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Post your Big Five personality test results, wizbros. I bet many wizards here have high neuroticism.


I'm high neuro and agreeability


>Take this psychology test to find out about your personality!



hurr durrr to be a wiz you must be unemployed


What the fuck are you going on about? Are a schizo?


I only disliked this to tell me that I'm disorganized. I know why.
>And I don't feel to change this at all
>It is a very basic test, we rizzards could surely put a better one and actually based around the "knnow thy normalfag" meme


Is it forbidden, here?
>posting here is schizo, just saying


In the context of the thread what you're saying doesn't make any sense, you sound like a schizo rambling about some schizo shit.


you didn't even read the picture buddy


The thread It's not about the picture, it's about the big five testm


It is an interesting picture, isn't it?
I'm an ENTP btw.


>Mayer Briggs test

Literal bullshit test, like horoscope.


>Post your Big Five personality test results, wizbros
/R9K/ go away back to shitchan.


>big five

Dumbass, those /r9k/ dudes like to post their mayer Briggs horoscope tests, you lack wit.


wtf is this shit


File: 1677694285522.png (99.47 KB, 563x555, 563:555, 1674253807521954.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is now an MBTI thread.


File: 1677694376751.jpg (30.36 KB, 750x651, 250:217, mbtypiramid.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


not in the mood to take this gay test right now, but every time i have taken one like this i basically maxed out on neuroticism.




Get out with this shitty ass horoscope teste from here, go back to /r9k/ with you bullshit feel good teste.


Can't do, until proofs of your taste's superiority are presented.


File: 1677701793770.jpg (607.92 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1550577140-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



>Despite its popularity, it has been widely regarded as pseudoscience by the scientific community.[1][2][3] The validity (statistical validity and test validity) of the MBTI as a psychometric instrument has been the subject of much criticism. Media reports have called the test "pretty much meaningless",[60] and "one of the worst personality tests in existence",[61]. The psychologist Adam Grant is especially vocal against MBTI. He called it "the fad that won't die" in the Psychology Today article.[11] Psychometric specialist Robert Hogan wrote: "Most personality psychologists regard the MBTI as little more than an elaborate Chinese fortune cookie…"[62]

Imagine taking seriously a nu horoscope from a grifter succubi, kek.


the fact Jung's reputation isn't in tatters really amazes me


File: 1677707532515.jpg (23.41 KB, 500x394, 250:197, chart.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1677707929877.png (371.16 KB, 1484x2152, 371:538, 1491443519902.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1677709985022.png (175.87 KB, 795x543, 265:181, 1522867829520.png) ImgOps iqdb


>mbti schizo spamming his shitty fortune cookie test

New schizo just dropped.


File: 1677715640037.jpg (18.46 KB, 236x319, 236:319, MBTI letters explained.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You don't like MBTI, my dood? Its really not as complicated as you might think.


ENTP, that's me.


File: 1677716992608.png (329.63 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, entp.png) ImgOps iqdb




File: 1677746060301.png (79.7 KB, 1013x895, 1013:895, 1507601815685.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1677758773434.png (7.58 KB, 401x142, 401:142, image_2023-03-02_050612176.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1677769955576.png (424.2 KB, 960x1197, 320:399, myers briggs options holid….png) ImgOps iqdb

Am I wrong if thinking that most of us wizards are INFJ and INTP?


I'm ISTJ but i'd rather read or watch something (I already have a cat). I dislike shopping, especially for clothes.


File: 1677771761432.jpg (163.98 KB, 657x952, 657:952, 1550577140-3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm doubtful about INFJs, but INTPs do have a natural affinity to magic…


It says I'm closed-minded, I like to think that's not true.
I would addept it and say ok I'm closed-minded but it's just a handful of questions and a few blan&white stats so I guess it's just some teen-magazine tier test.


One shouldn't build one's identity around one's MBTI type, it only describes human's mechanical part. There is an "NPC" in all of us, consider MBTI as an NPC classificator, it doesn't give a picture of the most essential part of a human, part that's usually underdeveloped and goes to sleep in one's youth.


I think MBTI is one of the more trustworthy tests out there. You can hardly find someone who is more critical of psychology and these tests than me but out of all the bullshit heap of tests I consider this one the most decent. Regardless of when, in what mood or in what form I take this test the results tend to be consistent.

