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I'm a 18 year old KHV. Not having any social interaction and not being able to enjoy youth is weighing on me a lot. I'm past the stage of dreaming with finding a girlfriend and more into a state of apathy. I can't interact with other people, I'm socially anxious and etc etc.

I'm working on myself and (sucessfully) trying to lose weight. But still, it's pretty dark inside my room. The light coming from my window, showing people my age, dudes and gals having fun hurts my eyes.
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Congratulations, OP. In my perspective your efforts are being paid out. Keep like that even if things get hard at some point


Try to be hygienic and wear good clothes, look people in the eyes, smile, greet in a friendly manner, be respectful, and above all learn to listen to what others have to say.

In most cases it works, and some people will like you, but you should give more importance to your studies or ways to make money before social stupidity. Go and learn a trade, go and do a sport, go and do a small online sales business. Worry about your future


Thanks, anon. I really struggle with being friendly to people, wearing good clothes and being hygenical, but I'm trying to improve. Listening to people is actually a great advice my handball coach has given me.

I don't think socializing is entirely stupidity, but I do agree that one should balance socializing and other important stuff such as studying. Just before coming to my PC, I was studying math (although at an inferior level than the one I should currently be at - my goal is to know at least some calculus by the time I begin my course at uni).


That is boomer tier advice.
"you should be studying and making money"
Let the youngling live his youth.


Everything has to do with everything Op. If, for example, you start a job, you will interact with people, and you will make friends. From what you learned you can have a small business.

You have to interact with people who want to get out, instead of staying in mediocrity.


I'm only 21 years old. But if it was just some small business I did I would really be lost in life.

Also looking back, I realize that in two or three years I could already know useful skills that will help me in my progress as a person, and of course monetarily. Besides, do you know how great it feels to be able to fix something on your own or to be able to make something from nothing? It is a wonderful experience even on small scales


are you doing something to lose weight? How obese are we talking about


I'm doing sports 3 times a week and eating heslthier. I started tracking my calories and learned a bit about weight loss.

I'm doing sports 3x a week. I lost 3,5kg in 3 months.


Fuck off with the exposure advice. It doesn't work. It's normie advice. Reddit is that way.


Right, as if doing something attentively doesn't lead to becoming better at doing that thing.

What's YOUR advice?


It does work. I've been through a cycle 2-3 times throughout my life where I spent years in isolation with paralyzing social anxiety, then gradually readapted and resocialized via exposure. After a while, you realize that social anxiety is a form of extreme egoism – "what does everyone else think about ME?" – then you let go and become immersed in the flow of interaction, no longer focusing on every word or response, or lying in bed overanalyzing things.


You should outright get banned for addmiting you're under 30 on this site. Why the fuck would an aspiring 18 year old normie even come here?


File: 1718215028157.jpg (192.12 KB, 850x958, 425:479, sample_bb59859ec025b376fa1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

first time I saw his thread, I was about to tell him to fuck off because he's still young and can still save himself and found a gf and have sex with her but I remembered some people are very ugly so age doesn't matter if hes 18 or 30 ugly is ugly, so I let his thread be


why do you make it sound as if having s*x somehow saves you? how the fuck is it supposed to work? am i just an example of the saying that autists lag behind in development 10 years or so? i'm not 30 so i suppose i will not start understanding how s*x saves people until then, right? what the fuck


I don't know, this is what I believe


you urgently need to feel the magic flowing. avert your mind from lustful thoughts, they are destroying your soul. let not the devil turn you into a crab, for all crabs are miserable and pathetic. save yourself. feel the magic flowing!

pic related: https://litter.catbox.moe/z8a0d4.png


File: 1718217323288.jpg (574.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1698977555749920.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

we will never on a succubus's death bed, indeed


imagine disparaging against virgins but not knowing how your looks interplay with the person that you grow up to be and the personality that you develop, of course you aren't in your 30s.

Good thing I am an involuntary celibate wizard and know the truth about human nature. It is liberating to be guided by the truth.


