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Which is worse in your experience. work or school?
Which one were you opressed in more for your autism?
t. on and off wagie.


both are shit but school is worse you don't get paid to be a slave



School by a long shot.
1) You have no control at all.
2) You don't get pay.
3) Constantly having to perform, take test, do shitty group work (the worst part), deliver assignments and shit.


yeah but 90% of the time you aren't really doing anything. you just have your head on your desk and you pretty much just rest and be bored. I'm suspecting you haven't really worked much because if you are working full time i think it is easily worse than school. standing for 8 hours will drain you in every way. if it is a part time job doing not so shit work then yes a job is better but even if you are getting paid 8 hours of work is definitely more exhausting then just drifting from room to room to take naps and daydream. when you work 8 hours a day your life just becomes work and sleep.


School as in high school? That was hell.

School as in university? That was ok, I could do it in my room, but it was a huge waste of time

'Work' can mean all sorts of things


definitely work, in school you can keep to yourself, when you are at a job if you have any sort of social disabilities it becomes hell


>Which is worse in your experience. work or school?
School was much worse, both because I was there by force, and there was no break from it. In contrast you're free to leave your job any time, and when you are employed you leave the job at work, there is no homework or studying off the clock.

>Which one were you opressed in more for your autism?

Work, because I wasn't diagnosed with autism until later in adulthood- teachers, parents, and peers just thought I was weird and otherwise socially retarded. Imagine an 18 year old kid with moderate autism starting his first retail and food service job. He works the most efficiently and is most helpful to in terms of actually fulfilling their requests, but everyone thinks he's either being rude and aloof, or intimidating and aggressive. Currently NEET and running out of money, probably will be on autism bux within a year unless I win the lottery.


work. must be done for the rest of your life

school is essentially just babysitting, it's not difficult

from the point where you must work, life becomes all about money. it sucks. you no longer just do things because they are fun, you have to think about whether you can afford it, if you have time, how you will be paying for something, taxes, bills. adult life fucking sucks


If you actually had fun at school, you're a fucking normalfag. School sucked ass. Bullies, awkwardly sitting around a bunch of brats that'll pick on your hidden insecurities, one layer at a time. The only positive thing about it was the piss easy assignments, but at the end of the day you're just doing unpaid busy work.
With work, you can choose your job. If you're a wizard working a dead end office job, that's on you. You choose a depressing indoors career, you don't have to rot in a cubicle.
t. roofer, hired on the spot


>consistent 8h schedule mon-fri + commute
>homework after school
>bullshit assignments & group projects
>presentations & oral exams
>forced to be around people you hate
>forced to learn things you don't care about
>forced to satisfy arbitrary demands
>forget everything you learn the minute the test is over
>you are not allowed to leave
>after more than a decade spent in education camps, most people have nothing to show for it

>consistent 8h schedule mon-fri + commute
>once you clock out, your time is your own
>learn things that are directly applicable to what you do
>you get paid
>you can leave whenever you want and find another job

I prefer the latter. Mostly because I can just clock out and forget about work until tomorrow, while school felt like this constant dread in my life, constant reminder that I should be studying, that I have a presentation coming up, that I have to spent time around bullies…


>If you actually had fun at school, you're a fucking normalfag. School sucked ass. Bullies, awkwardly sitting around a bunch of brats that'll pick on your hidden insecurities, one layer at a time.

I felt this, there was a guy in school who was much older than me and also way stronger and he always kept yelling insults at me when I walked past him while he had succubi around him, he even got in my shit outside of school once when he saw me in the city. I carried a knife to school just in case he would try to get physical but for some reason he never did. I hope that faggot is sad and fucked up now but he probably isn't.


>group projects
They are the worst. That feeling of doom and impending humiliation when a teacher would tell the class to form teams…


yeah group work is the worst shit i have ever experienced. i hate bastards who came with this stupid idea.


could be the influence of corporate managerialism where teamwork and getting along with the colleagues is encouraged - the point of these shitty projects is to teach kids that cooperation is good and necessary and they will have to deal with it as wageslaves, nothing more.


it teaches you that one guy does all the work while everyone coasts by and gets the credit


Its impossibible to work be worse than school. As shitty as it is, at least you earn some money



i hated school so much and counted down the years to graduation, finally looking forward to being free from that hell

but work wasnt really any better. it must depend on your job. i have only had bad jobs and bad experiences working. i was mostly left alone in school. i came home, did homework, played games until midnight, repeat until weekend and then i just played games all day. and then eventually summer break comes and i was free for MONTHS. idk how school is for kiddos nowadays but im guessing they are all socially retarded from tiktok and covid and pozzed from jew brainwashing that i wouldnt get bullied


I have never worked a day in my life but I have a strong suspicion that work will somehow make me even more suicidal than I am now.



if u dont have a normie wired brain, then working is unbearable demeaning slavery




You can choose your work, you can choose if you dont want to work, you can choose everything.

School is, not only outside your control at the age period that you are supposed to go to school because at that age your parents choose everything for you, but it is also a place were you are indoctrinated to occupy a certain place in the hierarchy of society and school itself and you are robbed of every developement of original and critical reasoning.

It takes years to delete the school programming, but it is the situation that was dealed to our generation, we couldn't do anything to get away from it, because control wasnt in our hands and because we didnt know what to do, we were blank slates.


i work as a security guard in a secluded area where i basically do nothing all day and talk to no one
and i am as suicidal as ever, this existence is just not worth the effort, not even the most minimal, commute alone tires me out


if you ever get a job they are going to put you through the wringer the first couple of weeks, hell even months.
basically what>>201638
said. you are going to get your ass spread and humiliated over and over as you display your incompitence before you aclimate to the work environment. I personally have never felt anger in my life until i started working. I wish i could say there is a type of job that isn't shit but they all are. just stay away from restaurants like the plague. oh and those coveted night security jobs are so scarce they are pretty much a myth. if you become one you will 9/10 times have to be with a security company which is a whole other ordeal to get with. so don't get your hopes up.


was meant for
and anyone else who hasen't had the misfortune of working. at least i can buy more tendies now.

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