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File: 1674593134367.jpg (721.59 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, Depositphotos_1011610_xl-2….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I know many have pretty bad side effects, but between being crazy and depressed, low libido, increased appetite, migraines, or the like, I'd pick the latter. They look good, of course it takes time to find one that really does you good, but it's worth the risk.


they are called jewpills for a reason


I took antiepileptics and they did me very well, without side effects, and I acted instantly.


There’s also selection bias, the positive emotional feedback posters get from ranting about politics is stronger than discussing medication helping, especially when the aggressive posters will then attack you and rant more.
Any rational person will just try shit, if you won’t try medication because your right wing meme discord will call you cringe - you need to stop being a cuck. It might work, it might not, then the next shit whatever it will be - there’s no magic.


My father was very depressed and since he began psychiatric treatment, and psychological treatment, I see him much better. I took antiepileptics and the effects of my problem were completely gone.
I think drugs are good because they give you a boost to be able to do other activities like sports, meditation, religion, work, and things in general that can help you with your problem.


Only idiots are against it. Most politicians, rich and powerful people use them… Why would i, a guy who has absolutely nothing to lose, not use them for my own benefit?


Pill shilling thread


I used to be scared of them, that they’d “zombify” me etc. then I finally tried some and… they didn’t really do anything. I guess I was in a little bit better mood, but I really hardly noticed. So I stopped.


so obviously op saw the great amount of study evidence showing people are getting misdiagnosed and put in pills that cause brain damage.


Why not just become an alcoholic?


alcohol tastes like shit


2016 new booty ego


when i was younger i was put on most common meds for my symptoms and they only made me worse. usually id feel like a bonked out zombie or hyper manic. or some other horrible crap.

i eventually found the meds that were right for me but not before going through several doctors and treatments. i understand why people here are anti-psychiatry. i think it requires a certain amount of resources and luck to get proper treatment because medicine isnt yet at the stage where they can be like 'okay, … here is ur dna and you need to take this …' for psychiatry they just guess.

if you're american good luck getting the health system to take care of you
if you have a good health care system you'll still (probably) need family members to follow-up with your treatment enough to help you and ive read enough threads here to know this rarely happens.

sorry lads… i hope you can all get the help that you need one day.


File: 1674646274273.jpeg (65.41 KB, 597x900, 199:300, dr dies.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


have you left back third world pretend-wizzard not heard the good news? there is this plant that makes many of the drugs your pharmaceutical overlords use you as labrats for obsolete. stop sacrificing yourself to them already.

it helps you take breaks from the dread, it is not addictive, helps you in healing, you can trust it because you produce it almost for free by growing it yourself with a bit of gardening and even if you buy it from somewhere, you can use your sense of vision and smell to analyze the quality.

how can you even trust any for-profit medication at this point after everything that just went down? they are murdering people in broad daylight and then gaslight you about it.

i guess you have not heard about any of it and i guess you have been living in a fallout vault the last 2 years because otherwise you would remember what kind of people work there. or you are just a stupid bot trying to gauge the sentiment for your owners.

either way whatever you are, shame on you.


wizkids need to understand that if it was as easy as taking pills we would all be taking them

there is also another layer to this that if a pill is all it takes for you to get better then you were just a normalfag all along


I tried them. They made me worse. The 'scientific' studies are manipulated scams with broken designs. The placebo effect is very strong and there are many psychological effects that trick people into thinking the drugs do something positive.

My extended family are all mentally ill, and i have tended to end up interacting with mentally ill people, so at this point i have a large sample size of people that i have know to take a variety of pills. Yet i have never seen a positive story. Sometimes people claim the drugs are helping them, yet from an outsider perspective i simply watch them degrade into a worse state of being where they are a sedated shadow of their former selves.

There -are- drugs that work very well and are extremely useful, but they are rarely prescribed in a proper way; anything that actually works also has recreational potential, because enjoyment is the opposite of depression. Opioids and benzos should be in every intelligent wizard's toolkit - that doesnt mean spiralling into a braindead piece of addict trash


Medication is usually quite retarded because it won't solve the actual issue. Doctors are greedy faggots who make up terms like "chronic depression" to prescribe meds for problems that could be solved since they are lifestyle related. These faggots also falsely diagnose you with things such as psychosis by just asking you the most basic things just to profit by selling you quetiapine and other stuff.

