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I ma this type of schizo who does not give feedback when others are clearly waiting for it, nor I disp`lay my emotions openly so they confuse me with a robot. I love being this way since it's my curtain of privacy against nosy normies and their shitty dynamics, but I read this:

"Emotions are critical to becoming socially fluent because they carry an extra layer of meaning that is inextricably woven into the fabric of verbal and nonverbal communication. Attempts to remove emotion from daily interactions does not minimize its effects, but rather amplifies consequences because other people expect certain emotional responses. The absence of expected emotional responses tends to trigger uncertainty, and when people feel uncertain their emotions can run wild."

Am I walking on thin ice or are they just assholes? Tell me what you think, wizards


If you want to get along with normies learn to read what reaction the other person expects from you and fake it.
If you don't care about normies stay the way you are.

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