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The old thread died and I'd like to discuss driving and cars more.

Do you have a license?
Do you enjoy driving?
What car do you drive?
And cool driving or car stories?

I don't like driving much, but I'm forced to do it. I have a tiny Fiat. It's orange, and I named it Asuka like in NGE ha ha. I've never really understood why people speak about driving being "fun". It's a stressful activity for me that I complete as a means to an ends. I don't find driving for its own sake fun, and I don't take joy rides.

People on the road are extremely hostile so if you have anxiety when dealing with people face-to-face, the same problems will follow you onto the road.


>Do you have a license?
I did but I gave it away to a restaurant employee a few hours ago because I couldn't afford to pay for my meal because my card kept getting declined because my checking account only had $1.60.
>Do you enjoy driving?
>What car do you drive?
I used to own a 2011 Toyota Camry until it got repo'd in 2012. Since then; I've just driven various different rented vehicles every once in awhile and family members' vehicles.
>And cool driving or car stories?
Pretty much stuff that only I would think is cool. Like driving up through the Angeles National Forest or San Gabriel or San Bernardino mountains to play with snow during the winter for the first time in my life by myself. Or driving through the misty cliffs of Rancho Palos Verdes underneath the pale twilight of a setting Moon and rising Sun.


is this a "keep my license until I can pay you back" kind of deal?


what are the best countries to live in that don't require daily reliance on cars? we never had to worry about driving these things in the past. also, is there any way to efficiently live in a modern first-world nation (outside of some asian countries) that does not entail the use of these machines?


>what are the best countries to live in that don't require daily reliance on cars?
Try Nauru


File: 1689294444722.jpg (179.56 KB, 1500x846, 250:141, 33970055_2601133_cd4414bdf….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Do you have a license?
Yes, I got it 3 years ago. I live in Eastern Europe where getting a licence is extremely hard and costly. It pushed me to my absolute limit: as a shut-in NEET I had to step out from my comfy zone an work in a factory/warehouse to be able to afford licence and the car. It was shocking and almost failed but I put so much money and work in it that I kept trying and eventually succeeded

>Do you enjoy driving?

It's one of the few remaining activities in life that I can enjoy.
Unfortunately I'm broke financially so I have to ration gas and plan every trip to safe money, can't drives as much as I would like to.

>What car do you drive?

Chevrolet Epica. it's a very basic sedan, but its comfortable.

Sometimes I drive the cars of family members.


Yeah not sure how common that is but at least two or three restaurants (Dave and Buster's and Denny's) so far have had me leaving my Driver's License with them when I could not pay for my meals. I assumed that this was the case at the last restaurant I went to (some random Korean restaurant) but I probably assumed incorrectly.


Why do you allow this to happen to you repeatedly? Surely you understand that you don't have enough money for the meal so why go? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just genuinely baffled that this could be a recurring problem in someone's life.

Are you doing it on purpose, are you unable to check your bank balance before purchasing, what's going on?


washing dishes for a hour is a pretty good trade for a meal with inflation


Yes I lack a cell phone with which in the past would make it much easier to check my balance before eating at a restaurant.

I am also hallucinating 24/7 which makes it several times more difficult for me to recall and focus on things.


>Do you have a license?
Yes, car and motorcycle.
>Do you enjoy driving?
Car no, motorcycle immensely.
>What car do you drive?
Car is usually Škoda Fabia, motorcycle Honda Africa Twin.
I do have an itch to get a sports car or a sport bike, but I've got better things to spend my money on.
>And cool driving or car stories?
Nothing special. I did end up racing for a bit some randoms while on joy rides. I mostly pick a spot on the map and go there. I've seen almost everything that's within daytrip range.


i don't like doing anything xcept being in my safe place relaxing. so working, driving, going out all causes me anxiety since bad things can happen. thats my answer. I still drive but only if i have too.


File: 1689348860302.jpg (29.32 KB, 444x440, 111:110, 1689348463028693.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>fiat 500 without dozens of fluffy accessories or leopard print steering wheel cover


>Do you have a license?
No but i wish i had but i can't since getting it where i live is just impossible.


I dont mind working but I hate driving and shopping. My dream is to live in some rural area where there is no traffic, or where everything is in walking distance.


very drunk sorry


How do wizzies even afford a car? I thought you all were on NEETbux.


