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Just that, sometimes it's more financially prudent to do it… right? It kinda is preferred.




Some are "married" nominally for tax reasons or citizenship.


idk dude i cant even work really


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Last week we had anti-fap threads, this week we're discussing why wizards should get married? Let me guess, next week we'll be talking about why wizards should impregnate a female.
Might as well rename this place "Tradchan"


>Might as well rename this place "Tradchan"

That would end up being better than the porn addicted progressive retard posts that we had to endure everywhere last year.



It's "progressive" to pull on your wiener now, are you okay, did you just drop in from 1940s post war america?


I'm sick of crabs and poltards


Leftists live under a rock of paranoia where anyone at all suggesting any form of moderation or temperance in any form what-so-ever is a psychotic neo-nazi billionaire capitalist out to turn them into a slave.


some anons suggest gay-marrying your best friend and thereby making it impossible to get divorce raped by the insane cohabitation rules


Nah, you're suggesting people here to marry on a website that is openly against this idea. You're a fucking troll.


File: 1674506028041.mp4 (4.02 MB, 376x480, 47:60, fdfd828b2eb517b9.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

i came here as a refuge from people talking about marriage and now there are people (or bots) here talking about marriage as if it was perfectly ok to talk about marriage. i was gonna post the vomit emoji but it felt to weak.


I know absolutely nothing about marriage. What are it's benefits? would it be beneficial for wizard NEETs to get together and marry? All I know is you get more NEETbux if you are married


It allows your spouse to seek care for you if you become unconscious like a coma. It affect inheritence.


I honestly wouldn't mind a marriage of convenience with a lesbian, sort of like a beard except for wizardry. It'd be like roommates except having better tax status and benefits, plus normalfags leave you alone more if you're married for some reason.

In the past many of us would've either become Monks or have got wives. If only because you just didn't have the wizardly possibility of remaining single your entire life, it was functionally impossible for a lot of history.


Nothing wrong with marriage for benefits. How right is it that if you are married when you join the military you automatically get paid more.

There are tons of good reasons for getting married but not living like you are traditionally married.


Unless you are the statistically non-existent males marrying into substantial money it is never more financially prudent to get married.
So the whole premise of this thread is basically bullshit.

Realistically speaking there is literally no reason for a wizard to even consider getting married.
You ain't going to get a asexual sugar mama to pay your bills just for being yourself.
It's just liability and responsibly without benefit.
Even as a immigration scam I wouldn't recommend it, since it's easier to get a green card through bullshit businesses or sponsorship than bullshit marriage. Especially as a guy with no kids.


While it wasn't typical there have always been permanently single men in society.
Especially in jobs that took dudes away from towns and cities alot. Lots of frontiersman lived and died single for example. Many sailors didn't have mouths to feed waiting on them in port.
You kinda get the idea.
Only thing I can see being different is that more potential wizards would be lost to death and fucking whores. But mainly death.


Mods deleted a post about a wiz getting a fake marriage for money. Why would it be against the rules?


wasn't it by someone who was ban evading?


mods are fucking fags on this site who ban without reason and if you aren't using a proxy to buck break them you're fucking dumb


I figured it was trolling either way, but plenty of other trolling is permitted on the listed boards. You would think a diligent moderator would have picked up that marriage isn't inherently romantic or sexual by now, given how much various posters have discussed their dysfunctional home life.


Yes. Take advantage of everything you can.



What the fuck is happening to this imageboard?


What is a marriage of convenience?


Sometimes marriage confers special legal benefits such as lowered taxation or qualification for government handouts.


Unless you are a succubus the legal risk and downsides massively outweighs all minor benefit.


Prenups secure a mans place and assets in a divorce, no?


Prenups are not legally binding


In many locales they are valid, except under certain exceptions, like most contracts. What shit hole doesnt enforce contracts like that, UK?


Not really, no.


US and Canada divorce and family courts are pretty infamous for consistently throwing out prenups.
They basically can be thrown out on a whims and even asset protection attorneys will tell you that they are next to useless if/when things go to court.


you're implying that two men(wizards) can't get married


Most of the developed world now makes toilet paper out of prenups, all the foid has to do is to say that she signed under duress and that you were being manipulative and then boom, it's gone.


Have it signed by a notary? I dont understand how duress and marriage go together, you'd marry the blackmailer?


Family courts have a prerogative above and beyond normal courts. Much of what goes on in divorce law and family courts is entirely unconstitutional.

There's basically no way to weasel around it. If she's committed to divorce raping you, you're getting divorce raped. Having a disagreement about buying a new car constitutes domestic abuse under "withholding money or financial assets". If you send your child a christmas card you can be charged with Stalking. Any contract or prenup, at any step, can be washed away by her saying you were abusing her and forcing her into it.


See, another reason if you absolutely HAVE to be with a succubus to stick with kids and get them young.



The point is that marriage is shit.
Child marriage isn't the answer, Don't get married is the answer.
Doesn't matter if it's marriage with a female, male, adult, child, or one of those abuse victim "genders", the whole institution of marriage is broken. It's a bad deal and totally unnecessary to a fulfilling actualized life.


That's why I said if you absolutely have to, that's where you start to have the most successful one. Many people aren't wizards and cannot live alone, they need to be with a wife. If you are one of these people, get the succubus young so she is still less corrupted and more maliable.


You can have a long term relationshit without getting married.
You could build a family and live together without getting the state officially involved.

Even if it were a normie who couldn't bear being alone, that's still not a good reason to get married. Have a commitment ceremony or something, but don't sign a fucked up legal conratact or live in a place with common law marriage.


wizard NEETs should marry other wizard NEETs, being married while on disability increases the amount of money you're given each month, it's a net positive. If you marry a female then you are just really stupid, I can't see any other reason you'd do that other than being a crab or somthing


>wizard NEETs should marry other wizard NEETs
No they shouldn't. You are just saying that because you think it would be funny lolcow material.


But anon… I am a male so I can only marry someone of the opposite sex. Aka a succubus. That nutty suggestion must have been a joke.


>But anon… I am a male so I can only marry someone of the opposite sex.


gay go away


a marriage is just a way to get more money from the government, you're implying that marriage necesarily means that you have sex with the person which isnt true


yes, when you disregard everything else traditionally and commonly associated with a marriage between two individuals. but you cannot expect others to disregard those things to the same amount as you, or even understand what you're saying.


Degenerate homosexual lies. Read the good book.


this is wizchan dude, no one here is going to marry a succubus much less have sex with one, if you are a WIZARD then it is only beneficial to you to marry another wizard, you can increase your neetbux payment by 2x if you marry another wizard, if both of you are on neetbux then that is basically 4x as much neetbux than normal


not bad, homos are way ahead. when two wizards divorces one gotta pay the other alimony

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