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File: 1703633292806.png (191.02 KB, 409x273, 409:273, barking-1.png) ImgOps iqdb


Any other wizards kind of hate these creatures? Normies seem to love them more than anything, and they don't even seem to mind the loud, incessant barking these fucking creatures make 24/7.


cursed artificial creatures neutered by humanity to satisfy their cutelust.

my family owned dogs and they destroyed the house. Instead of getting rid of the dogs they just blamed eachother and argued over it all because they want to keep their dogs.


Only subhumans hate dogs, never met someone nice that hated dogs.


Dogs are the best. I love it when they get hair, shit, piss and vomit all over the house.


Yeah, they're loud, smell terrible and destroy things around the house. Also they require constant stimulation and daily exercise. Basically the pet of choice for a normalnigger.


I like them :)


It's probably fine since a lot of people have dogs and don't get sick but I just hate the idea of a dog going outside and roll around in the dirt only to come inside and jump all over your furniture.

But to me pets are one of these signs that I am indeed depressed and not just lazy. No one forces you to have pets yet people do it despite all the extra effort it requires. I can barely take care of myself so needing to take care of another animal on top is too much.


I love doggies


dogs are the filthiest nastiest vilest creatures on the planet .
i hate dogs with an absolute hatred, dogs have hated me since i was born…
i am totally a cat person, they leave dogs face down in the dirt every day…
if every dam'd non-puposeful dog in the world died it would be no loss…
my next door neighbor had chittywawas, they were so insane they bit the **** out of her shes missing a finger and the web btween thumb / finger on right hand …
everyone with a brain hates the dam'd dirty filthy things…
Oddly there is one dog in the 'hood' that absolutely loves me , no one can figure it out except that he is so retarded he loves everybody (esp my cat, wtf ?) my cat barely tolerates him…
dogs have their place , in soups, stews, and burrittos…


"youre supposed to train them so that they dont act like dogs anymore. you only hate untrained real dogs!"
ppl scream at them and swing toys and food around or hit them to train them to stop acting like dogs. because in reality, even dog worshipers hate dogs. if they loved dogs, they would allow them to eat shit, shit on the floor, eat their own shit afterwards, bite people, bark at nothing for 10 hours with no breaks, dig holes, eat furniture, shit the furniture out on other furniture and then eat it etc etc. Thats what dogs are, but people who supposedly love dogs hate that so they try really really hard to make them stop behaving like dogs.

Or so they say. I've never met anybody who trained a dog. They just let them eat shit until their stomach ruptures from mass amounts of shit eating, and then they complain about it and/or take pics and laugh and show their coworkers pics of their dog eating shit because its so cute and funny.


dogs can smell feces from 65 miles away and lead the proud and vigilant hunter to the shit so that he can watch his noble hunting dog eat that shit, and then give him a pat on the head.


File: 1703654694944.png (360.95 KB, 1080x869, 1080:869, ncvs86bg4wnb1.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Owned exclusively by sociopaths, meth smokers and single mother white trash (The Venn diagram overlap is close to a complete circle)
>Owners all insist it's friendly even as it's chomping at the bit to maul your face off
>At least one strolls every trashy neighborhood once a month or so, the one I grew up around killed a cat every second time
>If you're walking home and encounter Pibble on his romp around, you have to circle a block to avoid him
>Literally dragged a cyclist off his bike and ripped out his kneecap a few months ago here

Kill pitbulls, behead pitbulls, roundhouse kick a pitbull into the concrete, defecate in a pitties food, crucify filthy pibbles.


File: 1703656983933.png (144.23 KB, 458x908, 229:454, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


pitbulls are a mix of terriers and bulldogs. everyone thinks that nasty aggressive killer personality is cute in lil snippy terriers. but then you mix it with gigantic muscle bulldogs. and you get the pitbull. its what the terrier wishes it could do if it had the strength and size to do it.


Got me seething to be honest, I hate these fighting dogs so much it is unreal. Such fucking vile nasty creatures. People who own them for the sake of owning them should be killed indiscriminately.


only opened this thread to see your post, dogbro. youve really worn off on me,J


I hate them. They are all incredibly loud.


dogs will even go flying with you


I don't hate dogs, but I think it is easier for cat fans to justify having a cat as a pet.


I hate murderous angry dogs like pitbulls


I wouldn't say that I hate them per se, but pets of any kind are are something of a self-indulgence by people willing to expend their resources to maintain a creature that they're able to touch or have power over when they aren't allowed to indulge such inclinations on humans. I prefer other uses of my time and money than to support a creature for such purposes, especially one that might damage my home or belongings.


I have spent the last 400 days of my adult life waking up, taking four paces outside of my room to find a carpet covered in fecal matter. This alone has made me want to eradicate all canines from the planet. Terrible things, really.


Dogs are an afront to nature. I try to tolerate them.


I have a dog myself and hes a properly raised boy who doesnt bark but I understand why people dislike them. Other dogs are very often aggressive as fuck and try to get at my dog because hes peaceful and it pisses me off. I also dislike most dog owners especially the ones who make their dog their whole personality and females who get huge dogs they cant control.

I also think that pitbulls should get banned globally, they keep killing and mutilating people and other animals and pretty much all pitbull owners I got to know were retarded assholes as well.


I don't hate dogs, but I don't want them as pets. Bunnies are the ultimate wizard pet.