Meds have a lot of short and long-term side-effects on the brain and your nervous system and your body will depend on them if you keep taking it. Don't get memed into taking meds.


Because they are essentially a placebo.


>We know that antipsychotics shrink the brain in a dose-dependent manner and benzodiazepines, antidepressants and ADHD drugs also seem to cause permanent brain damage


This thread is full of misinformation lol

Zoloft does wonders for me, i don't care what a bunch of deluded conspiracists talk about on an internet forum.


Misinformation? Conflicting opinions isn't "misinformation". Nobody is saying that it doesn't make people numb and stupid. If being numb and stupid is what you consider to feel good, then yea it makes YOU feel good. But objectively, it shrinks the brain, kills cells and receptors within it, and overall has a negative impact on the performance of everything from the cardiovascular system to the digestive track.

I used to feel like a fool for bothering to argue with someone who takes drugs that make them incapable of actually thinking, but I figure it's still important to explain why you're an idiot so you may be less likely to influence some other poor depressed man in to dumbing himself down to your level with similar drugs.

You are a digital drug peddler and deserve death. I'm legitimately glad that you will eventually die alone after a week without your Zionax forces you on to the deathbed.


taking drugs simply for recreational use is a surefire way to become a junkie. Anyone who is a big pleasure seeker is invariably a huge morally corrupt degenerate because they are willing to sacrifice more and more of their life to get high. Coomers included. The only useful drugs are stimulant's. you should be thinking of how you can use drugs. Not simply enjoy them.

for example i have been against drug use my whole life. But i realized after getting a strong coffee buzz that i can make meditation/meditativeness way easier if i have a central nervous system suppressant. Now don't get it twisted. no drug can make you anymore spiritual. not even those coveted psychedelics they just throw your cognition out of wack and retards mistake it for a spiritual experience. but if you have extremely low mood it can be a game changer. It's the same deal as steroids. You don't just take them and sit on the couch to get ripped. you still have to be hitting the gym every day. So if you are just sitting there enjoying it but putting forth no discipline you will just become retarded and addicted.

I'm serious. After only a few weeks combining Adderall with my meditative process i no longer needed it and dropped it. Think of it this way lets say you lose mindfulness for a moment, normally i'd fall way back down to my lowest state. on drugs like amphetamine, i can just bounce back because i don't shatter every bone in my mental body. everything is much easier.




There are so many herbal alternatives to conventional antianxiety drugs I have no idea why anyone would chose to be on them


st johns wort? valerian? they do nothing for me. (zoloft is worse literal poison though)


>crazy and depressed
drugs will only cover up the symptoms. you are depressed because your life is objectively shit, fix it
>low libido,
not a problem
> increased appetite,
again not a problem, maybe your diet is nutrient deficient
again probably diet related, or you spend too much time inside and become oxygen deprived


Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack.

But seriously your advice is pretty bad.
I am critical of psychology for a lot of reasons but that doesn't mean that shitty advice isn't still shitty because it's proposed as a alternative to something else that is shit.


If you're lucky enough that this kike candy works for you, good for you. However for a lot of people their situation is engineered to cause depression whether or not their brain is making the right chemicals


Medication has turned me into a speed addict for all intents and purpose and there's even worse shit I said no to (antipsychotics for depression)


psych meds made me fat and impotent


I get the fat part being bad, but is impotency bad if you're never going to have sex anyways?


the dopamine theory of schizophrenia is honestly insane the more I think about it. Imagine treating a malfunctioning computer by reducing the power output instead of debugging the malfunctioning program. You're not actually fixing the software problem, you're just making it act up less by keeping the whole system from functioning properly. That's the near analogy equivalent. The problem is obviously much deeper and relating to pattern recognition, but le medical folx would rather target a general neurotransmitter involved in all aspects of learning and behavior. It's insane


