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Why do you want to be a wage slave instead of starting a business, finishing a degree, or learning a trade?


because i dont like uncertainly and i like routine


you are asking why I want to be a wage slave, not if I want to be a wage slave.


If you save enough and put that money into some shit like the stock market in safe stocks, you could possibly stop working in less than a decade.

In any case, routine makes time pass faster, and your quality of life is worse.


Stop looking for the hair in the egg.


I want to lay down, "rot" and get paid for it. Tf you asking.


Leave the depressing shit for the other board. But hey, if it makes you feel better, if you work efficiently, you can stay in bed for as long as you want.


Are you sure? How could you say I do not have projector aura?

You pobly dont even know wat this be. And who cares anyway…


A lot of blah blah blah, and little business mentality. This way you can never be a millionaire. If the same thing in your shitty country surely earns over 40,000 USD per year, in less than 10 years you can earn more than a million dollars like this.


Do a time v earnings compounding over time chart for 20 years. It's an objectively better way to live


Because I want to leave some room for you to prosper.


File: 1715070348497.png (42.3 KB, 1189x610, 1189:610, imagen_2024-05-07_05221825….png) ImgOps iqdb

It varies too much, besides it is not that complicated to obtain a return of 30% in the year when you have the average salary of one or two years.In less than 7 years it is possible to retire working as a wage slave, while living with parents or in a very austere way. But if you want to have a strong income, it is possible to achieve it in 10 years. You just need to be a little attentive when serious companies like Coca Cola, Google, Toyota, etc. lower their prices.


Stop creating clever comments, and start looking for a pleasant financial future. Because working like a slave for the rest of your life is not life.


is this your saving?


I'm not a Yankee, here the salary for a year is 5000-6000 USD


does it suffis for year?


File: 1715092041945.png (41.24 KB, 1147x612, 1147:612, imagen_2024-05-07_11272925….png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm from South America, and it's enough to support a family of 3 maybe 4 people.


ok, fo you live alone?


I live with my family.


ok, do you spend a lot?


My parents support me, but I save. Now I was able to raise 10,000. I hope to raise 20,000 and be able to have a fixed income.


whats your main goal/dream?


>starting a business
Meme, a lot of businesses fail and not everyone has the capital to get going.
>finishing a degree
Degrees are becoming more worthless and more costly. A lot of wagies have degrees now.
>learning a trade
OK advice if your body can handle working in those conditions.


Please anywiz I need that picture "The only winning move is not to play" how come I lost it fuck!


I don't want to do any of that. I realized now my main problem in life is that I just don't want to be normal and live a normal life. The thought of it makes me want to kill myself. I don't know what I want to do instead, but I know I don't want to work all the time.


Those things are all the same thing, except for the cope of those who think they're doing something different - or, just outright cuckoldry.

Unless you have independent wealth from the central oligarchy that claimed the world, you have nothing. Until you talk about that, and keep feeding into the farce that any system proposed to control and herd people will ever work differently, you're talking about nothing. That was always understood to be the objective - the people claw back wealth from the ruling order, so they're not dispossessed and made to be literal wageslaves like the good old days. Somewhere, this idea was substituted for the notion that we're supposed to believe some politicians giving IOUs that were crummier and crummier every election cycle, until there were no IOUs or crumbs at all and politicians won favor by promising to make life worse for humanity, and telling their constituents to join the fun. That's the way we set for ourselves.

So unless you're talking about a plan to seize the wealth of nations for ourselves, without any ruling organization as an intermediary, and then suggesting how such a condition could be maintained for any length of time, no one cares about what you're selling. Otherwise, in one way or another, you'll always be in hock to someone. That's how this beast has worked for centuries.

Those who really contested the state understood the objective was not to rule the people. It was to rule the bank and the land, and that is exactly what the people who won the last revolution did - they said the bank was now theirs and controlled the currency, and through that, controlled the land and controlled the people who bought into it. The people who weren't part of that system, the rulers had no use for, and so they began purging methodically anyone who didn't get with the program. That is where we are now.

Anyway, if you want your life to be livable at all, and have given up on the idea that you'll ever have a part of the world for yourself except what fantasies you can entertain, the best thing to do is to not give a shit about any of the promises a boss will give you. We won't have anything real, but we would do a lot better if we weren't induced to attack other poor people over trifling bullshit. Realistically, the labor needed for our purposes is not that much, would be easily managed with spare time for us to actually live, and didn't require any managers telling us what we are. But, if anyone ever tried to build that beyond a level beneath the notice of the institutions, there are people who come along to break that up. They don't want the slaves talking to each other, and drilled that generation after generation. It's gone on for so long that the idea that it could be different is automatically rejected, and defeated in the mind before it requires the authorities to resort to violence. Then, they found enough enablers who will break up our meetings for free or shit them up to ensure that nothing can be done, and those enablers are what made the present order possible.


Anyway, if you're single like we all are, life is cheap. The way they kill us is that they simply won't allow us any sort of legal job, and keep us at the bottom. If you do have that wage slave office job and can keep it, I'd keep my head down and build something outside of the monetary system entirely. If the cost of goods is driven down to zero, who really loses? So much in this world should be basically free, and we are made to pay for what amounts to a security service for social proof. That's all that is really valued. The material world only costs so much because the price is jacked up to prop up this scam where they can make us suffer more. But, money had nothing to do with us making productive things. Money and banks exist for those who want us to not have those things.


I no longer care about punishments, the threat of prison etc. so I live very well stealing whatever I want or need.

Inflation doesn't hurt your food budget when you take $800 worth of foods and pay $0 for it.


I can send it to you later. It is on my pc

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