The last dog I had the awful displeasure of living with uncompromisingly loathed my existence. That mutt would bark, grunt, and whine every time I moved or spoke aloud; and when I walked downstairs to fetch a morsel he'd chew my carbon-reinforced shoes until the soreness of his maw outweighed the neurotic impulse to maul me. I cajoled my mother to rid us of the little beast and life has been happy again ever since. Good riddance.


Yeah, To be honest i don't find Dogs that much likeable atleast for me, I think Cats are better


There are thousands of reasons to hate them, but the fact alone that they bark is enough to justify euthanizing them all, and I'm not even joking.


And if you want a pet, cats do exist.


95% of dogs these days are poorly behaved, worthless, mutant shits. The 5% that are well-trained, well-bred, and properly cared for I still don't want to be around because they die too young. I see them and am sad because I know their death is just around the corner. Why do people purposefully get these creatures, attach to them, just to be bereaved in a decade? If they serve a functional purpose beyond companionship, I understand.


Yes fuck dogs, they're gross as fuck and their normie owners gladly clean up their shit and smile bout it, dog owners are retards, truist me.


Dogs are cute, generally sweet tempered if they get walked and exercised (training is also sometimes good I guess but mostly they just need activities), are better smelling than the majority of the American workforce, and are far more often hated by succubi than by anyone else despite 4chan schizoposts about pitbull sex. There are several problems with dogs and dog owners which make dogs inappropriate for wizard familiarship though. First, dogs die too young. Second, dogs are too expensive to own in terms of total cost of ownership incl. dog-appropriate housing for a single adult male. Third, dog temperments are highly individual and if the dog is intended for a purpose, any purpose (companionship, guarding, walking etc) there is no guarantee that they can be trained to enjoy that purpose. Fourth, a very good dog will attempt to raise alarm or even intervene when you are uncomfortable, socially defensive or fearful and as a wizard this will be frequent.


>are better smelling than the majority of the American workforce
Not true.


File: 1705705252104.jpeg (157.06 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, IMG_0935.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Depends on the breed. Samoyeds are awesome


Dogs are the only real creatures that have acknowledged my feelings. Dogs are worth the effort.


they look cute, but those are some of the most randomly aggressive barkers that start shit for no reason


next door neighbor has one of those, it barks a lot at me every time it sees me.

other neighbor has hound dogs that also bark at me whenever they see me.

the huge white fluffy dog's bark isn't as loud, it's more like a deep grumble. the hound dogs are fucking annoying WOOOOO WOO WOO WOOOOOOO and they don't stop. everything sets them off

so yeah as far as annoying dogs go they aren't bad



ive had to deliver packages ro countless houses. almost every single one that owned dogs was terrible or filled with dog stench of shit and piss or wet hair absolutely everywhere.

this is my own schizo theory but i think people own dogs to cope with the fact they want to have children without actually having any of the responsibilities of having a child and the loneliness that comes with it. if the dog dies then so what, who cares. its a dog and every dog is pretty much the same shit. it fills that hole in people's hearts albeit imperfectly because its a worthless soulless animal and not an actual human being.

i understand the case for working dogs like sled dogs and farm dogs but lets be fucking real, almost no one has a dog that serves a real purpose other than what i said. i think even k9 and "therapy dogs" are superfluous too in this regard.

so many dog owners take on the characteristics of their mutt and thats just really sad. so trashy and idiotic and proud of it too ugh..


my neighbor has a kid with brain cancer and theyve been away for a while trying all kinds of wacky treatments but kid is basically a walking corpse. anyways their house is ruined by their dog, shit and piss everywhere, everything eaten and torn apart. they did not hire any sort of dog sitter or anything. i am tempted to call animal control but i have not personally witnessed or had to deal with it so im not gonna


i hate to sound defeatist but some people are just doomed to rot, though it is a self imposed kind of doom. if you were to somehow get that mutt out of that house they would just get another one and be back where they were before. its their ouroboros


Dogs are great if they are fulfilling their actual purpose they were bred for. That is, things like hunting rats or retrieving game or herding sheep. Virtually no dogs were bred to lounge around in someone's house all day looking cute for facebook photos. The closest are lap dogs that were bred exclusively for royalty to have a useless dog as a status symbol. As such ordinary people probably started turning dogs into pets to appear high class, the same reason people started to maintain English lawns or adopt the posh English accent.

As a result most dogs are essentially the animal equivalent of mentally ill NEETs who become dysfunctional if not outright destructive from being endlessly tortured by boredom. I sincerely pity them, even if they can be fucking annoying.


No. I'm very fond of dogs. They're the only creature that I'm capable of bonding with.


Dogs can't be neets even if they lay around all day though


I find most cat men are effeminate weirdos. I'm not macho by any means but cat guys seem to go out of their way to be cringe


>I'm not macho by any means


Go on. I'm listening!


as i posted elsewhere i hate dogs with an absolute hatred, if it were my choice it would take a 4 year degree in animel psych just to apply to own one…
i have never met a dog lover that wasn't mentally ill and desperate for affection/companionship…
its weird i get along wonderfully with wolves and coyote's but civilized dogs absolutely hate me and try to attack me every day…
i have sat right next to some of the most vicious creatures on the planet, we get along just fine…
but dogs are insane…
i had a ranger in one of the parks just about faint when a full grown bison bull walked up to me and licked my ear (40 some years ago) i just rubbed back against him and we were instant friends…
but dogs for some dammed reason HATE me…
go figure…


Ironically the kind of dogs that bark a lot are usually bothered by sound, they hear better than us.

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