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Here is a 80/20 rule that is actually useful for wizards, and not crabs complaining about 20% of the chads, or 80% of the accidents being caused by you 4 guys.

20% of the residences in a 55+ senior community can be under 55.

I just got back from visting my aunt in Florida. And it was like a mini utopia. It was like college but without the sexual tension. A sexless college or prison. If sex didn't exist, college or prison would be a utopia. Theres tons of clubs and activities.

Everything is walled off, gated community. Stranger's aren't allowed in. There is a security check point. Nothing bad can ever happen. Violence and sex doesn't exist. Utopia, actually exists, I've seen it, and its the senior retirement community.

Its so safe and boring, yet with plenty to do, club activities, entertainment, sports, shows, athletics. Boring from the danger, but not boring of things to do. Its like just playing the game of life on cheat god mode, where you can't get hurt. Its like the world is wrapped up in Styrofoam. A safe space if you will.

But why live decades of life, just to look forward to someday retiring from life? It turns out you don't have to be 55.

And I forgot to even mention the most famous part of Florida, no winter, never gets cold. Cold doesn't exist. This is the way the universe was supposed to be created. There wasn't supposed to be excitement, danger, young people, sex, violence in it.



>rearguard action over gated community for boomers


>Violence and sex doesn't exist in this place
It does, it happens behind doors. You're so naive.


I don't quite get the kind of community you're talking about. I guess it's a cultural/language barrier. But you reminded me of my grandma's nursing home. They also allow disabled people to live there, though most are mentally challenged. I thought about living there. Since I'm physically disabled and with no future or hopes, I could live a comfy life at a nursing home. When my mother dies I could probably go there and have people taking care of me. I don't think I can live alone and take care of myself.



My sister pretty much told me earlier this week that she wants to send me to a nursing home and that she's fucking tired of taking care of a grown ass man in his 30s. Trying to plot ways to have me be qualified to be sent to one. She's also my medical power of attorney.


I think it's an interesting idea, OP. Old people have a lot more experience than young people and they are well behaved. You're almost guaranteed to have wonderful neighbours. Probably multiple.


A lot of people conflate nursing and retirement homes. But the whole point of a 55+ community, is its basically like a normal suburban block with no younglings.

But I suppose its the same basic idea. And the benefit of an actual nursing home is, hypothetically medicaid could pay for it if you are disabled, and you'd be set for life without worrying about your own savings.


How did your life end up at this point? I'm interested.


Some of them will hate you just for being under 55, but they might eventually learn you are even more mellow than most seniors and are no threat.



tbh all the older people I've known throughout my life has shown me enough hospitality to regain faith in humanity. I think we should cherish our wiz elders. They are very special.


Most 65+ yr old people I have talked to put way more value and effort into things like manners, respect or morals and I think that's something we need more of now.


My aunt, nice succubus in her 70s now,lived in one like this in a southern state. They had friends in the small condo block which indeed had a gate with a code, everything walled off.

she made friends with some of the people there then there was some beef and one of them started spreading negative false rumors about her to the point they preferred to move (were going to move anyway but this pushed it if i recall right, or at least made them happy about moving)

succubi remain succubi even in their final months of life.


File: 1679282465697.jpg (466.46 KB, 1393x1220, 1393:1220, 4703e789a1525ac9d1a4244c45….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>But don’t you find there are things that accumulate intensity with old age?

>No. One doesn’t become better on the moral plane with old age. Nor wiser. Contrary to what people think. One gains nothing in getting old. But as one is more tired, one gives the impression of wisdom.


I dropped out of school at 18 after being bullied by students and staff alike. I was already a few grades behind and probably would have finished until I was around 22 anyways. I just couldn't handle that type of environment. My dad left from my life when I was still young and my sister's dad also left her as well. Our mom died in the mid 2010s and that's how I came to live with her. We lost our home due to the deed being in our uncle's name who wanted nothing to do with us or to help us. Taking full advantage of the situation only to rent out the home for extra money when he's already extremely well off. I pretty much just stayed in my room, doing minimal chores such as cleaning up after my own messes, taking the trash out, and mowing grass. She calls me an embarrassment when I go outside to even do that. I go outside wearing a hoodie and mow grass at the earliest point to get it done with before most of the people on our street even are up. I take the trash out early points in the morning and get yelled at for being too loud waking her up. I attempted a few jobs in my mid 20s but never could last more than a few days. Getting fired or quitting after breaking down crying. I tried to get "NEETbux" they wouldn't qualify me. Where I live is really conservative and they don't even believe in mental illness here for the most part. Thinking someone like me just needs to go to church to be healed and all of that nonsense. I do get food stamps and the only expenses I really add to the home is what electricity I use for my computer. I don't even use a fucking light. I sit at my computer from the time I wake up and then do my "chores" for about 30 minutes and then back to sitting on my computer until I go to bed. Sitting here in the dark night after night. I just want to be left alone.


I don't think it's ever talked about, but sociopaths in old age when they end up lonely often lash out violently if they can. The people that are drilling nails through waterslides and sticking razorblades on kids' playgrounds turn out to be old geriatrics. They do it because they're jealous of the youth children still have. In Scandinavian countries it's actually a really big problem I've heard.

Old people can't handle direct confrontation and do genuinely seem to get nicer. But there's a few toxic outliers.


Law of Jante taken to its extremes.


>cold doesnt exist in florida
it freezes in jacksonville, florida

you have to go like boca and below to escape the frosty jew

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