The only change I had was when I had a really big, life-turning change happen to me. I went from being depressed to being ok. During my depressed years I always got INTP, now I get INTJ always since I beat depression. I can understand this though. The cure for my depression was that I needed plans, self-discipline and daily routines so it's logical my personality type changed to INTJ (which might have been my original personality pre-depression anyway).

No, my classmate in high school was a huge normalfag and he got INFJ. He played football, went to concerts, was popular, etc etc. He was just slightly more intellectual than the rest of the norms. I don't trust INFJs.


Definitely wiz-core. I believe INTP and INTJ are the most wizardly ones. Don't trust anyone with an E or F who claims to be a wiz. INTP/J are the autism types, dunno about personality types with S in them.


File: 1677973504825.jpg (46.45 KB, 750x600, 5:4, INTP flower.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does this INTJ stance adds excitement to your life or simply lifts depression away?

>INTP here, but still feeling that plans need objectives and I have no stimulus about it. Like routines are an incomplete cope, an unfinished cake in need for some cherry at the top

>Indeed, E and F types are un-wiz.


File: 1677981451698.png (30.12 KB, 230x230, 1:1, 9824984297865.png) ImgOps iqdb

They [INTPs] are flawlessly intelligent and exceptional at anything and everything. They are the deepest, and most complex MBTI type, Their thoughts are so incredibly superior, transcendent, so beyond anything any other type is capable of that it only makes sense that they're the ones who usually end up revolutionizing humanity. They have no emotions and minimal empathy but can read people effortlessly; we're all such simple, pathetic creatures compared to them, we're nothing. They are pinnacles of mental strength, able to brush off trauma with reason like no one else can. They lack the animal instincts that other humans have, with no need for relationships, no need to fit in or feel accepted, no awareness or feelings of competition (what do gods want with ants, anyway?) and easy denial of their body - and most happen to be quite attractive, almost like laughing in the face of nature. They have perfect discipline and rationality, and never fall prey to any bias or fallacy that other, weak, emotional, stupid humans do. Some of this also results in a perfect morality, that only this type can maintain through their natural adherence to principles, making them morally superior as well as intellectually, humanistically, and emotionally superior. Humanistically superior - by which I mean that INTPs desire nothing for themselves but are perfectly humble and only seek to bring us up to their level of thinking, to challenge our meager intellects and perfect us in their own image. With such nobility, is it any wonder people are so fascinated by this type, in ways no other type can intrigue the masses?


I've done the MBTI test a few times, and I mostly get INTJ, sometimes a INTP and there's one specific site that gives me an S instead of a T (INFP or something), which doesn't strike me as very reliable. Either way, I am supposed to be an INTJ addording to most tests, yet I don't even remember what that is supposed to say about me, other than the obvious. It is often portrayed as some sort of logical mastermind who manipulates people and situations to their will, and that is completely unlike me.
I do remember that, much like horoscopes, I could relate to half of what it said, and not at all with the rest.

Then you get people going "ooooh I'm an INTJ", no, you're a retard. (not you wiz)


awww, so sweet, thank you


It's from quora.
How is being an S type not peak normalfag?


File: 1677992286623.png (243.08 KB, 840x954, 140:159, NT cluster.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1677992548623.jpg (97.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, intp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1678019194405.jpg (183 KB, 600x773, 600:773, Improved MBTI.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

ISTP. Maybe many of them normies, but chances are some of them aren't.
>ISTP = sigma

Ok wiz, here you are. The easier, more direct test.
>yet you don't need a test if you actually know the meaning of every letter in depth.
nonetheless the only valuble usage all this knowledge is concentrated in two spots:
-The "hero, parent, trickster" roles of your less developed cognitive functions and what you need to do compensate your "demon" and "trickster" functions to stop receiving damage from them when they contact you in this world
-To find your tribe, your similars, for they will know as no one else how to do so and many other things to properly use the rest of your qualities.
>"INTP Survival Guide" in youtube is a perfect example of this.


File: 1678019753615.png (7.57 KB, 229x220, 229:220, Cognitive roles for functi….png) ImgOps iqdb

Every function has some role or other, depending on your class.
So, that's the usage. To know what to expect, to do, to never do, due to being weak at those spots.


File: 1678027688877.jpg (161.42 KB, 450x677, 450:677, 1588879527561.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Regarding your image: i know its simplified to the point of being anecdotal, but i think its worth mentioning that the variables presented there are too specific to be reliable indicators, for example, systems oriented thinking doesn't necessarily always manifest itself as being good at math, that being said F types are unlikely to be naturally gifted in it.