>Good thing I am an involuntary celibate wizard
lmao did you know that the words are mutually exclusive? did you read the title?
>Disregard females. Acquire magic.
wow where's your Magic? you bitch around about looks while i shun and never bring up the subject. you're likely too crab minded to perceive that nature of magic is far beyond the realm of looks and social statuses. you're a crab and that's it. that you're older than me is a good thing because by observing you i know what things i should not do to retain magic and avoid becoming crab


also why i reply at all is because you have a way of tagging my post but responding to some cosmic forces that inject messages in your head. you're so agitated about being a crab that you even fail to recognize i have not spoken a single word about what you bring up


I've seen enough Wizardchan users become late bloomers in their 20s that you should try your best to stay positive at mere 18 years old.

Speaking from experience, you don't want to actually hit 30 and realise you wasted your entire 20s in a vicious circle of self-pity and defeatism.


That's curious, because I thought such users would have their threads deleted and IP banned here in the chan. That's good for them. In my case I don't think I'll be an ○ncel forever but, you know, I feel alone and wished I had a GF and friends since I was 13. I think I'm slowly improving now, though. Hopefully I'll improve soon.


I don't give a shit if he looks the humpback and i don't give a shit if it's significantly harder to be a normie now because the internet has made everyone psychotic and self-conscious. 18 is an age where you should have enough youthful vigor to at least TRY to push past these issues. If he fucks up he can always come back later in life and learn to keep his failed normie-ness to himself. They weren't kidding when they said youth is wasted on the young.

You can start improving by leaving this place. It's better for board culture and it's better for you.

>LOL It's just the internet bro, it's not a big deal

Yes it is faggot. You are the company to keep. Constantly hanging out here is going to effect your outlook and how you interact with the world. If you're young and you don't want to be wiz then fuck off and unironically take all the normie advice about forcing yourself to socialize. No one here who is actually wiz age wants to hear or sympathizes with a mopey retard who's only one year out of high school and has their whole life ahead of them.

Again, how this thread is allowed to stay up dose not make sense to me.


You are not a wizard. You are an antisocial and miserable psychopath faggot with no care for others who are just like you.

You should leave this place.


Whats your advice for him then retard? Ignore your inclinations towards normiedom until your 30 and then spend the rest of your life regretting it?


t. 18 yrs old butthurt normie that can't handle being gatekept


You must be a male virgin and at least 18 years old to use this website. First rule of the wizclub.

You act more like an underage than OP. That says it all.


did i upset you that much? eww i must be a terrible person! now douse your butt and leave this place for good. smug normies like you who come to take a laugh at who they perceice to be loosers are way more disgusting than crabs. a crab at least has a background that has made him such and such, but you, you are just a genetic asshole. OP is a young idiot and doesn't know what he subjects himself too. he has no magic in him and is dooming himself to become a crab. fuck off


You are mentally ill and act like an underage. OP is fine and I hope he makes a lot of friends and has a better life than you. It's you who should fuck off. You are an antisocial normalfag who wants wizards to feel miserable like you.


>You are mentally ill
lmao if you're mentally healthy the fuck have you forgotten on this site? go on socializing, or back to kiwifarms, faggot. crab or volcel, a man will not remain virgin if doesn't have some psychological impediment, which is by definition (they're all made up by normies) is a mental illness.
>act like an underage
you of course aren't going to elaborate, talking out your ass is enough, right?
>OP is fine and I hope he makes a lot of friends
ok now get banned and do this outside wizchan. this site is not meant for people who are up to making a lot of friends.
>better life than you
yeah i also hope he has a beautiful normal life which grants him wisdom to fuck off this place. but no, every time you normies are fucked up by life you come here as it was your refuge. fuck no, it isn't. you have no more magic in you than crabs, but crabs at least don't technically break rules and my conflict with them is purely personal.
>It's you who should fuck off.
lmao since when are apprentices required to fuck off wizchan?
> You are an antisocial normalfag who wants wizards to feel miserable like you.
yeah you need to leave this place really bad. all i do is advocate happiness while i'm not in a depressive episode, doing what i can to provide other VIRGIN man with scraps of info i found on being happy without becoming normalfag.

but you keep trolling me, faggot, there is no limit to which you can push me, because since i want to be a good apprentice i must also have infinite resistance to your delusional opinions about wizchan. you just keep calling me underage and hope it makes your life any more meaningful(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Fuck off. You're worse than a doomer. You're trying to cope by telling yourself that you are better the way you are. But you're clearly miserable. I pity you.


lol you're not even a wizard like me and you will never be. OP is more wizardly and aspires to do good things with his life.