One of the biggest and best pieces of advice: go to a pill mill
Drugs are good, and legal drugs are free and amazing
>the dopamine theory of schizophrenia
it puts a nail in the coffin of the "dopamine causes pleasure" myth


it's not insane, it's just giving up because the human brain is far harder to debug than a fucking computer. doing the equivalent of "shut it down" is the best they can do.


plus have you ever interacted with an unmedicated schizophrenic? they constantly engage in addictive behaviors way past normal limits. chain smoking, gambling, masturbation, video games, etc.
there is also the fact of drugs that directly released dopamine like amphetamine produce classic schizo symptoms. take meth for a few weeks and you will believe license plates have special meaning for you, radio programs are directed to you, etc.

it's pretty obvious some kind of global level malfunctioning with their reward system is going on.



antipsychotics gave me sexual dysfunction



I am a chronic masturbator so antipsychotics ruined my life

I take forced injections because I have a CTO community treatment order

I hate these drugs they lowered my IQ


you're the shetlander? Can't they just watch you take the pills in public and be done with it?


File: 1674937791900.png (139.01 KB, 1264x1000, 158:125, nootropic anxiety.png) ImgOps iqdb

L-theanine and lemon balm would be the usual stuff.

Here's a site with rankings of various, mostly non-prescription drugs: https://darktka.github.io/


>the software problem
The problem is the hardware.
>But when the researchers looked at disease-specific cell types, an enormous number of the regions flagged by GWAS were not in those genes. They were in genes expressed in nearly every cell in the body — genes doing basic maintenance tasks that all cells need.

Here, take a look yourself:
You can google the reported genes


actually the more I looked into it the more obvious it is that the problem is actually just high striatal dopamine and a malfunctioning mesolimbic system that has become sensitized to dopamine


Those drugs are legal because they don't do jack shit.

I've tried multiple drugs on that list and they literally do nothing.


>Phenibut does jack shit


side effects, addiction, financial repercussions. I don't want to go full Mr. Logic but taking some shit that turns into a vegetable and doesn't make anything better is hardly a good bargain in my view.


Dude compare it to the drugs in it's class, benzos, and yeah it hardly does shit, has a high risk of abuse and addiction, and the withdrawals aren't worth what it gets you. Neither are benzos withdrawals, but they actually get you high


It doesn't do "jack shit" bro


What the fuck ever yes they do, compared to real GABAagernic drugs, take a Xanax


File: 1675063934919.png (62.6 KB, 1141x589, 1141:589, lowest p-value schiz GWAS.png) ImgOps iqdb

Highest confidence hits from the genetic studies:
OR2G1P - olfactory receptor family 2 subfamily G member 1 pseudogene
OR2J2, OR2J4P, OR2U1P - same family
>olfactory receptors interact with odorant molecules in the nose, to initiate a neuronal response that triggers the perception of a smell.
HNRNPA1P1 - Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1
> These proteins are associated with pre-mRNAs in the nucleus and appear to influence pre-mRNA processing and other aspects of mRNA metabolism and transport.
CD83P1 - CD83 Antigen (Activated B Lymphocytes, Immunoglobulin Superfamily) Pseudogene
>CD83 plays a critical role in controlling and resolving immune responses.
RPSAP2 - Ribosomal Protein SA Pseudogene 2
>Ribosomes are macromolecular machines, found within all cells, that perform biological protein synthesis (mRNA translation)
NOP56 Ribonucleoprotein Pseudogene 1
>Nop56p is required for assembly of the 60S ribosomal subunit.
NCAM1 - neural cell adhesion molecule 1
>NCAM is thought to signal to induce neurite outgrowth
ZSCAN31 - Zinc Finger And SCAN Domain Containing 31
>annotations related to this gene include nucleic acid binding and DNA-binding transcription factor activity. May be involved in the development of multiple embryonic organs.
PGBD1 - This gene product is specifically expressed in the brain, however, its exact function is not known.

The picture that emerges is one of a general dysfunction. Some of the implicated genes affect the brain/neurons specifically but you also find debilitating mutations affecting basic biochemistry, like transcribing DNA into RNA. Plus the weird stuff with smell receptors. I'm not convinced all that mutations lead to something as clear cut as poor dopamine function. How does that explain, for example, the much shorter lifespans of schizophrenics?

