a good wiz. Keep fighting the good fight and practicing abstinence while others in here eat their semen


>I've been eating my cum since 13-14 years old, I don't even think about it when I do it,

let me guess, you like men too. Wizchan 2023


>if you love porn and degeneracy you're no different than normalfags you say you hate
It's not like normalfaggots love porn, most of them shun it especially those who are religious or get to have sex regurlarly


you believe normalfags are truly religious?
I'm sorry but you're deluded. normalfags love to be degenerates.


I know the conotation of normalfaggot tends to vary between users, but it doesn't strictly refer to hedonistic party goers and the like.


most people aren't religious and those who say to believe in God act like they didn't.


Paganism was the best religion humanity had. It was truth and pure wisdom in all its forms. Unfortunately most normals are hypocrite shits so they needed the son of the carpenter and the runaway prince better, these myths appealed more to their naive idealism.

Considering every church on this Earth is made up of 90% normalshits at least, yeah I think normalfags are religious. If they aren't religious then they are into some sort of spiritualism. They just can't resist all these theories about the power of attraction, the power of the mind/willpower/prayer/faith, how everything in the world happens because of fate or God, etc.

Also, watching porn and masturbating to it is seen as something for losers after a certain age. According to normals you should get a wife or at least some actual sexual partners after you are past your teenage years at latest.
Also, females hate porn without exception pretty much except for those who live from porn.


keep eating your cum and fapping to porn. You clearly don't know what a religious person is because you've never seen one. Simply saying you believe in a God doesn't make you religious.


Religious persons are normalfags and I see them all the time because my family is christian and I've been to churches numerous times. They are even worse many times than atheist normals as far as behavior goes.

You probably think that many religious people are hypocrites but there are some truly religious minority out there (including you, ofc). But no. Religion and hypocrisy go hand-in-hand. That's the whole essence of religion, taking up a holier than thou attitude because you are a worthless, bitter loser who can't enjoy his life.


>bitter loser who can't enjoy his life
nice projection I'm living a better life than you because I'm a wizard who got rid of jewish tricks like porn. You keep wasting your life away watching sex and obsessing over it like a good degenerate you are all while thinking you're oh so wizardly. hypocrites and liars don't belong on this site.


Nothing wrong with cumming. It's a natural thing that may have alot of very real benefits. Also if you inside a succubus that is too young for reproduction, they won't get pregnant so no harm no foul.




> whole essence of religion, taking up a holier than thou attitude because you are a worthless, bitter loser who can't enjoy his life

There is so much truth in this. I did see many examples of that.

> wizard who got rid of jewish tricks like porn

Yet you’re believing to a jewish god and a jewish religion. So ironic…


>jewish tricks like porn
What are these evil jews tricking me to do by producing porno? So far as I can see, it only makes masturbation more enjoyable and versatile. I never paid anything for porn. I download it free and enjoy myself. I don't want to have sex, that's why I come to this place. Watching porn and masturbating are good ways to live out your sexuality if you are an outsider.

Nobody obsesses over sex except for you. Wizards like me just jerk off and continue on with our daily business. I'm not in a rush to anywhere, luckily I'm a NEET with zero responsibilities so I can allow myself to take things slow and easy. Meanwhile you come here every day and get butthurt about how come some people are touching their dicks while you aren't??? How many cold showers you have to take a week? I also bet you avoid watching any movie or anime with anything slightly sexually suggestive in it…What a fun way to live, right?

Religion is for normals who don't enjoy their life so they want to have moral high ground when they tell others that they can't enjoy life either.

>jewish religion

Yes, jewish worldviews were the ones which introduced to western culture this nonsense about proper sexuality and an obsession with it. Look at ancient Greece and Rome. Nobody gave a fuck about this thing except for some stoic larpers until Christianity became a thing.


>Watching porn and masturbating are good ways to live out your sexuality if you are an outsider.
>live out your sexuality
failed normalfags never fail to amaze me. You're not a wizard or outsider, you're a crab desperate for sex that's why you can't stop consuming porn and touching your dick.
>Look at ancient Greece and Rome.
They're gone, degeneracy destroyed them. Should be a cautionary tale for you.


Live out your sexuality means masturbation in this case. Which, if you didn't know, you can do alone in your room. If I wanted sex I could pay a prostitute any minute for it and they would even come to my house.
You are the failed normal because you want us to stop masturbating to porn and to be "productive". You are on the wrong website, moron.
>degeneracy destroyed them
is a lie created by people like you. It was platonism, stoicism and Christianity that destroyed ancient greek and roman culture. Should be a cautionary tale for you.


