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how do NEET wizards who live alone do to get income enough to live in a house/appartment?


They kiss mommy and daddy's ass and hope they don't kick them out. Bux are never enough to live on your own unless you're hobo-tier.


Mental illness bux


Disabled bux as well probably. I envy them. I wont have any pension whatsoever. I cry.


$100k accident payouts, gramps was on the board of directors, stealing copper wire, credit card scams, spurts of couchsurfing and mooching to "get your life in order" then getting an apartment with the money they saved… pretty much all the nonsense that makes cheapasses annoying.


i still live with the rents, and also im half a schizo and get free money


I'm a writer so I luckily get to work from home and don't have to socialize with anyone. I don't earn much, but it's enough for a comfy one bedroom apartment, and I can buy Pokemon cards ocassionally. My parents were kind enough to give me an old car but I'm saving up for a new one.


you better not be a journlist


what kind of book do you write


Show me the path of ghostwriting, please



Anybody with a min wage job can save up 15k a year. I've seen off the grid cottage rigs for 20k. Usually there's some kind of pad fee of about 5-600 a month. Obviously you should work if you ever hope to own assets, but if you cash your chips out after 5-7 years you can get a wiz level dwelling and live off your fat pretty comfortably.



I'm doomed to a miserable lonely life due to high functioning autism, but I'm basically not autistic enough for disability buxx jfl


Idk, I have lived on NEETbux for ages and I haven't found it too hard. Clothes are dirt cheap now, sweatpants and a shirt will cost you maybe $20 NZ, less if you get that shirt from the second hand shop. You can just live on basic meals. You can save up for a cheap second hand computer, my current one cost only $90. If you are a NEET you don't need a phone plan, just have $20 credit sitting on it.

The reason most NEETs cannot afford their own apartment is a mixture of wasting $100 a week on ciggies and weed and not being willing to move to a smaller town. You can rent an entire house in a rust belt area for the price of a city apartment, if you're not working I don't know why you wouldn't do so.

NEETs shouldn't be existing in cities imo, they should be out in small cheap towns of 1,000-5,000 people, or in cheap rural properties.


But how would we have access to the internet?


idk where you live but here 90%+ of Rural areas and every small town has internet available.


As a non-shut-in NEET who likes to go for long walks outside I wouldn't want to live in a small city because then everyone would recognize me as the town weirdo. Here in a top 10 population US city no one notices me because there are so many other crazy weidos roaming about, and when I go get into autistic altercations with people I never see them again.


This exactly. Say goodbye to anonymity in small towns, and the countryside is worse.
Having a car is also a necessity in the sticks, fuck that.


are you the wizzie who rumbles about being a coder than apologize profusely at the end ?


If you're over 30 and you've been spending a lot of time on imageboards and the internet in general in the last 10+ years, then i do not see how you wouldnt have made a lot from bitcoin/crypto. That's how i live, and same with all the other 30+ neets i have come across. You can safely assume that someone is underage if theyre poor and disagree


i'm a landlord.


no thats not me


I have a modest but decent job in the tech industry in one of the lowest cost of living major cities in the US. I'm fortunate that I got in to the industry in the late 90s when it was the next big thing, so now I have all kinds of years and experience under my belt, and also I started from a very young age so I'm good at it like somebody who started surfing really young just takes to it naturally.


Quite a silly view to have. You need money to invest and to have made significant gains from Bitcoin requires iron hands.

The ironic thing about investing is the people who are in the best position to invest properly are also the ones who least need it (rich people.) This is because they can throw in some spare change and then forget about it because it's like nothing to them. But a poor person cares much more about their money. If they have any at all to invest (they don't.)


Not everyone invested in crypto, I remember it being discussed 13 years ago on 4chan and most people back then disregarded it as a weird libertarian pipe dream. It was literally derided as buttcoin back then, and people mocked it with memes of bitcoins coming out of bums. I personally thought it was mediocre as a currency (its original purpose) due to its fiat nature, and it being a store of value is just a post ad hoc justification for its leap in value. Nobody back in 2010 was talking about holding onto bitcoin as a speculative investment, people were talking about one day being able to buy pizzas and buy steam games with it, and escaping the federal reserve system.