Did you try CBD oil?


Doctors should be force fed the pills they prescribe


That would be really retarded.
Are you by chance really retarded?


You do know the psychiatrists and psychologists are fully aware that the drugs are intended to damage you? They see it as controlling a slave population, and even if you survive the drugs, they tag you with a stigma for the rest of your life. That's how they think, they're all about genetic purity and the eugenics shit. Even if you survive their intervention, they don't want you to ever be much.

If you want actually useful drugs, you have to do some searching. The drugs that are less damaging are restricted, while they'll give you the stuff that is intended to poison you. Some people take the poison because of a masochistic tendency in them, because they've given up. I did that for a while and got the hell out recently. I would never have done it if my life weren't already destroyed and tagged by the system. Turns out they REALLY don't like anyone trying to work within the system to try and get out. They don't allow that. If I ever am going to have anything, it is entirely in spite of them and the whole society.

It's sad because we are damaged by this society and all the poisons unleashed to keep the population down, and we never stood a chance. I've had to listen to these Satanic Nazi retards crow about their victory since I was a child, and they know what they're doing to us and laugh about it. It's a joke to them.

Probably the least bad is something that will treat epilectic seizures, because that's the conditions they imposed on us through their interventions and ritual torture they engineered in society, school, work, and any institution that means anything today. It's all a giant filter, while a small elite is allowed to bypass it entirely and given the secret to success. The institutions are there to kill you, and there's simply nothing you can do about it. The only happiness you're going to find is in whatever small world you have for yourself, and if you're lucky you might share that with a few other people. The powers that be do not want the masses to have happiness or any genuine connection, and they've short-circuited any conversation that would rile the people to fight this beast. That's why their shithead influencers are all over the internet, whether it's bots or shills taking a few pieces of silver to be a million Judases. This beast has been allowed to insinuate itself for too long, and so we're stuck with this until we're all dead. For my part, I gave up on humanity, but I won't give up on the world. The world didn't do this. People did, and it is certain people who saw what they could do and took what little of the world we did hold from us. The future is smart city concentration camps and more death. It's never going to be better, and the Nazi retards are laughing it up.

The eugenicist needs it to be about the magic of the drug, but it's really the institutions and the systems that destroy us. Socialists of every stripe will never, ever give up the institutions, because that's their power base, and they decided a long time ago the people were to be culled, because the people were incompatible with their vision of socialism. It's just ruthless rigged capitalism for us, and there is no one and nothing for us in this society, except each other. Anyone with any say so has thrown the people overboard a long time ago. They don't want us and in the end, we never needed them and their bullshit. The world would be much better if none of this existed, and most of us did nothing to deserve this treatment. Certain people, though, made it a point to tell us how great they are, and we suffer for them. For them.

Anyway most of us got roped into the beast when we were children, and the system really fucks over children. If you can evade the institutions as a child, never go to them. That's all I can say. Anyone who is sucked into that nightmare is as good as dead. I live only as a ghost. There is a world outside of society, and that is the only salvation. Outside of society. Out. For good. Don't even want to look back. Humanity is forsaken and a failed project. They stole the world from us and there's no getting it back. Don't blame the world for it. Blame them. I will never stop blaming them, blaming particular people who carried this along. They always love to tell us it's "the world", but the world is good and will eventually lay waste to humanity for good. The world should win, and humanity must not be allowed to spread its filth. The delusions they used to do this to us are not stable, and not intended to be. It is a society designed to kill and torture until there is nothing left, so that a small group selected to live are spared. Those who survive will not like their prize, but it's too late to stop this now. It has gone on for too long. The best thing for us to do is to never forget what this was, and never stop until humanity is brought low for its crimes against the world and any sense of decency. Humanity is the enemy. Never forget that. Stop asking for "human rights", because the rulers stopped seeing you as human, and see themselves as something greater than human in their delusions. They will never be anything but filthy, disgusting humans, no matter what technology fetish object they seek next. They're just fucking retarded humans and they'll be brought low. They can't do anything but destroy. That's what humanity is. Of course, humanity proper is not a race, but an idea. The Hitlerian retardation which should never have been allowed in the first place has destroyed anything decent in the world, and we are left with this. The only possibility is that in some distant future, the true enemies of humanity will be victorious, and the world will take its full retribution. It will be a terrible reckoning when that day comes, and it will come. When the meek inherit the earth, they will no longer be meek and they won't be swayed by some bullshit "revolution" trying to rope them into humanity's ruling ideas. It will be something very different, that they will not have an answer to. The answer will come sooner than we think, and we are already seeing the necessity of it.

