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I just don't understand men that go off to fight in modern wars. There's no benefit, it's not the medieval era where you can crack open a monastery and plunder gold. You can't carry home a war-bride, there's nothing, there's no benefit apart from a shitty pension. There's no skill or test of strength, you're just meat being churned in a meat grinder. It's dehumanizing, and it's the way two colonies of insects would wage a war, just lobbing sterile drones of sexless males at each other until one side cracks through attrition.

Nobody lives in a tribe anymore and your family and friends aren't going to benefit at all due to dying for a country, at best you're dying for an ideal, at worst you're dying so some oligarch can fatten himself.

Personally, if I was in Ukraine or Russia and at risk of being conscripted, I'd just demand to hide at a relatives house, and I'd kill any relative that tried to shame me into fighting or ratted me out. It's absolute disloyalty to your own flesh and blood to manipulate them into fighting in a meat grinder.

You're treated like a fucking idiot afterwards too. Nobody wants a PTSD addled cripple, you have normalfags turning into wizards due to the horrific experience.

This of course doesn't apply for the US curbstomping shithole poor countries, but for modern conventional wars like Iran-Iraq and Ukraine-Russia where yes, it always regresses back towards WW1 styled infantry tactics after enough time.


most likely they didn't know what else to do with their life. that's why i enlisted over a decade ago. it should honestly be illegal for an 18 year old to enlist in the military, no one at that age has any fucking idea what they are signing up for. but when you are not prepared for adult life, dont know how jobs work, dont have a car, cant drive, can barely talk to people, somehow never understood college/university, dont have the means to pay for those things, etc etc, it is a shortcut to a life that is 100% decided for you, a life completely on rails where you don't have to think about anything really

i guess im saying i know why young kids enlist, when their lives fucking suck and they have zero opportunities and were not prepared for life. they dont want to fight in a war but once you enlist you are basically a slave once you sign the papers


there were a few ukranians who blasted officers at recruitment centers when the draft came around. and of course many simply fled the country. but probably the average russialoid has such a shitty life that they don't care about what they're dying for, they just want some excitement before they die of alcoholism or whatever.

of course many of the succubi in ukraine simply became whores, as they were allowed to leave the country. already on tinder while their male family members are cannon fodder.

punch a whores fucking teeth out today.


I agree. Near-peer conflicts are more a function of industrial output and numbers than the operational tactics mil history fixates on. The footage/discussions I've seen suggest the widespread use of gps-guided artillery and drones has made the stalemates even worse due to the ability to pinpoint and break up ground attacks the moment they stop. Artillery is apparently the main way tanks are being knocked out and I've see footage of these things being knocked out by shelling the moment they stop. Additionally satellite intel means real operational surprise is nearly impossible. These guys are hiding in turf bunkers and wood houses that have no security against modern artillery at all. All the Russians are actually doing are sending out probing attacks/drones to locate positions and shelling them. It's not romantic whatsoever


Also if you don't see Iran as the protagonist of the Iran-Iraq war there's something wrong with you


I hate people who decide that others should die so some faceless economists lacking in conscience and personal liability can enrich themselves by plundering some other nation's resources. These assholes' own kids should be the first to get conscripted. Maybe that would put things into perspective for them.


Men should fight bare handed and naked (preferably oiled) this would be very honorable and glorious


Totally not for your gay crab enjoyment at all.
Your motives are totally pure in such a suggestion.



You can call him gay, but you can't call him crab. Gays are probably the least crab people of all. It's not a surprise that crabs.is ban all the homos, they know that homos will not cry for pussy all day long like them.

As much as don't really care for gay people, i respect them for not being a pussy slaves.

this opinion Will probably piss both off crabs and wizards, but its the truth


ive heard that plenty of times here, the general idea being gays have the lowest barrier to engaging in sex. so yeah if they are 'truewiz' they can be considered superior in a weird way.


