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File: 1672720525434.png (893.25 KB, 1163x770, 1163:770, Alfie Odd Job.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


A lot of you Wizzies need to follow in the steps of Alfie here, and get yourselves on the Odd Job Freelancer Style, riding a tandem bike around and offering your services. You'd be a benefit to your community and feel like your life has meaning then.



low trust multiracial communities desu. If I tried doing that in neo-weimerica nobody would hire me because I'm not Hindi or Gook


intense social activity


Which services were those?


>low trust
back to 4chan


Sad but true


all those comments below are so cringe and disingenuous

>Such and inspiration, people like this are hard to come by, what a legend 👏 you will go far with your work ethic.

no, you go far based on what you're born with, who you know and which idiots you can swindle


this is amazing bait, I typed out several paragraphs, I'm going to save them and make a thread about it in a few days


It literally is who you know


Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular
post! It's the little changes which will make the largest changes.
Many thanks for sharing!


Bitch I live in the country down south.
Everything is miles apart and it's usually 90+ degrees most of the year.
I would literally die. If not of heat stroke then from getting hit by a car or struck by lightning biking around on roads not meant for bikes. Or having no shelter from flash storms while being exposed on top of a metal object and being the highest thing on very flat ground.


What a pitiful existence, to be so afraid of the great outdoors as to list a lightning strike as a reasonable deterrent of all things.

A death by lightning is an honorable death. Live life to the fullest and should you be stricken down by the burning soul of the very air which sustains us, shall you be granted a warrior's passing. And if you survive you can collect government lightningbux, about $435/m and it pays early in December so you can get some Christmas essentials.


I'm fairly sure this comment is written by an obese man who doesn't spend time outside.

I like being outside but going miles in the southern summer without shade sucks


File: 1678635131834.jpg (124.11 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, 38458358358385.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

good on him I say, hey a nigga gotta get paid


doing jobs like this requires social skills and confidence, which most people here don't have


This is easy to learn, look at the fella, he ain't very bright


It's not about being smart, usually retards have an easier time socializing anyway, so that's really a moot point. Sure you can 'learn' to socialize, but if you don't have it naturally you'll always come off as fake and people will see you as untrustworthy because normals can sense all the small details innately. They won't be able to verbalize this feeling but they will know that something about you is off


Do you want me to go do it to prove it's not impossible just undesirable? Have you really never worked for your neighbors?


>Have you really never worked for your neighbors?
I have never worked for my neighbors, even when they offered, because I'm not a normalfag and I don't go outside let alone talk to anyone in real life. I, and many other wizards, would never be able to pull off this confident retard shtick like the OP video shows. Maybe you can pull this off, but you are in the minority of social outcasts here. Social engineering is definitely not easy, nor for everyone, and you're lying to yourself if you think otherwise. Your mentality here is very boomerish honestly, I don't know why you would want to come here and basically tell people to just walk up to strangers and act confident


>they offered
>i dont talk to my neighbors
no one is saying act confident, matter of fact you seem like the opposite and you even got offered work


They talked to my parents and then my parents relayed the info to me, and they only did it because I was 15 or 16 years old and they probably assumed that I was normal. Most people here are in their mid twenties or early thirties and wouldn't get the same opportunities at that point. You definately need some social skills and confidence to approach people like the boy in the OP's video does


people offer me work when im working on my garden and when im day drinking outside im much older than alfie is


Ok sure, maybe some nearby neighbors see your work and like it and respect you enough to come to you, but you aren't going to make a living off of a few neighbors asking you to do some labor for them, the guy in OP is going out and approaching people and generally making a fool of himself in public squares, very few people on this website would be able to do that just going on the general sentiment of antisocialness of the posts here


Do you think Alfie is making a lot of money, dont change the goalpost


The idea that people cant do what Alfie does is pants on heads retarded and learned helplessness


I assume he makes enough money to live off of, otherwise I have no idea
>The idea that people cant do what Alfie does
Wizards*, as in the people of this website who tend to dislike social interactions, of which this Alfie kid seems to do a lot of. If you watch the video the things Alfie does are extremely normalfagish. I highly doubt, from all I've read from this website over the years, that a wizardly person would be comfortable walking around with a megaphone advertising various services. If you ever watched the wageslave thread you would know that many people here look for jobs where they don't need to interact with others, such as night security or janitorial, the things Alfie does are basically the polar opposite of this idea and so the only conclusion I can come to is that most people here would not want to do what he does


I do know what people say and what they prefer may not reflect reality, thats exactly why I used the term learned helplessness. Just because someone doesn't want to work with people doesn't mean they can't in most cases, and those complainer threads are no different. Men on this site prefer to say no, and that's fine, that's their right but Alfie has the simplest job ever, its the job children who are too young to work do. I may be a fucking adult virgin, but I'm not a retard, and it's not one in the same.


Yes, technically his job is very simple and easy, but the fact is the human psyche is complex and when added in to the equation all of a sudden his job isn't as easy as it seems. If a human were a completely logical machine with no ego or feelings then yes, this is very simple, but that is not the case. Actual humans have feelings and often act illogically even to the detriment of their wellbeing. The things Alfie does are not simple nor easy, and the only people who would do such things are probably very extroverted naturally or possibly even sociopaths that hold no regard for others and what they think, for anyone else doing what he does would cause emotional stress that would eventually become unbearable


You know whats easy, making excuses.


