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I recently called some guy out on all this anti-white racial hate he had been spewing over the years, so he went digging through my likes (Twitter) to find dirt on me. He found that I had liked a few tweets by an 11 year old actress from a show I used to watch, and decided that was proof that I am a pedophile. He also accused me of stalking the actress… all because I liked some of her tweets that showed up in my feed, because I had been a follower of her. I think it's worth noting that I was a follower of other actors of other ages, too, and liked some of their tweets, too, not just this one 11 year old succubus actor. Why does this normie think that a person cannot Like an actors tweets without being sexually attracted to them? Do most normies think like this? The actress wasn't even scantily-clad, or posing provocatively in her photos, or anything like that.


>I poked an angry dog's nose and it nipped my fingee
>Why do angry dogs do this


Twitter people are petty fags. I caused a little shitstorm some time ago but replying to some dumb slut and a shitload of people rushed on my profile to look for dirt but I was too incognito. Theres just people on there who make their whole life and mood depend on politics and what someone posts on the internet and they really look at people with different opinions as the enemy.


i dislike white people


Twitter is a garbage dumpster of website


>Why does this normie think that a person cannot Like an actors tweets without being sexually attracted to them?
it happens all the time with me, I just assume all of those type of people are closet pedophiles, they usually have some paranoia about being perceived as a pedophile for whatever reason(again, probably closet pedos) and feel scared to even be near children, it's honestly sad


I have a paranoia of being seen as a pedophile even though I'm not attracted to children.


>I just assume all of those type of people are closet pedophiles,
Nah. In another time it would be something else which has similar social standing in society.
A lot of our English curse words have these origins or at least that is what I heard on the radio one night.


i regularly delete my twitter and remake it every few yrs. it just a porn feed for me


Holy mother of projection


>dude has sexual attraction to little kids
>nnnnnnnnnooooooo you can't call me a hecking pedophile!!!!

Get grip on yourself, pedophile and seek help.


When rightoids call every politician a pedophile then it's alright, but no one can question your "fandom" of little g1rls.


everybody here knows pedocel is a pedo


The truest insults hit the hardest.


>mods aren't even bothering to move this thread to /b/
rest in peace wizchan


Are you really crying to us about losing a internet fight on twater about identity politics?

Dude, fuck off and move on. Showing how butthurt you are will just attract those who want to spank it more.
There is no solidarity here when it comes to some normie bullshit that doesn't matter.


Of course they do not think that way!
Man, it's just throwing shit on you due to some personal issue…

You should investigate him back. Delve his very own stuff and see if you can counterattack this technique. Do not blame him for whoever believes him, blame them instead for falling to his trick.

>that's what reading between lines means, wizanon

>normies: they do mean what they, they don't say what they mean
>they are complex, hideous and hypocritical
>do not think about why do they think the way they do, but instead why do they try to LOOK LIKE they think that way
>they are our natural enemy
>they tell us to be the socially awkward while they are, and we stupidly believe them only due to numbers
>their mindset and their intent is poisonous, tricking, deceitful
>the more happy and pleased they look like the more pissed they are
>you must never let your guard off


>like little succubi
>Nooooo you can't call me pedophile!

Holy molly, imagine being delusional like that.



The guy accusing me of being a pedo must be gay, then, because he likes pics of Tariq Nasheed, who is a man. But, wait… I saw him say he isn't LGBT, so, he is either lying about that, or there are other reasons to like pics of people besides being sexually attracted to them.


Nevermind if they are. Use that datum to backlash as you must.
>your question is just showing how much exposed your mind still is to normie deceits


He is just trying to put you down, it might be very well the case that he doesn't even believe that you are a pedo, but it gets you mad and makes you look bad

Stop using twitter to get into fights like normalfaggots do, use it to find/post cool interesting stuff


My whole entire twitter feed is just fetish porn and racist politics. I have my account locked so I never get people looking through my likes or anything and I never reply to anybody on it. I follow over two hundred people but have no followers myself. On a previous account this gay furry faggot must have went through my likes and saw videos of people saying nigger in public and he blocked me. I went through this other guy's feed and this message came up when I liked some of his tweets saying that I had been blocked from liking his tweets. After some research I found out that he must have had this third party application that would alert him when somebody who had liked racist tweets had liked some of his own so I deleted my account since I didn't want to get doxxed. I only started using twitter because of the decline of imageboards.


Same, if you look like one then you are one in the eyes of normalfags. You basically have to live in fear from being born with subhuman genetics against your will.


>this one 11 year old succubus actor
Yeah. I can see why you got called as a pedo.


I don't have a paranoia of being seen as a pedophile even though I'm attracted to hebes.
Back in school I even told some classmates how some fifth graders were real cuties, they just joked a little or just didn't care all tgat much. succubi were mostly disgusted though but the left leaning ones were totally ok with it.
What I want to is that you shouldn't be afraid of anything, even if you ran out on the streets and screamed as loud as you could "I FUCKING LOVE CHILDREN" in the end it wouldn't fucking matter and your life would just go on.


It's like the end of American Psycho, how no one would even acknowledge Patrick Bateman's heinous crimes, even after straight telling others about it


you need a thread because a normie hurt your feelings online and on twitter of all places? How old are you?


is a segment of wizchan's population "ethical pedos" who become celibate, because fulfilling their desires is immoral?


>when Paul Allen said "Patrick! It's you! You're the American Psycho"
except he didn't say that


It's clearly a joke about productions shoehorning an eponymous line in.
>We are… The Walking Dead.


Feels like a bait thread but I’ll post anyway if you interact with the circuits you eventually join it. Seeking a serious conversation on twitter of all places is a joke in itself. Anon it’s over focus on what you can change not what you can’t


The woke left, including the fakecel homo wizards in this thread that hate whites, are no doubt all pedos, just post some images of the woke left supporting drag queens around little kids and call him a pedo, all the leftists are pedo, it's literally projection 101 "Accuse your enemies of what you are guilty of", I don't like the Christnigger right as well because they're almost as pedo as the left, they just hide it better.


well 4chan doesn't hide it so well, they are the biggest distributors of CP, and they are the ones who came up with CP as a code, and now when ever the letters C and P are next to each other they accuse everyone else. Now that is projection!

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