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Which is worse in your experience. work or school?
Which one were you opressed in more for your autism?
t. on and off wagie.


both are shit but school is worse you don't get paid to be a slave



School by a long shot.
1) You have no control at all.
2) You don't get pay.
3) Constantly having to perform, take test, do shitty group work (the worst part), deliver assignments and shit.


yeah but 90% of the time you aren't really doing anything. you just have your head on your desk and you pretty much just rest and be bored. I'm suspecting you haven't really worked much because if you are working full time i think it is easily worse than school. standing for 8 hours will drain you in every way. if it is a part time job doing not so shit work then yes a job is better but even if you are getting paid 8 hours of work is definitely more exhausting then just drifting from room to room to take naps and daydream. when you work 8 hours a day your life just becomes work and sleep.


School as in high school? That was hell.

School as in university? That was ok, I could do it in my room, but it was a huge waste of time

'Work' can mean all sorts of things


definitely work, in school you can keep to yourself, when you are at a job if you have any sort of social disabilities it becomes hell


>Which is worse in your experience. work or school?
School was much worse, both because I was there by force, and there was no break from it. In contrast you're free to leave your job any time, and when you are employed you leave the job at work, there is no homework or studying off the clock.

>Which one were you opressed in more for your autism?

Work, because I wasn't diagnosed with autism until later in adulthood- teachers, parents, and peers just thought I was weird and otherwise socially retarded. Imagine an 18 year old kid with moderate autism starting his first retail and food service job. He works the most efficiently and is most helpful to in terms of actually fulfilling their requests, but everyone thinks he's either being rude and aloof, or intimidating and aggressive. Currently NEET and running out of money, probably will be on autism bux within a year unless I win the lottery.


work. must be done for the rest of your life

school is essentially just babysitting, it's not difficult

from the point where you must work, life becomes all about money. it sucks. you no longer just do things because they are fun, you have to think about whether you can afford it, if you have time, how you will be paying for something, taxes, bills. adult life fucking sucks


If you actually had fun at school, you're a fucking normalfag. School sucked ass. Bullies, awkwardly sitting around a bunch of brats that'll pick on your hidden insecurities, one layer at a time. The only positive thing about it was the piss easy assignments, but at the end of the day you're just doing unpaid busy work.
With work, you can choose your job. If you're a wizard working a dead end office job, that's on you. You choose a depressing indoors career, you don't have to rot in a cubicle.
t. roofer, hired on the spot


>consistent 8h schedule mon-fri + commute
>homework after school
>bullshit assignments & group projects
>presentations & oral exams
>forced to be around people you hate
>forced to learn things you don't care about
>forced to satisfy arbitrary demands
>forget everything you learn the minute the test is over
>you are not allowed to leave
>after more than a decade spent in education camps, most people have nothing to show for it

>consistent 8h schedule mon-fri + commute
>once you clock out, your time is your own
>learn things that are directly applicable to what you do
>you get paid
>you can leave whenever you want and find another job

I prefer the latter. Mostly because I can just clock out and forget about work until tomorrow, while school felt like this constant dread in my life, constant reminder that I should be studying, that I have a presentation coming up, that I have to spent time around bullies…


>If you actually had fun at school, you're a fucking normalfag. School sucked ass. Bullies, awkwardly sitting around a bunch of brats that'll pick on your hidden insecurities, one layer at a time.

I felt this, there was a guy in school who was much older than me and also way stronger and he always kept yelling insults at me when I walked past him while he had succubi around him, he even got in my shit outside of school once when he saw me in the city. I carried a knife to school just in case he would try to get physical but for some reason he never did. I hope that faggot is sad and fucked up now but he probably isn't.


>group projects
They are the worst. That feeling of doom and impending humiliation when a teacher would tell the class to form teams…


yeah group work is the worst shit i have ever experienced. i hate bastards who came with this stupid idea.


could be the influence of corporate managerialism where teamwork and getting along with the colleagues is encouraged - the point of these shitty projects is to teach kids that cooperation is good and necessary and they will have to deal with it as wageslaves, nothing more.


it teaches you that one guy does all the work while everyone coasts by and gets the credit


Its impossibible to work be worse than school. As shitty as it is, at least you earn some money



i hated school so much and counted down the years to graduation, finally looking forward to being free from that hell

but work wasnt really any better. it must depend on your job. i have only had bad jobs and bad experiences working. i was mostly left alone in school. i came home, did homework, played games until midnight, repeat until weekend and then i just played games all day. and then eventually summer break comes and i was free for MONTHS. idk how school is for kiddos nowadays but im guessing they are all socially retarded from tiktok and covid and pozzed from jew brainwashing that i wouldnt get bullied


I have never worked a day in my life but I have a strong suspicion that work will somehow make me even more suicidal than I am now.



if u dont have a normie wired brain, then working is unbearable demeaning slavery




You can choose your work, you can choose if you dont want to work, you can choose everything.

