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I want to donate my sperm in exchange for money and to be able to have an extra income to help my family, I would also like my genes to spread throughout the world. My genes would be dominant, and useful, instead of jerking off just for pleasure, I would jerk off for money and to procreate succubi that I won't see in my life, who don't have the same culture as me, and possibly don't even speak my same language He would be the man with the most children in the world, and at the same time he would be more virgin than olive oil.
He just imagines the possibilities, the number of children I will have, the amount of money without working, the number of genes I will implant in society, just think about it.


My family thinks I'm crazy, and they really don't like me talking about it. I guess they are not prepared for modernity, a world where a man can father 999 children even without having touched a succubus in his life, where a succubus can raise her own children, where a couple of lesbians can raise children. Just imagine, in theory it could get lesbians pregnant.

If I'm honest, I don't know how morally correct this is, it doesn't seem right to me that two lesbian succubi have children, but I don't know, the money, the power to make my genes spread, and the power to fulfill the role of every man in society, they seem like good options.




File: 1674544920727.jpg (34.87 KB, 330x330, 1:1, 134.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If I jerk off 1000 times, and each time I jerk off they give me 10 usd, that's 10,000 usd


latam poster


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This retarded thred needs to send to /b/

Also this.



File: 1674570441193.jpg (51.11 KB, 732x898, 366:449, 9a80ac820f09277b6eb85d6d62….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>My genes would be dominant

young people call this cope but i think a way more clear way to communicate this is that i suspect your desires are shaped by a long life of rejection and feeling of inferiority. you have been ignored and chosen against a lot and you very much mind.

just reaction to stimulus, the opposite of creativity.


A succubus never rejects me, nor a friend, in fact I was the one who left them aside. I do not consider myself inferior to anyone, I will have my problems like everyone else, but that does not mean that I am inferior.

>just reaction to stimulus, the opposite of creativity.

I would like to have children


>I would like to have children

that in it self i can't poop on though your reasoning in the op stinks.

i have not looked into it but there are probably lots of unwanted children you could adopt or at least be a big brother to since there are so many unwanted adults.


i think its fuckin retarded and you are sick for thinking it. why would you want to procreate when every person with a hint of awareness about the larger problems of the world knows that the last thing this world needs is more humans? You sound like you are on some faggy, perverted little power trip and its sick. Only a normie would want to reproduce. i hope the mods ban you



i donate my seed to the trashcan as well, fellow based dominant alpha wiz


Instead of wasting your semen, you could be making money off of it while getting a bunch of succubi pregnant.


create a bunch of people who will suffer and probably lead mediocre lives like most people. go for it big guy

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