>Does this INTJ stance adds excitement to your life or simply lifts depression away?
It's simply about order and routine for me. When I was a lazy, passive and chaotic person (INTP) I was more likely to be depressed, after adopting a more orderly lifestyle the depression went away.

It isn't exactly excitement but discipline works for me. I will do this and this today - even if I don't feel like it - because I decided I would do so yesterday. And in the end I didn't waste my day away, that's what counts to me. I also keep lists of books/manga/comics/wiki articles I read, porn/movies/anime/cartoons/TV shows I watched, games I played, etc etc. Introducing some sort of order into your life can change it for the better in my experience.

>It is often portrayed as some sort of logical mastermind who manipulates people and situations to their will
That is a misunderstanding because what you describe sounds more like ENTJ or ENTP. Personality types which are introverted can't be expert manipulators. From what I gather, INTJ and INTP are both autismo/burger types. So they are the essential thinker or wanna-be philosopher category. The only difference between INTP and INTJ is that INTP mostly waste their time browsing chans and masturbating all day while INTJ thanks to his self-discipline has a strict daily routine. INTP is lazy/passive/inactive, INTJ is active and a control freak who feels bad whenever he can't proceed according to his plans. In short INTP is the ditzy mad scientist whose thoughts and attention span are all over the place - but his awesome abilities lie exactly in his chaotic nature. The INTJ is the focused and goal oriented thinker.

INTJ is the meme type, and every retard normalfag likes to think he is some INTJ snowflake. (While most likely he isn't, he just read about the types before taking the test and took the test with the intention of getting INTJ as a result so that he can brag about how much of a Sherlock he is.) INTJ is supposed to be a rare type, probably INTP too so don't believe every norm who claims to be one of those.

I think E or F has more to do with being a normalfag than the S factor. The most normalfag type is probably ESFJ though and I have no idea about this personality type, never read about it, just made a wild guess. Can anyone confirm this?

This actually confused me because the ENTP's "creates by debating" and "argues every little point" are things I can relate to very much.


What if I really like math but I'm shit at it?
What if my room is, for the most part, clean, but I have a messy desk?
INF* then, I guess I'm actually normalscum :^)


Its funny how people mock astrology birthcharts when they're like 200% more accurate and detailed than any personality test. Its ancient knowledge, and it used to be reserved only for high status people. I have no clue why succubi and normies are now obsessed with astrology nowdays. It was not like that back then. Now men are mocked If they are inrerested in astrology. Life is funny.


the astrology you speak of and what passes as astrology today are different things.


File: 1678098350111.jpg (1.94 MB, 3643x4328, 3643:4328, 1507536024658.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


these tests are pretty worthless beyond a certain age and having taken them before. they also often make assumptions based on your test result which is as bullshit as astrology


People that compare horoscopes with psychological tests kinda fascinate me, unlike in case with the flat-earthers, i can't tell if they're trolling.


For sure. Astrology has been practiced since the dawn of man by all major civilizations throughout the history. Comparing that to some bullshit labels invented not even a century ago yet, by some succubus who had nothing better to do.


File: 1678196187374.jpg (229.66 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 1677764459627613.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>practiced since the dawn of man by all major civilizations throughout history
Please read this statement exceptionally closely for a fascinating thought


How come twins can have different fates despite being born at the same hour?


Not at the same moment, even a minute can make a difference.


Then where is the merit in horoscopes?


>tfw Aquarius Ascendant, Virgo Sun and Aries Moon
I never had a chance.


>I never had a chance.
This is by far the most common result of believing in Astrology. Impressionable, desperate young guys and succubi read up on what types or personalities they should have based on what stars their mother could see on the date she gave birth, figure that because its an old and documented practice it must be true, find out that they're not who they're told they should be, and then believe that they are wrong and broken before even considering that maybe the children's fantasy activity book that is Astrology is what is wrong.

Astrology is for bored SSRI junkies who need something to think about and affirm themselves. Horoscopes in newspapers and online newsletters are funded and written by scratch-and-win ticket manufacturers and local lotteries. Crazy coincidence.


Astrology and psychology are both bullshit "fields of study". Still, psychology at least has some valid observations but what can you say about astrology? It's a foolish superstition for succubi and children. Just because something is ancient that doesn't mean it is right in any way.

You have these pics for INTJ and ENTJ too?