School is, not only outside your control at the age period that you are supposed to go to school because at that age your parents choose everything for you, but it is also a place were you are indoctrinated to occupy a certain place in the hierarchy of society and school itself and you are robbed of every developement of original and critical reasoning.

It takes years to delete the school programming, but it is the situation that was dealed to our generation, we couldn't do anything to get away from it, because control wasnt in our hands and because we didnt know what to do, we were blank slates.


i work as a security guard in a secluded area where i basically do nothing all day and talk to no one
and i am as suicidal as ever, this existence is just not worth the effort, not even the most minimal, commute alone tires me out


if you ever get a job they are going to put you through the wringer the first couple of weeks, hell even months.
basically what>>201638
said. you are going to get your ass spread and humiliated over and over as you display your incompitence before you aclimate to the work environment. I personally have never felt anger in my life until i started working. I wish i could say there is a type of job that isn't shit but they all are. just stay away from restaurants like the plague. oh and those coveted night security jobs are so scarce they are pretty much a myth. if you become one you will 9/10 times have to be with a security company which is a whole other ordeal to get with. so don't get your hopes up.


was meant for
and anyone else who hasen't had the misfortune of working. at least i can buy more tendies now.


I was not diagnosed in school until 22 so I’d have to say school fucked my up for work but if work worked out I would of got over school trauma


Work, it's hell for me.


Without hesitation I say school.
No question in my mind about it. School was the fucking worst.


Definitely school. For neurodivergents it's a 12 year prison sentence. If I get sick of my job I can out of nowhere say "fuck it I quit". Imagine if you had done that in school. One day got tired of learning bullshit and being picked on, and just stood up from your seat, left the school and never came back. You would've been fucking arrested. Remembering how much time and effort was wasted in that place fills me with rage. Of course the same thing can be said with attending college and working most jobs, but at least then you can realize it's a waste and reverse course. And with a job you at least get some money out of it. But with school there was nothing we could do. We were forced by the threat of state violence to have our youth robbed from us. I would be giddy to see every single school administrator and everyone higher up in the chain hung in the streets.


It's strange, I'm autistic to a point beyond most people, but I genuinely didn't mind school, and it was the best time of my life.

Nobody really gave a shit about you, you fail your schoolwork and you just get ignored by the teachers. You do well, you get ignored by the teachers, I just passively went through and did my own thing. I was such a loner that I didn't really get picked on, I always noticed it was the kids that tried to get close to the normies that became bullied, but I had no reasons to do so.

People are so much more antagonistic at work because everything actually matters and there's a sharper and harsher hierarchy. Your teacher isn't some uncaring succubus that's just there after a pay, your boss is someone trying to squeeze economic value out of you.


The same for me, im never worked but i can imagine that will be way worse than school, work seems to be everything that i hated in school and more.


School is easy. They tell you all the right answers to put on the test and then you put down the right answers and get a good grade. Kind of a waste of time and money if you treat it like that, but that's hardly a difficult worst case, even if the social circus is a source of unending grief and horror.

Work? Actually have to get things done, and then you start finding out how many people really aren't that competent, don't really want to work, are outright malignent, and then there's the whole wagie system and all endless tiresome politics and social drama you thought adults don't smoke like a crack addict after school, but school was what conditioned them to act like permanent children in the first place. And so now it kind of depends if you can just keep to yourself and keep jogging along the adult version of the same rat race, or if you're beset by cowards, liars, theives, demons, retards, the hopeless, and every other thing you thought was waiting in some circle of hell rather than in real life.


School is easy mode compared to real life. At work it's fighting for food on their table. People will do anything and everything to secure the bag for themselves. Lying, backstabbing, cheating, etc. In school the kids can be assholes for fun. It means nothing.

