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Post your Big Five personality test results, wizbros. I bet many wizards here have high neuroticism.
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You really don't see a problem with something that is extremely popular with females? Because to me it tells a lot about the subject. Females are easily impressed, prone to hysterics and superstitions and love romantic interpretations which have nothing to do with reality. Not to mention they possess subhuman intellect.

>"test-retest reliability."
It has way more of this than other psychological tests. I always get the same results for decades. Try harder.
>A second criticism is that the MBTI mistakenly assumes that personality falls into mutually exclusive categories. …
Every psychological test categorizes people, that's the whole fucking point.

You can be an extrovert though and still be a wizard. I get ENTJ always and I'm a wiz NEET. Extrovert just pretty much means you are talkative and like to discuss shit/like to take the initiative, not that you are popular or well-liked by any means.

NT is the wiz tier group. The rest I'm suspicious of.





File: 1678498385480.png (338.51 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, entj.png) ImgOps iqdb


Jesus, imagining take this seriously, extremely cringe, borderline like succubi with her horoscope


>borderline like succubi with her horoscope
Ahhh, you've helped me describe exactly what I don't like about all of this.


Yes, to generalize it (NTAYRT) is that men should externalize and internalize their loci of control, and succubi do the opposite. So looking to whitecoats to classify you is inherently feminine or emasculating. Men know who they are, and if they don't they have to go through their trials and tribulations.


*externalize their actions


>Men know who they are
What are you then?


My name is John Doe, DOB is 01/01/1950. Who are you, sir?


My point is that, if you simply shared a result of some psychological test, it would serve better to describe you as a person than your personal data, is should be obvious that there is merit in psychological profiling and classification of minds.


No it would not, because a man is a multitude and these head shrinkers have no statistical or scientific basis for these data gathering horoscope ideas.


the obvious merit needs evidence, otherwise its just another shuckster trying to get one over you


You don't like the feeling of being put in a box and that's understandable, you are sensitive, but it has nothing to do with the usefulness of a tool.

Are you asking for obvious evidence that minds can be classified or obvious evidence that such information can be applied for personal gain?


no the obvious evidence that MBTI is an accurate
>psychological profiling and classification of minds


I dont like the idea of being put into a box? No, I don't mind it, I just pity the fool who needs a box to guide them, when they are men.


Its somewhat consistent, got a better system? Things don't have to be 100% precise to be useful.

Do you also pity fools who use toilet paper, when they are men? Not using tools is a virtue now?


Yes, existentialism is a better system, christianity is a better system, buddhism is a better system, frankly anything that puts the center of control back in the heart and minds of men is better, but this white coat, head shrinker shit, is bad for us. Frankly any system that reminds you of your potential, your individuality, and your uniqueness is better than that dog trash MKUltra brain washing bull shit

Some tools obviously hurt us, read Uncle Ted. Toilet paper may not be one, necessarily, but its on each individual (man) to decide for himself which tools harm him. Many tools are inherently harmful, and without that inherent ability to cause harm, would lack the ability to preform their tool duties.


I know that MBTI is harmful for the conventional, mechanical minds of mundanes, because they adapt it as part of their identity and use it as substitute for spiritual development, but we are big boys here, no need to be so sensitive.


hmm, and what makes it not harmful to us here?


if anything I'd say its proportionally more harmful to wizards, so you must be a normalfag if you can tolerate the harm of MBTI


>MBTI lets you sail
I actually do sail, and I think you're a faggot who probably doesnt


Such fragile vessels of knowledge you are and you dare consider yourselves wizardly? Excuse me while i sail the forbidden seas.



lol nothing about me is a bot, friend


I am yet to see an overweight INTP, i am beginning to wonder if fat INTPs even exist.


>Men know who they are
You mean drooling retard npcs who never question their identities or self know who they are? Being overly confident of oneself is usually a sign of low intellectual talents.

>and if they don't they have to go through their trials and tribulations

As if trials and tribulations alone are enough for anything, yeah, right. How does a man who is forced to work in Auschwitz tier conditions learn about himself or his personality? Trials don't help you, insight and knowledge help you.

You are doing what Nietzsche or other existentialists told you to do.
>christianity is a better system
You are doing what your local priest or minister or some theologian told you to do.
>buddhism is a better system
You are doing what some guru told you to do.

You are being very "special snowflake" here, friend.
>Frankly any system that reminds you of your potential, your individuality, and your uniqueness is better
Potential, individuality, uniqueness, all right…Who is the succubus here actually? You fell for such meme shit as believing everyone possess special super powers and everyone is de unique spezial snowflake.

Being free, being an "individual", being "unique", there are no bigger succubus-worthy memes than these.