Some people are just really desperate to understand why they are making some really shit choices in life. Instead of look for the cause in themselves through psychology and introspection they start to look for causes in the universe and the world around them. Sad.


>astrology is fake
ok hylics


The biggest proof that astrology is fake(and dumb) is that succubi are into it.


>You have these pics for INTJ and ENTJ too?
I'll have to check once i get back to my pc, but it won't be until weekend.


Is the MBTI supposed to constantly change over the lifetime? Because I feel like it's also more of a represention of your world views rather than just about personality. Or perhaps worldview is part of your personality?
Every two years or so I did the test and these are my results: When I still took my ad(h)d meds I was ENTP, when I stopped taking the meds, dropped out of school and lived the neet life for two years I was INTJ and after I started working in a social field I became INFJ.
I don't think personality is something constant in your life and it can change quite a bit, willfully or not, or perhaps those tests are bullshit. Anyway, I wouldn't take them super seriously.


Well, succubi are into lots of things, including psychology. Like I said though, psychology has some cool ideas and concepts, most of them can be traced back to Freud and Jung basically, in my view Freud is getting the cold treatment nowadays even though he was pretty much down to earth and a realist while Jung's work is overrated thanks to trendy currents of thought, like eastern religions.
Back to astrology though, it is objectively for mentally retarded people (which include the majority of succs).

Thanks, wiz.

I'm not sure, I think it is supposed to change whenever something big happens in your life. Worldviews are definitely a part of our personality, they tell almost everything about a person.

I would disregard the period when you took meds, meds change your personality drastically (that's their whole purpose) and you can act completely out of character when under the influence of them. I would also say that your NEETing period can be disregarded too, considering people who are alone for a long time tend to get confused about who they really are. It's natural, when you don't receive much feedback from others then things get blurry. So I'd say your type is most likely INFJ, probably it's been your type all along but you never realized it or never had a chance to fully develop your personality until recently. So instead of saying your personality changed it's more likely that you been starting to realize who you are only recently.

I believe personality can be changed to a great degree through your effort or through outside influences but there are some traits that always stay with you, there is a core personality inside every one of us and that's permanent. It's probably a very raw core, only having a couple of dogmas like "I don't want to hurt animals if I can avoid it" in my case is just part of my personality and that will never change. Other "dogmas" I have is that I hate physically active things like working out or manual labor. I'd say 80% of our personality can be molded and shaped but 20% is something permanent that you or others can't change no matter what.


Do you think that therapy could be beneficial for a wizard?


In theory the type itself shouldnt change. MBTI on a lower level is based on a theory about 'functions' such as 'introverted intuition', 'introverted sensing', etc. For each type it is expected that at different ages or stages of your life you will get stronger at specific functions, so their dominance can change.


It's been almost two years, so I did the test again and, thinking that I would be INFJ again, I was actually pleasantly surprised that I was INTJ-T, which I much more strongly identify with.
Looking back on my past and what has changed in my life, those results check out. The change from ENTP to INTJ is obvious: The amphetamines made me more outgoing and impulsive. Also the results for the first and fourth trait were on the edge anyway with being around 50% each whereas the defining second and third trait where around 70% this time.
I think what made me an INFJ when I started working in a social field was that this first work experience of mine made a big impression on me, since with no prior experience I had to learn, well, all those social aspects, like getting along with coworkers and clients, considering their feelings, having to deal with emotional conflicts and so on. So I rated the emotional aspects back then im my test much higher than I would have normally done, because at the time it really was very important to me. But now, after working for almost two years, it has all become just my normal everyday life, so it doesn't have that pressing importance to me anymore.
I would still say that your personality isn't rigid, but oscillating around a centre, depending on the situation. I don't know a whole lot about that topic, so those are just educated guesses based on my experiences and that particular model of personality.


I always liked things like the chinese horoscope or tarot cards and I like that my results in this test say that I have a rare and powerful personality type, it feels having a powerful secret rare Yu-Gi-Oh card and it makes me feel real special.
It's fun to think about things like that and I believe that by thinking about it you get to know yourself better, that's why people are doing those things since ancient times.
This test seems to be somewhat consistent and is right about some things, but it's actually not of any use except for what I have mentioned above. After thinking about it I came to that conclusion.
Tomorrow I want to learn more about models of personality, to finally understand what's that all about.