Well they're practicing for the real world by I digress.

In school I stared at the wall for a few hours.I go home and do nothing. Repeat. It was easy. It's no different than what I do while NEETing. Work is literally work. Non-stop labor until I'm dead. A brief respite with barely no sleep. Repeat until I burn out from exhaustion.

Bosses are fucking assholes. Co-workers are retarded. At least in school everyone from every clique is forced together. There is going to be at least a few other losers to befriend. There is no incentive to fuck over others to advance themselves. Nobody is anybodys friend. Fake friends at most. This is hell for autists who cannot do social politics.

The teachers have no capitalist slave driver incentive. There were at least some adults who genuinely care about each student. Their job temporary guardian each day. Their job is to shove knowledge in your face. It's not that hard to figure out school. It's predetermined questions with known answers. The boss mans job is to extract maximum capital. And then wring your carcass dry for excess profit.

At higher education it's even easier. The majority of assholery is gone because people are in the naive phase where they're all starry eyed idealistic about the world. They believe it's going to be all rainbows and unicorns.

That's until we're approaching the end of school and into the real world. Then it's back into the trenches of warfare where there is no idealism. We had fun in school studying things we like. Doing toy projects and playing around with them. At work it's about kissing ass, competing against peers instead of being classmates anymore. We're doing bullshit work to make some rich cunts even richer.

To even get work I have to prove I'm the better asshole than everyone else. Then I have fight to justify pay. I have to constantly watch my back. School doesn't matter. Everyone is involved by default. There's nothing to prove. There's nobody to backstab. Just fill in the boxes and hand in the paper. It's designed so even sub-IQ idiots can do it.

Must be just me but I've gotten scammed out of pay so much. Maybe this first world shithole I'm in full of pajeet niggers or soemthing. Especially my first few jobs. I lost a lot of money working for lying cheating fags. If I didn't have my parents I'd have ended up on the street.


>At work it's fighting for food on their table. People will do anything and everything to secure the bag for themselves. Lying, backstabbing, cheating, etc.
The fuck kind of work you been doing?
Every job I have ever done or been on with other people was basically working together to get the shit done. Some retarded cutthroat competition shit would just mean that more work gets dumped on you until the work load breaks you. And if you piss everyone else off being a dick then no one will help bear the load because they know if they wait the dick will burn out and move on.
There is too much shit for anyone person to handle it on their own. Don't work together and you be left to get fucked hard.

Or in other words it's a team effort and not a solo death match.


At least at work, I can hide my autism by saying I have to do X.
Also, at school I thought I was doing something important and sucked up all the propaganda. At least now I KNOW that what I'm doing is completely not important and I'm completely and utterly replaceable.


Ntayrt but many sales floors have that cut throat back stabby environment, but that doesn't mean comradely nature's and cooperation is entirely eliminated in my experience.


Work, because you can't get fired from school.


work until you die you fucking slaves. "its not that bad", you feel, "school was worse". good slaves, good job

you're all normalfag subhumans if you enjoy working and adult life. fuck work and anyone that enjoys working


School is far worse but increasingly work is turned into nothing more than "continuing education". If work entailed doing anything at all useful then I would find it less objectionable, but the only thing that is valued today is making other people suffer. The sole obsession today is depopulation and deciding who lives and who dies. That's all the rulers think about, and they cannibalized anything productive just to make sure there is no way out.

I'm not just judging my personal feelings towards either, but what the institutions mean. Work is useful for many things, but we never needed "school". If we wanted to learn things, there are far better ways, and beating and torturing kids for 5 days out of 7 and actively dumbing them down has done more to retard learning than anything else. You would literally do better just leaving kids to their own devices than doing what schools do to them. There is a reason parents are threatened at gunpoint to send their kids to those torture chambers.


Getting expelled is equivalent to getting fired.


In school I was forced to do things against my will without compensation in a locked concrete building where I was regularly beaten and abused.

Meanwhile all that shit is fucking illegal in work and my human rights are respected.
Being there is voluntary, I am compensated for my work, and any time I disliked being there I can leave an go somewhere else, if anyone treats me badly they get in trouble, and if anyone even attempts or threatens to put their hands on me they go to jail.

Now tell me, which one of those sounds more like slavery?
If you say work then you are hopelessly retarded.


sossunds like youve never had a job


I have had several.
None were anywhere close to as bad as being at school.

