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I just don't get it, if I'm 'wasting' my life and it's fine for me, why some people care so much?
I work the bare minimum just to get by and have a good pc and internet connection, why some people get super bothered for me being frugal, I know this may sound crazy, but are they jelly?


If you're so happy, then shut the fuck up about it. No one cares about your lifestyle, whether you slave or neet. I couldn't give less of a fuck about what you do with your time.


>I work the bare minimum just to get by

Then you're not a NEET.


japs have a term for this i dont really see ppl use. freeter


normsplaining. I mean it really depends there are quite a few different kinds of shutins. if they are reddit-tier then yeah. 4chan-tier then just leave them alone as well as wizarchan-tier.
>how to get ahead in life etc
messiah complex. no one asked. no one needs your help. or your fake smile or your handshake or for you to forcibly try to change them. everyone is who they have chosen to be, even you. normie. and this is perhaps a spiritual revelation on my part but everyone wants them and their bullshit to be accepted but they can't find someone who will. basically all normalfaggot relationships are people trying to dominate eachother to make them into their own faggot version of the other person.

As a true wizard from birth. in childhood relationships this was more apparent than it is now. When people see that you are not trying to take anything from them (yes, even trying to make them your friend is aggressive) they act like "Hey! I finally found someone who will accept my annoying and pathetic ways! Anon is my friend! He is so quiet he never tells me to shut the fuck up or that i'm stupid or that i need to stop being annoying!, He's like my BFF!" But just like everyone else they are simply trying to take me and make me theirs. so i always wanted to stay away from them but didn't have the heart to tell them to fuck off.

point is. no one wants a fucking know it all asshole. People know how to be richer or more sociable they are just so miserable they don't even bother they don't see the point because they know that misery probably won't even leave. Besides you say the same shit that people have been saying for generations. the same platitudes and phrases. you still haven't gotten that idea that you have to be the most capable, dominant, rich and successful person out there. all of which are the opposite of how you really are.


Nice analysis.


You can't tell anyone to change their ways anymore than you can tell a religious person like a muslim to stop eating pork or stop doing whatever. disturbing their lives will just get you disdain. people are especially touchy if they are insecure about it or have people in their lives constantly critisizing/telling them they are doing something wrong.
your intentions don't matter. its like when you take a game too seriously online like that guy whos always bitching at his team who are just there to play casually with their own niche playstyle. you gotta find like minded people who want to be materially successful then you can tell them what to do but with some random loner. absolutely not. you are no different than a jehova's witness. thing is much like religion everyone has had a heavy dose of this "you gotta improove" shit much like how they have been trained to fear god and hell so it almost strikes a nerve with anyone when you criticize them. in an ideal world no one would be worried about it and they would just say "thanks, no." but your ass is gonna go on and on and at that point it may as well be harassment/interrogation.


File: 1673839871288.png (63.25 KB, 1856x386, 928:193, Screenshot 2021-02-07 1808….png) ImgOps iqdb

>mentally ill person wants to help mentally ill person

you don't even get it dude. im' pretty much doing the same thing to you and all you do is fight and resist and do the same thing they do to defend their worldview. yet you expect them to do it for you while being 100x more forcible, arrogant and self righteous. i wouldn't even say this to you in real life. wizardchan is the only place i can say this because people are so damn touchy.


set up your strawmen all day, I know I ain't one of them


>but are they jelly?

sounds like rich people to me. rich people have a lot of money and they want their money to retain the ability to pay for other people doing stuff for them.

when you barely participate in the economic system and manage to be happy without, that's one person for the rich people they can not count on to continue the evil scheme.

slavemasters want everyone to be slaves. they will invent all kinds of narratives to make you feel bad for doing what you think is right and not what they think is right.

they are fools overplaying their hand though, not realizing what they are summoning. in 1789 france with the help of humanity's old friend the guillotine, this dynamic suddenly changed and there was a sudden drop in overall interestrate.


File: 1673872625582.jpg (456.84 KB, 1500x2250, 2:3, 15.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>you don't even get it dude. im' pretty much doing the same thing to you and all you do is fight and resist and do the same thing they do to defend their worldview. yet you expect them to do it for you while being 100x more forcible, arrogant and self righteous.

This is a stand out post, rarely do I see someone get bodied this hard during silly internet arguments.

Enjoy a nice picture of One-Punch Man friendo.


as a neet myself, there's some neets who are so proud and outspoken like they chose this life when they were basically forced into it for being disgenic creatures. It's like a downie being proud of being less intelligent so he can't ever participate in normal life like the rest.


They are irrational, just assume it. They will blame you while showering their own money and efforts into the pockets of bankers, tax robbers, artists and many other types nobody really needs but for them to die away forgotten.

