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what's it like living in an apartment/flat for a wizard? can you get comfortable knowing that you're surrounded by people?
i want to move out of my parents' house but i don't want to end up trapped in a room where i'm being flayed alive by anxiety


Just take anti- anxiety medication and ride the storm, bro


why do you have anxiety when you're alone?


you misread my post


how do I must understand it?


if you ever buy a suite try to get the top floor on a corner so there's fewer normies around you. People downstairs get mad if I wizwalk in the kitchen too long, people upstairs have a kid running around all day, and the neighbours now smoke the herbal retard when I open the windows to let air filter out the terrible heat conduction in this place.

It's comfy enough, but there's always stuff like this in apartment life. Unless you own it never rent one of these because the money is never worth it being single


when you're inside, it's not bad. although walls are thin so i constantly hear people showering, flushing toilets, hard shoes hitting the hardwood floors, their dog barking, the occasional party and celebration, people fucking etc. but i have headphones on the entire day so i don't really notice it most of the time.

worst part is having to pass people in the corridors and everyone knowing your business. if you order furniture or anything heavy, you have to get it up to X floor and you can't leave it at the entrance. similar when you have to get something down. house is more convenient for stuff like that, having a garage, a backyard to do work and bbq.


>people fucking etc.

im so glad i dont have a lot of young people in my surroundings. i got used to hearing yelling and showering etc. but hearing people have sex frequently is the one thing i couldnt handle for different reasons.


me too, I would freeze by fear of getting caught hearing them and accusing me of being a pervert for hearing them having sex

what's your move during this sitution? (when they fuck)


i listen to it curiously. it's not that exciting, my upstairs neighbors are pretty vanilla so you can just hear rhythmic banging for several minutes and then the succubus goes to the bathroom to wash up.


>goes to the bathroom to wash up.
That's the dude washing. Succubi don't wash, ever.


you think she just leaves it in there?


Every human on the planet is here as a result of that so yes.


Most recent apartment had my own entrance and my own locks. The only shared space was the laundry room and other basement things like the electrical service entrance, hot water heaters, furnaces, etc. That being said, being a basement apartment, I could hear everyone else moving around which toilets they used when, which water pipes they used when, and so-forth.

I liked it. Going outside means going outside no matter what, but it didn't mean I have to interact with anybody. Weirdest thing to get used to was those little basement windows psycholically felt like upper windows in adjacent buildings could see me but not vise-versa, but actually the sight lines were minimal and blinds or lace or whatever can keep it all out.

That basement apartment was pretty based. It came with a back yard raised bed garden, which sometimes took some gumption to get out and keep up, but having it kept up to any degree is good cover for being a recluse, and nobody looks down on a guy out doing yardwork.


>someone knocks on my door
>it's my ~25yo female next door neighbour
holy fuuuuck she came to complain about all the noise I make, apparently her bedroom is on the other side of the wall where I have my PC and desk setup so my typing, laughing, and autistic foot tapping keeps waking her up at 3am which are my shitposting hours.

That was a few months ago, since then I've had other people knock on my door but I've never answered it again, I even disconnected my doorbell. I have to be very careful now to make sure there's nobody around when I'm taking out the trash once a week.


this won't end well, try being a decent neighbour


I lived in a single room apartment for a short time and I fucking hated it. You hear neighbors and people fucking around nonstop. I had to live the two years I was trapped there with headphones on. I waited until 4 o'clock in the morning just to take the trash to the dumpster to avoid anyone. Drug deals and parties were going on all the time. The people who lived above me had a retarded kid who they allowed to play basketball in the house then the next people who moved in had HUGE fucking dogs that ran around all day. I wanted to fucking kill myself. Don't get me started about hearing the people fuck next door while I was trying to sleep.


it is much better than living in a suburb. Much more private. I dont talk to any of my neighbours and they never try to. I am in a fairly new buiding with decent sound isolation so i don't hear much at all.

Neighbours are much more personal and nosy when you live in a house.


Fuck that cunt, I never complain when she has friends over on the weekends or brings home a guy


My apartment is very well insulated so I normally don't have sound-related issues.

But I live across my floor's elevator entrance so I did have some occasions where people would shout while they're there waiting for the elevator to come up after coming back from a party or something. I also had a handful of experiences with people throwing parties that were so loud that I could hear them but because I had no idea where the sound was coming from, I couldn't ask them to stop and had to bear with it. The worst one kept me up until 4 AM.

So far, it still beats living with my parents though. As they were often just as noisy and inconsiderate.


when I moved out of the apt I lived in for 6 months I did it all in a few spurts at like 2am. Granted I was transporting it to parents house 10 minutes away, and the biggest thing was like a foam mattress topper and a futon. Hell I would never get normal furniture in one of those places just bc of what you describe plus the feeling of being anchored there it would give.

Not talking to neighbors ever and maintaining absolute straight-eyed contact avoidance with them works wonders for me. If you never open the window of conversation, I find people will not really bother you and take the message.


If you have any spergout the neighbors will hear it but it's


finish your phrase


"It's it's" = It Is What It Is
Ancient janny mantra


They might be (if into such extremes they go) doomed to presume about having sex due better mere braggarts who cannot be happy unless envied or admired since that what they are pathologically wired to do.

Is this fine? I mean, you do not go after them, you are just at home…



I had a couple spergouts that the neighbors could hear and I only know so because I can hear them as well when they get loud. You will hear your neighbors but you will get used to it unless they are extremely noisy. If you are awake at night you won't be able to do noisy stuff like listening to music or using a vacuum and you gotta watch your volume level overall. I also became self aware about open windows since your neighbors will hear what you're saying if the windows are open. I heard a couple having a serious argument once and I was able to understand every word because the windows were open. If you are more neurotic about getting heard then you will be more aware of certain things.

If you wanna live alone then it's a good option but it also depends on the area and the people living there as well.


I live in a apartment surrounded by a few single boomers one drinks hard liquor decent guy. The other guy is Asian I believe he has a family that visits him rarely. But majority of normies with families.

The first few weeks are weird adjustment period and all if you have autism it may take longer to adjust just as long as you get enough sunlight, go out daily, exercise, fulfilling relationships and copes you can be ok.

But that is easier said than done I struggle at times.

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