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I get back pain and inflamed ribs whenever I start lifting aggressively. Between the shoulder blades and my left/right ribcages in particular resembling costochondritis. Also flares whenever I turn my torso aggressively left or right. The problem is basically tight muscle fascia rather than spinal to the best of my knowledge.

Any wizanons have advice on stretching routines or books on this topic? I have checked the mcgill technique and didn't find it particularly relevant for this sort of problem


More steaks less breaks


don't lift agressively?


why are you lifting aggresively ?


Training must be done slowly and it also recommended to leave at least one day without workout for muscles to have their rest.

A wizards body is not for warrior training.


Succubi! Haha!


fyi this only really becomes an issue when I do high intensity cardio The ribcage fascia itself is too tight and starts to rub against the sternu




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This what I use. I place like 7 kg above my head and then start doing lumbar lifts while holding the weights.

Started with less, so I think at least that zone it's covered.
>HIIT is the best: short, intense and easy.


>Any wizanons have advice

this is the lore i believe in: every time you use your muscles, you acidify yourself a bit. the better your lymphatic system is able to circulate and filter out such acidic wastes, the less pain you will have and the less cancer is forming inside of you. so get your lymph pumping.

here are things you can do to get your lymph pumping:

-steam sauna
-sauna and then roll yourself in snow (and then back in the sauna and repeat several times)
-alternating hot and cold water under the shower
-drinking fresh squeezed fruit juices in the morning (from actual fruits, not this stuff sold in bottles or boxes)
-eating raw fruits and vegetables
-not eating meat, dairy, or even just cooked food

if all you do is eat protein and exercise isolated muscles while driving everywhere in your car and not doing enough cardio then these pains will only get worse.

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