Anyway, if you want to use the psych drugs, that's your call. None of it is particularly helpful. Just know they do not believe in salvaging anyone, and the whole thing is eugenics now. If you must, just take the pills and avoid any other "help", accept that this is the world, and that they are all Satanic. There's nothing more to say, and they chose that a long time ago. Maybe you can find something in it if you are really desperate. I took the pills for six years and I was just as crazy if not crazier, and when I went off I could think clearer and was happier, and even the doctors admitted that I was better off without the meds. They still are obligated to keep me under control, but I know it's not going to get any better, and that's really what they want, if the doctors have any shred of decency in them and just want to get through their job. There are certain doctors, and especially therapists, who are there to make sure you stay miserable. Avoid talk therapy at all costs. Those people hate you and they're all psychos. They're trained to keep people chasing after death and get them roped into more torture. The idea that you don't need their institution is anathema to them. The pill doctors, though, wind up being the typical point of managing the inmates, and eventually they have to accept the system as what it is and that it can't really do what the rulers want it to do, so eventually if you know how to play them and know what the system is, they like it if you get what the program is and don't cause them more trouble. They get their pay as long as you pretend the pills work and everyone pretends this is good. It's all a joke and they know it. I just laugh at the institution beyond the minimum I have to deal with it. They got me and my whole family destroyed, and that's what it is all about. Certain sadists like to rub it in, lest I forget what the score was, but there really is nothing more to say between me and them.

If however you managed to avoid the institutions, never go anywhere near them. It would be better to die than go through this, even better if you have the freedom to die on your own terms and not with them leering over you as you go. Once the damage is done, it's done. I really have no reason to kill myself, except to evade more torture from these Satanics, and they always hold that over us all. If me staying alive makes them miserable, then that's enough motivation to keep going a little longer. Humanity is the enemy. Never forget it.


>>low libido,
>not a problem


I'm taking bupropion and it's great


I mean, we're wizards. By definition, we're not having sex. Most of us already have anhedonia and/or some form of ED. You can't lose what you don't have.


>Most of us already have anhedonia and/or some form of ED
No, only the ones on dep.
Both are symptoms of other major problems. Anhedonia is a symptom of major depression and other mental health issues.
ED is usually a symptom of physical health issues like a fucked up cardiovascular system or messed up hormone levels, but can also often be caused by side effects to medication.

It isn't inherently wizardly to not be happy or to have a dysfunctional dick.
In fact it's ideal even for a wizard to be in good mental and physical health. To live a good life. Just a good life that doesn't include sex or romance.


File: 1676209552889.jpg (117.87 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1676207926024964.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Why is the average magician against the use of psychiatric drugs?
Magicians aren't opposed to the art of pharmacia itself, only that the point of intervention is "increase normative functioning" rather than "increase magical power"


I've got ED and I'm fine with it. What's your problem? What are you using your dick for anyways, you aren't having sex.


having an iron dong feels good, like having a stretched muscle. most erections for porn-refusing celibates are from the male body's reflex to contain urine during sleep by hardening the penis via blood redirects as opposed to using muscle contractions in the bladder. Wand hardness at peak erection is a good indicator of general vascular health. To have ED is to have greater underlying health issues. You may not be using your staff, but you should still be listening to it.

While on the subject of penises… Mine is very big! It gets hard when I look at anime succubi! I am very healthy peniswise, made many good health decisions.


Essentially it’s brain rotting and castrated yourself I rather feel my pain then be a walking zombie

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