>you are a failed normalfag because you don't wanna watch porn and masturbate like me
sure thing, crab. Keep telling you that, it's common sense people obsessed with sex of any type and masturbation will never be wizards. Nothing but a bunch of failed normalfag who don't know what a wizard is about.


t.Brought to you by the army of Christ neo-conservative fund (helping people to resist porn since 1964)


>you're a christian if you don't touch yourself to other people having sex!
Absolute state of wuzchan


Lads if you eat food or drink water you can't be a tru wizard. Did you know that LITERALLY 100% of wizards who drank water or ate food DIED! Yes, you read that right. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! I rest my case.


>comparing biological needs such as drinking and eating with an optional action of watching pornography and further engage into degeneracy
Average IQ of the porn obsessed "wizards".


normalfags eat food, therefore I don't because I'm not a normalfag


lol at the amount of crabs defending their porn watching habits on wizchan. Poor sad creatures doing the jews work for free.


They're not wizards. If they weren't ugly and fat they would have sex just like normies.

But because they are ugly and nobody will touch them, they degenerate into porn, fast food and other kinds of sicknening addictions.

Just write off the posts as the works of fake wizards.


The rotting path is full of wizards, the nofapdoitforfemales is not one.


I never look at porn but I don't see what the problem with doing so is, if it's something you like then just do it


I would really appreciate it if somebody made AI gen'd art of a wizard walking down a garden path with 5-6 gates and underneath there's a giant pit full of deppers who keep trying to drag apprentices down with them


Real wizards are against pornography because we the wizards see it as a distraction. We value our time and energy and believe that it should be spent doing more meaningful things such as meditating on the scriptures or working with other spiritual-minded virgin brethren. The people who try to dissuade you and buy into pornography, masturbation, whores, furries, and degeneracy that's more normal than ever will never reach enlightenment, they're miserable and to no one's surprise.


that's just a monk larp fabricated by shitposters, believe it or not the majority of people here don't meditate and read religious texts all day long, neither should they, and citing "degeneracy" as a bad thing is anti-NEET and so anti-wizard, a real wizard does whatever he wants, he doesn't follow some stupid fabricated hivemind delusion unless he's 18 year old without a fully developed brain to realize how stupid it is, that's who I imagine perpetuates this larp anyway


File: 1673992918849.gif (1.64 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 01512E0F-18EB-4BE6-B54F-B7….gif) ImgOps iqdb

There’s nothing wrong with furry.


I'm not a "coomer", I fap like once a month, the monk larp shit is just retarded, meditating and reading a bible is probably the most retarded nonsolution I've ever heard of for anything


if you think being a degenerate is the solution to your problems then you're a crab.


>Real wizards are against pornography because we the wizards see it as a distraction. We value our time and energy and believe that it should be spent doing more meaningful things such as meditating on the scriptures or working with other spiritual-minded virgin brethren.
>The people who try to dissuade you and buy into pornography, masturbation, whores, furries, and degeneracy that's more normal than ever will never reach enlightenment, they're miserable and to no one's surprise.
Based and wizardpilled.
>citing "degeneracy" as a bad thing is anti-NEET and so anti-wizard
wizchan 2023. Now being against degeneracy means being anti wizard. Crab fuck off.


"Degeneracy" is a dog whistle by /pol/tards at anything that isn't slave minded tradcon faggotry, eg, if you're a NEET you're a degenerate because real men have jobs and produce white children and worship hitler. Maybe you should go fail at that irl cretin.


>you're a poltard if you don't like porn or degeneracy
read a book retard.


I can't think of anything more normalfag than trying to subvert the definition of a wizard into your little truewiz larp fantasy about The 12 Rules Of Wizardy which strangely (not) adheres to want a bunch of snake oil improvebrahs cry about on the reg.


I like what I want, I don't care what some trog like you deems bad, real wizards do want they want, cry about it bitch nigga retard.


the definition of wizard is a celibate virgin male past the age of 30 not a sex obsessed crab like you. Leave this site if you don't like other wizards improving their lives by disregarding a vice as disgusting as porn :)
sad to have porn defenders on this site.


>Supps? Why do ya need supps?
downers who keep trying to drag apprentices into the pit or improvebrahs. Who's the real problem here "wizzie"?