So we're just banning people who aren't braking rules and allowing reddit /adv/-tier threads to stay up now?


lol the vegan retard thinks that to be a wizard you have to be mentally ill or unwell
Not eating meat is taking its toll on you lmaoo


>waaah I'm 18 and I've never kissed a succubus
That's the norm for zoomers. Most kids your age get crabed unless they're chads. Back in the day I was probably the only one who didn't had a gf by 18. Now I see more and more good looking, normie zoomers complaining about being virgins at 25. succubi nowadays are completely delusional with their standards and it creates many crabs and wiz apprentices. But you need to stop feeling sorry about yourself. There are people on this site who are nearing 40 and never kissed or held hands with a succubus neither.


>This is the norm for zoomers
From my experience among my classmates, it is not. Out of 20 people, 7 succubi and 13 boys, I know that at least 13 of my classmates picked up succubi/boys or are currently dating. There are 2 couples in my classroom, by the way. Not all of males are chads; some of them are normal people. This means that most of them are less intelligent than me (although there three or four of them are really smart, probably more than me), but more physically attractive and are especially better, way better than me at socializing. I mean, I have no friends.

So in conclusion, I think that these are the two reasons I don't get succubi. Although part of it might really because of generational changes.. notice to the mods: I absolutely do not want succubi, as I'm an aspiring apprentice.


I don't think millennials or boomers understand current school or college realities.

Besides the occassional dating couples:

-There is a very small subset of tall jocks with attractive faces and jacked bodies who sleep with tens of succubi in the school
-The vast majority of guys sleep with nobody and cope with video games or some kind of hobbies with other males
-A small portion of the ugly guys desperately try to hit on succubi to poach even 1 succubus from the jocks but always fail and become miserable.

I wish I was born in the 80s or 90s instead of 2002. This world offers nothing for ugly guys like me except copes such as video games or wageslaving in solitude.


I can't relate to that. I'm in South America and things don't seem THIS extreme over here. Either I'm ignorant, the society in which I live and yours are different, or your view on the current dating scenary is skewed.


I can confirm this was happening even 12-15 years ago when I was around 16 and in school. Maybe not to such extreme extent, but the divide was definitely there. I'm from Europe btw.

Anyway, I'm not too bothered about it, it just shows that many if not most people have a nature not too different from that of an animal. Giving them the freedom to act it out makes it easier to spot these people and filter them out. I'd rather have that than to have them suppress themselves at first, only for me to later find out I've been spending time on a normalfag.


Btw OP, from what VN does your pic come from.


Aoi Mukou not op I think


YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story


It's like watching chimp tribes on Discovery channel. Even the same dynamics where a few males or just one genetically gifted male mates with almost all the females. The grunt males mate with nobody or maybe one of them sneaks in a fuck once a year witj an ugly female.

It's all so primitive, non-elaborate and brutish.


It's like watching chimp tribes on Discovery channel. Even the same dynamics where a few males or just one genetically gifted male mates with almost all the females. The grunt males mate with nobody or maybe one of them sneaks in a fuck once a year with an ugly female.

It's all so primitive, non-elaborate and brutish.

Though butt ugly human males can compensate with money after age 30-40 and get to mate even if the succubi find him genetically repulsive, because he gives them a big house, holidays and cash.


Physically and genetically fit males are selected for sex? And the ugly ones aren't? And we're like apes? Wow, it's as if you've cracked the Davinci Code of sex! Thanks for this bombshell of a redpill.

Nothing is more indicative of someone being a teenager or an illiterate than them making posts like yours.


sadly females are just subhuman nigger tier especially the old ones, there is no fixing that. This is why it's better to lower the age of consent and have men marry younger.


Why is this crab thread allowed?


This is everything but a crab thread. Some people, whether they are wizards or apprentices, just want to put their life together and have the prospect of good life, a family, a wife. And no regrets. Go back to /b/ if you want to rot away as bitter loser for the eternity.


Everybody deserves to be happy. A repressed loneliness is pretty bad. We must always try not to cause any pain to people surrounding us on propous. Even knowing that causing pain to others can also be involuntary, we should care about people who care about us and create a sense of harmony.


>have the prospect of good life, a family, a wife.
<Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
>Go back to /b/ if you want to rot away as bitter loser for the eternity.
<Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.

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