I'm INTJ and I look like that fat guy posted for the INTP category.


>How does a man who is forced to work in Auschwitz tier conditions learn about himself or his personality?
Victor Frankls Will to Meaning explains this well. You are seemingly trying to grind an axe, so I wont keep trying to explain why you're limp spine weakling.

>Potential, individuality, uniqueness, are for succubi

Ah so we have an expert on succubi? I'm sure you have a fond respect and knowledge of the inner workings of succubi, but no, they are not unique, they lack the type of in-the-world potential I am referring to. We're all unique though.

And yes, if succubi are validating your 'individual' 'uniqueness' then you be assured that you aren't some small weak nerd, of course, the wizardly thing is to disregard females and acquire skills (or complain all day, same thing, here, right excuse-anon?)


>Victor Frankls Will to Meaning
Frankl was a fraudster, a liar, who has never been rollercostered to death in Auswitz, no one was. His books are nothing but bullcrap built on the fundament of falseness.


I doubt you're the same anon, because if the holofake was fake, then why would he use it as an excuse for how trials and tribulations don't impact our identity.


>existentialism is a better system, christianity is a better system, buddhism is a better system, frankly anything that puts the center of control back in the heart and minds of men is better
You are confusing science with religion, MBTI doesn't require blind faith, just observation. Stop taking things that you don't understand religiously, don't be trigger happy to form opinions, just accept that you don't know something until you do know, there is no shame in not knowing.


MBTI has flimsier evidence than most things in the social "science" realm, it is a religion. It's believed in despite the lack of evidence, like teaching styles.


>this shitty /r9k/ MBTI pseudoscience still up

Those niggas can't stop spewing their shitty horoscope?


Better than whatever it is you believe in


>believe in MBTI
I don't believe in anything worse than you, retard


>It's believed in despite the lack of evidence
But that's the thing, no one is telling you to be like them. Don't take things religiously, its not a matter of believing, unless you're a flat-earther tier schizo.
You can categorize personalities with it, that's it, or perhaps you don't believe in personalities also?


Yes, I don't believe in stable personalities.


Get real, if you could just change your personality you would have friends. Anyway, personalities do change, testing shows how much and in what way one's personality fluctuates.


According to MBTI, I have changed my personality.


Even my OCEAN scores have changed over time, but I find that to be a slightly better model.


how are we holding up Virgobros?




wow according to mbti im gonna become albert einstein


>Victor F
>you have unlimited potential
>you are special
>you are an individual

Yes, thank you, this is what I meant by you being succubus-core. You talk shit about people here for using mbti because that's what "succubi do" according to you but meanwhile you are the one believing in all the magic words and terms succubi like so much.


>But the troll still ridiculizes himself by claiming consensually proven data to be beliefs.



File: 1679199480969.png (8.49 KB, 388x155, 388:155, big5.png) ImgOps iqdb

Myers-Briggs felt more accurate, but all of these are on the right side of accuracy.


I can't believe wizardchan believes in mbti…


this thread is so retarded i'm considering never coming back here


damn i'm the opposite of you in everything but introverted/disagreeableness. wonder what that would manifest as if you compared our lives directly


Give up already.


The most useful thing I found about mbti is that your own type are the ones who can give you the life advices you need. When mature, of course


I will try to explain my personality by reflecting about my actions and what others have said about myself Instead of doing a test.
I am a highly sensitive person and family members always told me that I should be more "thick skinned". I can't sleep when there is the slightest disturbance, I get emotionally affected very quickly by words and interpersonal relationships and conflicts, for me the meals always taste too salty when they cook it and I can absolutely not stand perfumes or fabric softeners in the slightest, the smells feel like an intrusion, an foreign object. I do enjoy a good company and I love my family, but maintaining a relationship outside my family feels so exhausting to me that I rarely even meet up with the few acquaintances I have (which is probably why I am a Wizardapprentice).
I feel very intense emotions but at the same time I am very inhibited when it comes to negative emotions like showing anger or sadness. It sometimes feels like a lid, and especially when I am tired and stressed I can become quite explosive, but in a setting outside of my family I am inhibited enough to not be reckless.
If some confrontation arises and I am not shure who's at fault I always look at myself first for faults, only when I am shure of my guiltlessness I will argue back. It makes what I have to say thorough but I also need some time to think, so in those situations, I can't counter attack fast.
But all those characteristics also have their good sides. I am a perceptive person that finds much enjoyment in art and who likes to be creative himself, I especially enjoy drawing in my free time.
All in all I would say that I am a happy person who likes to think a lot or, better put, who can't help himself but to think a lot.

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