Yet it strangely says nothing about being a vehemently antiporn snake oil salesman, strange, it's almost like a wizard can do anything he likes, irrespective of what condescending hostile tryhard faggots try to force on him, hmm, very interesting indeed.


Rule 2 Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
Rule 4 Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.

Go to crabs.is if you want to discuss porn and succubi, crab.


Except it says nothing about looking at porn or masturbating, you're the one coming in here talking about le sexy images bad boogeyman, newsflash for you trog, wizards are allowed to play with their wand. There's being celibate and then there's being a truwiz larper retard, such as yourself. As such I'm allowed to disparage this brain fart tier thread - cry about it.


If you want to be this holier than thou ascetic hermit larper then go ahead, but quit misinterpreting the rules and trying to shove your habit down other wizzies throats, having a sex drive and wanking it off is not "unwizardly" at all.


noooo my heckin dopamine
guess i better stop doing anything i enjoy and do my heckin dopamin FAST like my pseudo daddy joe rogan told me
guess you better go be a normalfag then if digital things upset you lul


the true origin of the dopamine fast is a screencapped post from 8chan


1. Whether you look at porn or not you're still going to get sexual urges.
2. If you don't get sexual urges then congrats – you're in the MINORITY and there may even be something wrong with your health.
3. Low libido is a sign of many medical conditions. Look it up.
4. Having no libido at all is considered a pathology and is a common medical complaint. Sometimes it can be a sign of something seriously wrong.
5. Anyone who has finished puberty is going to have sexual urges. This is natural and normal. Some drugs may induce sexual disorders as a side effect but normally this is a medical issue that you DON'T WANT because it prevents you from being able to relieve yourself.
6. Looking at pornography or not doesn't make you any more or less 'in control' of your life. A person cannot control the chemicals in their brain. It doesn't make you a monk for forgoing entertainment by itself.
7. The very same people who make these claims are also spending every waking moment on the Internet, on image boards, or on video games. It seems to me that if you want to go after addiction then you ought to stop being a hypocrite and consider the more prevalent addictions right in from of you.
8. For most people here: porn is not going to be the thing that damages their lives in any meaningful way. Internet addiction and video game addition is by far more likely, and the website is actually filled with evidence that these things are problematic compared to people losing control of their lives because they saw some boobs on their computer.
9. If you get down to business it doesn't take long to get off. People spending like 5 - 30 minutes a day fapping are not going to be doing much harm. Compare this to those who are spending 7+ hours a day on video games. How are their lives getting better? How can you say 5 - 10 minutes a day is operatively making people worse off compared to the scourge of modern technology?
10. Porn isn't the problem for the average wizard. The problem is that most people don't do sheet and find themselves fucked as they age. You would have to jerk off literally thousands of times a day to have the same impact an average anime or video game session has.


>these things are problematic
back to reddit jew


>tard rage over a particular use of language
>low iq response that focuses on syntax over meaning

embarrassing. you have a brain, can you use it.


you're clearly a redditor outsider for your post, you made an empty post, you don't know any wizards.


the real critique is that people who are fapping all the time have smaller brains and elevated levels of prolactin which tends to make people lethargic


>these faggots let propaganda literature blueball them
HAhahaahahaha get the fuck off wizardchan, you internet jehovah witness neckbeard larping ass niggers.


t.porn addict


Don't watch porn, just jerk it to doujins once in a blue moon. Tell me more about how i'm getting psyoped by the jewish porn industry though


>I don't watch porn
>I jerk it to doujins
porn watchers confirmed retarded


I don't "watch porn", skinger. I read hentai. Do I need to do some compression maintenance on your flat skull until you figure out the difference?


I think I will jerk off today.


Why is every modern polfag's modus operandi to get men to stop masturbating? You faggots are creeps and need to stop obsessing over semen


So they will be horny enough to approach a hwite succubus to impregnate, apparently.


It does make sense in theory. If your problem is anxiety or apprehension, building up a torrent of desire can overcome it in the same way that preventing water from being released can cause a dam to overflow.