It is just normalcattlery spreading, just keep a low profile if you can so they may bite each other while you pass through this chaotic world built by their mindless intent


you are a fake neet if you "choose" to be a neet



Some wizards don't want a job. Get over it.


all new low for wuzchan


i might get banned for this but whatever. for me its less so that they are neets but i really cant stand to see people do nothing at all. do or dont work a job. thats whatever to me. but do something with your lazy ass.


in this manner you can end up fucking, so your advise is mildly saying disadvantageous


why? Personally I cant stand people having strong opinions when theyre so mentally improverished that they can't even attempt to provide any justification


i guess i just dont like laziness. ive come to understand that many people simply just dont feel the same way about this as i do and they just wanna sit on their ass. but for me id hate that because your brain just atrophies and you become a retard. again i would like to stress im not saying to work. your brain atrophies as well from that. you should just be skilled or good at something for own sake.
im not saying to interact with succubi anon. come on.


File: 1674725108544.gif (2.29 MB, 266x200, 133:100, 1633144222946.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>basically all normalfaggot relationships are people trying to dominate eachother to make them into their own faggot version of the other person.
spot on anon


>let's reinforce in group out group bullshit by using a thinly veil prompt to talk shit about those in the outgroup

If you actually wanted to know what was on the mind of "people", then you would ask them and not us.

Personally given my interactions with "people", "people" don't give a shit unless you are being a direct hindrance to them. "People" are just trying to get on with their lives and usually too worried about themselves and those they actually give a shit about to spare more then a passing through on you.

"People" don't care that you are frugal and honestly it's a retarded thing to humble brag about. "People" also don't care if you're a neet. It doesn't effect them even indirectly.

Threads like this are just a excuse for a really warped form of virtue signaling. It's fake and gay. Though not nearly as fake and gay as OP.


Not really true and you're implying that most normies are not shallow faggots. You're just the naive type of guy who doesn't realize that normies think you're a retard because you can't pick up on the social clues.

Most people do care if you're a neet because they have to work and the economy is shit, they have to jump through hoops and very often they project this directly at neets.

Also a whole lot of normies have quite enough time to be bothered by what others do and there's a lot of gossipy people out there who can't wait to put gum in people's hair, this is also the same reason why wageslaving sucks because frustrated coworkers will project shit at you for no reason.

Don't be ignorant by trying to be the wise man here you faggot because you don't know shit and come off like an arrogant retard.


>you're implying that most normies are not shallow faggots.
If that is what you got out of what I wrote then you are retarded.
I said they are self involved and generally uncaring of random nobodies.
Don't really need to read the rest of whatever garbage and likely insults you wrote as you have proven that your comprehension is special needs level and your rhetoric smells of shit with the first sentence.


Your rheotric smells of bratty arrogance with an essence of faggotry


>>201713 is right, unnecessarily mean but right. Like yeah nobody is going to spontaneously say they despise neets but bring it up and see what the responses are.


because if you entertain them, they want you alive, if they find you boring, they want you dead. They see you as a stealer of natural ressources "for no reason". Because for them, your life doesn't benefit them.


good post. people dont give a fuck about you they would just say "yea i work with some awkward weirdo" and thats about it. no one really cares what you do with your life


>Because for them, your life doesn't benefit them.
Spot on.
There is also jealously in the sense that they 'worked so hard for x', and that guy doesn't even care about x, as a matter of fact he seems 'happier' without x, that fellow anon, mortifies some people, deeply, I've seen that, it's so curious to see that irl, the individual looks dumbfounded, 'how could that be so …?'.


I haven't worked for two years before my current job, and an older coworker was shocked. They were like "Oh my god! What were you doing during that time!" It annoyed me.


wageslave mindset. Probably also from a puritan mindset. If you're not doing something "productive", aka working, you're lazy. I would love to be able to work just enough to survive, though.


Working when you were circumcised as a baby is cucked. FGM is illegal but not MGM


The only people who bray about work ethic are managers who don't actually do useful work. It's easy to crow about work ethic when your "work" is making others suffer to push them around.

If we did actually worthwhile things in society, it wouldn't be a rigamarole to force people to work. There are people who would very gladly till the fields and produce useful industrial products, and most importantly distribute them to those who need or want them. It is at the distribution stage where the fuckery really happens, because a few rich assholes told us we needed money tokens rigged by them, while they can create money out of nothing and laugh at us for being dumb enough to continue playing the shell game. Seriously, learn about the real history of money and economics and it's an even bigger joke. Anyone who fetishizes money is a fucking idiot.


I'm not a manager and I find it tiresome when coworkers are lazy and/or incompetent sacks. I'm usually more interested in getting shit done than complaining, although I certainly blow off steam about it from time to time.

You're right about the federal reserve system, though. Every economy is going to wind up with some form(s) of common currency, ideally at least the most fundamental of which is money. No rich people need to force that into existence. But the federal reserve system is an obscenity.


I'm not this poster, but I'd like to share this documentary for anyone who might be interested in learning about how money and the central banks work


Not working for something I don't have and can't get.

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