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Why do depressed people think that things like exercise, studying, finding a hobby, going for a walk, among others, are not good treatments for their problem?
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It is a naive view, but naive views do always start with a grain of truth. In my experience the self growth horseshoe goes from naiveté -> cynicism -> realistic expectations and growth.

The truth is that you can change, but change is hard and you cannot change yourself into who you think you should be. The best you can do is better listen to who you are and them make steps towards accomplishing your goals. Who you are changes based on what you do in daily life, and what you do in daily life is based on the tiny little actions you make every day. If you want real change then start taking those tiny little actions every day.

Depression is a disease of a mind so the change that needs to occur is in the mind. The first action a depressed person can take is to challenge those negative thoughts and question where they came from. Your brain won't change overnight, but if you are consistent with this your thought process will start to change, and you'll find it easier to make physical changes in your life.


I was depressed (diagnosed multiple times) for like 15 years of my life. About 3-4 of those years was the deep depression where I was a piece of shit who didn't want to do anything but lay on the floor all day and think about how I was going to kill myself. I also recently got overcame my anxiety, but depression and anxiety are things that feed each other. Get rid of one and the other will naturally weaken.

Depression is a bitch, but it is a sickness. The sickness will tell you that there is no way out, but it is a lie. Like those math proofs that "prove" silly things like 1 = 2 because it takes a false assumption as the truth. Like they will hide the assumption 0/0 = 1 as something like (2-2)/(2-2). Depression is a slippery liar like that.


I think there is a good amount of truth to this. Normalfags need time spent with friends enjoying life in order to tolerate the toils of wage slavery, but if you don't have friends and a life you enjoy outside of work, then slavery becomes endless toil with no upside. At the same time though, if you don't have any friends, how are you supposed to make some as an adult when you don't even have a job or source of income? How will they respect you, how will you pay for things you want to do together? You need a job, but the catch 22 is that if you get one it will drain you so much that you don't have time or energy to work on advancing your social life.


Life is very easy when you’re not depressed, I say this from first hand experience. Don’t ever listen to these people claiming life is hard.


>Change, listen, goals, real change, challenge negative thoughts
You're a dumb, clueless, shiteater who read one self-help book.
Depression has nothing to do with your "thoughts".
It's an entirely material circumstance and can be fixed through acquiring material that you are lacking.


this. a job in the modern world can only fuel depression further. it is an excercise in pointlessness, done for the sole purpose of extending one's own misery a little longer.
Normales have a set of activities that they perform and they are content to do them and endure a job to keep performing these things that provide them with some amount of satisfaction, in any case, they have some aims or standards which keeps them going.
I can't speak for a person with depression, but I can imagine neither of these things normals love to do give a depress any comfort, and the standards and goals of normals are as empty and devoid of pleasure as those very things (they are of the same nature after all) that have failed to give a depress any joy whatsoever. What's more, often these things are framed in a narrative that assigns somebody's worth entirely on external factors that don't make sense for everybody, yet they are extolled as fundamental or objective values.


Salaried work is a way of underselling your workforce, being exploited, humiliated and denigrated by someone else. Most jobs are salaried for a reason, normal people don't want to take risks, they don't want to start a business, or do what they really like for that reason. In the best of cases, "entrepreneurs" end up buying and selling memecurrencies, or in the stock market, basically they end up in a casino.


You don't know what depression is. If you are sad over something you don't have and aren't depressed then you will put in the effort to acquire that thing. Depressed people feel acquiring the thing is a futile endeavor, they lack hope. Depression is defined by this sense of hopelessness. That is a thought.


It is what it is, there is no magic potion that will take you out of that state, nor will a guardian angel come down to guide you along the way, it just depends on your willpower.


Why not try it? You really have nothing to lose, you're already miserable anyway.


File: 1699719831247.png (3.38 KB, 318x388, 159:194, jaa.png) ImgOps iqdb

Try what?
Flailing around without any purpose? How is that supposed to get you what you want?

>Depressed people feel acquiring the thing is a futile endeavor, they lack hope.
And so it is fixed by acquiring what you want. Not wasting your time on dumb bullshit to distract yourself somehow.


You are putting the cart before the horse. If your thoughts prevent you from taking the steps to achieve your goals then you need to fix those thoughts. It isn’t as simple as forcing yourself to do stuff through willpower. That doesn’t work if you are depressed.


You're a retard, tourist.
Your environment influences your thoughts. Not the other way around.
Stop reading self-help goop and face the reality.



If you feel like your environment is that oppressive then change it.


Does someone put a gun to your head so you don't change your environment?


See how it didnt even understand the comment, it just followed the previous messages in the conversation. Wonder if it'll do it again and reply to this


14 * 55 + 55, respond with numbers in word format.


You are delusional my friend.


We are not the ones telling wizzies to delude themselves into thinking that their material situation is not the direct cause of their mental state.