The problem comes from when it's not anxiety or laziness making you not have the tradwife in the wheat fields.


wish all the monk larpers would take their own advice and fuck off forever to their cabin in the woods. we got it, everything is bad, what the fuck are you doing staring at a screen and posting on imageboards? you should be meditating far away from technology and the modern world you despise so much


puritanism, virtue signaling, fringe beliefs straight out of /x/… you name it. not that there isnt a real problem with pornography but their reaction is performative and phony, it's not helping anyone and it is not meant to. they're like an internet morality squad and to anyone outside their circles it looks pathetic.


keep moving the goalposts from "being addicted to porn bad" to "looking at any sex images and ejaculating bad"
wiznigga cant even keep his argument straight lmaooo



So addicted to the dopamine hits they freak out like the weedlets used to. 90 dayz nofap takes you to the astral, normie. A mere coombrain hooked on futa couldn't fathom living without fapping every day of course.


Just realized that the "wizard" thing isn't merely a meme for 30yo virgins

There are nutjobs genuinely LARPing as Wizards/mages/hermits here and they built their entire personality around it


>you're a nutjob if you don't watch my jewish porn you MUST watch porn like me or you're clinically insane
Yes, goyim.


based OP causing so much butthurt to crabs and failed normies.


>200 replies about Fucking masturbating is Right or not

Actual mental illness. Masturbating is with humanity since the dawn of time, only mental ill people would denial it.

Take your meds, schizos. For real.


Yeah masturbation has been around since the ancients, but the thing is, those men of the past did it way less often than modern men, primarily because internet porn wasn't a thing and they didn't have to be very physically attractive and socially dominant to be able to get laid.


I feel incredibly powerful and proud of myself. I am filled with a sense of relief and happiness. I am also very grateful that I was able to accomplish this goal. Overall, I feel like I have really overcome a major obstacle in my life—and I am excited to see what else I can achieve! I am also aware that this is not the end of my journey, just a small step in the right direction. I am confident that I will continue to grow and learn in the future, and that I will be able to take on any challenge.


>everything i don't like is mental illness.
>Take your meds, schizos.
Meds won't work unless you eat big spoon of shit and go back to reddit or whatever you crawled from, faggot.
For real.


>stop liking what i don't like!
Who asked you and why should anybody care?


wiz culture is a meme


File: 1674255136876.png (403.43 KB, 444x527, 444:527, Gonorrhea is becoming unst….png) ImgOps iqdb

This holier than thou bullshit is the reason people hate non-sex-havers.

>masturbation and porn addicts are like normalfaggot alcoholics who critizice and look down on everyone who doesn't drink alcohol
No, fap addicts know they're addicted and that it is not good. They look up to those who have not fallen into their habit, see them as an inspiration, and see themselves as a warning for what young men should not let themselves become.

>partake in their vice because it's disgusting. Sex is disgusting and you're the crazy people for having sex and masturbating, not us.

As part of a sexually reproducing species you are being insincere about the nature of reality. If truly asexual, and not just coping by adding that label to your celibate lifestyle, consider yourself to have a unique gift. But you are still human, and recognize that other humans see satisfying sexual urges much the same as their need for food and water. Every person exists because other people had sex.

>Asexual pride



How many times have YOU had sex? 3?


0, but I'm not going to pretend like I'm asexual or a monk. My ideal is to abstain from porn and masturbation, but I am susceptible to that as well as other addictive behaviors and substances. Though even when succeeding in eliminating that habit, I still feel sexual arousal when I see certain things right in front of me. Actual monks taught me to accept sexual feelings and let them go, not to try to deny or suppress them, nor can any lustful urges ever be satisfied, it's an endless pursuit, whether masturbating or just fantasizing. The inevitable thing would seem to just grow out of it eventually, that didn't magically happen when turning 30, but as I get closer to 40 I'm having gradually less lustful thoughts and urge to masturbate, though that still happens often now.


All wizards masturbate, it would be unhealthy not to do so for a man, this sissy op probably drinks his own piss and thinks that makes him healthy but it is keeping his dick soft so he makes excuses about why not to whack it.


A real wizard will never be a porn addict or a chronic masturbator. They're just failed normalfaggots and degenerates who are crabs but don't wanna hurt their egos so they remain virgins.


ive been mastrubating since before i even knew about porn/succubi/dating/relationships. it predates all that as a simple pleasure activity


sure thing porn addict.


do spontaneous orgasms count as fapping? After not fapping for a long time I've started to regularly orgasm without touching myself when I'm laying in bed, it usually happens right after I wake up in the morning, I don't understand how it's possible to never orgasm ever, if you don't do it, as I did, then your body will literally force you to do it the same way succubi body force them to spit out unused eggs, sexuality is literally inevitable


by your language, you sound like an average tradcuck whose are obsessed with breeding in one form or another. But i'll give you the benefit of doubt.