My only good school experience was a brief time I was homeschooled, and enjoying the collage library.
Everything else was shit.


It's a lot easier toe get fired. You have to miss like 90 days of school to get expelled but I lose my job after 2 days of no show if I am very fucking lucky, otherwise 1


Did you forget where you're posting. Not every where is the same lived experience. Shit sticks to other shit. I'm not good enough to get a decent job even. When all you're good enough for is scraping the bottoms of barrels you'll be surrounded by other losers. You managed to find this board then you know the kind of retards exist around here who are only in to get fired sooner or later so they can collect a paycheck and unemployment. It's cycle of hell they make for themselves and each other. While blaming everything but themselves of course.

Some times people just don't like your face and want you gone. They'll make your life hell. I'm just one person. Not that important. What team effort I am worth.

I figured these things would be self evident around here. Maybe you're the drive by normie who is lived the rather insulated life.


both are the same in terms of wiz abuse potential
now either school gave you a thick skin or some special knowledge or awareness that helps you, or youre traumatized and gained phobias from school
if it's the latter, tough luck


Your post is incoherent to me.
Can you rephrase your point so it isn't so self contradicting. When you stray too far from reason you lose me.


Actually forget it.
Re-reading your post several times the confusion comes mainly from your lack of basic grammar and overall poor English skills.
That, more than anything else, is the root of why your post is incoherent.
Thus trying to get you to elaborate is probably pointless.


When at school, you might have undeveloped battlemage tier. When at work you can just start having fun when a psycho boss tries to cuck once and again while you go deranged due to not caring changing jobs or going back to NEETdom. Normies leave but I found better to squish every single payment day I could before he just decided to fire me once and for all. I was getting sick, but to go rogue ends up feeling quite stimulating once you realize the dynamics of an abussive work environment.

Psst, grammar nazi!


>I always noticed it was the kids that tried to get close to the normies that became bullied

Yeah I noticed that too for some reason. When I was younger and I tried to fit and and be a class clown I got bullied more then when I just did my own thing. Normies can smell the autism if you try to force conversation a lot of times.


I can confirm. Normies distinguish clowns from actual chads, so trying to feet in their clownciety will only get you in bigger trouble. Besides, being a clown is derogative. Fuck normies.


Work is hell because you realize that this is it. This is the rest of your life, forever. I'm so tired all the time. By the time I get into something when I get home it's already time for bed. I'm constantly looking at the clock, even now, I have less than an hour to do things I enjoy before I have to sleep to get up at 6am tomorrow.
School was shit, yes, but there was always the dream that once you graduated things would be better. You would be an adult, you'd get a good job, you wouldn't have to be around shitty teenagers anymore. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. Now the only light at the end of the tunnel is death.


where the fuck are you from that you were beaten and abused in school, and that is considered legal, but the same treatment is illegal at work? your country just sounds like shit in general. if you say brazil i'm going to laugh

if you aren't from the US, there is no point comparing things as basic as standard of living and humane treatment during school, your shit could be so ass backward school very well might have been worse

my main point is that work is forever, unless you work enough and save enough to escape work. to survive you need money and to get money you must work, and we can't escape this bullshit slavery. we can pick our slave jobs and buy zoomie cars and big slave boxes and distractions but at the end of the day you go to bed and wake up and go back to work. you get paid shit and some asshat lords over you, desperate for power. you climb the ladder and only find more asshats in charge of you. and then you're in charge of a whole troop of retards. this shit is mind numbing and degrading, pointless bullshit

the only jobs that are good, in my opinion, have you removed from any interaction with other people, where you are your own boss running your own business or scheme, or perhaps such a remote isolated job there is no one else around. if you don't have a job like that, you are neck deep, face first, into someone's asshole as you lie to yourself


>Actually forget it.
There should be a comma after "Actually." It is an introductory adverbial element.
>Re-reading your post several times the confusion comes mainly from your lack of basic grammar and overall poor English skills.
It should be "After re-reading," and there should be a comma after "times," as the initial statement is a gerund phrase.
>That, more than anything else, is the root of why your post is incoherent.
>Thus trying to get you to elaborate is probably pointless.
There should be a comma after "Thus." It is also an introductory adverbial phrase.

Finally, instead of making every single sentence a new paragraph, your entire post should have been one cohesive paragraph.