And most people that invested in crypto cashed out when it went to $100. I'm actually privy to a few people that made it big from crypto and they cashed out between $100-1000, barely anyone held it the entire bullrun. Which is still okay, one normalfag guy I know made a solid six figures from it, but he blew through it buying new cars and partying.

I think you're trolling.


>But a poor person cares much more about their money.
Poor people are only poor because they do not care about their money. They blow it on things like menthonicotine breathables and pre-sliced pork.


Idk in my instance raising my income basically made me not ooor. My spending habits are pretty inelastic.

There are some poors that are genetically predisposed to be permanent poors due to having no impulse control. It's like how most black millionares that make it through sportsball end up broke again.


>Not everyone invested in crypto, I remember it being discussed 13 years ago on 4chan and most people back then disregarded it as a weird libertarian pipe dream. It was literally derided as buttcoin back then, and people mocked it with memes of bitcoins coming out of bums.
yeah, they were and still are right.


Genius take , wiz. I'm sure 60% of the American families that live paycheck to paycheck share your same sentiment. They keep spending it on things like new iphones and 300 dollar shoes every month.

God you're fucking moronic and the obliviousness of other people's suffering makes it clear why you ended up here as an unemphatic frozen hearted automaton. You are exactly the things that you hate


A lot of abandoned rural towns have homes that are roughly $40k for the entire property if you can manage to save up enough for that. Is the house shit? Yes, but so is the apartment you'd have to live in. Do the jobs pay well? Nope, but neither would the wagie job you'd have to get inna city [compared to the living costs]. Is the internet fast? Nope.

It's not utopia, but it's at least better than bug life.

At least you get to live alone in silence, you don't have to pay rent, the living expenses are low, and the jobs that are available are really slow-going and low stress.


I've been around a lot. Most of the working poor live pretty frugally and will openly mock those that waste their money. I remember sitting down for lunch and an older worker said "What the fuck you buy a coffee for? Wasting your money like that. Give me $4 and I'll make you a coffee".

NEEts waste a shitload of money, bewilderingly. They'll literally starve themselves for their bad habits. The underemployed manchildren working 30 hours at a grocery store will likewise waste all their money on weed. But the working poor are pretty good with money.

The lower class of yuppies are utterly atrocious with money. Trips to Spain, new car on HP, 50% on their mortgage weekly.


these places are cheap for a reason. it always amazes me when people here post some run-down property in the middle of nowhere and go 'why wont anyone live there?????'
because it's shit. and no, not having fancy bars and art galleries nearby are not the only reasons.

>at least better than bug life

i know that it's cool and hip these days to shit on life in the city on imageboards, but id rather take that than larp as an ebin rural homesteader just to make a point.


Rural living is better than urban life, if you want a calm slow peaceful life


I get what you're saying, but you have to compare against the alternative:
>It's not utopia, but it's at least better than bug life.
A rundown apartment is going to have a lot of the same issues–if not worse because it's on top of living within 1 meter to several methhead.


I can't even afford to rent my own apartment as a wagie, they must be getting some serious NEETbux.


You are misinformed


I am driving a real red 2023 Tesla Model S Dual electric motors (Long Range AWD) which is titled and insured in my name in real life and while I am awake sometime after today and sometime before 2025.


Aspirational wizzie


Not true. I didn't have a good enough PC to mine crypto. Ironically I'm still using the same fucking computer from 2010. I'm a poorfag who doesn't get NEETbux and my family didn't believe me to invest anything in attempts to get bitcoin and then once it started to moon in 2017 I kept saying, "LOOK AT WHAT WE COULD HAVE HAD YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!". They now bitch at me for not getting crypto and I close myself off to them completely waiting until I get kicked out or die from malnutrition since nobody cooks for me anymore.


My mom doesn't want rent, I live in her apartment alone and receive €700 from disability which is enough to survive

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