Every car I’ve ever had has been a hand-me-down from family.


Reminder that driving is for normalfags.


Older brother of mine is a richfag who pays for just about everything I own.


Reminder that you’re retarded


I've experienced driving being fun in scenic places, like forests and large rolling hills. Not offroad, just roads that wind through miles of forests.
I sitll find it exceedingly stressful though, and it overwhelms me some days, and when I'm depressed I make mistakes and experience hostility. Other people are so freely abusive in cars for simple mistakes, yet I don't rage at others who make mistakes that frustrate me. I often make mistakes and end up going around in circles, but I've learned to live with it. I get confused by signage etc.
I take my mother for drives to see the Christmas lights each december, driving through villages to see their displays and hunting for houses who have done big shows.


I first got my Driver's License when I was 22 and 12 years later I honestly regret it. What a bullshit fucking useless hassle it is to learn how to drive, get in one or two car accidents, and get your car repo'd and pretty much never drive again. A few nice morning drives through the Pacific Coast Highway don't make up for all the other bullshit that comes with driving. Basically all I have now from the whole "driving experience" is a second photo ID when I already had another ID since high school many years before I learned to drive. I pretty much got peer pressured into learning how to drive by my family members just to have me go through a bunch of needless bullshit and finally end up as a 34-year-old friendless, carless, virgin loser.


Try livng in my country where NEETbux are for disabled people so you have no option but wageslaving for peanuts and inflation is poking everyone more each day. The puppet governors suck a lot of money from our shitboxes each year.


I have stickers all over my Fiat dash ha ha




I have a massive phobia of driving so I can't drive at all. it's pretty much the #1 thing holding me back in life.

I would rather sky dive or go cave diving than drive.


File: 1691298328681.jpg (47.86 KB, 474x313, 474:313, OIP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate driving so much it's unreal


well i hate foreign invaders so much it's unreal



It doesnt even matter if you cant drive in some places of europe. It wouldnt hold you back if you could move. But youre probably stuck in some usa shithole where not driving is like a death sentence


Do any wizards hang stuff from your rear view mirror? I'm thinking of getting a dreamcatcher.


File: 1692712563262.png (478.96 KB, 765x722, 765:722, Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 0….png) ImgOps iqdb

You should chose something that reflects your personality and represents how you want to be perceived by people walking through parking lots in particular. Dream catches are the go to for personality-free fat succubi with ankle tattoos. Better yet, chose something that reflects MY personality. Consider a gondola keychain, so he may bless your travels with safe steps and fulfilling rest stops.


shouldnt be driving while sleeping


How is it even legal to keep your driving license? What if you didn't had any? lol what would they have done?


>>210570 I think it's a common practice in case the owner wants to press charges against you for fraud. I will agree that the system is cruel to the ones who can't or don't want to conform with the game rules.


The rules of paying for your meals?


What color is your car? Do you care much about your car's color?


pink fiat multipla


I dunno' about elsewhere but California offers at least two different types of photo ID: the regular ID and the DL. They both look almost exactly the same. I'm assuming that some restaurants would just ask for the regular ID if you don't have a DL. Others would probably have you wash the dishes or something. Maybe if they don't like your mannerisms they might call the cops on you. If for whatever reason my card gets declined; I just go, "I don't have any cash on me. What do I do?" and they tell me to leave some photo ID with them and to come back for it when I can pay for my meal.


Yeah I'm 31 now, got a license at 18.
For the most part I like driving. I really like smoking a joint while driving on highways at 2 am when nobody else is on the road. I hate driving during normal business hours especially in my tourist city because people here drive like ass.
I drive a Honda Pilot. I want a smaller car though.
One time I was driving a car that didn't belong to me during a massive ice storm that hit my city. Driving on the highway I was fine, no issue. I take an exit, and this exit is curved with a stop light at the end of it. The light is red and I stupidly hit the brake, and suddenly I lose control of the car due to ice. The car begins to spin counter clockwise as I approach the stop light, I immediately relinquish control of the vehicle, "let Jesus take the wheel" so to speak. The car does a complete 360 degree spin, and comes to a complete full stop right at the stop line, perfectly lined up with the white line on the road, as if nothing had happened. Almost immediately after the car stopped spinning, I grab the wheel, thankful to be alive and not had hit anything, and the light turns green and I go on my way.

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