>where the fuck are you from that you were beaten and abused in school

>Me not being able to enslave others to provide for me while I do nothing and provide nothing is somehow slavery

Not getting shit for "free" isn't slavery you evil cunt.
Nothing is free. Everything takes labor, capital, and knowledge to produce. Everything has a cost and resources are finite.
You don't have the right to steal the labor of the farmer. You don't have the right to steal the labor of the house builder. You don't have the right to force the doctor to labor for you without fair compensation.
I see through your bullshit. It is you who would enslave the world so that you may prosper.

Not even technically correct.
Also lol at your butthurt.


This. Fuck school. I work in a school and I do not envy these kids at all.
>have to ask just go to the bathroom
>get called on for no good reason
>only permitted regulated outdoors time during recess/gym
>petri dish of eachothers' germs
>can go to the bathroom whenever I want
>interrupt the whole class to give the kid his repaired laptop
>can eat at my desk without getting yelled at
>comfy office with few germs


>Not getting shit for "free" isn't slavery you evil cunt.
You should place a comma after slavery. "You evil cunt" is an interrupter.


You really shouldn't as it totally disrupts the flow of the sentence to add a coma.
You really should read more so that you can get a proper sense of prose.


It's "comma," not "coma."




School. I wish i knew where to find one of my old teachers and let her feel some of the sadism she vented upon me and other kids, and if she's already dead i want to at least shit on her grave.
Hate must be returned to the sender, not one's friends/loved ones, revenge can purify my heart and set me free.


slave shit, diregarded


the last yr i attended high school i had no freinds and had to stay in the toilet at lunch time out of shame. I tried so hard to be the class clown to make freinds, 99% of them ghosted me. Some of the weirdos in school that I sort of was stuck text me every now and then, I don't really go outside the house, but working fucking sucks.


So you work fucking?


beats working sucking fucks


First it was school for the longest time because I kept getting diagonsed with meme "disorders". ADD for not want to sit in a fucking room all day memorizing useless shit, anxiety later on, then finally landing on asbergers for not wanting to code switch when dealing with normalfags. I got by in my 20s okay enough because people just assumed my social awkwardness and reclusive behavior was just due to me figuring stuff out on my own. Now in my 30s my job has turned in to school again. Back to being the weirdo that can't keep up with everyone else's socially. Sometimes it takes me longer to figure stuff and asking for help just gets me singled out. It's like I'm that kid in school again who isn't afraid to raise his hand first and get the answer wrong. Meanwhile everyone else is networking and looking up the answer in the back of the book. Once I fail someone chimes in then they all act superior like they knew all along. Fuck this gay life.


This and if anyone disagrees with you they must be pretty delusional honestly


It seems like people here only hate work because of the social stuff. I don't want to fall into despair so aren't there ways you can learn how to small talk? I don't really have autism but I've never in my life been a "talker".

What I mean by this Is that I literally don't have much to say, most of the time. Feels like I have an underdeveloped "speech" cortex or whatever. I'm not dumb, I have a lot of thoughts in my head they're just not speech related idk.

Does anyone have a similar issue? Is this autism related? ADD? depression?


>Does anyone have a similar issue? Is this autism related? ADD? depression?
no, it's just you didn't talk much during your youth. So your speech area is underdevelopped.

When you are in adulthood, you are expected to have figured out how to talk properly through trial and error due to the leniency younger folks benefit from.

Unless you are exceptionally good looking, stuttering and such would not be overlooked by your peers.
I suffer from the same ordeal.


School because it constantly reminds you that the whole thing is just a preamble to the working world and you're a loser if you don't get a good job after you get your diploma.
On the other hand, maybe I think this way because I am about to finish a university degree that I am not passionate about and, unlike my classmates, I still do not have a job in the field (and probably never will).


i can relate



you don't get paid with school, so i guess work is better


White collar work I do practically nothing and get paid
School I stress and slave away and get no $
Work > school


Yet the split looks about half and half. This thread showing a stark contrast of opinion which seems to run along the lines of autist wizardry and normalfag with comfy job comfy life. For some reason they've found themselves on here.


What type of white collar? Tech related?


Resting on laurels in government IT job. Data analysis

Wizzies should look into public sector. Much more laid back than private and unionized.


vaxxpass faggotry here in Canada or I probably would.


Gov only pays degree-havers well and those jobs are always in major cities.


