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I've reached a part in my meditation where I'm found having conversations with beings but everything is such a blur that it's difficult to get details on them or what happened. On one of my shifts at work I took a small nap on my desk having a conversation with a being in my half baked dream, it was the most I've felt connected to anyone, by the way it was going it was as if I was somewhat more well spoken but after I woke up, there were parts of that could be remembered but it was gibberish non sense/remember it differently Or I forget it entirely. I get god doesn't discriminate but is it possible our build keeps us away from being connected. I'm not smart, and have bad memories.


god doesn't exist…yet


This is a big warning sign and I recommend you stop whatever you are taking that agonizes the 5ht2a receptor. Dreams are just in your head, I've been completely lucid in them and proven it over and over. They're not real


Do you wish to reach lucid dreaming to just to remember dreams? It's said that making efforts for the second ting is a step to the first


Take galantamine if you want to lucid dream


There is no "god" in the sense of an all-powerful oneness. Any such entity, even as a metaphor, would be inherently Satan, false, and a way to destroy the mind.

You might talk to a "god" of some sort, but such entities are not what any religion purports them to be. They don't exist as anything like us with a mind or will, and so they're not going to give you words to tell you what to think. Again, that sort of thing is Satanic. Such "gods" are stand-ins for human aristocracy.

I'm guessing you have invented entities to talk to in your meditations and time apart from the world because this substitutes for dialogue to understand the world, and refines your understanding in some way. I had to do this because I was locked out of any friendship for a long time. I could only have sporadic conversations with others, and I had to do something to practice how to talk/write since they were making me "autistic" and insisted I had to be ground down and destroyed. They don't want us to have anything. I was luckier than many, but not lucky enough to break free from the beast and become valid. No one survives that without being scarred forever.

You shouldn't see those "conversations" as something other than what they are. It's a way to integrate knowledge of a world that has been stripped away from us, where we know we need to communicate with other humans to survive but have been locked out. This is different from how earlier societies understood "god" to exist. For the most part, common people never had any reason to believe in "gods", and common people always rejected mass religion in their true thoughts. They were forced under threat of death to pray to the right god, and for most of history, fealty to the "gods" was an act of obedience to the state.

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