Alfie the Odd Job Boy should team up with Mark the Mint Man and Doublemint Dave and fight crime.


you need to live in the right kind of town and not be introverted for this kind of random walk around to find work from people odd job shit. i would probably be more safer doing this in a completely different country than my own neighborhood


im introverted but I can't comment on whether i live in the right kind of town, im anon who got offered jobs just drinking and gardening near my own home


>You know whats easy, making excuses.


normalfag advice, just go outside and help people


I didn't say that, I said it was possible and that its gonna be harder than making excuses but not impossible.
Disingenuous, hows that learned helplessness doing for you, wizzie?


your neighbors asking you for help on their lawns isn't the same as approaching people in town begging them for work


Yes, I know that. I think I could do both


and they were asking me to help with basic maintenance, same as Alfie, here. Not mowing


no shit it's technically possible. whether it would be enjoyable also matters


work is rarely enjoyable and no one does it for fun, they do it for money


People quit jobs due to stress all the time, this would be an incredibly stressful job for anyone who isn't extroverted(the majority of people here)


This is the back up job, I'm sure Alfie here isn't getting calls back when his resume looks like
>did gardening
>painted neighbors fence
>fixed neighbors desk
this isnt against a REAL job, this is against NEETing. I am not anti-NEET, don't get me wrong, I am against learned helplessness, fake excuses, and general faggotry


*NEETing without income, shouldve just said this is against not having income.


Stress or any other personal feelings that prevent you from doing something is not a fake thing you psycho, you really have no concept of how actual humans (not robotic automatons) act, you probably have autism if you can't understand things like this


I am autistic, and yet I can do what Alfie does, whats your problem, buddy?

Why are you so attached to your learned helplessness?


wah wah wah me being mildly stressed at work is a real psychiatric condition


>I am autistic, and yet I can do what Alfie does
Ok, there we go, social situations don't phase you because you are autistic, which means you have an easier time than most of the userbase here would have when dealing with strangers


Thats an incredible misunderstanding of autism, but anything for Mr. Excuse Maker


You’re a normalnigger who’s skull needs to crushed and eyes gouged, you piece of shit.


I wish this was doable in my third world shithole


I am an adult virgin on a website for adult virgins. You are sour.


autism is such a big spectrum, it basically encompasses the same range of 'normal' people in terms of what you are capable of. but taking your 'autism' to mean 'socially retarded', i feel like you failing to understand social situations just makes this kind of shit easier to do. correct me about any of this if you care to


I know its not specifically what OP was saying. But this vid did a nice job of breaking down by the numbers, why all these creative schemes to make money outside the box, pay less than McDonalds


Read who I replied to
>you probably have autism if you can't understand things like this


Reminds me of all those stories about how various drug dealers would earn more by working at McDonalds instead ( https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/kids-earn-more-working-mcdonalds-16463523 ).


Theres a famous paper from UChicago from the mid 90s saying how in drug dealing gangs, the low level and mid level people are making less than min wage


File: 1678847476769.pdf (242.98 KB, LevittVenkateshAnEconomicA….pdf)

Sorry, I misspoke, its from 2000.


>I assume he makes enough money to live off of
he was selling roses on the street for 1 pound at some point in the video, i think its pretty clear hes not doing these jobs to survive.


A lot of people think the reason they do it is because they're forced into it, or they were 'conditioned', but the real reason is a lot more depressing: they think it's cool and it makes them 'hard.' Middle class white kids with bright futures blow everything up trying to become a drug dealer or whatever because they think it will make them 'badass' like those rappers or people on TV. Black kids do it for the same reason. It's their own fault really. They need some leniency for being kids, but not all kids enter crime because they want to look cool. They have a part to play too.


That actually reminds me of another paper, about the difference between the culture of suburban criminals and urban ones, let me see if I can find it.

I think this is it


Why? He could be living in council housing doing these odd jobs, it's not like he as expensive things, or clothes in this video. What makes you think he isn't living off these jobs, do you suspect he has some other more regular income, or what?


hes 18. he assuredly lives with his parents still. i remember mwoing my neighbors lawns when i was a kid too

for some reason doing this shit as a adult just seems painfully difficult. i think i would exhaust all outdoor work for my neighbors in a few days. but maybe if you got a deal to do something every week, every other week, at least it's something i guess


a lot of criminals are also basically lazy, although lazy isn't the same as being rationally lazy, and so they might not be optimizing least work to most profit in reality


>Middle class white kids with bright futures blow everything up trying to become a drug dealer or whatever because they think it will make them 'badass' like those rappers or people on TV.

And the rappers and people on tv are also not even honest most of the time but the media glorifies them even if they do the most messed up things. Western countries also lost their identity pretty much and thats why most white kids try to identify with pop culture as a substitute whether that be criminality, drugs, promiscuities or whatever dumb shit they push on people to make money.

Most criminals really are lazy. A whole lot of people could be drug dealers since it almost sells by itself and thats also why all that gangster hustler talk is a bunch of crap. Even stuff like stealing is not hard work it just requires you to be a greasy guy.

It also doesnt require a lot of intelligence, they are just good at deceiving or intimidating people and have good networking skills which is the only actual skill they need.


Laziness is a big drive, I think. That's why pimps call themselves, or did in the past, Gentlemen of Leisure


yeah when my mom wouldnt lock the doors because there are bigger nicer houses around us, my dad would say criminals are lazy, thats why they dont work, they will rob the easiest opportunity

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