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Is there a worse faith than being a wizard in Eastern Europe?

No autuismbux, hostile society, incredibly low wages and high prices.

Even in the third world one has it better: at least the weather is nicer


At least it's pretty normal to live with your parents, at least from my experience but it definitely seems to be changing. I do agree with you though.


this isn't a good thing if you hate your parents
most people here (in eastern europe) dislike their parents but suck up to them anyways for inheritance and financial support in general, it's impossible to survive on your own with a regular job
a plus side is that if you somehow manage to get a few ten thousands euros on your hands property is relatively cheap compared to the first world, in rural areas not only is it legal but also extremely common to own animals and a garden, i can't be assed because i'm lazy but someone who is willing to put in the effort can supply himself home-grown food with little investment


The weather in Brazil is fucking shit, mate. The worse fate is still being a Wizard in a third world country, more so when it's in Brazil where a lot of succubi are whores.


Your situation is dire like everyone else.
A wizard in a first world country is ass. You hardly get any perks of being in the first world. Nothing but to look around to see everyone else wealthier than you reaping the benefits.


What? Wizarding like most things is awesome in the 1st world? I post, I watch, maybe I jam or drink. I can get a cushy remote job or I can live with family


Baltic countries seems nice


You can do all of those in the third world, remote work there is even better because the same wage buys you much more.


File: 1677516171153.jpg (51.97 KB, 585x506, 585:506, yui.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It seems much easier to get a remote job in your country. Even the same thing is more difficult, or you work for 3rd world wages due to HR policy and taxes. My bubble but I hardly know any foreign remote workers, compared to indigenous


>muh cold weatherinoo

Shut it, I'm from a tropical country and I really like to go out with ight clothes and nice warm weather. Cold and snow are shitty as fuck. Pretty sure you're a poorfag that never had a chance to experience true cold.


>shitty as fuck.
>I'm just going to assume you're just lying about your opiniuons on weather, to piss me off

You must be 18 to use Wizardchan.


I'm 29.


Then act like it you wigger.


Cold and snow are fine if you have appropriate gear, for 80% of North American temperatures. Sub tropical zones are even so uncomfortable if you sweat a lot, if you have/like to walk, or if you spend any time outside.


You can always wear more clothes during winter, you can't never remove enough clothes during summer. Fuck off, retard.


Winter is awful weather, i like doing my wizwalk in warm breeze and I hate to walking in frozen hellhole, only literal hikikomori would like to live under perpetual winter, because they would never have to go out and face the shitty cold weather. Never understood the fascination with grey sky, air cold and mud snow.


20 to 25C is fine but anything above that is unbearable, even more so when you live in a concrete hell in a continental, polluted city

most of the people living in perpetually warm regions wouldn't stay there if it weren't for AC anyway. and what's the point of moving somewhere for the sun and the heat when you have to remain stuck indoors in the dark 5 months a year


Unless you live in really hot place, usually tropical weather is quite ok, I can endure up to 30c just fine, above that that thing are awful, but that happen in rarer days.


The heat is fine, it's the humidity that rekts me


>at least the weather is nicer
Come here, i bet you, i don't know if i hate more the violent latinoids or the fucking weather, my balls are constantly sweaty


Like the nice grey skies, short sun hours, the mud snow and cold frigid air all day for months and the nice slavs are somehow better…


Yes, yes indeed. Ohhh that comfy bed, watching gondolas or listening to Bach, or just being comfy. If i had to go out i just have to put some coats, ahhhhhh i hope this winter will be cold enough to kill a hobo :D


If you work a blue collar job then anything over 30C is NOT endurable. At that temperature steel will literally burn the skin off your hand when you grab it.

In Australia blue collar workers literally have to take an hour break and hose off all the steel equipment from around 1pm.


At least you're blessed with EU citizenship which sells for more than USA citizenship. Doesn't it mean you're a citizen of all of Europe? It like complaining about being a citizen of Alabama.


epic b8


how is it bait, can't you just move to another european country?

i say that but i'm rotting in rural american so maybe 'just move bro' is harder than it seems


language barrier and administrative hurdles but schengen does make it easier i guess


File: 1677675280481.png (770.37 KB, 1600x1116, 400:279, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


This is questionable. On the other hand, I live in a third world country where even the dollar is devalued. On top of that, I constantly have problems with basic services (electricity, water, gas, internet, etc.).
Anyway, I have no idea what it's like to live in Eastern Europe. Maybe OP is right and it is a frozen hell.


The value of an investor license isn't really comparable because most immigrants don't migrate via that way, at least from a American perspective, more come via work visas


>paraguay 5k
boys, the wiztower shall be constructed here. we will invest in our own tower, after an initial wiz registers it as a paraguayan charity, and obtain free entry into paradise.


we'd get chopped up with machetes by the locals and have our pure virgin bones and blood used for voodoo rituals my wizza


It sucks here.
t. baltic wizard


The evidence show that the optimal climate for humans is between 11c to 15c of avarage annual temperature. Not too hot neither too cold.


Wanna swap with me and live in Ukraine, baltic-kun?


Estonia is the smallest and most advanced out of three and its an ok place to be, for someone who likes rocks, cold and darkness.


Pros and cons really I’d like to hear from eastern euros how it is


Cold weather is preferable to warm weather when you're a hikikomori NEET.


>eastern europe
>atleast the weather is nice


Good Morning
Yes sirs, try being a Pajeet in India, at least your country has the semblance of organized life.


being a wizard in third world is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a person. like what's worse other than having cancer or some crazy disease that makes your skin fall off. it's one of the worst fates that could happen, and it happened.


I don't understand what's so bad about being a wizard in a third world country. I would get it if you wanted to be a NEET and of course there's no NEETbux if you live in a poor country. But how can being a virgin past 30 be so much of a social burden that you want to kill yourselves? Do people actually ask you about your virgin and relationship status? Why? Why do they even care? I have never been asked if I was a virgin past highschool and since I never talk about romance, love or a girlfriend people never ask me about these topics. I can't even imagine asking a grown up adult if they had sex last week or not. I guess it's a cultural thing.
By the way, I find eastern and north european countries to be beautiful and almost magical.
This thread makes me apreciate my country a bit more.

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