Many government departments have outposts across the different political subdivisions as a necessity. So there are almost always positions in commute distance even from small peripheral towns. At least in my state, even the public sector janitors are unionized and make more than retail or fast food employees while being treated way more nicely.

This stuff of course varies by country or province/state.


I kind of envy you IT guys, what sort of exams did you have to hoop through to get where you are, were they hard?


Some people are self taught, some people did short 6 month or 1 year courses, some people did 3 or 4 years of study.
Some people will tell you they were very difficult and some people will say "no, not at all."
Sorry, it's not so simple as you're thinking. There's so many different paths you can take to get there not to mention there's a huge breadth of different kinds of work that is "IT".


I would say school because the social component of it is too strong and because of homework.


File: 1677200078371.jpg (40.18 KB, 750x555, 50:37, Exgo7BeW8AQ3nMs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

POV you've read John Taylor Gatto and you watch DHMIS season two
"And we're so big, we don't just sit around and learn one subject at a time"
"Yeah that's for dummies and wimps"
These lines lives my schizo head rent free
Dummies….. Dumbing us Down.. Not that much of a jump. The whole second season basically put his entire argument into visuals and shoves it down the throats of almost every kid out there.


Very this. Whereas my degree and official job titles were much more in the theoretical side of things, a life of self-taught EE as a hoby and building, fixing, and maintaining things as would be useful in a datacenter (also as a hobby) and a thorough background in things like firmware and operating system design and implementation (also as a hobby) made me increasingly the natural pick in most groups to be the IT guy for whatever team I was on, as well as liason to whatever official IT department as well as my countreparts in other collaborating teams. And then you start getting into purchasing, costing, budgeting, procurement, and other stuff most of the rest of the people don't really have much exposure to. And tada now you meet a "real" IT guy and he's all
>oh thank god you actually get it
and go off into a 30 minute bonding rant together.

For others, certs might be the foot in the door. You certainly wouldn't go get a fancy degree like mine if your objective was to chill around in IT. I guess the moral of the story is that experience is a huge selling point regardless.


I'm a diagnosed autist that works in IT and reflecting on how I've dealt with some projects I've been a part of is kind of painful. I'll try explain it as best I can. Imagine that your job is painting. Most people who understand painting can probably agree on basic best practices for how painting should be done. Like maybe a crew cares enough to put a sheet over all cars near the worksite. The overall idea is that there's a definite right way to do things.

Well, sometimes in tech projects its hard to tell if there's a definite right way to do things. If it's more a research project then the contributors won't know how best to solve a given problem. People might have radically different ideas on how best to solve a problem. Tech likes to say that it's based on talent. But that's not really true. In a case like that the overall design to build gets decided on based on popularity. Basically, who ever can best make the case for an idea ends up getting to build it regardless of it has issues.

In a company people might look to seniority and qualifications to choose ideas. But they still don't decide what trade-offs and issues something has. Many companies have cults of personality around what they've built where they profess to have built one thing but actually they've done something completely different entirely. It can get so bad that the core people working on a problem aren't even aware they haven't solved a problem at all. Or that they've done it badly.

As a person who really only cares about the right answer this hasn't made me many friends. Most normalfags just go along with the crowd and don't care if what they're doing makes no sense at all. And the funny thing is most people won't even notice they're full of shit. Because they're there to pad their wallets, socialise, and seem informed. They wouldn't risk questioning too many core assumptions because they don't really understand or care about what they're doing. And that's why all normalfags should die. Thanks for reading my essay ^_^


The hardest skill for an austist in IT organization is "when in Rome act as Roman" since you are noticing the type of power your organization rewards and cultivates, you should flow with that: earn brown points with a dictator of personality, learn his likes and dislikes, and if possible pre-propose your initiatives to your agreeable manager, in a way he would present it – its also a short-circuit, if your sympathetic manager does not agree in private he likely will not go to bat in a planning meeting – or a real psycho might just take credit for the thing itself, in that case start pre-seeding with multiple managers. If you can find one manager to trust, they can often make your work experience much easier.

I can recommend P. Druckers - Managing Oneself, C. Newports - So Good They Can't Ignore You, and the classic if you haven't read it D. Carnige's How to Influence People and Win Friends.