Depends on who is the guy treating you. If he is a wizardly person or at least someone who is open-minded then it could help you…for example I think Jung or Freud would have found us intriguing persons. That said, most psychiatrists or psychologists nowadays aren't Jung or Freud or even near their level. Every retard can be a psychiatrist or psychologist as long as he can finish uni…and god have mercy on your soul if you actually fell into the care of succ psychiatrists. As things are, you will most likely get into the hands of Chad Jr. or Dr. Dumb Whore and will end up getting more fucked up than you were pre-therapy.

Short answer: if you can get a guy who can actually think for himself to treat you then go for it by all means. Sadly, these people are most likely either famous experts who cost a ton of money or they are outsiders in the psychology/psychiatry circlejerk and are so hard to find that you have zero chance.
I'm of the opinion that psychiatry and psychology got more and more retarded as time went on and as it became a "proper" field of study. If you look at Freud he was more like a sage or philosopher than a psychiatrist in our meaning of the word.

I know people joke about jewish psychiatrists all the time and it's a meme but they are the real deal. They have incredibly interesting insights into the human condition and mind plus they have a tendency to think outside the box and so they are more open-minded.

>INTJ pride
How does it feel to be in the same category as Prof Moriarty, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Elon Musk again? I think wizards who get F in their test somehow made mistakes. The wiz type is the NT.

Instead of taking the test I think it's just better to read the descriptions for all the variations and decide what resonates best with you. There isn't a more interesting topic than ourselves, right?


I tried a few succ therapists but it never ended up going anywhere until I found a paraplegic guy therapist. It's rather funny when you think that a guy with broken mind and healthy body goes to see a therapist who has very sharp brain but a broken body.


i would watch that animated show, of a braniac cripple and his partner the mentally ill body builder



File: 1678400472670.jpg (558.6 KB, 1440x2040, 12:17, ESFP messes nerd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>ignoring astrology as an actually demonstrated set of noticeable coincidences
>muh succubi are into it, muh better than succubi (cope cope cope cope cope cope)
Give up

There. That's the mindset!


JFC, I get it, you're REALLY into psychological categorization and profiles.


sage the retard


>"The interesting – and somewhat alarming – fact about the MBTI is that, despite its popularity, it has been subject to sustained criticism by professional psychologists for over three decades. One problem is that it displays what statisticians call low "test-retest reliability." So if you retake the test after only a five-week gap, there's around a 50% chance that you will fall into a different personality category compared to the first time you took the test. A second criticism is that the MBTI mistakenly assumes that personality falls into mutually exclusive categories. … The consequence is that the scores of two people labelled "introverted" and "extraverted" may be almost exactly the same, but they could be placed into different categories since they fall on either side of an imaginary dividing line."

Lmao, imagine take seriously this shitty MBTI test that no real psychologist take serious or thinks is useful. People are truly desparte to find some kind of personality for themselves. Imagine saying "Ah, yeah, I'm INTJ!" is literally in the same level as people that take horoscope for real, "Ah, yeah! I'm a virgo, tee hee". KEk


>no real psychologist takes it seriously
It just comes from Jungian psychology, maybe that's not much of a psychologist for you I guess
>still thinking astrology is the same as horoscopes
You stink like normie, brat


Why you reply to obvious bait? He is obviously trying to call attention.


>The division between introvert and extrovert is imaginary
The lunacy some trolls fall into while trying hard is reaching quite a top, lastly.
Which drugs are you on? You still know this is an outcast-oriented forum, right?


He never gets tired so at least I make fun of him.
>more memes please


>i am replying to bate because i am a comedian
no youre a retard


>Nooo, you can you poin out that my shitty MBTI test is useless and don't any prediction power at all! like a horoscope! How you dare! I'm a ENTP!, Like pisces, I'm smart and intuitive, you can't just simple show that my made up fake personality is fake!


>twins having different fates
They might count as one


You should see r/NEET, a poll showed intp and infp being majority


That sub is a bit disappointing. I was expecting something like Wizardchan with the typical normalfag Reddit stuff but still a solid NEET culture. Ended up finding most of the users there are just regular wagies who lost their job or are actively looking for employment.


that subreddit is filled with females and normalfags
you should ignore it


You really don't see a problem with something that is extremely popular with females? Because to me it tells a lot about the subject. Females are easily impressed, prone to hysterics and superstitions and love romantic interpretations which have nothing to do with reality. Not to mention they possess subhuman intellect.