Do you really think that being prostrate, having a fatalistic way of expressing yourself and seeing the world is a solution to your problems?


I really hate this faggot and musk so much


Do you really think that ignoring your actual immediate problem with a thin veil of short lived delusion you craft by doing something completely unrelated such as frolicking on the green fields like a nancy will somehow fix that very REAL problem?


Yes, you don't have to be a genius; getting out of the house a little and sunbathing in a nice place can be helpful.


You would have to be 70 IQ for that to "help".
Sunbathing doesn't put food in the fridge.


Have you ever been evaluated for add/adhd?



>society where succubi are only displayed as a piece of meat.
nice feminist rhetoric you faggot


hes pointing out the origins of why guys use virgin as an insult, and you just reply on reflex knowing you're on team male


it all adds up, going outside for walks, disconnecting a bit from the online world, meditating, exercise, trying to have a better diet, having a creative hobby. You need to keep it up, that's if you want to be better. If you want to remain miserable, then you already know what you have to do.


because youre clueless if you think a literal male based slur (nobody rags succubi for being virgins, its actually a good thing) is actually rooted in soggy knees and dislike of succubi.
guys love succubi, which is why they base their entire self esteem and ego on their validation, and why calling other guys virgins is a way to demean and belittle them, because they know other guys share that same desire for intimacy from succubi and get upset when they dont have it, thats it, this is not rooted in viewing succubi as objects, fuckholes, or sexual conquests, unless of course, youre a feminist retard who should fuck off.


Me: I have made creative idea about:
time travel and someone I like fighting someone I dislike and winning.
"Life" 1 year later:


they did it in Clueless


Can you explain how getting out of your bed while facing east and avoiding black cats would cause your wallet to be filled with plenty of cash? How can you say such retarded shit and not see yourself as a superstition believing peon?


Because they're not. Until the root cause is eliminated, all of the performative acts don't change anything or resolve the situation. People usually are depressed because their life really is that miserable, and the causes are external to them. They live in a society designed to mock them and humiliate them, and are then told this is completely normal and if you disagree you're a sinner and anti-social. If anyone still has a will to participate in this, they're suckers and the society is designed to punish them, unless they conform to expectations that serve management, or they're "natural managers" - that is, their thoughts are uniform and comply with this nightmare, and they project the terror onto the out-group. Fascism always does this and insists it is the only possible way we could live.

When we look at our internal emotional state and fickle personal problems, we can see that they really aren't that much. But, the way this nightmare works, we are made to internalize the judgements of institutions that are designed to enslave us. Without that, this setup would fall apart and they would have nothing but a lot of violence against a 90% noncompliant humanity. The people who are naturally inclined to enthusiastically support the torture or are naturally submissive and too cowardly to resist is a minority of the population, and because what we've been enslaved to is far more monstrous than any past slavery, those who would have been natural slaves or natural thugs are broken from their habit out of necessity, because the world keeps insisting that we have to do good in spite of ourselves.

I'm not saying finding something to do in private life is a bad thing, but it won't solve what is an existential problem outside of us, and very often it does nothing except exhaust people so they're less likely to resist the latest humiliation.

Honestly though, so many of our conditions are environmental and would be solved. For example, heart disease could be trivially treated - if only it weren't kept under lock and key, and independent practice weren't punished. Many brain diseases could be managed if we didn't live in the dark ages, and the institutions always lie if they want you to die as soon as possible. They refuse to treat a known heart condition that I've tried to explain to them, but because I'm invalid, I'd have to go through exhaustive "proof" that I am sick, and if I manage that, the standing ruling is that my quality of life is automatically zero, and that I'm not considered a person. That's when the Satanic voice comes out and we know what the human race always was. Even if I found a way to treat the condition, they're going to make sure my life is a failure. I've only been able to hold on to some small life while I can, and it's always been a holding action until they can kill us all. That is what they've been doing since the 1980s, and they all knew. Satanic race. Failed race. I'll never stop calling them that. The only hope is whatever life we can take back from them, and knowing that this stupidity will turn on itself and kill most of them. They'll never learn though, and they believe they'll make the world and everything in it as Satanic as them.

The good news is that thinking the way I do is a great motivator. You won't be cured - fighting this beast will exhaust you, because the shouting of "die, die, die!" is everywhere now. But, I don't want to be an enabler. If you all can find a way without being like me, that's great, but I'm not going to pretend that the assholes who did this to us didn't do anything. Letting them do any of it was the first mistake, and pretending they don't exist is just some Satanic garbage. I have no reason to pretend they're anything but Satanics, and when they die, I smile inside. If they want the thrill of torture and rejection, I shall not weep for those who enable it, and they really should have thought about the consequences of what they created. They don't really think though - they are aware of the consequences but it doesn't occur to them that the world could be anything else, and it never will. They're Satanics - why would they? Natural slave race, and their own pseudo-religion tells them that they're going to be masters or gods. It's insane, really.