See, i do believe in nofap/semen retention or whatever you like to call it, but i don't force this lifestyle on people. I don't think it Works for everyone, not even for every wizard. There are people who fap and still have a much better life than yours, idiot.

Nofap is just a tool for achieve certain things, but you treat it like a cult. Its a method, there's nothing special about it. Make good use of it, but don't romanticize it.


so many coping masturbation and porn addicts in this good thread. Pretty straight logic, if you're obsessed with sex you're not a wizard.


File: 1674540182276.png (133.97 KB, 630x487, 630:487, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Also, complementing: You should quit porn, 100%.

I see pornography, without external interference and investment from big companies, as something neutral. Always existed, always will exist. No matter what the delusional tradcucks are telling you, its a normal thing, it exists in every culture.

HOWEVER, should a wizard stay away from porn? Hmm.. Yeah. Will he stop being a wizard for watching it? Of course not. Damn, wizard is not the same as a monk. A mage is, first of all, a free man. Part of a mage wisdom comes from experiences, tests. If you see or have seen pornography, don't worry. However, it is relevant that the magician stops watching pornography, yes. It makes total sense.

Just don't fall into the tradcuck trap, that shit almost like a cult, a religion. learn to separate things, learn to look at things with neutrality.


Most reasonable posts on this topic. Thank you.
(the trad posting has completely become an ironic joke now, no one takes that seriously)


the fuck is all this "trad"?
do you mean tard?


It is retarded and it further shows the mindset of them since they expose their own political views without even knowing it. At least even the mods have acknowledged that there's a big amount of leftist progressive types on here who shit up every thread. It calmed down a bit because the worst of them got banned after he had a meltdown but they are still here and claim that we're getting invaded by poltards even though the mods confirmed that its not true.


This site is full of infiltrated succubi, and trans "men"


Especially if you dare to look into the /b/ board it seems like your assumptions are true


Nah, i'm just sick of this same behavior everywhere. See, you're in a point of your life where you may suspect something(that porn is bad) and then instantly look down at the people who still struggling with it, or the people who simply don't have a problem with it whatsoever. And then act like you're some kind of moral superiority while the others are "degenerate". Life doesn't work like that.

I know nofap long, long before it became mainstream, I spent years testing it to come to my conclusions. There's a lot of truth about nofap, but a lot of lies too. I talked about tradcucks because they have this kind of superiority complex, most of them, its nothing personal.


It's like everyone here has something to prove, so they can't take a moderate, sensible stance on anything ever. It's virtue signaling to score purity credibility points.

Maybe they could learn a thing or two from actual monks, starting with humility.


File: 1674554224133.jpg (76.34 KB, 720x405, 16:9, Welcome-to-the-NHK-3.3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have a lot of respect for the guys who take it to the next level and barely even fap or look at porn, but lets be real, wizard/internet virgin culture was always about being complete failures with succubi, either voluntarily or involuntarily, avoiding porn had nothing to do with it. The typical hobbies (anime, vidya, reading, porn) and traits (autism, shyness, anti-social, general weirdness) were all things that connected us. In a way I think porn and fapping is almost like a hallmark of the group, for better or for worse.


Porn and fapping wasn't promoted here that much in the past


i love porn, as a devotee of the red lady babylon, i get immense pleasure. Tantric fapping is godlike, but i guess we have alot of "righthand" wizzies here lol.




>wasn't promoted
No shit, but masturbating to porn is something most men do, and it's the primary cope for the unavoidably heterosexual 20-40 year olds who haven't ascended to monk mode yet.


people who say cringe ugh


his post warranted it


high IQ OP butthurting the coomers and degenerates who are everywhere on this site.



"Neuroscientist here (computational neurosci, but still)
Porn is indeed highly damaging, moreso than other stimuli that potentiate the nucleus accumbens.
a) incurs LTD in key neural networks in the mesolimbic pathway, vagus nerve, basal ganglia, striatum and obviously the nucleus accumbens.
b)due to neural facilitation even satelite networks are affected.
c)it upregulates the enzymes that degrade and reuptake dopamine in the synaptic ion channels
d)it incurs sensitization of key neural networks and pathways to the PSNS, often resulting to paraphilias, erection issues, nitric oxide issues, anhedonia, unfortunate associations between the sexual arousal system and the amygdala (associations are normal but porn exacerbates them)
e)potentiation of the "tool use" nucleus of the somatosensory system of the parietal lobe, resulting in dissociation with regards to arousal and paraphilias.