>"test-retest reliability."
It has way more of this than other psychological tests. I always get the same results for decades. Try harder.
>A second criticism is that the MBTI mistakenly assumes that personality falls into mutually exclusive categories. …
Every psychological test categorizes people, that's the whole fucking point.

You can be an extrovert though and still be a wizard. I get ENTJ always and I'm a wiz NEET. Extrovert just pretty much means you are talkative and like to discuss shit/like to take the initiative, not that you are popular or well-liked by any means.

NT is the wiz tier group. The rest I'm suspicious of.





File: 1678498385480.png (338.51 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, entj.png) ImgOps iqdb


Jesus, imagining take this seriously, extremely cringe, borderline like succubi with her horoscope


>borderline like succubi with her horoscope
Ahhh, you've helped me describe exactly what I don't like about all of this.


Yes, to generalize it (NTAYRT) is that men should externalize and internalize their loci of control, and succubi do the opposite. So looking to whitecoats to classify you is inherently feminine or emasculating. Men know who they are, and if they don't they have to go through their trials and tribulations.


*externalize their actions


>Men know who they are
What are you then?


My name is John Doe, DOB is 01/01/1950. Who are you, sir?


My point is that, if you simply shared a result of some psychological test, it would serve better to describe you as a person than your personal data, is should be obvious that there is merit in psychological profiling and classification of minds.


No it would not, because a man is a multitude and these head shrinkers have no statistical or scientific basis for these data gathering horoscope ideas.


the obvious merit needs evidence, otherwise its just another shuckster trying to get one over you


You don't like the feeling of being put in a box and that's understandable, you are sensitive, but it has nothing to do with the usefulness of a tool.

Are you asking for obvious evidence that minds can be classified or obvious evidence that such information can be applied for personal gain?


no the obvious evidence that MBTI is an accurate
>psychological profiling and classification of minds


I dont like the idea of being put into a box? No, I don't mind it, I just pity the fool who needs a box to guide them, when they are men.


Its somewhat consistent, got a better system? Things don't have to be 100% precise to be useful.

Do you also pity fools who use toilet paper, when they are men? Not using tools is a virtue now?


Yes, existentialism is a better system, christianity is a better system, buddhism is a better system, frankly anything that puts the center of control back in the heart and minds of men is better, but this white coat, head shrinker shit, is bad for us. Frankly any system that reminds you of your potential, your individuality, and your uniqueness is better than that dog trash MKUltra brain washing bull shit

Some tools obviously hurt us, read Uncle Ted. Toilet paper may not be one, necessarily, but its on each individual (man) to decide for himself which tools harm him. Many tools are inherently harmful, and without that inherent ability to cause harm, would lack the ability to preform their tool duties.


I know that MBTI is harmful for the conventional, mechanical minds of mundanes, because they adapt it as part of their identity and use it as substitute for spiritual development, but we are big boys here, no need to be so sensitive.


hmm, and what makes it not harmful to us here?


if anything I'd say its proportionally more harmful to wizards, so you must be a normalfag if you can tolerate the harm of MBTI


>MBTI lets you sail
I actually do sail, and I think you're a faggot who probably doesnt


Such fragile vessels of knowledge you are and you dare consider yourselves wizardly? Excuse me while i sail the forbidden seas.



lol nothing about me is a bot, friend


I am yet to see an overweight INTP, i am beginning to wonder if fat INTPs even exist.


>Men know who they are
You mean drooling retard npcs who never question their identities or self know who they are? Being overly confident of oneself is usually a sign of low intellectual talents.

>and if they don't they have to go through their trials and tribulations

As if trials and tribulations alone are enough for anything, yeah, right. How does a man who is forced to work in Auschwitz tier conditions learn about himself or his personality? Trials don't help you, insight and knowledge help you.

You are doing what Nietzsche or other existentialists told you to do.
>christianity is a better system
You are doing what your local priest or minister or some theologian told you to do.
>buddhism is a better system
You are doing what some guru told you to do.

You are being very "special snowflake" here, friend.
>Frankly any system that reminds you of your potential, your individuality, and your uniqueness is better
Potential, individuality, uniqueness, all right…Who is the succubus here actually? You fell for such meme shit as believing everyone possess special super powers and everyone is de unique spezial snowflake.

Being free, being an "individual", being "unique", there are no bigger succubus-worthy memes than these.

I'm INTJ and I look like that fat guy posted for the INTP category.