The average man (especially the average Eastern European man) is entirely enslaved within their gender roles, thus they consider it their "duty" to bare the brunt of being maimed and killed so the succubi can run away, or they think they should "defend the motherland" like they owe it something; they're also strongman posturing male hostile subhumans who want to kill other men, in reality they're subservient little serfs doing exactly what they're told. The other men are there against their will and they probably know it's bullshit.

Frankly in any case throwing away your life to defend some patch of dirt you consider your home is rather pathetic, the succubi certainly feel no guilt about leaving, why should the men? As important as a home can be, your life is irrefutably more important and you should just turn 360 degrees and walk away and go live somewhere else, oh right, that's why the androcidical state won't let you, and after you've been ruined by ptsd and almost killed and the war is over, they'll go straight back to espousing feminist rhetoric about how you're the privileged class.


imagine if people refused the military, like overwhelmingly. i wonder if that has happened in the west in modern times anywhere, aside from maybe vietnam but that was a shitshow


1917 Russia is probably the closest example, where men just packed up their shit and left the front lines.


You're right, there is no benefit from being some kind of a stoic warrior nowadays. As for why people do it anyway? Behaviour is
largely genetically predetermined. Being a warrior used to pay off reproductively, so there's a bunch of that in the genepool. The age of the soldier being a sucker hadn't grinded enough meat to wipe such traits out. Yet.

There's a hypothesis that arabs make such cowardly troops because the Middle East had civilization the longest, and is also permanently unstable. Plenty of warfare from Sumer to now.

Learning that psychological differences in a given society are driven by genetics stops me from going on "why the fuck you'd do that" freak outs. That's how C, G, A and T arranged.


>There's a hypothesis that arabs make such cowardly troops because the Middle East had civilization the longest, and is also permanently unstable. Plenty of warfare from Sumer to now.

I wonder if this is true for West Africans. Many of the traits common in the Islamic Arab world like a proclivity to polygamy and tribal societal structures are amplified in West Africa. I think tribal warfare in general lends itself to fluctuating loyalties, as people shift allegiances to whoever looks strongest at the moment to survive.

The thing is no African state has enough institutional strength to even get to the point of total war mobilization. The entire continent is defined by warlords of questionable loyalty.

Maybe Arabs and Africans are ahead of the game in that regard and it's people that fight wars conventionally that are adopting the losing strategy. God knows it paid off for all the Arab refugees to just flee to Europe. Compare that to the Ukrainian men rotting away in a field.


File: 1675167753815.png (120.39 KB, 1024x460, 256:115, WORLD-IQ-MAP-QNWSASGEO-1.3….png) ImgOps iqdb

Disloyalty is not the same as cowardice. Arabs are prone to fleeing from combat, and whine incessantly to their commanders about poor conditions.

>Many of the traits common in the Islamic Arab world like a proclivity to polygamy and tribal societal structures are amplified in West Africa.

West Africans are dumber and more psychopathic than arabs. The social instability and violence are due to competition from other species, including germs, being more vicious in Africa. Some kind of a bug is going to kill you sooner or later so you better hurry and father some offspring by any means necessary. Then, since mortality is high, population, in evolutionary relevant, preindustrial times, does not outpace food supply. No pressure for evolution towards being more economically productive, which also entails being more capable of cooperation.


I saw the title and thought it was more bitching about MWII's lack of content


The last time you could've been a hero in war was pre-artillery if you want to set a date. Getting completely vaporized from miles away and bombarded for weeks at a time reduces you to another cog or tool on the battlefield, and would certainly make it clear to you that is now the case.
What does that have to do with anything.


File: 1679285180712.jpeg (151.22 KB, 926x935, 926:935, artificial womb diagram.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>it's the way two colonies of insects would wage a war, just lobbing sterile drones of sexless males at each other until one side cracks through attrition
There might be a lot more of this type of warfare in the distant future. Once artificial wombs get advanced enough and widespread enough, it will be relatively cheap and easy to mass produce new humans. I could see countries potentially using artificial wombs for military purposes in order to mass produce future soldiers. These soldiers could also be genetically engineered to be hyperaggressive drones that have maximum killing efficiency.


We need more worthless males(You) to die.

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