You are effectively poisoning your brain with the "reward" and "anticipation" neurotransmitter. You are training your brain to seek reward via porn. But neurons recquire novelty so paraphilias develop.
At the same time your brain tackles the shock from immense amounts of dopamine by creating an excess amount of enzymes that degrade and reuptake dopamine before it can reach the receptors of satelite neurons. Effectively introducing the building blocks for several types of depression.
Moreover, the method of stimulus introduces dissonance, your brain interacts with the experience by assessing it as something passive, via the somatosensory system. This has an evolutionary perpose, but it's highly disruptive since it increases the risk of anxiety disorders over time and it might affect how the parasympathetic system does its part in sexual arousal. Ergo, erectile issues, arousal related anxiety disorders, anhedonia and rarely even heart palpitations and circulation issues."


how is looking like a pretentious faggot supposed to help your argument


now proof and explanation. because it's ridiculous to hear that the root of my problems is porn and not this absolute fucking retarded unbalanced clown world.


Reminds me of the Alexander's Rat Park experiments (not Calhoun's Rat Utopia experiments).


I've heard those were kind of a meme


I've heard that the proof that sqrt(2) is irrational is kind of a meme.


Finally some common sense in here. I'm honestly sick of these holier than thou acting jerks who've been virtue signaling like crazy in these threads. Acting like "we're the real wizards and shit cause we haven't jerked off in a week!!!"


Oh neat. So I've been a real wizard for the past week? And to think I wasted all this potential on drinking. You ever wonder if you'll be there on your death bed and think to yourself
>oh *that*
>damn. I never thought that would be my last fap.
>how lame and now I can't even make the last time I'll ever fap really be something to go out on


coomers last wish was to have coomed and watched more porn KEK!


many coomers are butthurt when they're called out on their normalfag vice


Are we roleplaying as priests now?

While I agree that porn addiction is bad for your mental health, denying your needs and nature as a man doesn't sound like a good idea to me, especially when you're young, it never ends well. That's how priests end up becoming degenerates that prey on little boys and shit like that


All this nofap business stems from the wishful belief that these people hold where they think they just need to do one thing and then all of their problems will be fixed. It really is never that simple but these people will still claim that they gained magic powers and other bullshit from not touching their dick for a few weeks


File: 1675481524236.jpg (213.5 KB, 1140x1024, 285:256, FkSaBzeaEAAX5i0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>it's a placebo. they may FEEL like they have powers but they actually DON'T
Isn't that still good though?

Man-sama feels as though he is too weak/stupid/poisoned to read the new volume of a manga he is interested in. Maybe Man-sama is right about his self-judgement; maybe he's wrong. Nobody can really know. Man-sama asks his fellow men for advice. Man-sama explains that he's not on drugs, nor does he have any underlying mental health issues. He's just a normal virgin man who isn't feeling up to the task of doing the easy things he used to enjoy. He explains that he cums serveral times a week on to a picture of Sailor Venus (important).

Guy-domo tells Man-sama that if Man-sama stops the daily Sailor Venus cum tributes, man-sama will have more energy, focus, and clarity. Guy-domo offers some scientific papers, some articles, and swears from personal experience that not cumming will positively influence mood and health.

Man-sama is skeptical. He read some science about brain chemicals and testosterone increase but he doesn't understand it completely and the guy who wrote it all looks like an albino gorilla. Man-sama figures he has absolutely nothing to lose by forgoing the daily cum tribute so he might as well stop fapping for a bit for closure on the claims. He takes Guy-domo's advice and zips his pants.

Days later Man-sama feels better than usual. Maybe he has more energy, maybe the thought of reading his manga excites him a bit. He had an alright sleep and feels more confident in his ability to confront his problems and pursue his desires. WOW! That's great. Man-sama recognizes that the only recent change in his routine was his cessation of The Venusian Splooge. He now knows that, through his own decision to take advice from a fellow, he's overcome a serious hurdle afflicting his enjoyment of life. He figures as long as he doesn't fap, he will be able to enjoy manga once again. He's ecstatic at the revelation that he's not powerless to crawl out from the dark void of anhedonia. Man-sama is happy again.