Further, I sense a 'high-dis-agreeblity' personality, as in you don't shy away from conflict, as in the OCEAN (the a is agreeability) in that case, I am too, and it has helped me a lot to practice mindfully deciding if I need to fight or surrender. Not every hill is worth dieing on, and you spend a bit of social capital every time, even if you win the argument and your pathway is selected. I know it can feel like making technologically unsound decisions – but most technological outfits are not for technolgy, they are for making money, so even if it feels like they are making wrong choices technically, oftentimes there is a business unit that depends on it being wrong, and time-to-dev/deploy and money is more important than correctness, soundness, in most cases, in my limited experience.

Also it can be fun and good practice to make design docs for yourself explicitly elaborating the assumptions/trade-offs. I wouldn't try to force these on any coworkers or managers, but they can be a good source to draw from and help you become a more insightful, effective technologists.


some posts are blatantly trolling


Which ones do you think are trolling?


Both. I wouldn't mind either if the people you are basically forced to interact with didn't make them hell.


reading those books and behaving like that, faking it, will literally transform you into it. Any time I participated in such bullshit it made me imminently suicidal


hmm im sorry to hear it made you suicidal, i just take off my mask as soon as possible. we've always worn masks, today I only wear two, one for work and one for home


also those books dont tell you how to behave?


School was bad left alone to rot in a corner until 8 because I was undiagnosed dyslexic tard. Then had to deal with the school system not helping. Manage to get to college with private tutor tried being a engineer but autism / recession and jobs kept falling through it ruined me. Now I am here


You were better off without their "help". I got the "help" and it was designed to make sure I'd never forget where I stood. Truth be told, I wouldn't have been so bad if I could have been in an environment where I'm not terrified for my life and fed crazy drugs. If I could have been homeschooled up until 8 and not exposed to those vicious brats and especially the teachers, the worst would have been over. It was being pushed day after day at 7 that was the end for me, and they bragged about doing it to me to "put me in my place". Fucking college town is full of the worst assholes.


For me, I had no learning disability, so I can only imagine the torture they had if they could use that against you. It was no thanks to them. They pretty much ensured I'd be arrested at an 8th grade level and then guaranteed brain decay by time I'm 30. None of it helped anyone and obviously I'm still alive.

The good news is that at least now I feel like I found why I'm here, for however little time I have left. Lately I am fearing I might only have a few years left, if that.


ITT makes me curious, because a large reason I became a neet was to avoid having to live the social relations of school for decades. so im curious if it is different


work by far. in school there is no pressure, no consequences, everything is easy, uncompetitive, there's no threat constantly hanging over you, no corporate bullshit or backstabbing co-workers, and most importantly no bosses. Learning stuff in school is fun and worthwhile but most jobs are just a soul sucking grind where you are reduced to nothing but a flesh-bot doing some mundane task in some automated system. It is dehumanizing.


For those who prefer school to work, would becoming a teacher, and thus staying in school forever, solve that problem?


For a bettrr vocational experience, I advise you develop a ubiquitous but valuable, discerning skillset. Common sense no? Not from my experience, majority of temp workers were skilless middle-aged louts.


Work. It doesn't take whole day to sit through the classes, even with the homework involved, it still leaves you with a lot of free time. Not to mention the stress that comes from studying is periodical. You get stressed when there are exams about, but you rest easy while on breaks. With work it is one constant pile of soul consuming shit.
I miss my school days. No the school itself or my schoolmates, fuck them. But I remember that during that time I still had optimism in me, life was beautiful, colorful, magical. Everything was brighter and brought me much joy. Even things like going to school early in the morning while listening to the spring birds singing in the park. I can't replicate that magical feel even with drugs, it is gone forever. And with each year life becomes duller and more painful. Even walking now feels difficult, like my bones weight a ton.


Middleschool was peak agony, I was stuck being a courtjester to normalfags since I didn't know any better.
I still thought I was a regular human and that my bluepilled disney dream teenage life was going to happen.