>How does a man who is forced to work in Auschwitz tier conditions learn about himself or his personality?
Victor Frankls Will to Meaning explains this well. You are seemingly trying to grind an axe, so I wont keep trying to explain why you're limp spine weakling.

>Potential, individuality, uniqueness, are for succubi

Ah so we have an expert on succubi? I'm sure you have a fond respect and knowledge of the inner workings of succubi, but no, they are not unique, they lack the type of in-the-world potential I am referring to. We're all unique though.

And yes, if succubi are validating your 'individual' 'uniqueness' then you be assured that you aren't some small weak nerd, of course, the wizardly thing is to disregard females and acquire skills (or complain all day, same thing, here, right excuse-anon?)


>Victor Frankls Will to Meaning
Frankl was a fraudster, a liar, who has never been rollercostered to death in Auswitz, no one was. His books are nothing but bullcrap built on the fundament of falseness.


I doubt you're the same anon, because if the holofake was fake, then why would he use it as an excuse for how trials and tribulations don't impact our identity.


>existentialism is a better system, christianity is a better system, buddhism is a better system, frankly anything that puts the center of control back in the heart and minds of men is better
You are confusing science with religion, MBTI doesn't require blind faith, just observation. Stop taking things that you don't understand religiously, don't be trigger happy to form opinions, just accept that you don't know something until you do know, there is no shame in not knowing.


MBTI has flimsier evidence than most things in the social "science" realm, it is a religion. It's believed in despite the lack of evidence, like teaching styles.


>this shitty /r9k/ MBTI pseudoscience still up

Those niggas can't stop spewing their shitty horoscope?


Better than whatever it is you believe in


>believe in MBTI
I don't believe in anything worse than you, retard


>It's believed in despite the lack of evidence
But that's the thing, no one is telling you to be like them. Don't take things religiously, its not a matter of believing, unless you're a flat-earther tier schizo.
You can categorize personalities with it, that's it, or perhaps you don't believe in personalities also?


Yes, I don't believe in stable personalities.


Get real, if you could just change your personality you would have friends. Anyway, personalities do change, testing shows how much and in what way one's personality fluctuates.


According to MBTI, I have changed my personality.


Even my OCEAN scores have changed over time, but I find that to be a slightly better model.


how are we holding up Virgobros?




wow according to mbti im gonna become albert einstein


>Victor F
>you have unlimited potential
>you are special
>you are an individual

Yes, thank you, this is what I meant by you being succubus-core. You talk shit about people here for using mbti because that's what "succubi do" according to you but meanwhile you are the one believing in all the magic words and terms succubi like so much.


>But the troll still ridiculizes himself by claiming consensually proven data to be beliefs.



File: 1679199480969.png (8.49 KB, 388x155, 388:155, big5.png) ImgOps iqdb

Myers-Briggs felt more accurate, but all of these are on the right side of accuracy.


I can't believe wizardchan believes in mbti…


this thread is so retarded i'm considering never coming back here


damn i'm the opposite of you in everything but introverted/disagreeableness. wonder what that would manifest as if you compared our lives directly


Give up already.


The most useful thing I found about mbti is that your own type are the ones who can give you the life advices you need. When mature, of course


I will try to explain my personality by reflecting about my actions and what others have said about myself Instead of doing a test.
I am a highly sensitive person and family members always told me that I should be more "thick skinned". I can't sleep when there is the slightest disturbance, I get emotionally affected very quickly by words and interpersonal relationships and conflicts, for me the meals always taste too salty when they cook it and I can absolutely not stand perfumes or fabric softeners in the slightest, the smells feel like an intrusion, an foreign object. I do enjoy a good company and I love my family, but maintaining a relationship outside my family feels so exhausting to me that I rarely even meet up with the few acquaintances I have (which is probably why I am a Wizardapprentice).
I feel very intense emotions but at the same time I am very inhibited when it comes to negative emotions like showing anger or sadness. It sometimes feels like a lid, and especially when I am tired and stressed I can become quite explosive, but in a setting outside of my family I am inhibited enough to not be reckless.
If some confrontation arises and I am not shure who's at fault I always look at myself first for faults, only when I am shure of my guiltlessness I will argue back. It makes what I have to say thorough but I also need some time to think, so in those situations, I can't counter attack fast.
But all those characteristics also have their good sides. I am a perceptive person that finds much enjoyment in art and who likes to be creative himself, I especially enjoy drawing in my free time.
All in all I would say that I am a happy person who likes to think a lot or, better put, who can't help himself but to think a lot.

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