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Dear wizz
Im having a serious problem with my mind, this is happening usually but like 5 time in 2 weeks.

>The problem :

It started when i was in a late night cyber cafe, i was chilling as usual, smoking and use my computer. Then a voice in my mind launched a very loud mechanical voice like a train or a washing machine
> i said : wtf
>my mind :*started to remember a past memory that didn't even exist but it seems familiar to me
>my head start getting warmer and warmer and my vision gets blurry >i runed up a notes software ( it was NotePad+++) ig
>i wrote what i remembered and my mind telling me ( just the main ideas cuz i wasn't able to see)
>keywords : god - tech - flapjack - owl - craft - 20 - 6703
>suddenly an anon touched me and said
Did you need help i saw that you dropped you pc in the floor
>me : what flo..
*see what anon told me*
>me : im fine tysm
>anon : you need take a rest
>laying down to get the pc
>walk in the cafe lookin for the good anon that helped me
>is not there

From that day and this feeling comes to me also i had a depression, that happened again the last 2 days.
Any wizz can help or share an info about this illness i didn't find it on the internet, suggesting some things to feel good aftermath i will appreciate it too.
Thanks for reading, wizard.

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