Now let's say:
Man-sama's heightened mood wasn't actually a result of his penile disregardation. Maybe he ate something that gave him a bit of energy, maybe the air was fresher that day, maybe he slept in a better position and got a better rest. Maybe he was just thinking happy thoughts influenced by something he saw on the PC and that spiraled in to a moment of clarity. There are a infinite explanations for why he felt more capable that day. Maybe that thing happens all the time and Man-sama experiences this flash of joy several times each day.

What's important here is that, regardless of what caused Man-sama to smile, he associated the feeling with an action he made the conscious decision to participate in. Ever since he made the decision to follow Guy-domo's advice, all he's had on his mind is "don't fap and I might be happier". Every time he saw that clock strike his normal fap time, he thought "Don't fap = be happy". Every time he saw his Sailor Venus phone lock screen, he though "Not now love, I'm not fapping so I can be happy again". the thought of fap fap fap became an obsession with don't fap, don't fap, don't fap. So now, when he feels this burst of happiness, his chain of thought goes something like:
>I feel different
>I feel happier than usual
>Why do I feel happier than usual?
(Now normally, he would say "I don't know, might be this, might be that. Time to fap" until it goes away.)
But now, he remembers:
>I am doing something many guys have said will make me a bit happier
>I started doing that to feel happier
>now I am happier
>I made myself happier through my own actions
>I helped myself
>I am not powerless to leave the clutches of sadness
>I am in control, I have power over myself, I have power over how I feel
>I am ecstatic; I have regained a piece of myself. I will now read manga and enjoy it.

And just like that, Man-sama has come to the very important realization that his anhedonia, his brainfog, and his boredom were all caused by something unhealthy he was doing, and that not doing it anymore has given him strength to enjoy things once again. Now if everything in orange so far is true and his depressive state was just superficial, that still doesn't invalidate the fact that not fapping has objectively improved his mental health.

You read of "depressive spirals"?
Man feels sad ; doesn't know why ; feels helpless ; gets sad because he's helpless ; gets sad because he's sad because he's helpless ; experiences a RANDOM bout of happiness ; becomes sad because he knows the happiness will pass ; becomes convinced there is no hope to feel better ; depression

Well recovery spirals are just the inverse
Man feels sad ; doesn't know why ; feels helpless ; asks for advice on how to feel better ; takes advice ; experiences a RANDOM bout of happiness ; attributes happiness to his own action ; becomes convinced he can enhance his mood from actions ; no longer feels helpless ; continues to experiment with new actions ; continues to feel better

And just like that, Man-sama is happy. He spreads his testimony of NoFap online. He hopes he will help another man feel happy again. He calls naysayers succubi who need to get the fuck off his board.


While placebo may or may not be beneficial, I don't feel like refraining completely from fapping is level headed thinking, but rather a harmful thing to do to yourself that really sounds like an unhealthy obsession or preoccupation to think about so much when it only takes 1-2 minutes out of your day to do. Like anything else, fap in moderation, I've never had any problems with once a day when I was a teenager. Whenever I've gone long periods without fapping I just end up cumming in my pajamas anyway, if my body is literally going to force me to cum even if I don't want to, then I think cumming is pretty natural and most likely doesn't affect your psyche that much. I fap once a week now just so that I can spare my sheets from being ruined by a rogue wet dream and honestly I feel pretty good almost every single day. I could see a situation where someone masturbates for hours on end or multiple times a day to porn and tires themselves out but I think thats an unrelated problem and doesnt necessarily correlate with the people who just fap and then get on with their life


>That's how priests end up becoming degenerates that prey on little boys and shit like that

That's completely false and usually an argument brought up by progressive types who want to justify the rampant degeneracy that came with modernity and "free sexuality". The priest molesting stuff is a particular problem inside the Vatican and has nothing to do with priesthood or celibacy in general, monks are celibates who dont masturbate as well and they don't turn into rampant faggots.

It's actually the other way around, the more unable you are to suppress your sexual urges the more you turn into a degenerate and the examples for this can be seen all over the place especially with the internet. People who "live their sexuality" always spiral into extreme fetishes and really fucked up things such as rape. There's even a lot of straight guys who get into tranny and gay stuff because they memed themselves into it with porn, a lot of guys also develop extreme cuckold and self humiliation fetishes because their brains got all messed up by years of consuming porn.