File: 1680364006270.png (621.21 KB, 494x508, 247:254, 90789689.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I grew out of my "class clown" phase around 7th grade, and by 8th I had to transfer, so I had lost all my friends I made by being a total jackass for their amusement. Which in hindsight was fine, since those guys were already ditching me to hang out with other people by the beginning of the school year before I transferred. I transferred to an innercity art school, and suffice to say I made no friends, mostly by choice, since most of the people in that school were either ghetto retards or immature, airheaded, dangerhaired megadykes that laughed at their own farts all day. But despite the loneliness, overall I was chilling. The class assignments were pisseasy, so I'd constantly fuck around and do my own thing, skip class, listen to music, jerk off in the empty downstairs bathroom, etc. By 12th grade we were pretty much independent, we only had to do like four mandatory classes, the rest of the day we had leisure time off. Graduation hit fast after that, I didn't know what to do, so I just started working like a dog. Fast-forward 8 years later, I'm probably just about as miserable as I was back then, sleeping on a filthy mattress that kills my back, struggling to find work… still better than highschool \_(ツ)_/


I'm another similar story of middle school class clown. I moved in the middle of 6th grade, so it was a giant leap from ignored shy kid in elementary school to lolcow center of attention in middle school. all the succubi teasingly chasing me. It's probably when I 1st became volcel as a defense mechanism to not get hurt from the fake-liking.


As an adult, I would definitely prefer school over work. But one thing that makes school so horrible is that you're a child, which makes everything way more stressful. Bullying, teachers being mean to you because they can't stand your guts, the restrictive nature of it all (you can't even go to the toilet without asking first). It's very difficult to deal with these things when you're mentally so vulnerable. As an adult, you're more jaded and desensitized so you can tolerate more.

>there is no pressure, no consequences
>there's no threat constantly hanging over you
Failing the year, detention etc.
>Learning stuff in school is fun and worthwhile
Maybe in elementary school but in secondary education, it's just as dull and soulless as wageslaving, although less physically taxing. But I guess this might depend on how strict the requirements are in your country.


If you think about it most of the threats used in school, bad grades, failing, permanent record, college admission, is really just a threat towards your future job. That you wont achieve the credentials to have a fulfilling well-paying job.

So school threats are really work threats in the end.


On the long-term maybe, you don't realize that though. But on the short-term, it directly makes your life more stressful. Parents mad, teachers mad, you get detention or get put on extra classes and have to waste even more time on that bullshit. All of that while you're going through probably the most difficult period in life, in terms of mental stability and identity issues. Like I said, you're jaded and used to it as an adult but for a teenager, it's all still new.


I feel like such a sucker for all the work I put into school, just to end up a NEET. I could have just failed every subject. But then again the work I put in was largely just reading the topics I like and cramming on the topics I don't like the night before. If anything I do more of that now, for free, for no reward. Even the topics I don't like, I read pop STEM books, even if I can't do the actual crunching.


I hated the last year of high school, the counselor and bunch of other aggravating fucks were desperately trying to sell me on college, and it was fucking annoying. Every day they'd call me into their office, and they wouldn't let me leave despite saying "I don't want to go to college, ever" like a broken record. Graduation was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders


My last day of school was the best day of my life. However I know if I went back to school I would smash it because I wouldn't care what the other students think of me and just do my own thing instead of trying to be cool.


school and work are more or less the same thing.
1. its a trap designed to enslave u
2. you are constantly being dominated and told what to do without any recourse
3. you are wasting your time and being domesticated like a dog.


It's interesting contrasting these two posts against each other. Also,
I'm really jaded about the time I spent in schooling as well.


They used to ask us all the time: "where do you wanna go for college? What's your dream university?"

I never knew what to say. How can I give a shit about an institution I've never been to?


School was fine for me even if there were some incidents, work I haven't really tried yet so I can't say.


Work was way worse for me. In school I mostly coasted by. I did well on tests but besides that I never spent time on homework assignments etc. Around highschool I had a realization I could just not go to school and spent a lot of times hanging out at home enjoying myself.

With work it feels worse because you will be poor or homeless or worse if you dont keep working. The stakes feel worse sort of


In school I hated how you had so much homework and couldn't just put in your hours at class and fuck off. I also hated how strictly you get graded and basically labeled as a "A/B/C/D Student" At a certain point it's neigh impossible to change your GPA if you fucked it up early.

At work I actually enjoyed it for maybe the first year, just cruising and getting money for it. But after a while you realize you get no breaks unless you quit, the job hunt is hell, and you'll be doing this for the rest of your goddamn life holy shit.


I think school was worst because, you have to be around unstable creatures for 9 hours. Fuck that.


Work kills and yet it is nothing compared to school. Not only school kills but it also torments you in the afterlife.

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