(And no, I'm not referring to "hooknoses" or playing that game. Satanics are just Satanics. They find each other without regard to nation or their condition, because it's hard to miss and these people have a lot of reasons to collude with each other, and monopolize anything they can. So far as there is a consistent definition, they're the end result of economic life and command and control, and a lot of this stuff is worked out in cybernetics. They have less reason to pretend now.)

That all said, if you want to do something to make yourself better, first you have to resolve never to give "society" anything - which is to say, society in the abstract, or the society that is set up to be alien to you. If you are visibly "out", this is death in the ruling ideas, but you will be happier "out" than "in". The big club isn't all it's cracked up to be. The difficulty for us is that we're not allowed any society, whereas in the past we managed to find each other and build a few small things that were interesting. Me, I like sharing ideas that are harmless and not really worth anything political. I'd like to believe they could be made into something, but the society we live in disagrees with that approach. I was shamed for showing a small kindness to someone without expectation of compensation, and it was funny to me because neither me nor the guy I was kind to thought this was a "sacrifice" at all. Both of us would have recognized that small kindnesses and favors make life easier for both of us, cost us nothing, have mutually beneficial rewards if we wanted to game theory it. But, a Satanic - here it was some jumped-up nigger who thought he made it and talked slick - starts lecturing me like I'm a child, as if he was nothing more than scum who was given a position to kick down to get ahead. Now, I don't call black people niggers, most are decent enough and get this, and the guy I did the small decency for was a black guy, and this is something I did often and was recognized for. People who "made it" simply do not want any decency in the lower orders of the world, because that small decency - not done because we are concerned with moral goodness of ourselves but because it makes life easier for no great expense - would be the only thing that works against them. The people who specialize in this can only operate on the basis of making the world as miserable as possible, and insist we have to resemble them, or conform to a bastardization of it that makes a mockery of such decencies. I don't do these things out of a sense that this makes society or the state better, or even because of a sense of goodness or expedience. I do them because I thought most people, even people who don't like me and wished me dead, have some standard that they uphold because there is enough abomination in the world, and we already know how Sodom and Gomorrah went. We can look into history for many such examples, and nearly all of the problems we face now would be resolved very trivially if we were simply allowed to solve them among each other, or the rulers showed any interest in a productive or worthwhile society. They very much do not want that, and refuse to allow us to better ourselves. This is what happened when I was growing up - when I was talking to other kids and it seemed like I had some appreciation, "those people" came along to break it up, looking to the teacher for approval. They couldn't stand that I refused to conform to the role of "retard" as they wanted and insisted I could have a life and do things. Satanic race. Failed race. They wanted it, and they got it. They can't even account for themselves, and they never will. They got theirs and plundered as much of the country as they could, and they want to move to every other country they can loot.


It depends on the type and causes of the depression.
If you are depressed because you are too self-aware, then nothing is going to help.

In all the other cases, yes, exercise and other things can help, but even just waiting for it to pass is enough.


File: 1703212889962.jpg (133.97 KB, 736x1040, 46:65, 90b5ee030eeaf67f4ce14384bd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Because it's not going to change my genetics, rearrange my bone structure or rewire my brain. It's just delusional, doing stuff like that is for people who actually have the innate potential to go up in the world, in other words normal people. It's sad, it's like a downie training as if it will improve its chances of getting into mensa.


Mindfulness will help rumination caused by self reflection


The only thing that motivates me is anger and vengeance. To workout to earn money. Once that is gone i have nothing and i dont know what to do


>Because they're not.
my thoughts exactly
>Until the root cause is eliminated, all of the performative acts don't change anything or resolve the situation
completely true

sorry don't have time to go through the whole post.


rare and surprisingly good post, i appreciate it


I don't believe depression to be real. Unironically doing things that you love and that you mention should be enough to help you go through whatever stupid sadness you have.


because they already tried them.


if that's your problem. if your problem is abulia, than no luck.

obvious bait is obvious


entire thread is bait. not earnest. never deserved a proper reply. depressed people dont think. they are depressed. they cant do those things that are treatments. if they can, those people arent depressed, they're feeling sad.

glad to be of some help in solving this brain buster.


>The pot calling the kettle black
Changing thoughts and behaviour is window dressing anyway.


Some people would rather live miserable lives despite having everything handed to them. Look at rich kids some of them destroy their lives with drugs and other addictions and then say to be depressed.


I think what you say makes a lot of sense, but it doesn't just apply to rich people. Look at the people of the first world, they have parents who can support them without working, social aid of all kinds, free universities, and a lot of security both in work and in crime, but they never get ahead since the security state generated destroys them for not having to strive to achieve nothing.


>"Virgin" is a form of insult in this hedonistic society where succubi are only displayed as a piece of meat.

*where everything bows down to womens female impulses.



Only nihilism makes sense, so I understand why they do that


>Only nihilism makes sense
sounds like a maladaptive coping mechanism and behaviour which is unhealthy.

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