Men are not dumb monkeys who start raping people because they have no sex because even rape is caused by general degeneracy and not by celibacy since rapists get off by the violence and thats why they do it. Even in the dumbest shitholes like India and Syria where rape is rampant they do it because they are sexually retarded and not because they have been celibate for too long.


File: 1675497780307.gif (2.91 MB, 291x300, 97:100, 02644BD6-3058-4E55-A442-2A….gif) ImgOps iqdb



Fapped today after 20 days. I shouldnt doing it.




Trying semen retention, seeing positive things. I fap to porn, and get the incredible pleasure and none of the post ejaculation depression. Yes there's precum but feels good and gives me alot of energy. Maybe limit ejaculation to once a week? Dunno, but this is so much better than i was doing the paradoxical nofap.


Does any of you use cold water to supress the urges? I do not have urges but pollutions. The only thing keeping them apart is a veggie diet and it requires a very strict following.


What do you mean? Do you just push back semen when coooming through using kegel muscles?


Just a reminder that porn addicted volcels have been spotted in the wild

Gavin McInnes founder of Vice and the ProudBoys, encountered one at his office, and was not happy.

You would think someone who loves porn, would love to fuck a porn star. But not this millennial



Go back to pol faggot


Contraction of the kegels creates pressure on the prostate. Contraction of the lower abdominal muscles (the ones you flex when trying to blast through an orc horde with your powerpiss) puts pressure on the tubes connecting the penis and balls, and also dulls nerve transmission to the glans. So "pushing" out of the dong is how to withhold cum and orgasm. Good for when wizzing the wizzing doll (TPE) but you wanna hold out until you got your pump on (for gains)

this is why kegel exercises are said to increase the feeling of an orgasm, because the stronger they are, the more they squeeze the shirikodama


normalfags are hedonistic but they cant afford to lose their social life so they dont get hooked on hard drugs like pornography or severe vidya addiction because they are already hooked on social status and approval


outside world is irrelevant pornography is images on a screen that are proven to give you brain damage.


There's quite a lot of cases with guys who developed erectile dysfunction because of porn, this seems to be a growing problem with married couples as well. Their brains are so overestimated with dramatic exaggerated depictions that they can't get aroused by the actual thing anymore.


Meant to write 'overstiumlated'


Meant to write "overstimulated"


>cant afford to lose their social life so they dont get hooked on hard drugs like pornography or severe vidya addiction
normalniggers literally snort coke and heroin besides drinking alcohol and smoke cigs, the only difference is their additions are socially approved while wanking and gaming all day whatever isn't, probably because they aren't social activities and don't generate much spending, which is good for normalnigger society (besides gachacrap and virtual whores, but that money tends to go to outside the country so it doesn't help them).


Go back to /pol/ with your lies you normalniggers.




Let's say I quit porn. What changes? I don't fap for a few days and then do it because I just become so horny it's unreal, and repeat the cycle all the time. I should completly abandon every social media if I want to succeed, but why would I do that. What amazing benefit is on the other side, beside just being horny and motivated because of it


literally nothing. you might psyche yourself out and get a placebo where you think something changed but that's over pretty quickly. nofap is basically like astrology for men. it's all magical thinking. if i stop masturbating, my life will magically improve. nigga, your dick is not a fucking magic wand lmao


how the hell would quitting social media affect porn/fapping. i dont use social media at all and i fap multiple times per day. are you talking to porn stars or something


The whole point is to then get satisfaction through sex. It enhances sex life for normals if they dont masturbate, since they are more excited in the moment and bust a better load and more numerous loads inside their bf/gf, thus improving their relationships etc. For crabs it keeps them thirsty to find someone to bust inside.

This culture gets twisted, irrational and weird when it passes from reddit/4chan to here. It no longer makes any sense when applied to someone intending to be celibate. But people get very confused and try to troll newcomers


Based. Abstinence is wizardly.


Nofap was invented by catholics, and then passed down to insecure crabs that think jacking off is the reason why succubi want nothing to do with them. Either that or its losers LARPing as munks, but cmon now, even munks spill their spunk. There are some nofap cultists that say it's okay to fap every once and a while, but only to "images in your head", because "jew porn is eviL!!1", ignoring the fact that most wizards exclusively fap to fetish doujinshi and not bbc degradation porn


>ignoring the fact that most wizard fap to fetish doujinshi
source? You're talking out of your ass with no evidence.


I mean just look at how many anime avatarfags post on this site everyday

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